Fallout 3 Inspired Genre Specific Lucid Dream Dec 23, 2017


Had to have a nap to get a nice lucid dream to start the holidays. Staying at my Mom’s and have my Daughter plus 2 dogs and 5 cats to deal with. This makes sleeping very challenging. One of the cats woke me up during my first lucid dream where I was composing music. Still was beautiful and fantastic beyond imagination level music.

Time for redemption as WBTB (Wake-back-to-bed) is my preferred method had to do with a busy career and work scheduled but nearly always guarantees a lucid dream. And of course this worked. I had to use ear plugs to kill the noise.

The dream starts to form around me and I find myself at my computer. I am on twitter checking a post reply on Rian Johnson’s (The director of the new Star Wars) and had posted a Star Wars GSLD that I had and wanted to see if he replied. He didn’t.

Then I clicked on the link to the dream and the link was broken didn’t load the web page and I saw a 404 message. The dream took place at my current location and the computer I was on didn’t give me access to fix the problem. Then I noticed the link change back to a working link and this was the much needed reality check.

A reality check is when you spot something in a dream that is abnormal, a que or a clue that it’s a dream and not waking reality due to the very intense realism present in dream content. All it took was the link to change and that was enough for me to take over the dream.

At my computer I minimized the desk top and though what would be fun to do now that I was lucid. As it was my computer desktop I saw a Fallout 3 Las Vegas icon and was like yeah that would be fun.

I launch the game on my computer in the dream, it loads and at first I am just playing the game as real as if I was awake at the same computer. Same graphics the game character had a shotgun, and was near an ant colony there were geckos running about. I was using the keyboard to move the character but not immersive enough. I wanted to be in the game.

Unlike waking life you can’t just project into the computer screen, into the avatar in the video game and take on a first-person fully immersed VR experience. Dreams are not waking reality. No rules but the ones we impose limited only to imagination.

A trick I’ve used for over 30 years, I projected my awareness from sitting at the computer to the character in the dream version of Fallout 3. I love projecting into avatars in dreams because for one, I become that character not myself. That effect alone is better than a VR headset mapping the character over your arms.

When I projected into the character, I took on it’s full first-person view of the game world. The game graphics went from Fallout 3 quality to a realism that rivals even modern day CGI graphics. This is the attraction for me, the immersion is 100%, sound, taste, touch, hearing and even smell is available to the Dream Virtual Reality.

I was in the same wasteland duster as I saw on the character from third-person perspective. Was now holding a single-shot shotgun in my hands with a nice wooden stalk. I cracked the barrel open and there was a round already in the chamber. I had a ammo belt full of shells around my chest and waist.

Being fully conscious and self aware as this was a lucid dream, I took time to admire the Mojave desert and the geckos and large fire ants (about the size of a cow but lower to the ground). There was also an armadillo near a cactus.

Manipulating the game at this point is easy, the dream becomes very malleable and I can control the physics engine. I didn’t want to attack anything at this point, rather I just wanted to study them.

How often do you get to see an ant from Fallout that could bite you in half? My solution was I made this large boulder in the game to become a critter attractor so all near by critters would attack the boulder.

This is done simply by using intent. All I did was think about what I wanted and my intent applied the rule that the dream now must abide by. The ants were the first to attack the boulder and the gecko soon followed. It was much larger than the ants worked great as they were distracted from me, and I could not just study this amazing mind-generated animation to the depth of detail I wanted.

I could hear the crunching sounds of their mandibles against the boulder and it was very well animated, their heads rotating on the body much like a real ant except for sheer scale. I just loved seeing these huge fantasy ants matching the lore of the game.

The gecko too was fairly large about 2 1/2 feet and he was making similar sounds to how they sound in-game. The dream version however had beautiful scaling, much like a lizard in real life with fine tiny scale details and larger ones. The realism better than my NVIDA 1080.

The armadillo was a nice touch he was not aggressive so didn’t attack anything just walked around a cactus sniffing for food. He just looked like a real-life armadillo no special game features of note.

When I was done examining the creatures I decided I wanted to test the shotgun physics so aimed at the head of one of the ants and open fire. The rifle had kickback, made a very loud shotgun sound and the shot hit the ant’s head making a bit of a splat sound as it tore through the exoskeleton killing the first ant. I released the attraction effect on the rock and let them all attack me (once I had about 30 feet of distance).

The gecko charged the fastest, and I shot but the gun didn’t fire. Single shot shotgun oops. I cracked open the chamber pulled a shell of my belt and put it in but before I could fire it was already on me and how I was holding the gun made more sense to strike it with the butt of the shotgun.

His attack was excellent, mouth wide open showing all of its teeth and tongue, the claws of it’s front arms fully extended reaching towards me. When I struck the Gecko, I hit it in the jaw area which caused it’s head to turn and the critter fell backwards.

With a loaded shotgun, it was easy pickings and I shot the poor bastard in the chest. It let out a welp and collapsed as the remaining few aunts skittered towards me. They were not fast enough as I just walked backwards taking my time to aim and picked them off one by one. Unlike the game, they all died on one shot. I guess my subconscious felt a shotgun round to the head of an insect is instant death, that or they had really low hit points.

Once the thread of the ants were gone I walked back up towards the Armadillo. I didn’t want to shoot it and it tried to hide in a burrow. But the burrow was clogged with pop cans. The pop cans were not lore friendly sadly. This was a bit of a disappointment because no Nuka Cola right? Sometimes you get things 100% spot on, have to live with the mix-ups that come with dreaming.

I was pulling red Coca Cola cans and Pepsi cans from his burrow. He watched wanting to go in. Another weird dream effect was the burrow was lined with a garbage bag and once all the cans were removed, the bottom of the burrow had water.

The armadillo didn’t seem to mind, it crawled into the burrow and I petted it. This effect was kind of cool because it was now getting wet from the water and I could feel the water against its dry skin. I put my hand in the cool water and then petted it’s head making it wet. The realism here was superb. Loved it.

Unfortunately, I am not in a stable dream environment and waking-life uncontrolled circumstances jar me awake from lucidity. This part I hate the most. Being in a very stable lucid dream, and something waking me out of it suddenly because I jolt awake every time. Makes my heart race too. That jolt can be a bit if a kick and the frustration of having to leave and exotic dream world that was fascinating, imaginative and immersive.