Jan 4th, 2017 Lucid Dream with a Satyr.

This dream was the result of MILD meaning I wasn’t able to enter the dream with full consciousness using the WILD technique. The dream started where I was in an apartment with some friends. One of them had a shotgun and was showing it off. I didn’t recognize where I was, and found myself skeptical of actually being in this apartment which started my questioning if I was in a dream or not.

It is interesting because the immersion a dream causes tends to set a precedence that the dream itself is reality. This is supported by the rich realism in the dream content. Add to that, being in an unconscious state of mind lends to the immersion having full control over how it influences you with the dream drama. In this case, it was the shotgun that became my reality check as I rarely ever see a gun in my waking life.

Being around a gun was making me nervous, and the person showing it off wanted to shoot it out the window which again was not something one would simply do in waking life. I thought, “I have to be dreaming.”. Just that little bit of questioning was enough and I came into full realization that in fact it was a dream. As always, this made me very happy and I relaxed not worrying about the gun anymore.

I looked out the apartment window and there was this park with some dogs running in it. Then I saw this very strange creature with a child riding on it’s back. It was a Satyr complete with horns. My friend in the dream wanted to shoot it but I intervened and said no. It was far more visually interesting to look at. The child was holding on to it’s horns and steering it. I went onto the patio and yelled out at them to come over.

Hearing me, they turned and ran towards the building. I could have a much better look now. The satyr was covered in fur from head to toe. The chest area however had white fur that was not as hairy as the rest of the body. It also had these rabbit like ears that flopped about. When the two stopped, the Satyr barked like a dog, it’s mouth was almost goat like with it’s lips flapping comically as it barked.

It was such a cool dream character to look at. I always enjoy fantasy characters brought to life in dream realism because let’s face it. When will I ever see a realistic, fully animated 3D satyr that I can interact with in the waking world. Never. But in dreamland, imagination is king so fantasy is brought to life in the most splendid of ways.

The child got off the Satyr’s back. He was wearing a costume which reminded me of the child from Where the Wild Things Are. In this case, it was light purple in color. The child was in the age range of 5-6 years old. “Where did you find a Satyr?” I asked the child.

“He’s my friend!” he told me.

“I can see that, but where did you come from?” I asked.

“We are from another dimension” he replies.

I laughed. “No, you are in a dream. That’s why you have a Satyr for a pet.” I tell him.

The Satyr looks up at me and smiles. “You are not afraid of me?”

“No, I think you look amazing. It’s not often I get to dream about a Satyr” I tell it.

The Satyr happy with my answer picks the child up and puts him back on his back. “Then you are my friend” he tells me and starts to create all of these gifts. They just spring up like magic being a combination of wrapped presents and these wonderful large easter eggs with vibrant patterns and colors.

He walks around the apartment out of view leaving this large pile of presents. I shout out, “Thank-you” as the two disappear around the corner. I wanted to check out the presents because from an artistic perspective it was quite the sight. Also, there was some chocolate and who doesn’t love a guilt free dream chocolate binge?

When I walk out side, it was literally a mountain of gifts all along the sidewalk that wrapped around to the side of the building where it all started. The different types of chocolates alone were amazing. The sheer number of varieties from different chocolate bars and boxes of chocolates all in unique and never before seen packaging. I picked up one, unwrapped it. It was just a bar of chocolate, probably 3″ by 5″ and 2/3″ thick. It had very nice ornate designs on it with the center having an embossed rabbit on it.

I couldn’t wait to try it. Took a bite and as always, very tasty. Perfect in every way as chocolate in my dreams are often the best I’ve ever eaten. By now, other random dream characters were stealing all the presents. At first I was a bit defensive then reminded myself it’s a dream, no need to feel a sense of possession for what simply amounts to very artistically engineered thoughts forming the objects. Thought my reaction was funny but I was somewhat slipping back into the immersion of the dream.

I picked up a box of presents and walked back into the apartment with the intent to really examine the variety of items. I find it uncanny how such realism springs forth in a dream to produce a complex symphony of interesting and unique items. My Mom was now in the apartment and she was upset that people were stealing all the presents.

I gave her some from the box and said don’t worry enjoy what we do have. The box had some books in it, as well as some magazines. It was the chocolate I was after, so I started to divide them into identical groups. Stacking the bars on top of each other taking my time to really examine the quality of the packaging and artistry. I love the details, what can I say. It’s one thing to be lucid in a dream, but another thing entirely to just stop and admire the details.

I broke into a box of chocolates and started to sample different ones. Stuffed my face until I had to wake up.