Dec 25th, 2017 Lucid Dream where I became a Werewolf.

December 25th, 2017 Lucid Dream Adventures.

I didn’t have a chance to lucid dream this morning for obvious Christmas related reasons and lack of sleep. At 7:00pm, tired and now stuffed with delicious Turkey dinner that I cooked for the family after brining the Turkey for 36 hours I went to sleep for the purpose of having a nap by why waste that time when one can lucid dream.

Lying in bed, I allow the shift through the hypnagogic states to occur and start to fashion a road where I am driving in a car. If you are not familiar with lucid dreaming it is when you remain conscious, so you can enter the dream with full cognitive self-awareness. It is by far, the only way to dream. Forget this unconscious boring lack-luster form of dreaming. Lucid Dreaming lets you go along for a ride into a realm of fantasy and adventure brought to life.

I am in my car driving and the buildup is the usual slow progression as visual thoughts start to become more vivid and the audible/tactile senses (also a form of thinking) start to take on rich sensory feedback. In this method, it is very easy to construct the dream you want, and I’ve been kind of wanting to do some role-play maybe online, but I also use dreaming as a type of role-playing game simulator.

When the dream finally solidifies where my senses emerge in full immersion into the dream character I am now sitting in a car on a road. There is a nice mountain and snow. Much like how things are in my current waking life. The difference, I am in a dream which is as vividly real with a high fidelity of realism simulating a 3D virtual reality which is entirely thought generated. I call it the Playground of the Gods and the hypnagogic shift the doorway of the Gods.

All metaphorical of course because being able to simulate a vivid super-realistic dream is like playing God. You create a temporary reality that has its own physics, continuity and realism that rivals modern day Virtual Reality Gear and CGI graphics.

In this vivid super-realistic dream, I am now driving as one would expect if driving in waking life. I had a steering wheel, gauges with gas and break peddles. The sky was dark, it was night and I could see houses lighting up the mountain side. The road winded up this mountain pass towards a small town where I had a house.

My intent was to have some role-playing elements to the dream and for this I set the condition that the town was suffering from a plague of lycanthropy. Werewolves were hunting down prey and to make it more fun, I myself was already a werewolf but able to control it without going feral.

At the house I had a family and other people. When I arrive, they are happy to see me. My daughter is one of the dream characters. I am in the kitchen, and some people are making a dinner. Outside I hear dogs barking. I can sense other werewolves have come to assault the house.

I go outside and see this lone dog on the street barking at something in the shadows. There is a creature lurking there with yellow glowing eyes. It’s not alone. A pack of them are stalking the house.

I’m still in human form and decide to transform. It’s a very splendid effect of dream morphing into another creature. I fall onto my hands and knees and my hands start to transform. My fingernails became black and started to grow into these long-hooked claws with very sharp points.

Fur grows out from the skin and my hands appear more dog like. The transformation is quick, no pain but has a tactile sensation of morphing. When the transformation is complete, I am now much lower to the ground in the dream, and feel like I am walking in a different body with four legs.

The werewolves begin their assault and one charges at me, so I engage it. I seem larger as I tear into it with my werewolf mouth biting it in the ribs just beside it’s front leg and I start to shake it and throw it about 10 feet away.

Another werewolf jumps through the kitchen window and I must race back inside where I attack it. This time I tear into it with the sharp claws and bite down on its neck. I tear a very large amount of flesh away from its throat. Injured, it turns and jumps back out of the window to escape. The other werewolves stalk outside the window but decide to leave.

I can taste the blood and fur in my mouth, but the dream quickly cleans this up and I transform back nearly instantly to my normal self. It was very fun to simulate being a werewolf. A very different experience to say the least.

Talking with the dream characters I find out that this epidemic is spreading in different parts of the world. The dream character tells me that the spread is too great and likely beyond stopping at this point. I tell the character that I thought it would be taken over by Vampires Not Werewolves due to their feral nature.

He explained that the Vampires had too much narcissism and didn’t want too many of their kind competing, but the werewolves’ feral nature simply enabled them to kill and not care about the spread where the Vampires would ensure no one would turn after an attack.

Werewolves and Vampires, I was liking this dream more and more. I thought there is too many and I need to recruit people to help me fend them off.

I phase to a new location, like teleportation to find a friend. I tell him that we need to fight werewolves and he tells me they don’t exist. I explain that true that they don’t exist, but this is a dream, and they exist here.

He is more interested in the idea that the reality we are in is a dream and become very excited about the idea that he is in a dream. He asks me if we can fly and I tell him certainly, flying is easy, and I levitate up.

He becomes excited and starts to fly and I follow him. He’s going very fast, and it’s hard to keep up so I focus on accelerating. We are blasting over the mountain I drove over to the town and arrive back at the house.

He decides he wants to keep flying, having too much fun with that part of the dream and takes off. I can’t blame him, I certainly enjoy flight during a dream. Where else can you achieve such an experience?

At the house I am met by this older man who runs a website for role-players and tells me that he wants to know if the there is any other categories. I tell him he needs a PGO for Player Game Objections where we can discuss problems with the game. He decides he doesn’t like it.

He tells me that he needs me to work security on a Movie set. The movie takes place during the prohibition era and involves gangsters. The need for the security is typical of dream logic as the mob in the dream is also acting like the mob in real-life.

What I get is that he borrowed money from the mob to make the movie and if they are not successful the mob might put us in the dirt. I kind of like the shift from werewolves to 1930 because the dream shifts to that eras genre with people wearing suits and dresses.

What makes the dream more fun and interesting is Mark Hamill is the main protagonist and he is not happy with the script nor the direction of the film. The director is the old man and he is clearly senile. Every shoot that they do, they only do one take even if the scene fails.

Mark wants to do reshoots, but he is being turned down in every effort to steer the movie into a better direction. In one scene, where a gangster slaps this woman he fails to even come near hitting her, looks like he is hitting air and she reacts. Mark is supposed to rescue her but tells them they need to reshoot the scene. The director and him get into an argument.

He leaves the set and comes back with his contract and a two-page hand written list of grievances about the film. I’m told to read the list and the text is written in aqua blue pen. He has a list of very agreeable problems with the film including failure to redo failed scenes. How the movie is rushed without proper planning. Problems with continuity and it goes on and on. He looks furious and storms out.

I talk to the director and he tells everyone to wrap for the day. I drive back to his studio office where I have reserved parking. I go to meet him in his office and talk about the movie. He is now lying in a bed and I wake him up. He gets up, halved dressed and puts on some reading glasses. I tell him the movie is not going well and needs some major revisions in the story and production. But it’s his movie and he makes it very clear that it’s his way or no way at all.

Word starts to spread about the movie problems and the loss of the lead. The mob which backed the movie is now realizing that they may not get their investment back and sends a squad of hitmen to take out the director. As I am leaving his studio apartment there is a gang complete with tommy guns waiting for me at the parking lot.

Well, it’s a dream so I’m not even concerned that they are about to open fire. I have no choice but to take them out and move with superhuman speed and ability tossing them around like rag dolls.
I don’t try to hurt them rather disarm their guns and end the fight with the gang either knocked out or tossed on the ground.

I leave and want to explore the dream more. I go to this casino and see a Pierce Bronson version of James Bond who has this wallet with some spy gadgets in it. I decide to shadow him as we walk through an area full of slot machines. He’s wearing a black tuxedo and pulls some pen out of wallet and then shoots a person with a tracker.

I stop at a slot machine to just explore how real it is. Pull 5 dollars out of my wallet and put it in the machine. I hit a few spins to see what it is like. The machine simulates a slot machine perfectly. Even deducting the right amount from the balance until I run out.

I decide to explore the casino building and exit to a lobby where I see Alice Cooper talking to a lady in the lobby. I walk up to him and start talking to him. I start asking him dreams which ends up in this long conversation about dreaming and lucidity. I explain how I am aware that I am dreaming and that being conscious in a dream is always an incredible experience. He’s skeptical about the current situation as being a dream. Dream characters often don’t like breaking the forth wall.

After the conversation is done, he gives me a pair of tickets to his concert and invites me to come watch it. I tell him that would be excellent and start to make my way to the concert but end up waking up on the way.

Not bad for a 2-hour nap, better than nothing. Always interesting experiences when conscious during sleep. The deep role-playing elements are always fun. I got to be a werewolf and that made having a nap satisfying and worth my time. Great little stories and adventures each night.