Jan 25, 2018 – Where else can you take a Family Vacation on the Deathstar? The wild world of dreams, that’s where.

This was a fun dream, I took a nap just to get some sleep because I have a cold, so no lucid dream preparation however the non-lucid dream was so much fun I decided to write it down anyways.

The start of the dream I was picking my daughter up from the babysitters and drove to my Mom’s house. We sit in the living room and watch TV, this commercial comes on with Mark Hamill pitching a vacation spot on the Deathstar. It seems in this dream, the Deathstar had become a vacation resort floating out in space with hotels, pools, restaurants, casinos and all sorts of thrift stores.

One of the features on the commercial was this Native American totem gallery which my daughter liked, she wanted to go and see it.

I was instantly sold, take my money. I tell my Mom that we are going to go for it. I call my X and tell her that I’m taking my daughter on vacation on the Deathstar, she decided that was a good idea and decided to take her extended family separate from us.

I call the number on TV to book a reservation and ask how soon we can go. The rep on the phone said don’t worry you are already on your way (gotta love dream short-cuts) while distracted the dream changed to where we are on a space ship now flying with the Deathstar in the horizon. We had very large windows on the craft having a splendid view of space. There were other ships flying in and out of the Deathstar. It was huge.

As we approached this massive door opened up and I can’t begin to describe how cool it was flying into this massive structure. The landing bay had all sorts of fantastic Star Wars themed ships docked. I wish I was lucid, it’s a dream like this that I would like to have slowed down and really looked at all the ships. But I was a bit rushed and excited to get settled in.

My Mom and Daughter are with me and they are also awed at everything. One of the first things I checked out was this map which was a 2D circle of the death star showing all of these levels. Talk about being really overly excited, I wanted to explore the heck out of this place but first we needed to check in.

At the check in, there was Mark Hamill wearing a black suit and red tie. He kindly greeted us and shook my hand. I told him what a great idea to build a resort out in space modeled after the Deathstar. Not cluing in it was a dream obviously but that kind of made it fun being stuck in that sense of dream reality where you for that short time believe everything is reality.

Mark was very helpful he told us which elevators to use to get to our room. I asked him which floor the Native Totem gallery was as my daughter really wanted to see it. He said it was on level 5A. He pulled our room cards off the counter and handed them to me and said see you around. Sadly that was the last I would see of him.

We take our luggage and head to this elevator which had all these buttons and I put my room key in this slot as apparently it will take you right to your room. Our room was on level 3 and the door number was 3005. The hallway looked like your normal hotel room except it had a curve. The floor had tan carpets, the walls were kind of tan as well.

We slot the key in and the room opened up to this very nice largely spaced room with two queen sized beds. The dream even had the nice touch of adding an R2D2 miniature on this desk. The beds were really nice, I went and claimed mine setting my suitcase beside it. I sat down and my daughter jumped on it laughing. Even my mom was impressed by the size of the room.

I get a phone call on my Cell and it’s my X who tells me that they have also arrived and wanted to make sure she knew what room we were in. I told her 3005 and they were staying about 5 levels above us. She said she didn’t want to intrude on our vacation but if we wanted to meet for dinner to give her a call.

My mom wanted to go check out the Casino and I told her I wanted to take my daughter to the Native Gallery because that was the first place she wanted to see from the commercial. My mom tells me to meet her at this Restaurant when we were done.

My daughter takes my hand, she’s eager to start exploring. We go to the elevator and I press 5A on the buttons which takes us right to the specialty shop. This place was huge and it had all of these beautifully crafted Native American totems which were painted.

Many of them had sections which could rotate, some were vertical were others were horizontal. I walked over to one of the horizontal ones which you could rotate each section and there were Eagles, Frogs, Coyotes, people, spirits and felt very much like carved wood with paint as I turned one section to see the art.

My daughter doing the same and we just strolled to the next Totem and explored it. But the reality was, it was huge there must have been hundreds of these amazing Totems in various scales. The floor was concrete and smooth, there were also metal posts with ropes much like you would expect at a museum or theater to help navigate you through.

I was even taking pictures of them on my cell phone. We must have spent at least 20 minutes there before my Daughter became bored and wanted to go somewhere else. There was this amusement park and she wanted to go there next.

We go to the Amusement park, and it was very much Star Wars themed with kids rides that had minature x-wing fighters with a single bucket seat that would go in a circle and bob up and down. But the beauty of it, all as if it was what we would expect with any modern fancy theme park. That nice blend of fantasy and reality perfectly balanced into something epic and awesome.

My daughter wanted to try some games first at this arcade section. Mostly because the one game she wanted to try dispensed candy. It was a tall machine about 6 foot and inside it had this really elaborate coin path where your coin would travel along the path, hitting flags, going through spirals down towards the bottom were it would randomly exit out into several different chutes. Each chute lead to a price chamber that if enough coins where there would push out the prize.

The machine took any coin so like any good cheap traveler I quickly realized pennies would be the first to go in. I give my daughter all the pennies and she starts to put them in a slot which then shot the coin up the first path setting it on it’s journey. We watched as the coin made it’s way through the elaborate path triggering sounds and lights as it hit certain flags. The it dropped down to the random chutes and nothing.

In goes another one, then another. Finally it dispenses a Reese Peanut Butter cup for my daughter who was happy. I was happy too because it was just pennies and thought why not try to rapid fire as many in as fast as I could so I told my daughter it was my turn and I just started to plug the machine sending multiple pennies along their way. Finally I ran out and had to switch to the nickles and dimes.

It was really fun watching the money roll along these different paths. I ended up triggering all this change which poured out of one of the prize slots. All sorts of coins fell including more pennies. I would have kept playing but my daughter satisfied with her prize wanted to go into the park.

My X appeared and she was with her other daughter and son. She asked if it was ok to take my daughter with them to go play in the park. I agreed and though I should check on my Mom at the Casino. I walk with them to the entrance of the Park and pay for her admission with a wack full of change that I had one. I didn’t want to carry all of it around, it felt heavy even in this dream.

The casino was on the same level as the Amusement park, and I had a great chance to walk now and enjoy the sights. There were all of these shops, much like a mall. People were walking about and of course keeping with the Theme, some droids. Like I said, a nice blend of reality and fantasy. So far a really fun vacation.

Finally I find the Casino after walking quite a long time. To my shock and delight the security guard standing to greet us was none other than a young Han Solo. This almost caused a reality-check for me because I tried to rationalize why a young Han Solo would be at a casino but the logic was it was a Deathstar themed resort so why wouldn’t he be.

I just said Hi as I walked in and stopped at a bank machine. I withdrew $200 from the machine, put it in my wallet and started to look for my Mom. Like everything on this Deathstar Resort, the Casino was massive, multi-floor went on forever. There were all sorts of interesting slot machines and gaming tables.

I stopped at one slot machine and it accepted quarters. I was like wow, haven’t seen a slot machine take change in a very long time. I had a pocket full left so started to play it for a bit. In goes the coin, I pull the handle and three reels spin. Very much a classic slot machine and I wasn’t winning. At least my pocket wasn’t as full with coins.

There were other more interesting slot machines so I decided to check some of those out. The video slots were much more visual and entertaining. They took cash so I slipped a $100 bill into the machine and started to make $5 dollar bets. At about $50 down I won $100 and though being up $50 was good enough so took it and cashed it out.

I had a nice crisp $50 bill, thought that would make a nice gift for my mom and found her having a coffee at this bar area. I walked over and she asked me if I won any money. I told her just $50 which I handed to her. I looked at the cash in my wallet and noticed I had all of these old Canadian $2 bills, another great opportunity for a reality check because it had me thinking how odd that they would be in there, I didn’t remember them as I expected 2 $100 bills.

It was certainly a thought-provoking moment as I showed my Mom the bills and even talked how strange it was but she explained that I must have been given them when I cashed out and didn’t realize it. She drank her coffee and I sat at the table looking at the casino. We talked about how amazing the resort was and I told her my daughter was with her mom at this really great Amusement park. I even told her about our trip to the Native American gallery said it was a lot of fun.

We just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. A server came by and dropped a coffee off for me which was perfect. Always love tasting food and drink in dreams, especially when it’s as real as waking life in terms of taste, heat etc.

After a while of just relaxing and chatting with my Mom about what to do next my phone rang, my X wanted us to join them at this restaurant for dinner. It was on the same level so we didn’t have to take the elevator.

I walk with my Mom and we leave the Casino walking past Han Solo one more time. My Mom was taking in the shops making note of places she wanted to go to later. The restaurant was quite nice as well. It had a lot of green in it, from green paint to plants of all types. Had an almost rain-forest feel to it. Likely Endor inspired no doubt.

We go inside and find my daughter. My X all happy that everyone is on vacation together and I didn’t mind. It was great like a dream come true for me. This was like the coolest thing in the Universe. My daughter was just alive with joy telling me about her rides and the ones she went on with her brother.

We order dinner and I order some pasta which when it came was actually very good. It was hot, had a very nice Marinara sauce and linguine noodles with seafood. The garlic bread was also very good. Always love dream food, this was no exception.

My daughter wants to go swimming and I say that’s a good idea but we need to rest a bit after eating and had to go back to the hotel room to change. We finish up and I pay for dinner. My X parts with her family to go to their room and we go our way towards ours.

Like before, we go to an elevator and slot the room card which takes us right to the nearest elevator access to our room. I guess these elevators move in vertical and horizontal paths. A fun ride in itself.

Back at the hotel room, I am a bit tired from all the activity and laid down on the bed. My daughter turned on the TV which had another infomercial featuring different sights. I was thinking it would take weeks maybe months to explore this whole place.

I laid back on the bed and closed my eyes to have a nap. Big mistake, I end up waking up.

Had to write this dream down, these are just gems. A vacation on the Deathstar what a fun and novel dream!