Had a non-lucid dream today but decided to write it down anyways Jan/7/2017

I bumped into Adam Savage at on point in a dream. I was near these fire trucks and they were filling up these large blue plastic water drums with fire hoses. He was standing there watching and I told him it would be great to see what would happen if it was possible to over-fill the large drums and see if they would explode.

I told him he could find out if he was still doing his old show. He laughed and said he could still try to blow one up. He asked me if my name was Ian and I was surprised he knew and said I am, I post as YouAreDreaming on twitter.

I shook his hand and he asked me what I did for work. I told him that I work in software engineering and do graphic design for the company. I told him it was good work, it’s all I do. Work and dream. That’s my life.

I asked him what he’s been up to, said he is working on his own projects and I said that was wonderful, good to keep busy.

I leave walking down this street and end up at my fathers old Computer store and it was converted to a metaphysical book store. I walked in to take a look and the store was owned by an old friend of mine name Micheal. We talked and I expressed my surprise that he would open a book store of all things.

He said it wasn’t something he had in mind at first and then expressed regret because it wasn’t doing so well financially. I said it’s understandable because so much book business is online and our demographics is a very small population to support demand locally.

There store was wonderfully stocked though, lots of really interesting covers and variety. I walked to the back of the store where we used to fix computers and it was fairly empty. As far as the store layout it is exactly as I remembered it.

When I returned to the front the dream shifted the building now I was at the lobby of a concession for an amusement park. The owner had these coupons which people were using to pay for rides. At the concession, I ordered a half-rack of ribs with half chicken and fries. It came in a boxed carrying container. The french fries were perfect. Very crispy, golden brown. The ribs not so much, usually my dream food surprises but these were bland, not very much sauce. Poorly constructed ribs. The chicken was also ordinary, better than the ribs but can’t boast better-than-life tasting in this case. The fries were pretty damn amazing though.

I went back to work and while I was there the person who owned the Amusement park came and wanted me to design 3 different coupons for his park as he said that people were making fake copies. I end up having a meeting in an office with him and we talk about solutions. I said that we could use a card that has a scratch for the coupon value with a barcode serial that links to his PoS and have every serial registered for each coupon in his database so people couldn’t fraud.

I got approved for the project and worked on the design. The design was far more vibrant using more color and images of rides in the park rather then the black on pink/yellow/green paper the were. When finished, we had some samples created and had a second meeting.

The owner loved the new coupons, they had the scratch covering the value and the bar code serial number. He was very happy with the design but the cost per coupon didn’t make him as happy because they cost more than the really cheap ones he had before. But the security of not having fraud made him understand that additional cost was worth it.

Then I woke up.