July 26, 2014 Amazing Vivid Dream with my Deceased Grandmother

This dream is really amazing. Two years ago on July 26th, 2012 my loving grandmother passed away. My mother made me aware of this fact after I told her the following dream. I was unaware of the significance of this date but it makes the dream have even more valid purpose as to why I had it.

The other note, I am currently logging all my dreams for a 2 week dream study although not posting them on the site. I may post them in their entirety once the study has concluded. So sleeping is very important but I am visiting my mothers for the weekend with my daughter and the noise levels for sleeping are unbearable.

As I lay in bed, so much noise from the teens watching TV late into the morning, the outside noise is terrible too and I have to open the window because the air-conditioner doesn’t work in this room… Literally the worse dream conductive place for me to be.

Convinced that I am not going to ever fall asleep with all the noise, I must have drifted off only to carry that frustration with me into a type of waking dream. Frustrated, I get up and put my clothes on. The realism of this dream rivals all other dreams I have logged for this study everything is consistent.

I am in the room at my mom’s where we are visiting. My clothes are relatively the same place where they should be. One discrepancy to note, I often wear a black t-shirt so in the dream that is the shirt I pick up and put on but in reality it would have been my black work shirt. I think I am awake and I am frustrated that I cannot sleep.

I walk into the living room, then the kitchen and sitting on the counter is my deceased grandmother. I am shocked (this is the first super-vivid dream with her since she passed).

“Oh my god! Grandma, is that you?” I ask her.

“Yes love, it’s me. Don’t be frightened but I wanted to see you.” she tells me.

“Frightened? This is absolutely wonderful. I miss you terribly.” and I am moved to emotions.

“I miss you too, but I get to see a lot more of you than you do of me.” she tells me.

I give her a hug, she feels fairly real and I feel really good giving her the hug. Being a super-real dream, I am fairly lucid but being a waking dream, I don’t know that I am dreaming. However the details are amazing, it was like she was physically there with me in our kitchen.

As I am hugging her she tells me, “One of the most wonderful things happened when I passed. I was so afraid but then I woke up here and realized that I do carry on. We all carry on and it’s wonderful.”

“Grandma, this is truly incredible. It was so sad to see you go.” I tell her.

“I know love, but there is good news. Don’t be afraid of death, we are like drops of rain falling in a large ocean. I am here, I am real. This is really me.” she tells me. “I wanted to tell you that I am ok and I can see you and your daughter as she grows up and she’s so beautiful.”

I give her another hug. “That is good news. You look wonderful by the way. I really should write this down. I need to document everything you are telling me while you are saying it.”

For me in the dream this is like the most amazing revelation and experience ever, so I rush to find a pen and paper. “Just wait right there, I’m going to get something to write this all down.”

“Don’t worry about that, it’s not necessary. It’s just good to be here with you.” she tells me.

Frantically I search but I can’t find paper. I find a pen. It’s taking too long to as I rifle through drawers and look on counters. By the time I find paper to write down what she is telling me, she is gone.

I start looking for her everywhere. I walk to the back of the house and start to wonder if the house is even real. “How did she appear and then just disappear. Was I just talking to a ghost.” I wonder to myself.

I look around at the entrance way, it’s a bit dark there is light coming through the window of the door. It’s a perfect replication of the house that I am staying in for the weekend. But I am very doubtful and I touch the wall to feel the wall paper. The texture of the paper is vivid, I brush my hands along it but the wall is a bit wet. That strikes me odd and I look outside and there is signs that it was raining. (It was not raining that I know of in waking life).

I’m not convinced that the house is even real but the realism is so staggeringly perfect that I don’t have enough trust to assert that I am dreaming. I suspect that I am though, no doubts meeting my grandma rushing for paper has me on alert.

I walk back through the entrance way into the kitchen, through the living room back to the bedroom to see if I am lying in bed. I need some evidence that proves I am dreaming. But the memory of getting out of bed and putting clothes on challenges my usual reality check when I just pop-up in a random dream.

And let’s not forget, this is a waking dream… the one’s where you wake up in the dream-world which is a perfect simulation of your waking world. No doubt I am lucid and aware that I exist and skeptical that I am in a reality as presented in the dream. It’s a really tough reality check.

My mom is in her bedroom and she asks me why I am up. I tell her that I couldn’t sleep that there is too much noise in the house. Then I tell her the most amazing thing ever regarding my Grandma who passed away.

“You are never going to believe who I just met in the kitchen.” I tell her.

“Who was there?” she asked.

“It was Grandma Wilson, as real as if she was alive today. I even hugged her and it felt so real.” I tell her.

“But that’s impossible, she passed away.” she tells me.

“I know, I tried to get a pen and paper to write down what she was saying but then she disappeared.” I explain.

Then it happens, noise from the real world wakes me up suddenly. It’s 1:46am so I’ve probably only been asleep for a few minutes and had drifted off in a bit of down time. It’s 2:21am now and the kids are still making too much noise to sleep. But what an awesome dream.

  • Valerio Grimaldi

    What a fascinating dream and full of hope! Actually I am not so sure if such dreams witness that there is an Afterlife but I deeply hope that not all finishes with our death! So, I like to seek on the Internet for new clues and this is how I found your website and, in particular, this article. I’d like to contribute to this subject by mentioning something I recently found on another nice website dealing, among others, with such matter too.

    There is a video interview to a young doctor from Jordan where she recounts of her “particular” dream when she was at the university in UK: her homemate’s best friend, who died some time before, came to visit her in her dreams. This is the link to the
    video: http://www.liminamortis.org/windows-unto-the-future/revealing-deceased/means-to-an-end/

    Then there is a second interesting video interview to an old Italian lady (it’s in Italian but with subtitles in English) who tells of a
    “strange” dream she had many years before (her dead best friend came into her dreams to give her a gift). It’s nice too! This is the link to it: http://www.liminamortis.org/windows-unto-the-future/revealing-deceased/i-will-give-you-a-great-gift/

    Thanks again. Ciao.

    • youaredreaming

      Thank’s Valerio, I’ve been vacationing off my website with a work overload. Sorry about the delayed replay. It was a very wonderful dream and a good reminder that there is more to our reality than meets the eye. I’ll try to watch that video when I have some free time.