Jan 23, 2018 – One hour of sleep turned into at least 8 hours of Lucid and Semi-Lucid dreams.

Today’s lucid dream was very long. What made it more magical was it took place during my second sleep. I had 1 hour 20 minutes to sleep before my alarm and went to bed at 7:10am. The first part of this technique is using the WBTB (Wake-back-to-bed) method combined with WILD. I also setup MILD as my safety net should I fall asleep and need to do dream reality checks.

In this case, it was taking too long to fall asleep probably spent 30 minutes relaxing, moving into the required focus state, not having much time left I just let myself fall asleep relying on MILD. This means I will require a reality-check to become self-aware in the dream.

All of the techniques I use are covered in this article: https://youaredreaming.org/2017/08/19/progressive-guide-lucid-dreaming/

The dream starts and I am walking near a supermarket that looks closed. It’s night time and these two kids go inside and I decide to see if they are open. I walk in and ask a janitor standing by the checkout counter if the supermarket was closed.

“You’re here so we’ll let you shop.” he said as he leaned over the handle of his mop.

There was a cart near by so I took it and started to push it. The handle had a plastic roll around it, felt solid and real to the touch. I walked past the checkout stands, the lighting is somewhat dimmed and there are not a lot of people. I walk over to the produce section, and at this point the dream is very vivid and realistic. It is this level of realism which makes it difficult to preform a reality check because there aren’t any clues that it might be a dream presented in a rather mundane and normal event.

In the grocery isle I saw a section of hot peppers and one of the peppers were Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, the second hottest pepper in the world. All the peppers had tags which I was reading, no problems reading text. They were all named normally and as one would expect in a pepper isle. In real life, I’ve never seen a Scorpion pepper, let alone fresh ones. I’ve always wanted to try one and suddenly here was my chance. I picked it up and looked at it. It was green though not red and bit into it excited to see how hot it would be. Biting into it was identical to biting into a raw Jalapeño with the texture and skin being firm and crisp.

I started to chew and it tasted like a Jalapeño, and the heat level started to climb. I could feel the sharp intensity of heat fill my mouth but it peaked at about a cyan, hotter than a fresh Jalapeño but not nearly as hot as 1 million scoville ghost pepper extract that I have had in waking life.

I took a few more bites this time getting some of the seeds, and grinded them hoping to release more heat but the heat level never increased past the first peak. I was a bit disappointed because it wasn’t meeting my expectations of a burning hard to handle intensity.

This female clerk walked by and I complained that the Scorpion pepper wasn’t very hot. She told me that they should be and no one has complained about them ever being not hot enough. I grabbed another one and ate the whole thing at once, I could feel the juice of the pepper plus the seeds as I chewed on it. Again, no real intense heat past the first peak.

This caused me to think about it, which is a good thing. It is the ability to pause in the dream and introduce that analytical logic which is critical for a reality check. I thought maybe it wasn’t hot enough because in reality, this is a dream? The moment I thought about the possibility, I became self-aware and conscious. It was in fact a dream.

I smiled at the clerk with my new found knowledge and paused to stabilize my awareness, affirming to myself that I was indeed in a dream. I remembered going to bed and laying down then appearing in the dream setting near the mall, the realism however was stunning.

I looked at all the grocery isles full of products and boxes. It was indistinguishable from waking reality, a perfect simulation of a grocery store. Having lucid dreamed for 30 years, a large focus has been on improving 3 aspects of cognition I view as vital for super-sensory real 100% immersive dream experiences. Memory, Awareness and Perception during daily cognitive mapping and all-day-awareness exercises pay off in dreams this real. So I took some time to appreciate the artistry of dreaming.

I wanted to relax and just watch the dream, so sat on this bench near a wall. At this point more dream characters started to populate the shopping mall. I watched as they shopped around and this one lady decided to sit on the bench beside me.

She starts to talk to me, she has long brown wavy hair and some small bead piercings near her eyes. I don’t recognize her from my waking life and tell her I am just sitting here watching the dream. This changes the conversation to her now had her interested in the idea of it being a dream.

“You think this is a dream?” she asks.

“Isn’t it obvious?” I reply.

“No, not really. Seems pretty real to me.” she replies.

“Dreams are often very real, that is why it’s hard to realize they are dreams at all. But I assure you, this is a dream. I’m just sitting here enjoying it, admiring the people as they go about their business.” I reply.

She smiles and then ends up taking my hand and pulled herself close to me resting her head on my shoulder. “I like dreaming with you.” she said.

I smiled, I could feel the warmth of her hand, even the solidity of bone. The realism again perfect in every sensory detail. She even smelled of nice perfume and I could smell her hair. I recalled my intention, I wanted to make the dream last as long as I could knowing I only had a small amount of time to dream.

Holding her hand was a perfect opportunity to anchor myself in the dream and relax so we just sat there while I reviewed how aware I was making sure I was conscious and not in a state of semi-lucid. Satisfied, I told here that I was going to explore the dream a little more before I wake up and let her hand go.

She nodded and I stood up and walked out of the grocery store. Outside, it had become daytime and the parking lot had a family of ducks with babies. There were also small chicks mixed in. People were admiring them as they paraded through the parking lot. It was quite a large number, probably 50 or more baby ducks and chicks.

Then I saw this boy keel down and start to pet one of the ducklings. They all started to surround him and some other dream characters also started to pick them up. I thought what a great idea.

I walked over and went on my hands and knees, as my hand was lowering to the pavement this chick darted right under it and I could feel my hand press it into the concrete but pulled back. I could even feel the solidity of it’s skull resisting against the pressure wedged in between my hand and the cement.

I picked the poor guy up, he was a chick not a duckling and had a yellow and brown pattern on it with a small beak. It loved being petted and felt very soft. I cupped it in my hand and scratched it on the neck admiring the realism of the dream as always. Such a goodness here when dreams are like this.

I put the chick down and watched it run off to join the others. People were now throwing feed down and the adults and babies started to pick away at it. Some adult chickens started to emerge when the food arrived.

I put my hand down and a couple of chicks started to peck at my fingers. The tactile feedback was perfect, I could feel the slightest pinch against the skin as they pecked away. I pushed a small pile of feed their way and they stated to eat that instead.

These two adult chickens charged them scaring them away. One of them turned on me and started to aggressively peck at my hand which I just allowed, again when dreaming it’s fun just to observe the interactions, the realism. I started to tease it by putting my hand forward for it to attack then pulling it away at the last minute.

The adult chicken was now furious making noises and the dream was slowly shifting as a triangular chicken wire fence started to appear and I noticed the shift from the parking lot to a pen. There was a hole just large enough for it to stick it’s head through. I still played the game with it, but this time would try to gently hold it’s beak when it stuck it’s head through. What I liked was the animation of it’s comb and wattles on it’s neck. They also felt perfectly real, I was more or less just examining and enjoying the dream at the same time.

When I stood up to look at the chicken pen, the whole dream had shifted. I was now on a farm with beautiful trees. There was an old saw mill near by, a nice creek with a trail. The sky was clear and blue.

The entire setting was fully transformed with my attention being focused on the chicks. What I liked about this segue is how intelligently transitional and slight it was while my attention was distracted on a single focus point. It had a very natural flow incorporating details from the old dream in the transition to the new setting.

In this new dream setting the farm was very nice. Of course I love to explore these environments so went for a walk looking at the details. I always like rivers and creeks so walked along side of that looking at the trees just enjoying watching the dream unfold.

I walked back to the house and met my RL father who started to talk with me about the farm. Asking if I fed the chickens like he asked. Of course this didn’t happen as I was never asked, but I nodded and played along. I asked him who’s farm it was which made him open up about the farm being my grandfathers (all grandparents now have moved on and I don’t remember them owning a farm with a sawmill). My mom’s father worked at a sawmill so likely these residual memories shaping this dream plot.

He wanted me to help him at the mill and I didn’t mind playing along, we went and started to work. I did notice that the weight of the lumber was not like in real life, definitely very easy and light to lift. We were debarking trees and cutting them into planks, stacking the planks into lumber stacks all old school which I liked.

When done I went back to the house and had lost full lucidity, so was in a semi-lucid state. I lost some details but ended up going to bed and because of real-life habit started my entire dream routine before entering that bed, including attention focusing while my dream body now fell asleep.

This let me segue from this dream to a new one. The new one started almost immediately when I fell asleep as this person was now over top of me jumping up and down trying to wake me. He was some guy whit blond hair, stubble beard, head shaved slightly on one side with some fade patterns. Had no idea who he was but apparently he had some TV show and I was going to be on it.

I was confused because I now woke up from a dream into this environment and had to regain lucid control from the unconscious state. This character was driving the dream drama as a distraction however as I never seen this person before it was very apparent by the look and behavior I was yet again in another dream.

I even took a moment to remember the prior dream refreshing my memory and realizing that I had fallen asleep in that dream to transition to this new one.

In this dream, there were to main characters this person who had a TV show and his friend who was African, a little on the heavy side with a bald head and glasses. It actually became a very long dream so won’t get to much details short of I even had to go to sleep again in this dream and like before this guy wakes me up.

The next day we are working on the show and some radio podcast. In the second day however his 1 hour show was canceled and he became very upset over it. I was slipping in and out of lucidity through out the dream due to the long length of activity.

Finally I left when I regained lucid control going for a walk where when I passed by a baseball field there was this seemingly abandoned dog which a person called me over to see if I was his owner. I wasn’t but didn’t mind taking a moment to pet the dog.

I decided to take it with me for a walk to find it’s owner. I grabbed the leash and we walked down a flight of concrete stairs which ended up in this underground complex that had a large gymnasium that was fitted for a concert. The person playing in the concert was the dog’s owner and I reunited them.

Shortly after, I woke up.

So for 1 hour of sleep, this is what I was able to incubate for a dream and I feel it lasted way longer than an hour. How many hours, I would say it felt like at least 8 spanning 3 days in the dream but on waking it seems like that sense of time collapses.

I achieved my goal however, of incubating a very long dream in a short period of time which is one of my personal daily dream goals, to make these wonderful experiences last as long as possible to give a buffer of time between waking and sleep adding to my life with new experiences. It’s such a win-win.