Jan 9, 2018 – A very long and epic lucid dream full of fun, adventure and a dash of horror.

Today’s lucid dream was nothing short of spectacular and amazing. I was overdue for a good long lucid dream and woke up after 4 hours of sleep, went to work early but eye-strain is becoming an issue for me right now. And on top of that was tired so though maybe I’ll go home and just lucid dream instead.

The techniques used were WBTB/WILD/MILD with ADA all covered in this compact progressive guide: Link

Before I entered my bed, I started my usual preparation of mentally telling myself that I will be physically in bed, if I find myself in a new environment it will be a dream. As I lied in bed I setup my MILD. I relaxed and let go of all my anxiety, fear and concerns. I let the buzzing sensation of eye-strain relax and set that also aside. I walked the body through a per-relaxation for sleep telling each part to sleep and relax until my whole body became relaxed.

The visual shift through hypnagogic states started quickly and my construct entry to the dream was simply my car. I visualized myself in my car using attention-focusing and intent to create from memory what it is like from this daily pattern. The car swiftly formed and before I knew it I was sitting in my car with my hands on the wheel. It looked and felt as real as if I had gotten outside and just sat in my car. To make it more interesting there was now on the road, my car was parked and it was stuck in the snow. I couldn’t get traction to back up or move forward.

All of that didn’t matter however, instead I used the hands on the steering wheel as my anchor to the dream. I relaxed and focused on the level of my awareness, how conscious I was. That was the discipline, the drama in the dream as always secondary. Now that I was in the dream, driving the car wasn’t as important as dreaming itself. I opened the door and walked out.

The realism as always is almost identical to waking reality, I could see houses with their yards, trees. The sky had normal looking clouds. 100% accurate to waking reality both in the normal way I perceive my waking life, but also accurate in how everything was located. There was nothing unusual about other than instead of actually being awake in my waking life, I was awake in this dream.

It is this high-fidelity resolution and realism presented in this focus state which always fuels my passion for lucid dreaming. It is my second-life, another place where I can become self-realized and have an experience that is it’s own type of reality with it’s own realism. An other worldly experience.

I just decided to go for a nice walk and observe the rich details knowing they are all generated by my subconscious using highly organized thought to render the dream interface. My dream body also simulated my physical body in stellar detail as I was breathing, I could feel mass and even the bone in my hands. The work I do with ADA and cognitive mapping to facilitate memory/awareness/perception all paying off as intended. It was a perfect simulation of waking life.

The walk was nice but it was so rich in realism I had to re-affirm that it still was a dream as not to be dream locked into the immersion presented. I tried to fly by jumping and only ended up doing a very normal jump with proper physics and gravity. Knowing it was a dream, and wanting some confirmation I tried a longer lower jump and that’s when I noted the obvious dream characteristics as I slid and kept sliding. I focused on the sliding and continued to move forward in this slide that was not only validation but also fun, so kept at it for about 300 feet.

Now I was happy, just needed that sense of validation and confirmation. Filled with joy I started to create a song. As with visual realism audible realism is hi-def surround sound virtual reality and the music was vivid and loud, beautiful as well. I also allowed the texture of the dream to be affected by the music so the patterns in the pavement and concrete, including the sky and clouds all started to shift and pulse to the music, the colors and light became more vibrant until the whole dream was a symphony. That was absolute magic. Wish I could record such wonder would make for a nice youtube channel.

The dream setting also became a nice warm summer day, with the trees all filled with green leaves. A nice reprieve from the drab snowy winter of my waking life. I just continued to enjoy dreaming, the being there in that focus state as I walked and created music which made it feel more like being in a movie. I walked for quite some time just in pure bliss of being. Not that my waking life doesn’t have joy or bliss but one might say we get a bit acclimatized in the mundane that the richness of that feeling is numbed. Here it was just heavenly to feel that good, that alive, that conscious.

My walk lead me to a park where I noticed my daughter playing with a group of other children, there were parents there including my mom who was watching over her. I thought that was really nice to see as I enjoy seeing people being happy having fun. There was a metal fence that I had to walk around and I called out to my daughter who was excited to see me. She ran up full of joy and I gave her a hug. I told her that this was a dream, and it was so nice to dream about her. She was shocked and amazed saying “Really? This is a dream?” and I told her it most certainly was. She asked what she should do and I told her keep playing and having fun.

She ran back with the other kids and they were running, playing tag. My mom came over and talked with me. She wanted to take the kids to go get food and to an amusement park. I said that was a great idea. We got everyone organized and walked along this path beside a creek. The creek was very nice, the trees and grass lining the bank. I could even see the roots of the trees in the water. Just perfect.

The amusement park wasn’t to far away and of course the kids were even more thrilled to now be free to play here. My mom went and bought some food from a truck vendor and brought it over. One of my guilty pleasures is always eating dream food. I have full sense of taste, and quite often food in my dream is simply better tasting than how I taste food in my waking life.

It was Chinese food, the box container that she passed to me had cubed pork glazed with honey not sweet and sour sauce. I grabbed a cube with my fingers, it was steaming and I could feel the heat. Put this dream food in my mouth and wow, want to do a dream review on how perfect it was from the crisp outside, the tender inside and sweet garlic/ginger of the glaze. Just made me smile to taste richness in food that is nothing more than a matrix moment without the steak.

I sat down at a picnic table with my mom and enjoyed more of the food watching my daughter run to different rides. My mom and I just talked mundanely, I didn’t want to bring up the dream insight because the dream was so Normal Rockwell perfect and so much better than was currently doing in my waking life I was in pure enjoyment mode. It was a nice mini-vacation to say the least.

I decided to look for my daughter but she had disappeared which of course invoked that parental need to find her. I told my mom that I was going to check on her and got up and tried to see where she might be. But then reminded myself that it is a dream, don’t be caught up in the dream drama and finding her however nice is not a requirement.

I walked towards the edge of the amusement park where I recognized some of the children she was playing with and asked them if they had seen her. The dream characters said she left with someone and went that way to some apartment building. I was curious as to where she might be but again made sure to address the obvious drama which can cause too much immersion causing me to slip out from lucidity. However, what else is there to do really. I’m already in a wonderfully nice lucid dream may as well just relax and go with the flow.

I walk to the apartment and go up a flight of stairs asking people if they had seen my daughter. I came across four Asian men standing outside their apartment and asked if they had seen her, I described her in detail. They said she was in the apartment right next to theirs. I realized that seems awfully too convenient but it’s a dream, and even rationalized that I might not find her and that didn’t matter. This was my last check out of curiosity more than anything.

I opened the door to the apartment and there was this elderly Chinese woman all alone, no cats. She was angry that I just walked into her living room. I told her I was looking for my daughter. She got up from her recliner angry and I just watched. She grabbed my throat with both hands and started to choke me. Then her face twisted into this ghastly evil ghoulish monster and she opened her mouth, her teeth sharpening to points with black gums and black ichor, classic horror material here folks.

I laughed. “I eat demons like you for breakfast.” I told her which only enraged her further as her mouth opened unnaturally wide to bite me. I guess she thought I was breakfast. But it’s my dream, two can play this game and I did the same thing back to her, as she went to bite, I made good my promise and bit the upper part of her face clean off. Yeah, ok it was kind of gross I had the upper part of her teeth and a foul taste in my mouth. I spat it out pushing her back as she reeled in horror. “I’ll finish eating the rest of you, if you don’t leave me alone.” I told her as she then crawled backwards on the floor in anguish.

I didn’t care, I love horror and dreams do have their flair for the dramatic. If I wasn’t lucid I probably would be having a nightmare and this is a good example of dream drama presenting something you can never experience in waking life except in a good Stephen King movie. Here it seems as real as one would ever imagine but regardless of content. It’s a dream, I treat it like my own PlayStation virtual-reality simulator offering 100% immersion.

I gave up on finding my daughter as to not involve myself in more distracting drama and proceeded to return to my original intent of just enjoying the dream environment and explore. I walked out of the apartment and the 4 Chinese men where just mortified having witnessed, and the recoiled from me with an intense fear. I wasn’t sure if I still looked ghoulish myself but smiled at them and walked away. One of them pulling out a cell phone calling the police. This is excellent role-play if any of you are role-players dreams literally embrace a good RPG at times. The continuity in the dream feeds itself on what if and what next moments to resolve the next sequence of events.

The dark tone of the dream didn’t subside as now the outside was also haunting, dark and gloomy. I didn’t mind, I was looking at all the buildings in the city admiring how perfect they were until I notice only one starting to rotate slowly in it’s place. But that looked very epic seeing a large multi-story building turning, a very cool effect.

The walk took me to this very long bridge that had all of these bare gangly trees, still setting that very dark tone but not at all affecting my happy, joyful mood. There were police sirens in the background (the continuity of the phone call, obviously I will be their pursuit). The dream was just lacking that background somber haunting music so I fixed that and had a dramatic slow haunting musical score filling the once silent dream. Now that is dreaming with style.

When I walked on the bridge, it did this excellent stretch effect and grew very, very long. The trees all seeming menacing and animated. But I like Evil Dead too, so why not have some dark trees in this haunting scene. There is no fear here. The bridge stretching for me had such nice cinematic feel to it, I was loving the artistic composition of the dream too much to even have any sense of self-preservation or concern. I mean, what is the worse that is going to happen here? I wake up?

I just continued walking forward on the bridge that now seemed to never end. The police at this point had caught up and I could see their headlights casting long shadows. I looked at my shadow in the dream and thought this is something I don’t ever observe and explore. Forgive me that I get caught up in the animated details of the realism, like how lighting is casting proper shadows, those technical finer details are important to me.

My shadow was also a great anchor for self-realized introspection. I really was in this wonderful dream reality and it was adventurous, fun and haunting. I just stopped and loved every second of it. Put my hand on the fenced railing of this epic bridge and admired what my mind was creating. Well done I thought. A most interesting and excellent dream. I moved my hand in the light watching the shadow perfectly move to the physics. Dabbling in 3D animation makes me appreciate how effortlessly my mind is generating something this complex.

The police were now running down the bridge from behind me yelling at me to put my hands up. I looked back at them and they had guns drawn ready to shoot. Dream drama I thought as I pulled a Neo and crouched down then leaped up into flight leaving the police baffled in disbelief.

I flew very high this time, way above the clouds and when you can enjoy the freedom of flight I say have fun. I flew for a good stretch just to enjoy flying in and out of the clouds, doing some spins basically having raw fun. I saw another amusement park different from the one I was at in the previous dream. This one was far more colorful with lots of large statues of clowns and other characters. More like a Disney Land theme park than the run of a mill amusement park and I just had to check it out, too beautiful to ignore.

I land in the park, it’s night time and there are security guards. I wanted to do a tour just to look at the amazing rides because again here we have this dream setting that is rich in unique and rare concepts simulating an amusement park I’ll never see in my waking life. But dreams also have drama and the security guards see me in their park but they are not like usual security guards.

They are armed to the teeth with these large black machine guns. I’m standing by some gaming booth with all the stuffed animals hanging down from the roof and walls. Honestly, I just wanted to examine all of these details but having dream characters about to unload on you with machine guns creates an obvious distraction so I had to resolve that first.

They ordered me to sit down and I complied. This female guard pulls out this long scanner that has a metal tip and orders me to take my shoe off so she can scan my DNA. I was curious, let’s see where this goes I thought to myself, using the break in action to again center and re-balance my focus that I am dreaming. I take off my shoe. She then demands the sock is removed, so I comply and pull it off.

She grabs the heel of my foot and puts the metal tip of her scanner on my small toe. I just sit and smile but her device doesn’t get a reading. “It’s not working, I can’t scan him.” Adding to the drama two more people were rounded up and forced to sit beside me. They were very poor looking, ragged clothes, emaciated and dirty.

Another security guard gives her his scanner and she tests it first, the tip glowing red hot and I am a bit concerned but also curious as to what effect might come of it. She puts it on my toe and I can feel the intense heat and feel and see the flesh burning but I don’t react to the pain, no were as intense as real life pain, but there was definitely pain.

She wasn’t happy that I didn’t scream in pain, “Oh I think he likes it.” she tells the other guards and proceeds to the next toe, her face full of intensity and anger. The hot metal point melts into my second toe and she now looks concerned that I am not at all bothered by it. This apparently is not the reaction my subconscious dream character wants from me.

She goes for the big toe and really drives it in hard. This time she leaves it there and I tell her, “Press harder.” which takes her completely off guard.

“What?” she asks.

“You want to torture me, so torture me. Press harder, leave it in longer.” I tell her. The pain is there but meh, I can handle it. It’s just a dream folks… worse case I wake up. She looks at the reading from the device and that has her even more scared. “He’s registering in the thousands!” she screams. I don’t know what that means but I guess it’s a good thing.

She shows this other male guard who has come to investigate this torturous extraction of my DNA. He looks at the number and says, “That’s impossible. No one can register that high, no one! Read him again!”

“No, he’s too powerful.” she tells him.

“I’m ordering you to read him again!” he demands.

“He will kill you!” she tells the guard. Then looks to me in fear.

“Well, don’t leave me in suspense, what did I score?” I asked her.

“You’re reading 5,000” she tells me.

“What is the average score?” I ask.

“28” she replies.

“I always thought I might be a class 5000 entity. Thanks for the confirmation.” I laugh. I stood up, the guards now panicking with their rifles pointed at me.

“You don’t need those.” I tell them as I make them fly from their hands Magneto style.

I do a force bubble causing them all to push back as the invisible sphere expands creating some space.

The female guard vindicated in her findings, “See! He’s powerful! He can kill all of us!” she screams.

“No, I’m not killing anyone unless you force me too.” I tell her.

“What do you want? Why are you here?” she asks fearfully.

“I just wanted a tour of this amusement park, it looks amazing.” I tell her.

“What?” she asks confused. “You just wanted to tour the park?”

“You have the power to do anything and all you want to do is tour this dumb park!” she scolds.

“I like amusement parks.” I told her. “Please show me around and tell me about this place.”

“Ok, I’ll show you the park. Just don’t hurt me.” she replies.

“Don’t be silly, I don’t hurt people except in self-defense. Just don’t turn into a ghoul on me and we’ll be fine.” I tell her.

We start to walk through the park, finally I can look at all the gaming booths, the concessions and these really great cartoon statues for the rides. Being night-time the lighting wasn’t so good but it was visible enough to really take in the details. The roller coaster was epic, so wanted to ride it. The Ferris wheel was massive. Everything was so large and wonderful.

We stop by this wall that has this poster of a security guard bashing the head in of a citizen with the words don’t resist written on it. “Why all the fascist violence?” I asked her.

“What do you mean?” she asks.

“Well, it’s not hard to notice you like to torture your citizens and this poster makes it clear you use force to subjugate them. Very fascist place you have here.” I tell her.

She begins to tell me that the majority of the world lives in despair and poverty and only a small elite class of citizens get to enjoy the benefit of societies riches. The world was a complete police state with military force used to control the impoverished population.

I’m more impressed that as she’s talking about all of this oppression her security uniform changes into this very nice red dress, her hair falls down with nice curls and has a nice dark red color to it. She looks quite beautiful now so I compliment her.

“You are a very beautiful woman hiding behind that fascist facade.” I tell her.

She looks at her red dress and instantly feels vulnerable and covers her body with her arms slinking back against the wall confused as to what just happened and visibly afraid. “Don’t touch me.” she complains.

“Relax, I’ve seen a billion beautiful woman in my time. Just because I said you are beautiful doesn’t mean I want you. Take a compliment.” I tell her.

She relaxes and her fears subside, “You are different from anyone I’ve ever met.” she tells me.

“Why? Because I don’t want to rape you? I’m not Harvey Weinstein” I told her and laugh.

“Who’s Harvey Weinstein?” she replies.

I laugh even more, “Never mind, just some guy who takes advantage of women abusing his power.”

“Maybe you can help us? Maybe you can free us from this oppressive rule!” she tells me.

At this point, you can see how dreams create their own drama and plots, I find this role-playing element fun not only to observe but also participate in so why not help them defeat and evil regime. “Ok, I’ll help you.” I tell her.

She takes me to this underground resistance group and talks to them as if I’m their new Messiah here to liberate humanity from the clutches of fascist rule. He tells them that I’m some supernatural being of immense power. (If you call lucid dreaming immense power, guilty as charged). They want to attack the heart of the power structure and have detailed plans for this building, it’s security and I tell them I don’t need guns.

The target is this woman who is the head of the snake so to speak, she is the one in control and everyone answers to her rule. I wasn’t happy that it was a female target but considering what she has done to oppress the people under her rule I decide I’ll see how the dream plays out.

We make way to the building and we are in the stair well. One of the resistance fighters wants me to take a bag of explosives and a gun but I turn him down. I tell them to stay put and I’ll deal with it. I go up the flight of stairs and come into a large lobby. What I loved the most about this lobby is it had all of these old 1918 style cars, really great to see them.

Through this lobby was this social club with security as detailed in the plans. I wasn’t sticking to the plan because I really didn’t care. I was just going to walk on in. Everyone was dressed elegantly with beautiful suits and gowns. Lots of expensive jewelry. The door had several very large bouncers who when seeing me approach formed a line blocking the door.

Here I was wearing black jeans and a t-shirt, not at all dressed for this level of aristocracy. My strategy was simple, I would borrow power from one of my favorite Marvel villains, The Juggernaut and just walk through the bouncers, through the club to the upper level which lead to a private chamber where our villainous tyrant would be.

I could feel energy surging through my dream body and my body became heavy and solid. The bouncers tried to stop me but of course, you can’t stop the Juggernaut and I just walked through feeling no resistance. The fun is watching the reaction of the dream characters when presented with an immovable force struggle and strain against the hacked mechanic of the physics.

Powerless to stop me, I just kept walking attracting the stairs of all the patrons. The bouncers left sounding alarms looking to pull in heavier security with this unexpected breach. The female from the start was also following me, she was trying to guide me where to go. I already knew, I mean it’s my dream kind of meta when you know your mind is creating the environment.

And, the music playing was very much keeping with a cinematic movie score and that is always fun.

I go up these stairs through a door into a corridor that went to the tyrants chamber. Dramatic music plays as I open it to find this rather dwarfish elderly woman covered in jewels pleased to see that we arrived as if expecting us.

My female coordinator of this assassination plot for the resistance confirming that she was the person we had to eliminate. For a split second, I thought should I really go through with this or should I just drop the dramatic role-play and said fuck it, it’s a dream. I grabbed the old lady by the throat and ripped her head clean off tossing it aside like a basketball.

“It’s done! You did it! You really did it!” cries the female security guard. “I knew you could!”

She was just way to happy. “Great, now you are free of a tyrant, make your world a better place for all.” I told her.

But the dream continued, usually at the end of a good story I wake up. I walked back through the corridor and people were running in panic. Armed security guards were lining up with machine guns ready to mow me down. I lost the mood for the drama so using dream control just made them explode Dr. Manhattan style.

Back at the lobby where all the old cars were, I did the right thing. Stopped, looked at each car and admired every fine detail. Embraced what I loved most about dreams, and it’s these fine details. The artistry. It was like being in a car museum and I wouldn’t want to rush through that in real life.

The female security guard was now all in love with me. But I had to break her heart, I wasn’t really interested in her. She was now just dream drama distracting my focus on the cars so I told her to go back to the underground resistance building let them know we won. So off she went unquestioning.

The place emptied out, it was nice. I was completely alone and noted that wonderful music score theme in the dream had subsided. Had to fix that, and start composing some more wonderful music to add to the ambiance.

Like before, the dream started to brighten up and react to the music. This caused instability and I woke up. But not so fast. Never trust waking up from a lucid dream if you are not already familiar with false awakenings.

Sure I woke up, but in another dream. This would have made me loose lucidity except I caught on immediately that the wake up was not in my normal waking reality. It was very easy to regain control and become lucid and aware. I actually don’t think I even lost lucidity rather just needed to re-affirm I was still dreaming and not actually awake.

There was no music though, and I was so enjoying that I had to go back to making the dream musically enriched. It’s just too much fun not too.

Interestingly enough, when I went to another room, many of the dream characters from the previous dreams were there and asked me if I remembered dreaming about them. What they thought of thier roles in the dreams as if actors in need of some feedback. I told them they were all great but that they were still in a dream although now they dressed and behaved more expectedly of people in my waking reality.

The conversation however was fun because they were recounting parts of the above dream and eager to discuss it. This didn’t last too much longer as in any dream one does eventually have to wake up for real.

Considering I slept for only 2 hours, I think that was a pretty good dream haul. Lucid for the entire time I was asleep and gained a marvelous adventure that stroked many levels of my personality and emotionality in an adventure rich composition of fun and role-play. Not bad for a nap.