Feb 1, 2018 – A Kingsman inspired Genre-Specific Lucid Dream – Epic and a tad bit over-the-top violent.

Today’s lucid dream was a very long epic adventure, it started off slow but wow did it ever pick up it’s pace once I knew I was dreaming. Like every dream I start with WBTB/WILD and use MILD as my fallback. In this case, WILD wasn’t working (blame those spicy death wings from last night) so I had to rely on reality-checks with in the dream and just drop off into sleep.

The dream started off normal enough, I was at my Mom’s house and the dream started at the aftermath of a Birthday party with a Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake in a plastic container still on the counter. My cousin was in the dream visiting and a few other friends of my Sister’s kids where there as well.

At this point the dream was very realistic, I was caught in the unconscious immersion present in the normality of the dream. Nothing to hint at it being a dream at all for a reality check. I walked over to the counter where the cake was and seeing that there wasn’t much left decided to have a piece before it was all gone. My niece has a habit of finishing the remainder of these in RL.

The ice-cream was very soft, having been on the counter for too long and I was a bit upset that no-one had the sense to put it in the freezer. The knife cut through it with ease and I put a semi-melted piece on my plate. Not complaining, it tasted very good, still cold and my cousin came over and I gave her a piece saying have some before it’s all gone.

I take my plate to the kitchen table and one of my nieces friends are there, he’s a young guy I don’t know him from real life. We get to talking and some girls walk in who like him.

“Must be nice to have all the girls wooing over you.” I tell him.

“What do you mean? Do they like me?” he asked.

“If you aren’t picking up those signals you must be blind.” I tell him. “Enjoy it, I remember when I was young and got that kind of attention, kind of fades away with age.”

“You gotta tell me how to pick up women, give me all your secrets.” he asks.

I laugh, “Shouldn’t be hard if they are dropping signals like that, just go up and talk to them. They already like you.”

I give him some more advice, some of his friends sit down at the table. I find out this dream character’s name is “Brad”. After a discussion on women and relationships Brad wants me to give him a drive home and I agree.

The dream shifts instantly from sitting at the table to sitting at the drivers seat of my car already driving down a street, and I noticed the shift. Finally a break from the immerse realism and I clued in right away that this sudden transition can only happen in a dream.

Brad was talking away but I put everything on ignore, holding the steering wheel I immediately began my stabilization and focus routine to ensure that I am balanced, relaxed and fully self-aware in the dream.

It was time to have some fun, so I went a bit Groundhog’s Day punched the gas and accelerated the car down the street. Brad starts to get concerned about the speed and complains that I am going to fast. I look at him and smile.

The street starts to come to an end, at the end is a cliff so why not just drive off it? It’s a dream after all. I floor it over the cliff as Brad screams in terror the car going into a full Duke of Hazards jump. We are seriously airborn, probably 200′ or more from the ground as I had a very good birds eye view.

As the ground approached, I just used dream control to gently land and Brad just disappears before we hit the ground. It was absolutely fun, thrilling to fearlessly challenge the dream to something so extreme. I got out of the car and just stood there looking at the dream with a big grin. Nice to be in control.

The dream introduces more drama by having Brad’s three friends come running to the scene freaking out that I could have killed myself and Brad. They are looking for him but he has vanished.

They become agitated and angry asking me where he is, what I did to him. I replied, “Relax, this is just a dream. No need to worry about Brad or get angry.”

This only angered the dream characters more. “This ain’t no fucking dream asshole!” yells one of the characters. “What are you fucking mental?”

They all circle around me and I just relax, focus on the fact it’s a dream and I know nothing they can do at this point will hurt me. “Calm down, it is a dream no reason to get all angry over it.” I reply.

One of the guys grab my arms and a second person who is standing off to the left and behind me throws a punch at my head. I feel the fist hit, but zero pain and my head doesn’t even move. The guy tries to pull me but I don’t budge. The third person standing in front off to the right throws a punch at my face and nothing.

My turn. The guy grabbing me, I focus on his face and cause this crackling energy to etch around his eyes and forehead, it’s blue and forms ruins. His eyes open wide and he grabs his face confused as to what happened. The second person who punched me, I look at him and say, “If it wasn’t a dream, I couldn’t do this?” and I cause a balloon to inflate inside his mouth. His mouth and cheeks swell as the balloon inflates and he can’t breath.

The balloon starts to bulge out of his mouth and I conjure a pencil and pop it. He staggers back and starts pulling balloon out of his mouth and it just keeps coming out.

I turn around to face the third person and he throws a bunch of punches, I let him and make some cartoony sized boxing gloves to form on his hand. They were yellow in color and I just relaxed. Shrugged it all off, I could have been far worse to them but I was just having fun playing with the dream mechanics. Having fun being creative and imaginative with the resolution to their aggression.

The dream characters are now completely scared, confused and weirded out. They take the best course of action, and run away. Then this older gentleman approaches me and says, “I couldn’t help but notice how well you handled yourself.”

I look at him and take a double take. It was Colin Firth as Galahad from Kingsman in perfect dream simulation. Accent and everything was spot on. Now this dream just became intensely interesting. I love genre specific lucid dreaming, and quite often engage a role-playing element when it presents itself. Having a Kingsman themed dream, I am all for it. What makes it so great, is the realism of dream reality where it was as if he was standing in front of me in real life.

So I go along with this new dream plot and reply, “Nice to meet you Galahad.”

He asks me to come with him and we walk to this building. “My organization has need for a person with your talents. If you come work for us, you will be putting your skill to help the greater good.”

The building is not the tailor shop rather it’s his own personal apartment. Inside, I take some time to look at the setting. There is a shelf that has all of these items stacked on shelves. I walk over and look hoping to see some spy gadgets and sure enough there are all of these normal everyday items but have a secret alternative use. Each shelf having different groups of same themed items for example the top shelf had a bunch of travel accessories like small toothpaste, shaving cream items. The shelf below it had small airplane bottles of alcohol. The next shelf had pens, lighters etc.

I thought it was very cool to see such enormous detail in the dream. I looked over at the bar, it was fully stocked with a display of different alcohol bottles. I walked over and looked at it. The kind of bar I’d love to have in my own home. There were multiple bottles of the same drink organized perfectly.

He gets me fitted into a suit and gives me an umbrella as well as some other items which I put in my pocket. Finally this medallion which he puts around my neck. He told me we were going up a against a crime syndicate that uses a lot of deception and stealth to hide their agents.

We walk outside of the building and he takes me down this street towards a church, there are two nuns walking towards the building. He tells me that I have to infiltrate the church and I am already thinking could this be the Church scene from the first movie? I’ve watched that fight scene many times and always wanted to have a dream like it and well… this is the best my subconscious could come up with.

He gives me this golden metal handle which is a gold stiletto and tells me to go into the church and find out anything I can. The two nuns look at us talking and move into the building.

I go in and instead of the simple stand-alone barn style church in the movie, this place is a Cathedral full of Nuns and Priests and I can say, I don’t have anything against Catholics however when I entered the church and walked towards the front of the church the people in the pews, mostly consisting of Nuns start to stand up and pull out hatchets, crowbars and pipes.

I don’t have a gun, just the knife which I pull out and the blade springs out. It does however turn into one of the most brutal dream fights I have been in because they all attacked and I defended. Thankfully, it’s a dream so not much different than playing a video game at this point. Didn’t help that I tend to be more super-human when I know I am dreaming so ability to move and strength is super fast.

After much hacking and slashing, I leave the church and return to Galahad. He tells me I did a splendid job but didn’t flush out who the villain was. He left and just stood there thinking about how crazy that fight was.

I’m then approached by another person, this dream character is now the alleged villain who grabs me by the throat and puts a gun to my head. He tells me I am going to pay for what I did.

But before he could monologue much further I just stabbed him in the chest and told him it was a pity that we had to end this so soon, I would have enjoyed a longer plot were we could have witty banter.

I leave, the rest of the dream is not as exciting suffice to say I go to a house where there were some Reese Peanut butter cups which I had to sample and my god, probably the most amazing peanut butter cup I have ever eaten. I swear my real-life taste-buds have either dulled or my subconscious is a master at conjuring up the best-of-the-best when it comes to confectioneries.

Well, it took a very long time for a dream request to happen. It wasn’t quite what I expected because my intent was to re-enact the scene exactly as it was in the movie. I do find quite often that there can be these delays on genre specific dream requests so that is not a surprise. Makes me wonder if the subconscious really does need a lot of time to work out the dream content before it presents it.

But it’s the genre specific lucid dreaming that keeps me interested in remaining conscious during sleep. Best virtual reality simulator nature has evolved, love it!