Ghostbusters Themed Lucid Dream. 12/19/2017

This was a fun albeit dark spooky dream which was like being inside a Ghostbusters Movie. I’m walking with my daughter in the dream and see Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis) standing outside this apartment building holding a P.K.E Meter and instantly this forces a reality check. For one, he’s looks relatively the same age as he did in the original 1984 movie.

I know there is no way I should be seeing him unless this was a dream. My daughter even recognizes him as the guy from Ghostbusters. I tell her, “I know, this is a dream.”. Egon is not wearing his Ghostbusters outfit rather the same outfit from the original when they went into the Library. He’s following his P.K.E meter and walks up towards the lobby of this apartment.

I decide to follow excited for the idea some ghost might appear in the dream. My daughter also follows me into the apartment. I have some intuitive flash as to where the ghosts are and walk past Egon up a flight of stairs to the second floor. The doors of the apartment building are all wooden doors painted white.

There is one door that has this black ichor around the edges. It is a off hinge falling a bit backwards in the frame. I tell my daughter to stay in the hall and I open the door to this dimly lit apartment. The apartment is furnished but no one is there. I don’t see any ghosts but I can feel this eery creepiness like something is watching me.

I go to the bedroom and the sheets on the bed seem to have something underneath them. There is a cane by the door. I grab it an poke the sheets as there are air bubbles or maybe ghost bubbles making the sheets rise and fall. When I poke them the sheets go completely flat like something just instantly left.

I turn and walk back to the living room. By this time Egon is standing at the entrance of the apartment and his P.K.E meter is on full alert. He reacts to something that’s behind me and looks frightened. I turn around and this woman wearing a nightgown is standing about a foot behind me. It would be a jump scare for most people. She looked a little bit decayed, her mouth dripping blood and eyes dark and sunken. Here hair has that wavy water effect.

I back up a few steps and she raises her hand to point at me, her mouth opening up as if to scream. This ghost cat walks around her feet and then this male ghost materializes beside her. Again, I know I am dreaming so this is actually really cool to see all the effects take place. The man also looks like a zombie.

He pulls out a gun and raises it to the side of her head and shoots her. She drops like a rag doll, he then points it at the ghost cat and shoots it also. By this time Egon freaks out and runs away, there are some other people who curiously stopped to look in and they run off screaming. The man points the gun at me and shoots, but the bullet just passes through.

He then points it at his head and pulls the trigger collapsing beside what I presume is his wife. I’m not at all scared, just very interested in what’s going on. I don’t usually have much fear reaction these days in my dream. The ghosts then start to rise up but some force is preventing them from leaving the Earthly plane, their souls bumping against this barrier and then fall back down.

I start hearing the Ghostbusters theme song. No denying that this is the song. And it makes the dream even more cooler. Except now everyone has run off and my Daughter isn’t there anymore. I walk out of the apartment into the hall listening to the theme song smiling at how cool and amazing dreams really are.

I go to find my daughter but inevitably wake up during the search. Which is too bad, I would have liked to see more of the original cast in perfect 3D virtual dream realism.