Dec 29, 2017 – Several lucid dreams during a false-awakening loop.

I didn’t have a lucid dream this morning, went to work early got done what I needed so decided to go home for a second sleep to use the WBTB (Wake-back-to-bed) method. This nearly always produces lucid dreams and as expected this was no different.

As I lied in bed and started to fall asleep, I wanted to create a controlled construct while passing through the hypngagogic shift. The hypnagogic shift is when our normal waking senses such as vision, hearing and touch shift into the dream simulation. If left unchecked it can be a bit of a psychedelic wild ride which “hypnotizes” you into unconscious sleep. The opposite result I was looking for. By using a controlled visual construct not only do you enter into the dream consciously but the level of lucidity and realism is always top-notch.

For this construct, I just imagined that I was driving a car, I visualized the steering wheel, the setting and the road. At first it just starts of as very faint visual images and intent shaping the start of the hypnagogic shift. As the body starts to fall asleep and the hypnagogic shift becomes more intense, the visual, audible and tactile realism starts to solidify into the dream. In no time, I found myself actually driving a nice black corvette.

It’s a very interesting shift when your physical eyes release so that your vision now comes from the dream avatar within the dream construct. This is akin to putting on virtual reality head-gear where you are now 100% immersed into the dream simulation. All sensation of the physical body or even being in the body is replaced by the simulated sensory feedback coming from the dream avatar.

The dream became super-real. The road was covered in snow and ice. I saw houses that looked as real as they would in the waking world. There were trees, a beautiful blue sky with clouds. A lovely mountain range. A perfect simulation of my waking world now entirely composed by the high-order of organized thought that produces a dream virtual environment.

What I enjoyed with this super-realism is the car felt like it had proper mass. I turned down a street that was a cul-de-sac. I could hear the tires in the snow, feel it slip a bit on the ice so had to slow down. The sense of weight and gravity was perfect. Knowing I was dreaming was the best part, I just relaxed and enjoyed being in this very vivid dream virtual reality admiring the hi-fidelity of the final rendered product. It always feel good to know this experiential gift exists to be conscious in a state that is not the normal waking daily experience, even if this dream was mundane simulating what it would be like to drive a corvette in the waking world.

I just took my time, drove slow enjoying the beauty of the houses, the fine details and rich realism. Just feeling good as I cruised on the snow covered icy roads free of any stress, anxieties or concerns. The problem was my waking world had a dog that started to bark and that woke me up snapping me from this dream and I wasn’t done dreaming.

I go back through relaxation and emerge again into a new dream where I was in my grandparents (both have since passed) old house. I recognized it immediately and I stood in the entrance way where the stairs go down to the basement or up to the kitchen and living room area. I walked up stairs and looked around hoping that I might find them as dream characters but there was no one home.

I haven’t been in this house in many many hears so there was some sentimental nostalgia seeing it in tact as real as if I was physically there. I went to each room up stairs looking to see if I could find someone but it was very empty. I also made sure to just enjoy seeing the home once again as I walked back down the stairs to the basement. Every room was exactly as I had remembered.

I went to the bedroom where we used to stay as children, this room however had a surprise. Inside the room were three animals. Two cats and a dog. When I opened the door this one white cat leaped off the bed and climbed up my leg to my back. I could feel it’s claws piercing into my skin a bit feeling pain. Yes I feel pain in my dreams, the whole pinch yourself to prove you are dreaming trick doesn’t work on me.

The cat was certainly spooked, it felt afraid. I didn’t like seeing animals neglected which was clear this was the idea centered in this dreams theme. The room also smelled awful, like animals having lived in there with no one cleaning. That acrid ammonia like stench of urine the fun stuff. Rightfully so as the dream was simulating that these animals were confined to this room and neglected. I closed the door and walked in, the other two animals very happy to see me and all three really wanting love and affection.

I sat on the edge of the bed and petted the cats until they started to relax and purred. The one on my back finally crawled down to my lap and purred away. Had it not been a dream I might have been more caught in the drama of three badly neglected animals, instead I just showed them the love and respect I show real world animals. They were also very thin, suffering some starvation. The dog especially. He took a bit of time to warm up.

I stood up and walked over to him, his poor thin frame. To add to the could be drama he was sickly and coughing and wheezing. I just smiled and knelt down to pet the poor guy. His tail wagged as I softly stroked the side of his face and I asked him what his story was. He just looked at me and then licked my arm.

Being a dream, I had control so as I petted his mangy coat I healed him bringing him back from this state of suffering and the guy just lit up happy. His coat went from dirty, neglected to clean, healthy as my hand passed over it with single stroke. I made some food appear on the floor which he ate. After he was done, I just sat with all three animals enjoying their company and affection. I wasn’t too concerned about what the dream’s meaning was or purpose rather changed it slightly to make the animals feel loved and cared for. Even though they were just dream simulations who wants neglected poorly treated animals when you can have healthy, loving and happy ones.

The best part, I opened the door letting them go free from the prison of a room and they joyfully left and I opened the door of the house letting them all go outside where they ran to an orchard enjoying their freedom while I just stood admiring the role-play present in the dream simulation.

I walked out to the street and looked at the house from the outside, it brought back so many nice memories of my childhood. It would have been nice to have seen my grandparents as characters in the dream, and I suppose at this time I could have simulated them but opted to levitate and fly for a bit to take up the neighborhood from a birds eye view. I took my time, no rush just enjoyed the lift off and climbed upwards maybe about 100 feet.

The flight didn’t last too long as I woke up again but still wasn’t done with dreaming. I dropped off back to sleep and woke up again, checked my phone and noticed it was 16 past 9 meaning I was late for work. I got up and walked up stairs then realized I was having a false awakening.

Here is a classic example of the false awakening which presents a super-realistic simulation of your ordinary environment. A prime example of how dreams can simulate our waking world with absolute perfection. I was in the kitchen looking at the fridge, touched the handle and without having experience with dream reality checks there would be no way to discern this dream from the actual physical kitchen. It all looked and felt real.

I woke up again, and same result. It was another false awakening. It took less time to realize that I was having this ground-hog day effect in my dream. I didn’t mind. I like dreaming even if it’s mundane real-life simulations and not the more exotic genre-specific lucid dreaming that I do.

False awakenings can go on for a bit, perhaps to challenge our fears but nothing pleases me more than being conscious during a dream regardless of it’s content. This false-awakening loop went on several more times however in each instance I kept myself on point with the keen awareness needed to be self-realized that each successive loop was just another dream simulation. Nothing fancy to report, just the same environment over and over again, no outstanding details or oddities. Very normal waking reality setting simulated to perfection.

Finally I woke up for real, and the give away is always the dream never quick gets physical mass of the body right. The dream body is normally very light, not heavy and weighted. I looked at my phone and ironically it was the same time as it was in the first false-awakening 9:16 so I was late for work but I can’t blame myself was stuck in a dream loop for probably over an hour.  Fortunately I had gone in for 3  hours earlier today.

Another Star Wars themed dream, a bit silly but well worth the sleep to have it. Dec 28/2017

It was inevitable after watching Star Wars the Last Jedi that I would finally have a dream based on the movie.

In the dream, I was with a friend and we were watching a Star Wars movie that had Rey but clearly not SWTLJ. In one scene Rey was battling a horde of Storm Troopers and she was going full Jedi with a green lightsaber but it was so over the top. I can only describe it as a combination of Star Wars action fused with Street Fighter as she was doing force flying where she would fly up into a hover and either throw her lightsaber or do a force push.

Watching this my friend was complaining that she was such a “Mary Sue” which means an idealized and seemingly perfect fictional character that can perform better at tasks than should be possible given the amount of training or experience. He was complaining that force flight was silly.

The dream was reacting to this because she ends up getting on a bicycle and started incorporating that into combat doing rally sport tricks using the bike as a weapon while she knocked down Storm Troopers… the best part was when she force flew with the bike, into a hover and the bike span in circles for a moment before shooting down for some grand slam strike.

Despite the extremely silly nature of the fight, there were some excellent light sabering and chopping up of Storm Troopers. This also lead to a dream reality check where I realized why the movie was so exaggerated and funny. I was dreaming.

When I became conscious in the dream, this caused the dream to shift from the movie to me being in the Star Wars themed dream setting. Rey didn’t know who I was and saw me as some threat so came at me with her lightsaber, but it only passed through me. She tried to use the force but that had no effect. I didn’t want to be engaged because I really just wanted to explore the incredibly detailed and colorful dream environment. I shifted my focus so that I entered an observation mode, a focus state where I am in the dream but not detected by the dream characters.

She reacted as I seemed to just disappear. I always love how dream characters seem to act as if they have an intelligence and free-will of their own. As far as accuracy in terms of how the dream simulated Rey as her movie character, it was very spot on. The dream setting took place on some planet and there was a base which was pure black, smooth like ivory and had red glowing trims.

Rey was chasing after Kylo and he was running to the base. The base had this very complex sequence of doors that opened up into a tunnel before a larger entrance. These interlocking doors must have spanned inward about 20 feet. They shut the moment Kylo was in the base leaving Rey seeking a way to enter.

Being immersed into this world was much better than the original movie, all the silliness had changed and the tone became more serious. Rey moved to interrogate a guard who was also a female, she ended up throwing her on the ground and threatened her with a lightsaber demanding how to access the base.

The interrogation didn’t go so well, the person said all the controls to the base were on the inside and someone would have to let her in. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much more to the dream because like any interruption one has to wake up.

I had a far more epic and godly Star Wars themed dream a few years ago which to this day is still on of my favorite lucid dreams of all time.

An old Star Wars themed dream from September 27, 2014