Jan 29, 2018 A nice long Lucid Dream with a Dragon’s Lair cartoon.

This dream was quite fun. It started from an unconscious state where I was in these hills with some guy and we were racing around on some motorbikes. I don’t drive a motorbike in real life, so having a dream where I was helped with a quick reality check.

There was a jeep shining it’s lights on this mountain pass. This one path that lead to the road was very winded in a bit of a corkscrew. I was at first a little uneasy about driving on this path because of the drop but it also looked odd and made me think about the current situation. I became lucid almost instantly when I was thinking because I remembered going to bed and now here I was driving around. The fear of falling subsided, I felt completely safe in this environment.

I blasted down the path and on to the road taking with no fear of speeding, cranked the bike as fast as I could. There was a run-away lane that went up this mountain and I wanted to use the entire lane as a large jump. Had to swerve around a few cars to get a clean run at it and blasted up the ramp leaping over the mountain. It was exhilarating, so much fun.

On the other side, I came to a building and decided to go inside to check it out. Inside, it seemed empty. The room I was in had all of these tables. I decided now would be a good time to stabalize in the dream so I stood at the table putting my hand on it as a focus. I affirmed out loud that I was dreaming.

This lady and her friend entered the room hearing me. She heard me affirming that it was a dream and came over to talk. “Are you really dreaming?” she asked.

“I am. This is indeed a dream.” I told her.

“How do you know this is a dream?” she asked.

“Lots and lots of practice.” I told her. And she’s right, the dreamworld can appear so real that it’s common to think you are in a valid reality for that time. The setting was very normal and mundane. Had I not prepared to lucid dream prior I may not have realized it at all. It does come with a lot of practice.

“Who are you? Do I know you?” she asked.

“I’m not sure, who do you think I am?” I replied.

“Are you Ian Wilson?” she asked.

“Correct. Who are you?” I asked.

“My name is Tanya White.” she said. She had long brown hair, Caucasian. I repeated her name a few times.

“I will try to remember your name when I wake up.” I tell her. (When I woke it it was hard to recall because I was then uncertain if it was Tanya or Tiffany but pretty certain it was Tanya.)

“Do you want to come and explore the dream with me?” I asked her and her friend. They said that would be fun. I told them we should hold hands because it will help keep us in sync should the dream shift.

When I took their hands for some reason I lost my ability to see for a moment, everything became like fractal hypnagogia. My visual perception was flooded with all of this geometric fractal, like a swirling 3D mesh.

“Hold on a second, I need to refocus and stabilize.” I told her as I relaxed and focused on my visual perception until the dream returned back to view. “Sometimes perception can fluctuate, I wasn’t able to see.” I told her.

We walk up this very long flight of stairs talking about dreams. The stairs came to a wooden platform and at the end of the platform was this drop into total darkness. I looked over the edge and said, “It’s a long way down. I can’t see the bottom.”

She looked at me with her friend and said, “What if we push you off?”

I laughed, falling in dreams is fun I wasn’t too concerned about any real-life consequences and replied, “Why don’t I push both of you off?” and I grabbed them both and pushed them including myself into this dark abyss. But I stopped falling almost immediately levitating as they fell.

She grabbed onto the side of the wall clinging to it as I slowly floated down. “You’ll have to do better than that. You can fly you know.” I told her.

She seemed a little shocked that I pushed them off like it wasn’t a big deal. The fact is, hardly a big deal at all. No fear, no consequences. Just goofing around. I float down to the bottom and there was a door. I went through but this person didn’t follow.

When I emerged through the door it opened into a house. There was a man there who was watching TV on a couch. On the TV was a cartoon, I recognized it almost immediately. It was Dirk the Daring from the old 1990’s video game Dragon’s Layer. He was riding horse. The horse floated and looked a lot like it did in the game. Except the cartoon was in 3D with excellent graphics. It caught my attention because instead of being the game it was a cartoon series and looked amazing. He road the horse to a dock with some soldiers and a boat.

The guy on the couch saw me watching the cartoon and asked me if I ever played the game. I told him when I was a kid I did, lost a lot of quarters to it. He got up and went to the kitchen where on the counter was a whole bunch of boxes with different chocolates.

“If you want a chocolate, just help yourself.” he told me.

I walked over, who doesn’t like dream chocolate? I pulled this chocolate out of one box. It was on a stick and in the image of a dragon. Tasted as real as one expects from milk chocolate. Always love tasting foods in dreams, especially when they taste this good.

I went back to the couch, though it would be fun to watch more TV considering it was of some fine quality and I was curious as to what adventures Dirk was getting himself into. This time, he was jumping on falling wooden platforms which kind of reminded me of the wooden platform I jumped off prior. At the bottom was this green lava, it had a real nice glow effect. Very colorful.

Some more people arrived at the house, they came through this patio door. According to them we were house sitting and they just got back from their vacation. It was a bit distracting with so many dream characters I didn’t want to get caught up in any dream drama and loose lucidity so decided a walk would be nice.

I went outside, it was a beautiful day. There was no snow, more like a summers day. I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out some keys. Decided to try an experiment and took a lighter to see what would happen if I heated up one of the keys. I burned the key until it became hot red. I put it against the trunk of a tree and it burned into it.

Sometimes it’s just fun to see how certain effects appear in dreams. The key cooled forming a crust. I dropped it to break the crust off and the key shattered into pieces. I picked them up, felt them then threw them back on the ground.

Then continued walking and came across this nice black car. It was very beautiful, polished clean very sporty. I ran my hand across the top of the car feeling the surface. It was solid, very smooth. Thought this would be nice to drive around in and opened the door and got in.

I pulled out the keys again, this time I had the broken one and just shook it creating a new key that fit the ignition. I put it in started the car but before I could drive it external noises in real-life intruded my dream waking me up. Which was too bad, I was looking forward to going for a nice cruise in the car.

Can’t complain, the motorbike portion, the chocolate and of course Dragon’s Layer were all very nice experiences within the dream. Always better than nothing at all.

Jan 27, 2018 – Dream about Infinity Stones from the Marvel Universe. Loads of fun!

Had a non lucid dream that involved Infinity Gems so can’t let that one go without writing it down. Any Marvel inspired dream is a win, it was a lot of fun even though I didn’t know I was dreaming. The dream only had 3 out of the 6 gems which where Time, Soul and Reality. The dream didn’t play by the rules because it was 3 ordinary humans how each took 1 of the gems and didn’t vaporize not a celestial being. Like any good dream, the gems were just in a box and myself and two other people discovered them. What I liked is they looked very colorful, gave of a nice emission of color light so from an effect perspective it was well done.

The other two people I didn’t know, I find out later the Man’s name is Henry, but in the dream they were my colleagues. We were searching for rare and exotic artifacts which lead us to these Gems. When I grabbed the soul gem, it has a nice effect where my hand gripped solid nearly freezing around it as if it had it’s own gravity, rays of green light emitted from my hand. The female colleague grabbed the Reality gem, it was yellow and she too had a reaction with it. The other colleague who was male took the time gem, it was orange. When he had it however, he had a transformation from an ordinary human to suddenly turning into this slender, very muscular super-villain.

For the life of me, I cannot recognize him from any comic, the closest I can come to based on the costumes and mask is yellow with dark brown like Sabertooth but the mask kind of had a Nite Owl look from the Watchmen. He also lands a cape so is all decked out and radiating an aura of mystical energy. He flies up into a levitation pose and demands that we hand over the other two gems.

Why he got to do a transformation I don’t know maybe he was secretly a villain all along. I refused to hand mine over and the female refused to give him hers so what does the jerk do? Uses the Time stone on both of us aging us into feeble old people. It emits this energy blast and as soon as it hits me, I could feel my dream body age. It was a very fun effect, my hands get old and I feel weekend and feeble. I collapse on the ground still clutching the soul gem as he begins to hover towards me holding his Time gem in front of himself.

But I have an Infinity Stone too, it’s the soul gem and all it really allows me to do is heal the aging effect. I quickly grab the other Gem from my collapsed colleague as she was out cold. When I grabbed the Reality gem with the other hand, had the most incredible surge of power. Dream effects like this are just fantastic. The reality gem gave me a lot more control, I mean infinite control over reality makes it probably the most powerful of the stones.

I stand up a stone clenched in each fist, this new Villain uses the Time stone again but this time I am able to counter its effects and I hit him with this powerful blast of energy that grand slams him out of the building we were in. I help the female and reverse the effects of the aging. She’s thankful and tells me under no circumstances must Henry get these stones and she tells me I have to take the Time stone away from him at all costs.

This break from the action gave me a chance to examine the stones power and when I focused on the reality gem, this caused a very cool mirroring of reality effect almost as if peering into the fourth dimension. It also grants me the ability to fly and levitate so I fly after this “Henry” person.

He’s waiting for me, this time he has more than just his outfit and has this massive energetic sword. The Time stone is now flying around his head like an Ion stone (likely influenced from the old pen-paper days of D&D). I have the reality gem so think I can also play this game and create two highly energized light-saber like swords. As they start to form, Henry … uh sad name for a villain, uses the time gem and freezes me in time.

But the infinity gems I have especially one being reality helps me resist so I can still think and focus on his floating infinity gem and use telekinesis from the reality gem to pull it towards me. Stripped of this power he panics but sees I am still somewhat affected at the moment and uses that to fly forward in an attack.

In my mind, I am wishing I had the Power gem so I can unload an epic energy blast at him, I cup all three gems in my hand and get ready to throw a blast of energy at him, as powerful as I can create it. I throw a beam of energy reminiscent of Dragon Ball Z and it just obliterates the guy and everything else in it’s path traveling way off into the horizon. It was epic, felt epic.

I put the stones back in the box and hand the box over to the female college. I tell her it’s too much power and temptation for me and that these needed to be locked away somewhere safe.

The dream segues to another dream but it was more mundane, I just wanted to share this one as it’s the second dream that I have had involving infinity stones plus shows how dreams can create a wonderful immersive take on a Genre which is something I have always loved about dreaming.

My First Infinity Guantlet dream from 2014: http://youaredreaming.org/2014/06/24/june-24-2014-dream-journal-entry/