An old Star Wars themed dream from September 27, 2014


Had a very incredible dreaming session so thought I would share. I admit converting all of those rich experiences into text format will greatly diminish how amazing and real for the duration of the dream content was.

Dreaming regardless of all the beliefs we have and the fact most people piss this gift away each night is sad, as lucid dreaming yields a remarkable… no an amazing ability to simulate reality within a first-person 3D environment. I was lucid for the entire time that I was dreaming, which made it even better. I gained so much more entertainment and enjoyment knowing the full time that my body was asleep, I was now simulating reality using thought in the most incredible of ways.

To kick start the dream with a bit of back story, I sometimes emulate real-world game content in a dream environment because I play the games largely for inspiration to create new and fun dream content. I’ve succeeded in emulating many games ranging from Doom, Team Fortress, World of Warcraft, Skyrim, Fallout Las Vegas and the list goes on. For me, it takes the world of the imagination and makes it real for a few hours during sleep.

Recently, I decided to download and play the free-to-play Star Wars the Old Republic with 100% motivation to see how it would impact my dreams because I like the Star Wars Universe. The SWTOR  gives a new flavor to this Genre. Last night I had a good simulation of it but wasn’t lucid.

Tonight however, was the exception. All I can say, is the Bobo Fett in the dream looked as real as he does in the Movies, and the Jedi’s were amazingly bad ass and awesome so let’s begin.

The pre-sleep process when I am awake but lying in sleep before the dream kicks in and my body falls asleep sets up what in the Movie the Matrix they call, “The Construct”. This is the blackness of your closed eyes peering back at you. The more the body falls asleep, the more visual and audible our ability to think in sensory forms becomes (aka dreaming).

Wanting to simulate SWTOR, I started imagining scenes from the game. Places like Coruscant, or the Republic space station. I pull out many of the characters, the locations and start to visualize them and animate them in this pre-sleep construct.

That is the entire focus, block everything else because this is what I am creating. As the body starts to naturally fall asleep, these thoughts become more vivid, have a higher contrast and resolution. Soon I am close to being asleep because now I pick a fun spot which is a Cantina with the Twi’lek holodancers and a real female Twi’lek dancer who is going table to table looking for credits.

The cantina comes to life, there is the classic Mos Eisley style cantina band with the bald aliens with the long horn like instruments and I start to hear music. I’m not projected into the dream yet, rather just creating the content using “imagnation”. Finally I can kind of bi-locate where I am now starting my dream body avatar to interface with this dream data and interact with it.

Which means it’s a third-person point-of-view as I am still attached to my physical eyes and watching the avatar form. I have it walk to a circular table and sit down. The Twi’lek dancer comes over and I order a drink from her, I just tell her to make it big and interesting.

As the avatar sits in the chair, I start to project my awareness into the dream and the physical eyes of my body, now become the simulated eyes of the avatar and I can now see the dream in first-person perfectly. The sounds become perfectly audible, the music, the talking of patrons, the clinking of glasses on a drink tray and the best part is, I am 100% lucid knowing that I am dreaming and knowing that all the thoughts that have now described the dream content were thoughts I programmed in the construct stage.

The Twi’lek comes back with the drink tray and asks for 10 credits. I tell her to sit down, and I will pay for her shift. She tells me that she has to work, so now she is acting with her own free-will in the dream, making artificial intelligent choices and best of all… she is “role-playing” without even knowing she is. She may as well think she’s really a Twi’lek dancer and has been working this job for years.

“How much is it going to cost me to keep you here with me, I want some company. Came in off a long hyperspace flight.” I ask her.

“It’s 200 credits to have me for an hour but that’s it, I have other customers waiting for me.” she tells me.

“One hour is not enough, tell you what bring me your boss and I’ll pay him 2,000 credits for your shift, plus give you 10,000 credits to stay here with me.” and I make a very sweet offer, the greed kicks in and she’s now mine for the time I want to stay in the Cantina. She flags her boss over.

He’s wearing something similar to what Han Solo wears, but he’s not human. The alien looks more like the greasy race that picks the fight with Luke in Mos Eisly before Obi Wan cut’s his hand off, a real violent and ugly character but when I slot him 2,000 credits to pay for her shift he’s my new best friend and tells me I can have her for the night.

She sits down, and I’m not at all sexually motivated here rather as an artist, a creator I want to marvel in how accurate and real she appears. I reach out and touch her blue “lukku” or “brain-tails” which really gives this imaginary race it’s distinct look. The skin is soft, she has some metal bracelets or brain-tail rings on them. They have a deeper blue striping and I pet from the top of her head cupping the strange head appendage in my hand until it drops off and flops back to the front of her shoulder.

“You are amazingly real, I love how rich and textured your skin is. It’s so soft and cool to the touch.” I tell her and admire the way her eyes look and mouth. I’ve done a stellar job simulating a Twi’lek and it’s like looking at a finished painting or sculpture that comes to life, that kind of appreciation or feeling one get’s when accomplishing a creative feat of art.

She tilts her head a bit embarrassed and smiles. As far as it goes in this dream, the realism is equal to how I experience my waking life, except now the reality I am in is 100% Star Wars Genera to the finest detail. How? The ability to dream is living breathing reality-simulating art.

“Please, dance for me.” I tell her and she gets up at the end of the table and starts to do the classic Twi’lek style dance you see in the game. She brought me this very tall glass with a blue liquid in it and it has a fancy twisted straw which is red. I pick it up and sip on the drink. It is very smooth tasting, a little on the sweet side, has an alcohol tinge to it. Flavor wise it’s a little neutral but refreshing and cold. The glass even has condensation on the outside which moves when my hand touches the glass and beads up into water droplets, feeling wet.

Words cannot describe how incredible it all feels to be sitting in this Cantina watching a Twi’lek dance while some Alien band plays music sipping on some alien alchohol. I put the glass back on the table, the surface of the table is hard and smooth. I touch the table top just to feel it, have a sense of it’s texture and realism. May as well have been a collection of atoms working perfectly as they do in our waking reality. Except, I knew full well that the table was composed entirely of thought and couldn’t be happier about it being a dream.

After she dances, she sits down and cuddles up to me resting her head on my shoulder. “You know, we have private rooms in the back where I can give you more than just a dance.” and she rubs her finger down the side of my face.

“That’s ok sweet cheeks, I’m enjoying the band and didn’t pay for you to sleep with me, I just didn’t want to be alone while I was having some drinks. But keep snuggling up to me, you feel great.” which was true, she had a really nice figure and it felt good having an arm around her.

She just smiles and relaxes into me as I watch the band, and look over at the bar tender and scan the Cantina. Like with any dream, I don’t know when I am going to wake up or lose lucidity but what I do know is it really pays to just go with the flow and relax.

Then this dark sith comes into the cantina. He has black robes and a light saber handing from the side of his belt. The patrons begin to silence and all eyes are on him. The Twi’lek dancer sees him and gets spooked jumping out of the chair and she runs out a back door, along with other patrons who are now scared.

Rightfully so, he has turned on his light saber and used force powers to push away some people.

“Damn you, I paid good money for her and you had to go scare her off.” I yell at him.

He looks at me, his chin dipped downward a bit and starts to walk towards where I am sitting. Well, what do you expect, I’m in STWOR and there’s Sith but luckily I have a light saber of my own but thi is the cool part of it.

Unlike most light sabers which glow, mine was translucent and gave off a mist like cold vapors coming from frozen carbon dioxide. It was pure force, hence why it was see through and unlike most light sabers you see in the movie, I could control how long I wanted it to be and I start it off about the size of a 12” dagger when he approaches.

The sith looks at the pitiful looking thing and laughs, then I point it at his chest and make it extend the full distance between us. The other thing to note is it doesn’t cut, rather it’s all blunt force so it knocks him back a few feet.

I throw in a quip, “What, you thought I brought a little saber to a big boy’s fight? You are out matched, may as well go home.”

He flips back up and leaps in a twist flip towards me swinging his red saber. I contract mine so it’s the same length as his and block his strike. He’s very fast but not having the limits of an actual physical body I was much faster. My reflexes and response time were super-human to say the least. Otherwise in real life I’d be a bunch of sushi lying on the floor, there is no way in hell I can move like that. But this is a dream and I know to lower the limits and constraints to make it interesting.

I effortlessly block every strike he throws at me, but want to fight for a bit because it’s fucking epic. Every time he strikes my force style light-saber it gives off bursts of smoky mist, finally I strike his hand holding the saber as he strikes down at me. The blunt force shatters bone, I could literally hear the loud crack and snap of them in his hand and he drops his saber which goes out and rolls across the floor.

He holds his broken hand in pain and looks at me angerly. Either he has face paint on, or a Darth Maul style striping on his face, what ever the case the tatoo like feature was very clear and very cool looking just two long stripes down his forehead, over his eyes following his cheek and moving down the chin and neck.

He points his other hand at me and uses a force push to knock me back. I can feel the energy hit, it’s just raw kinetic feelings almost like a wave of gravity and I move back but use my light saber again extending it like a long staff behind me bracing myself against the push.

I contract it quickly and flip it towards him extending it again knocking him in the throat, right under the adams apple and he buckles down unable to breath.

“You should have stopped when I knocked you down the first time.” I tell him as I fasten my light-saber to my belt. And I leave him walking out of the bar defeated, the bar tender hiding with his head just eye level peeking over the counter at me and he has a cloth in hand holding it near his cheek.

The Cantina was in a space station, so there was a lot of really cool steel walls and floors. I decided it would be fun to fly a ship and walk to the hangers. There is an elevator which I go upwards on to a flight deck full of ships.

There is one, which pretty much looks identical to the one my real-life game character gets to fly, it’s a trooper so it’s a republic ship that has two wings that fin out on the left side. I walk up the platform to the door.

The computer was absolutely fascinating to interface with. I could zoom in and out of spacial coordinates and even pull up a planet, spin the planet. It had an augmented reality feature so key points in dialog bubbles would pop up but the best part was. All the text was Star Wars gibberish, I couldn’t read a word of it but the fact it was all these strange symbols made it all the more interesting.

Finally I plot what I think is a course to Coruscant and engage the auto-piolot. The ship lifts off and flies out of the space port. I could see other larger ships in space, and once it pulled forward enough for the hyperspace jump, I hit this large fat ass button that was on this panel illuminated with blue light. The stars stretch just like in the game, and then unstretch and voila, I see a large planet that I am now orbiting.

It was kind of brown and grayish green. I’m not flying the ship, it kind of just flies itself down to the surface of the planet. I get off at another space port and walk off the platform. I’m wearing Jedi Robes and have the light-saber attached at my belt.

I decide to play with it a bit more because it was cool, so as I was walking down to an outside platform I caused the light-saber to grow and stretch. It effortlessly responded to my thoughts (of course) but the effect was so cool, it looked really bad ass. The translucent effect did have a bit of a black core to it as it seemed to block a bit of the light. The handle simulated a light-saber handle perfectly. It was flawless.

I spin it around a few times and cause it to turn off, re-attaching it to my belt. Then I decide I should really upgrade my ship with better weapons, and I start to forge a really large gun by manipulating the dream.

It’s almost like sculpting with thought, so it happens fast and I tweak the design to fit what I think it should look like. The gun is not attached yet to the ship, and I fire it. It warms up with a orange glow but the beam it fires was yellow, it was probably at least two feet thick in diameter and it easily crossed to the horizon with range. It pierced the clouds. And it looked bad ass, so I use the force (which is really just dream control) to lift the gun and mid levitation, I decide the ship needs two so I literally clone the gun, it splits into two and both attach perfectly on each side of the ship.

The come in useful later in a space battle, don’t kid yourself this is a very very long dream.

This republican soldier seeing the lazer goes off comes running over, “What the hell do you think you are doing! No weapons discharges allowed on port.” I look at him wearing a uniform acting all serious and shit.

“I had to see if they worked. I didn’t want to just put a set of duds on my ship.” I tell him.

“What the hell kind of weapon is that sir!” he asks me.

“I don’t know really, I think they were some type of ION cannon, or plasma beam, what ever they are I bet they can cut through ships like butter.” I reply.

“Who are you, I need to see some identification!” he demands.

Time for some Jedi Mind-trick fuckery, so I wave my hand at him and tell him, “I am no body important, go about your business and don’t mind me.”

He replies, “Your no body important, sorry to bother you.” and he walks off.

That was so epic, how can you not like that… simulating the Jedi mind-trick in a dream… check.

The world that I am on is wonderfully alien, it has Earth like qualties but then, it had Planet like qualities which mimicked earth, but the creatures oh my FN god! Holy crap did I ever conjure up some wild beasts, even insects.

I didn’t want the world to be barren and boring, rather teaming with life and how do you really desribe what I did, and how fast it comes out. I basically imagined from the smallest insect to very large dinasour sized ones the alien creatures for this world and they all just flowed out simultaneously like programming language to the dream. Like I had this database of life-forms just there waiting for the perfect dream to just upload and blam, I have flies and other insects buzzing about.

Think star-ship troopers for some of the big bugs, and Avatar for some of the other creatures. Stuff like that but modified differently. Thus this alien world was rich with animated life as well as plants. The sky color was a nice tinge of pink/blue with an orange hue closer to the sun. The clouds had a bit of a purple color to them, so they were not grey or white like here.

I decide to walk down to a beach area, and I am still in this military style base but now on the out skirts of it. The water splashed nicely along the beach, I could see creatures swimming about. Then this crazy super-sized shark like fish swam up, a little more H.P Lovecraft from the deep looking shark min you.

I didn’t want it to eat me so I conjure up these smaller predator fish to attack it and they swarm it eating it like large piranhas. It’s nice to be in control for a change.

This other Jedi, who looks like your classic Obi Wan type (but not him) comes running urgently along the beach. “We need you, imperials have landed down and they brought bounty hunters with them. They are attacking the base.”

I’m shocked only because I didn’t think about this role-play direction for the dream but like I said, go with the flow.

“Well don’t just stand there, get moving!” he commands so I run with him following him back to the base.

This is where there Bobo Fett, just like in the movies with blaster and rockets flying up and shooting the crap out of people. There is pure pandemonium here. I use force powers and pull off his rocket back, and Fett crashes to the ground and turns and fires blaster fire my way.

I don’t have time to block it but manage to move left/right bending out of the way. I then push him back using a force push, and he slides like 200 feet backwards into a crowd of republic soldiers.

There is so much action going on, it was like that really crowded scene in the new Star Wars with all the Jedi running amock with light-sabers everywhere and blaster fire coming from every direction. Really, it was too chaotic but having force powers did make it easier to navigate through the fight.

I managed to do a bit more sword play with light sabers against a couple of siths, even got to block blaster fire with my kick ass extendo-saber. The blunt effect although not really Star Wars was really cool, I guess I don’t like chopping ream characters into little bits. But knocking them back or tripping them is fine.

This other Jedi was with me the whole time and I realized exactly what it was… in SWTOR you get a companion that sticks with you in the game after level 10, and this dude was exactly that, my in-game companion fighting along side me, and that was again… epic.

There is in coming larger fire from space craft and my companion tells me to run to the ship. We have to enage the Imperials in orbit. So back to the ship I run and up the platform through the door and onto the bridge. This time I sit in the chair and he sits in the co-piolot seat.

I strap in and fire up the engines. This time I actually fly the ship using a large flight stick that has nice arcade buttons to fire weapons. We move very fast into space and there are three large Star Destroyers there and lots of other fighters, just like below this was pure chaos. The large Star Destroyers were bombing the planet with large laser beams.

Finally, I get to test my new guns and I open fire on one of the star destroyers keeping a steady stream, both yellow lazers cut the thing in three sections, just slices the thing as it floated in outer-space. It doesn’t do a big explosion like in hollywood rather it gives of flashes of light and splits into parts with electric flashes and slowly moves. The places where the lazers cut through were molten hot but cooled off quickly as the lazer sliced through.

Even the companion was shocked at the power of these guns, “How the hell did you cut through that Star Destroyer like that? What kind of weapons do you have on this ship?” he asks

“I upgraded the guns back on the base when I arrived, wanted to give the ship something really powerful just in case this happened.” I tell him.

Lazer fire from other fighter is hitting our ship and the sheilds on the computer show damage with red glows. Again, the computer on the ship with it’s large tactical display was just so epic it had radar tracking everything in space drawn in a 3D hologram, I could see what was moving where.

It had auto-targetting on the guns although I wasn’t using it but little red squares were moving to smaller ship targets. I start to engage the smaller ships closes to the guns while flying fast and spinning the ship.

The space battle was epic, I buzzed one of the star destroyers for a closer look and it was huge in comparison to my ship. It looked so awesome just gliding in front of the window. I just looked at in in awe and admiration, I’ll never see such a sight in my waking life other than on the TV.

Here, I may as well have been right up beside a real Star Destroyer because this was in pure 3D virtual reality. Flying to close was a bit of a problem though, the Star Destroyer locked on with all of it’s port side guns and just cut loose on my ship.

The ship was cut to pieces and I lost control of the dream because the drama was just too intense and end up dying. It happens but so what, I just woke up into a new dream. For a brief moment I had lost full lucid awareness but was able to restore it rather quickly.

To my disappointment and shock however the second dream now being more real-world was not responding to any dream control. It was super-real but the content was not as exciting suffice to say I was now at some art college as a janitor.

I was cleaning the floors, noticing the college students. It was a struggle to gain lucid control, at one point I dropped to the floor looking very closely at the texture on the floor which finally gave me enough evidence it was still a dream because I could see the hypnagogic texture of dreams in the texture of the floor tile. But for some reason it was impossible to control, I couldn’t change a damn thing so was lucid and dream locked being a janitor with all this drama.

The next dream was the same, I knew I was dreaming but was unable to change it and was at a house. I was there for hours visiting this familly trying to convince them that it was actually a dream and they didn’t believe me. It ended nicely however because towards the end of the dream the star wars companion, the jedi walked through the kitchen door from the patio and just stood there looking at me.

Why I bring it up was for some reason, at that point I could see him as a bunch of source code and pixels before I woke up. Convincing the family that it was a dream however was very entertaining.

So there you go… rather than just believing in some nonsense, take the ability to dream, do something constructive with it and have a really deep and fun experience.

The path I am on, is all about living in these experiences. It’s really wonderful. Don’t believe, experience it for yourself and have some fun.