Jan 25, 2018 – A one hour nap turns into a very epic and long Lucid Dream in South Korea.

Today’s lucid dream took a long time before I realized I was dreaming at all. Again with the challenge of not having a lot of time to sleep before having to wake up and get ready for work. But that is the challenge of being a dreamer in today’s very hectic and busy lifestyle with it’s constant demands.

Like with all dreams, I start with the same approach using WBTB and WILD as the starting point, if WILD takes too much time, I drop into sleep using MILD as the safety net now relying on reality-checks to break through the unconscious immersion caused by loosing conscious control along the way.

The dream starts where I am going to fly to South Korea. I have my mother drive me to the airport and have luggage, my passport and itinerary. I go through security and board the plane. When on the plane I closed my eyes to sleep, this caused the dream to fast forward and I find myself in South Korea where I am meeting with my host family.

They have a young boy who speaks English, his mother does not. He becomes the interpreter. We go to their house, and it’s in this community almost like a resort. It’s near the ocean and I find myself admiring the scenery. There are nice wooden fences with these beautiful gardens with flowers everywhere. It was a very nice change of scenery.

We settle in at the house and the family wants to go to the beach, so we gather our things and walk down a path to a flight of stairs and find a spot. The ocean stretches out into the horizon, the is a bit of fog on the water.

On the horizon there are a fleet of ships slowly moving towards the shore and now South Korean military start to flood the beach setting up guns and firing positions. The fleet of ships approach and it is an army of North Korean troops but they are in large wooden row boats. They are in uniform but completely unarmed.

The troops start to get into the water and they wave to the people on the shore. They show they are unarmed and have their hands up, slowly they walk forward. Some South Korean soldiers enter the water to greet them and they start to shake hands.

Soon more South and North Korean soldiers start to greet each other and the North Koreans are welcomed ashore where they start to embrace and hug the South Koreans. Everyone is happy. I’m not sure what to make of this, are they surrendering, defecting or just here for a visit?

What ever the case, I was very happy to see such joy amongst them. There were news crews filming and reporters starting to interview the soldiers but I couldn’t understand a single word. I was all in a language I do not speak.

The family I am with wants to leave and go back to the house. I have to go to this class where I am now learning Korean. I’m completely clueless with the language and feel embarrassed that I don’t know a single word. Whether or not the words I was learning was Korean or not, I don’t know. The dream went on far to long after this point and I don’t really remember what I was learning other than it seemed like Korean, would be nice to pull a few words out of the dream to check.

After school was done, I met with the son who spoke English and he took me back to the home for dinner. His mom is busy in the kitchen cooking and I find out she doesn’t really like me that much mostly because of my name. For some reason that name offends her.

We eat some thick udon noodle dish with rich green vegetables and rice. I am tired from the flight and they take me to my room where I crawl into bed, thinking about the North Korean event earlier that day. I fall asleep and dream about the invasion then wake up.

I’m back in the same dream, the same room. I get up confused and the family have the TV on which a news article covering the North Korean event. It was a bid for peace and unification. There was also this celebration and parade in the news clip.

I thought to myself, “This was real? I thought it was a dream?” I couldn’t believe that it happened, it didn’t make sense and this is where the reality check started to emerge. Once I start questioning and thinking in the dream it’s a sign I am becoming lucid and conscious that I am dreaming.

It’s quite the thing to wake up into a very strange or different environment. I looked around remembering the earlier unconscious portion of the dream and became quite happy with the fact here I was in this very rich vivid reality which is nothing more than some time of subconscious simulation. Once I knew it was a dream, I locked in my awareness and decided I wanted to take advantage of the nice scenery, really soak in this idea that I was in South Korea.

I tell the boy that I wanted to go for a walk and see what kind of wild life and plants are here. He says he will take me on a tour. We walk outside and the same path, gardens, fences where there as before.

On the ground, we had a dirt path that was wet and a little muddy. I could see a small dead frog lying on it’s back, so I bent down and flipped it’s limp body over. Then I notice some kids playing with this circular lifeform in the mud. They were running their finger around in a circle causing the lifeform to become wider.

I ask my guide what that was, he told me a word in Korean, again no idea what it was on waking, but he said it was dangerous if you played with it too long. Which got my curiosity up because I’ve never seen something like this before.

I knelt down and ran my finger around one of the creatures, it was basically a flat circle, felt fleshy like a sea anemone. As I ran my finger in a circle, the width became larger until it reached about a foot in diameter. It was cool to the touch. I pressed a finger into it, very much felt like pressing into some dense flesh blob.

The kid said I was going to wake it up and told me to stop but I was curious being that I knew it was a dream now. The strange creature begins to bubble and water and mud start to flow over it and suddenly this 3 foot long creature with a poisonous barb shoots up and arcs downward striking the kid in the leg. It was like a worm/scorpion tail, once it struck it went back into the hole.

Nothing like a good dream jump scare, I was now all concerned about the kid and asked him if the creature was poisonous to which he replied yes. So I pick him up and run him back to the house to tell his mom what happened but language barrier is heavy in this dream.

She doesn’t understand what I am saying, her son’s leg has a nasty cut on it. The I realize it’s just dream drama and I was simply becoming semi-lucid. A poisoned wound, nothing I can’t fix. I used dream control on the kids leg by putting my hand over the wound and it healed up instantly.

He was now shocked and amazed. He starts telling his mother something in Korean and she became excited. “You are a healer! You can heal people!” he yells with joy. They have a sick grandmother who I never met, because she was bed ridden and they want me to heal her.

I don’t want to get caught up in the dream’s drama. It’s these points where the dream can pull you back into immersion causing a loss in lucidity so I sat down at the table and put my hand on it to anchor. I looked at my hand as a focus point and did the usual stabilization.

The mom took this as a sign that I wanted to eat, so now she’s eagerly back in the kitchen cooking food. I laugh, and watch the drama but don’t engage it. She makes some toast and the boy is asking me all these questions about healing.

I look at him and smile, with my hand on the table I tell him, “Look at my hand.”

He does and I cause the top of the table to reveal the hypnagogic mesh, as the top layer fades and this swirling dynamic hypnagogic mesh appears. It just stuns him, he has no idea what he is looking at.

“I can heal here because it’s just a dream.” I tell him. “This is just a simulation.”

His mother comes over with the toast and sets it in front of me then looks at the table with the hypnagogic mesh swirling mixed in with the table textures. “So you don’t like my name?” I muse as I pick up a piece of toast.

I hold it as she looks over my shoulder and take my other hand pointing my index finger at it. My finger emits a lazer like beam which etches the toast and I write my name in it. The writing effectively is burned in text. I pass her the toast that has my name now etched in it.

The dream changes slightly as this woman appears on the upper level of the house standing over a railing and she shouts, “Dreamer! I know it’s you. It’s your dream, so you control everything. Very clever.”

I look up at her and smile. I think about controlling the dream, how thought is forming the deep richness I am finding in the immersion of this simulated reality.

“It’s better to dream, than not at all.” I tell her.

The dream collapses into the void, I am now in empty space just focusing on self-awareness and the creative potential of this ability to think in such amazing simulated reality. It feels good, calm and peaceful being there but that only lasts for a brief moment as I then wake up.

I lie in bed and review the dream, admiring how something as simple as a hour long nap could yield such a colorful and creative scenario. I’ve never been to South Korea, and don’t imagine this is something I ever will do. Yet here for a brief moment I was able to travel to some distant location, mix in with a culture that is foreign to me and the reward is having a very interesting experience to add to my long list of dream experiences.

As for time in this dream, the perception of time in dreams proves that we can experience stretched time. In that hour of sleep to incubate this very long and interesting dream is part of the wonder that keeps me chasing this ability to dream each night. Why not? It is always fun, entertaining and rewarding. Love it so much more than TV and video games. Living a second life of which I have no problems with.

I also came across this great article on lucid dreaming on MSN, the science that this is a real phenomena now has evidence, not that I need a scientist to tell me what 30 years of lucid dream exploration has proven again and again. Lucid dreaming is the real deal, not some belief-system rather a true means by which we can cultivate conscious self-aware experience.