The Dream has you.

Have you ever dreamed something, and days, weeks, months later it came true? If you have had this experience, then you are much closer to the truth about the true nature of reality than those left in the dark with this relationship.

There is a relationship between these types of dreams and the future events that they present in your waking life. A relationship between the dream world and the waking world which many people experience in the form of Déjà Rêvé (already dreamed), where they trace the source of their Déjà Vu (already seen) to something they dreamed of in the past.

In this video I present a few more experiences relative to Déjà and you can kind of gauge in your own experiences where you are relative to these concepts.

  1. Déjà Vu
  2. Déjà Rêvé
  3. Precognitive Dreams
  4. Lucid Precognitive Dreams
  5. Lucid Phyiscal Dreams

In my paper, “The Theory of Precognitive Dreams” I describe these experiences in detail. It is a free paper and well worth the read if you have any of these experiences. Download

The other area of focus in the video is consciousness during sleep. This is known as Lucid Dreaming and it is when you are awake in the dream, knowing you are dreaming. You will be as self-aware as you are right now. The majority of people sleep in auto-pilot in an unconscious state unaware that they are dreaming at all.

I have also written a book called, “You Are Dreaming” which covers how to lucid dream to help anyone interested become conscious during sleep. Download

As strange and unbelievable as it might sound, we exist in a literal dream world. This idea is not a new idea, and goes back all through out human history. A really good paper which covers this was written by Timothy Conway and is a wonderful read where individuals through out history came to this realization that life is a type of dream. His paper is called, “This is all a Dream” and can be downloaded freely from his website. Download

Fast forward to our current era and many more people have come to this conclusion. Physicist Dr. Fred Allan Wolf wrote a book called, “The Dreaming Universe” which is commercially available or I’d link it. In his book he covers the idea that the Universe is dreaming and we are part of that dream.

Alan Watts also talks about this idea and there is a great youtube video covering it.

There are many more which I will let you source out or not. The idea that reality is a dream is known to me. This idea was known to me as young as two years old and would take form more rigorously by the time I was seventeen. Now 45 I have fully resolved any uncertainty as to this covert relationship between the dream world and the waking world through 30 years of consciousness during sleep and seeing it in action over and over again.

This revelation didn’t come from reading a book, or being told. It took a lot of introspection and personal investigation into this relationship to make it tangible where the mystery wasn’t lost in confusion and uncertainty. I’ve lived in this paradigm my whole life and in one instance it saved me from a terrible automobile accident which would be my driving motivation to advocate for the idea hence why I wrote my papers freely.

With many Physicists and Mathematicians arriving on the idea that reality is a Simulation, or that it is Virtual it might be prudent before we go chasing down the alien who programmed us all in some computer we cannot see to start a closer examination at the relationship between dreams and reality as the source of all of our collective experiences.

We are the computer, the programmer, the dreamer. We hide ourselves from this fact for the joy of total immersion into the human experience and take great delight when we finally remember who we really are.

To the right, there are a list of pages which further examine these ideas that I have written. Enjoy and welcome to the dream that lasts a lifetime if you haven’t already figured that out.