Battled Cthulhu in this epic Genre Specific Lucid Dream December 9th, 2017

Today’s GSLD was no exception. Having lucid dreamed for 30 years I am naturally realizing I am dreaming in nearly every dream I have, every night even in naps. The reality check comes naturally I clue in the moment I am in most dreams because of the setting being different from waking life. The moment I was in this dream, I realized I was dreaming and was blown away at the beauty of the building and courtyard.

I walk to this large multi-story building, at least 20 story. The courtyard leading up the building was beautifully landscaped with a variety of plants and flowers. In the center of the courtyard was this massive 30 foot tall cactus standing at the middle of this circle which formed the sidewalk. I had to stop and admire it. Like all dreams, the realism was as real as waking life. Crystal clear colors, perfect lighting. The building has large glass doors.

The interior of the building is a beautiful piece of architecture. There is a circular pool strangely part of the lobby. The owner of the building comes to greet me. He is this man wearing black circular glasses and has a van dyke beard. He tells me that he summoned me here because of my knowledge of dreams and wanted me to help him with his experiments.

I notice lots of statues and carvings that have a very occult theme to them. The man wants me to participate in some ritual which he believes will help bridge this world (his dream world) and another dimension. Where I clue into the fact this is has a genre influence was when he was talking about using a book called the Necronomicon. Zing… he wants to summon Cthulhu. If you are familiar with H.P Lovecraft then the theme would be obvious.

We go to an elevator and already I am sensing creatures from this dark dimension peering into the dream. He has already been busy conducting experiments and when we arrive on this floor, I can kind of see vague ghostly images of Lovecraft inspired fish and creatures trying to break through in this nice flashes. Each room contains humans possessed by such evil. We end up in this room that has a large summoning circle and candles on the floor at each point of this multi layered pentagram.

In the center of the circle is a book pedestal with the Necronomicon on it, much like what one would see in a church with bible on top. He walks over to the book explaining to me it’s power and the spells and rituals contained within. He starts to read some passages and the entire room fluctuates and the creatures pushing through start to materialize with some crawling down the walls and pillars. I get this flash and see Cthulhu with all his glory, tentical and all awakening from the deep. He gazes at me and in a flash I am back at the beginning of the dream in the courtyard.

However the courtroom has changed, it is still relatively the same but the plants and center cactus have all changed. I notice the changes especially apparent in that the cactus instead of being a round pillar as before now has fins and the color is a deeper blue green. It also has some forks near the top which didn’t exist before. I still realize I am dreaming and found the whole effect quite interesting.

I enter the building, this time the pool has a glass cover over it. It looks resonably the same as before. But now the creatures are everywhere and every person is possessed by this evil although masked behind the humans only given away by the eyes. I go to the elevator and return to the summoning room, this time Cthulhu is in the room at the center of the circle and peers at me causing the same effect. I am back at the courtyard as if the dream reset. Again the plants and landscape have altered slightly again. It’s fun don’t get me wrong I’m loving all the horror.

I want to stop Cthulhu but his ability to reset the dream is noted. I decide I need some backup and decide to create a few super powered dream characters to help me with my quest to stop the Call of Cthulhu. Who better than the Hulk? I wanted a few Avengers and ended up with the Green Arrow instead of Hawkeye. Well, close but not perfect. Lastly was Dr. Strange.

From this point however, the Hulk was by far the best character. Unlike the shit CGI we have in movies the dream realism of the Hulk made him look damn real, he fit the setting and lighting perfectly. He talked like the Hulk and being a bit of a Hulk fan standing there in a dream with this simulation of the Hulk was pure nostalgia.

In this third iteration of the courtyard, the creatures were now exiting the building and we had to fight our way though them. Hulk was smashing the shit out of them sending them flying with grand slams. The Green Arrow was shooting them and of course Dr. Strange using magic. I just walked watching it all, if I was attacked I just used dream control like psychokinesis almost like the force sending the creatures flying.

We get to the elevator and the Hulk couldn’t fit so it was just Strange and the Green arrow. Hulk instead smashed his way up through the roof climbing the floors, great building destruction. We get to the summoning chamber fighting our way through the unholy hordes of Cthulhu’s children and again when the door opens the dream resets.

This time, we all arrive back except the change happens again. In this instance every one (except) me mutates slightly. Green Arrow’s clothing for example changed color and he ended up having a more Assassin’s Creed look. Dr. Strange lost his powers. The Hulk ends up developing Cyclop’s eye lasers and this effect was very cool because he couldn’t control it. Screams in agony as his eyes start to change and crackle with this black energy and he shoots these beams, but they are full of this dark energy and burns his hands when he tries to cover them. The beams cut through the courtyard and fron of the building. We are a total mess. We don’t even make it into the building because the Hulk collapses the whole thing with his new mutated power.

The building now collapsing causes the dream to change and the ground changes into water and I find myself floating in this raging river. Someone reaches in and pulls me out. All my super allies are gone but I stop and reflect on how fantastic that dream was. The dream changed to something else and it wasn’t as fun so I’ll leave it there.

Having these types of dreams which using GSLD has made my dream life better than video games. The entertainment level is off the charts. Most fun I have and best of all it’s free. The only price of admission is consciousness during sleep.