Another Star Wars themed dream, a bit silly but well worth the sleep to have it. Dec 28/2017

It was inevitable after watching Star Wars the Last Jedi that I would finally have a dream based on the movie.

In the dream, I was with a friend and we were watching a Star Wars movie that had Rey but clearly not SWTLJ. In one scene Rey was battling a horde of Storm Troopers and she was going full Jedi with a green lightsaber but it was so over the top. I can only describe it as a combination of Star Wars action fused with Street Fighter as she was doing force flying where she would fly up into a hover and either throw her lightsaber or do a force push.

Watching this my friend was complaining that she was such a “Mary Sue” which means an idealized and seemingly perfect fictional character that can perform better at tasks than should be possible given the amount of training or experience. He was complaining that force flight was silly.

The dream was reacting to this because she ends up getting on a bicycle and started incorporating that into combat doing rally sport tricks using the bike as a weapon while she knocked down Storm Troopers… the best part was when she force flew with the bike, into a hover and the bike span in circles for a moment before shooting down for some grand slam strike.

Despite the extremely silly nature of the fight, there were some excellent light sabering and chopping up of Storm Troopers. This also lead to a dream reality check where I realized why the movie was so exaggerated and funny. I was dreaming.

When I became conscious in the dream, this caused the dream to shift from the movie to me being in the Star Wars themed dream setting. Rey didn’t know who I was and saw me as some threat so came at me with her lightsaber, but it only passed through me. She tried to use the force but that had no effect. I didn’t want to be engaged because I really just wanted to explore the incredibly detailed and colorful dream environment. I shifted my focus so that I entered an observation mode, a focus state where I am in the dream but not detected by the dream characters.

She reacted as I seemed to just disappear. I always love how dream characters seem to act as if they have an intelligence and free-will of their own. As far as accuracy in terms of how the dream simulated Rey as her movie character, it was very spot on. The dream setting took place on some planet and there was a base which was pure black, smooth like ivory and had red glowing trims.

Rey was chasing after Kylo and he was running to the base. The base had this very complex sequence of doors that opened up into a tunnel before a larger entrance. These interlocking doors must have spanned inward about 20 feet. They shut the moment Kylo was in the base leaving Rey seeking a way to enter.

Being immersed into this world was much better than the original movie, all the silliness had changed and the tone became more serious. Rey moved to interrogate a guard who was also a female, she ended up throwing her on the ground and threatened her with a lightsaber demanding how to access the base.

The interrogation didn’t go so well, the person said all the controls to the base were on the inside and someone would have to let her in. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much more to the dream because like any interruption one has to wake up.

I had a far more epic and godly Star Wars themed dream a few years ago which to this day is still on of my favorite lucid dreams of all time.

An old Star Wars themed dream from September 27, 2014