Buddhist Monks have been appearing in my dreams recently here is the latest.

Lately, I have been having some dreams with Buddhist Monks appearing as characters.  I don’t always have the luxury with time to write my dreams down but woke up early enough to transcribe tonight’s dream.

Before the Monk appears, I am doing all this work on a server through a linux terminal and was having problems with parsing a file using a command called awk.  The problem wasn’t the syntax, I had the code down pat rather it was the fact it was a dream and basically didn’t resolve the command properly but was great to be able to read and program.  Those who say you can’t read in a dream might be because they never developed the skill properly.  I’ve read entire books.  Reading for me is common.

When I left the computer I see this Buddhist Monk standing by a large window looking outwards towards a city.  There is a large channel with boats floating on the water.  It’s night-time so the city looks lively with lights shining through windows.  The realism of the dream was such that one would think it was reality again a quality of dreaming that has always inspired me to pursue this alternative reality experience of the night.

I know I am dreaming and now seeing yet another Buddhist Monk in my dreams having had other dreams nights prior the theme is by now apparent and I walk over to him.  He is wearing robes, his head shaven and like all the other Monks I have been meeting he is Asian.  I tell him, “So it is all a dream eh?” (yeah I’m Canadian).

He looks at me surprised, and to make it a little more challenging his English is not very good.  “What do you mean?” he asks.

“I saw you standing in my Dream and thought it would be nice to talk about dreaming with you.” I tell him.

“You mean this is a dream?” he asks.

“Yes, it is indeed a dream.  But the dream doesn’t stop here, I wanted to talk about all reality being a large unified dream.  Even the physical world is a type of dream world.” I tell him.

“I don’t know about that.” He replies.

“Really?  You don’t think the physical world is could also be a type of dream similar to the one we are having right now?”  I ask.

“How do you know this is a dream?” he asks and we sit down to talk.

“That’s easy for me, I usually always know I am dreaming.” I tell him, and I pet the soft cloth of the couch arm I am now sitting on.  “Sure, it has a quality of realism that makes it difficult to realize but all of what I am seeing to me is highly-organized thought.  This couch, the patterns, the texture certainly feels real but I know what makes it real is the underlying thought that programs the dream.”

He looks at my hand patting the arm rest.  He seems confused and uncertain but interested.  “How could the physical world also be a dream?” he asks.

“Like this dream, it is also composed of the same thought that is creating this setting.  It has evolved over time  in such a way to create a type of deep immersion where the dream becomes masked with continuity and persistency but the underlying mechanics that drives it is a unified field of consciousness using this type of dreaming as a highly evolved programming language.” I tell him.

I’m not sure if he really understands my metaphors and again seems very uncertain and confused.

“Look closely.” I tell him as he is still looking at the arm rest.  I cause the textured pattern on the arm rest to start to animate and it reveals the hypnagogic mesh.  “See, the underlying texture of this couch is all geometric fractal information.  This is what produces space within the dream.  It is like a computer graphic in many respects.  Hypnagogic fractals are part of the meshing system.”

His eyes widen in shock watching this change happen.  “How are you doing this?” he asks.

“Easy, this is a dream.  Very easy to change or influence.” I reply.

His eyes start to flicker and he goes into a blank state processing and processing.  I have his attention now but then he fades out.  The effect was interesting because his head expanded perhaps the dreams way of saying mind blown.

I was kind of bummed that he left because I wanted to pick his brain more but he didn’t really seem to offer much in the same tangent of conversation that I was aiming for.  I spent the remainder of the dream playing with some very friendly and loving animals who enjoyed being petted.

Not sure why all of a sudden there is this Buddhist theme in my dreams, each time I’ve been kind of schooling the monks on the nature of dream reality and its relationship to the larger universal dream we are having.

Oct 14th, 2017 – Semi-lucid dream adventure with creepy fish and an ancient ruin temple.

Had quite the set of adventurous dreams this morning. It’s nice to have some time to write them down. The dream starts and I am at some Christian retreat which is interesting as I have no religious beliefs. There are a lot of people attending the retreat and we have cabins where we are staying.

I’m not very interested in the religious tone and messages people are sharing as my interest is more on the nature of the dream itself which when discussed with the dream characters they are not to accepting of the idea that my perception of that reality is that it is just a dream. Quite often in dreams, the dream characters act like they are unaware that the setting that currently exists is in fact the dream world.

I am adamant in my discussions with them that this reality, the dream reality is a what it is which leads to arguments from their perspective that it is not. To them, their justification was that it was too real to be a dream. I argued that criteria is not an excuse as dreams can convey a supreme realism as that is what their primary function is. To simulate reality.

My final argument was if you can’t see the dream that is right in front of you, then you will never realize it as it is if you keep believing it is something that it is not. I decide to leave and walk to a road and they all seem to start following me anyways.

The road was not paved, and it was in a forest of pine trees. Certainly the dream was vividly realistic, no doubts this level of detail presented a very realistic simulation of reality but I knew it was a dream and was satisfied that it really just for me to have this realization and decided to enjoy the dream. I didn’t want to engage too much dream drama but also didn’t feel a need to control it rather exploring it was fun.

I run into an X girlfriend and tell her that we were in a dream. She just said I was crazy. It told her that I believed the one who cannot realize the dream that is right in front of them is crazy. She keeps talking at me but I’m not interested in the drama and see a car that I decide would finally get me away from all these unbelievers.

It’s a navy blue sedan and the door is unlocked. I go in and of course have the keys even though its not my car. I turn it on, starts as one would expect from a real car. I back it up and turn onto the road. It’s nice to drive a car in a dream, something about the knowing that all of this rich detail and vivid accuracy to waking life is a feat of focused and organized thought.

The drive down the unpaved road was slow as all of the Christians from the retreat were now walking along the road and I had to wait for them to clear a path. There were at least a hundred if not more people walking. There is a turn off to another road with no people so I happily turn down that road to see where this adventure might lead.

The road comes to an abandoned train tunnel in a mountain, its very old and deteriorated. When I enter the tunnel there is water seeping down the walls, various mosses and other plant life. But the very interesting detail were these stalagmites. They grow from the ground and from the ceiling.

I try to avoid the ones on the road, but towards the exit of the tunnel I have no choice but to hit one and knocked it over. At the exit of the tunnel there was no road. It ended into this overgrown forest with vines. I exit the car and go back to the stalagmite I knocked over. I pick it up, but instead of stone it feels like metal and artificial. The base of the stalagmite is manufactured and flat which made me curious as to what it wasn’t real. But then I laughed and realized it’s a dream so there really is no stalagmite rather just a simulation of one. I stand it back up and see more knocked over outside the tunnel exit.

There are some other people there and I say hi to them as I explore the environment. Amongst the vines and fallen stalagmites was this iron cauldron and inside of it was this metallic skeleton similar in texture and feel to the stalagmite. I look at the skeleton like an artist looking at a the final painting because it has such an artistic appeal. I tell the dream characters that I found a skeleton made of metal and rotate the cauldron so they can see it.

They tell me they found something far more interesting and invite me over to come investigate. I walk towards them and there is this shrine with a force field all around it. The energy effect was very cool, it was translucent but like a sheet of water flowing upwards. We stand on the outside of the force field and I am told not to touch it, that it was there to keep evil out.

“I’m not evil.” I tell the dream character and I put my hands into the force field to feel it. The energy wraps around my hands, the thickness is about a quarter inch. I move my hands up and down into the field to the surprise of the dream characters because according to them it was impassable by anyone who is not an enlightened master or divine entity.

“How are you doing that? You can’t pass that force field, no one can!” the dream character claims.

I don’t consider myself an enlightened master or some divine entity but I am dreaming so perhaps that is more than enough to pass a barrier my subconscious is creating. I step through the barrier into the shrine, and am not on sacred land. What is interesting is it’s a Buddhist shrine. I find a second religious reference in my dream kind of novel.

The dream characters are in absolute awe that I am being allowed to access this sacred sight. To them only the most holy of people, the ones closest to God can be there. I turn to them and say, “What about the one who is dreaming this dream? Can they not access the shrine?” and the dream characters take that statement with great confusion like the Christian group. Yep, seems they don’t share the knowing that the dream is in fact just a dream. Always keen of believing its some reality other than the dream world. Pretty standard.

“What do you mean it’s a dream?” one asks.

“Never mind, as long as I know it’s a dream you don’t have to worry.” I tell them.

They are excited about my ability to pass these barriers and tell me they have another site that they cannot access because the force field is too strong and won’t let them pass. They tell me it may be there to keep a great evil in and want to know if I am willing to enter this place and investigate.

“Sounds dangerous and fun, let’s check it out.” I tell them.

We cut a path through the vines and underbrush towards this ruined temple that has sunken into a swamp. The door has another force field on it, and I am quite liking these force fields in the dream because I don’t have force fields in real life so different is good. It’s feeling very much like some Indiana Jones inspired archeological adventure and I’m loving it.
They emphasize the risk that they believe the temple was taken over by some evil forces and could be dangerous but because they are skeptical and curious they really want me to go in and take pictures. They give me a camera with a strap. I put the strap around my neck and hang the camera on my chest.

The force field surrounds the entire temple but is most visible closer to the ground and near the door. I pass through no problems and it feels electric, magnetic and warm. I look back at the other characters and give a thumbs up. I was on my own now to face what ever lies within this dark sunken temple. I will also add that it was a Bhuddist temple with the pineal gland cones similar to the ancient temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

The door leads into a chamber slopping downwards as the temple has sunk, there is no way through the entrance without having to swim in the murky swamp water. I dive in and instantly see the most creepiest display of non-earthly organisms and life swimming in the water. My vision was not obstructed so I could see perfectly.

I’ll start first with the smaller ones, these orbed shaped fish that were very cannibalistic as they would eat each other. They were not scaled rather very fleshy and something you would expect from an H.P Lovecraft novel. Next were the smaller fish again with big sharp teeth and also very aggressively attacking other fishes. Not wanting to interact with this particularly nasty dream content, I shifted into an orb taking on an observer only role which allowed me to be there undetected and safe. I’m sure if I simulated my normal body as the avatar the fish would attack and how unpleasant that would be.

Now safe in this form, I just moved towards any point of interest to explore and examine. The water ran deep into a huge underground chamber and it was just teaming with all of this life. There were these goliath sized eel like fish and the entire ecosystem was so alien and creepy. This truly was the stuff of nightmares. I couldn’t imagine someone without any real skill in dreaming suddenly having a dream like this one. To them, it would be pure horror as it was violent and dangerous these fish were highly aggressive to each other let alone a meat suit like our bodies in that environment.

I move down towards the bottom and I get a nice treat, amongst all these horror inspired fish was Sponge Bob Square Pants, except instead of being a 2D cartoon version he was rendered in about as good as what if his character was real in high fidelity dream resolution. And I loved it, again unobserved in the focus state I shifted too I watched as he was at some vending machine ordering pizza of all things.

It was fun to watch because all being under water, the pizza floated up to the dispensing chamber, he lifts the lid and lit floats upwards. The best part was instead of eating it by chewing it with his mouth, he just stuck it on his lips and absorbed it like a sponge. Just crazy fun to watch.

I didn’t have much luck exploring further because I woke up to my disappointment. I was enjoying that creepy realm and had barely scratched the depths of what lied within. Looking on the bright side, it was just another exciting dream adventure added to a long list of dream exploration. Better to have than to have not.