Dream Journal Entry July 9th, 2014

Lot’s of dreams. Where to even begin.

Dream 1: “Deja VR”

The dream that I thought was the most interesting involved a type of high-school reunion where I recognized many of my former classmates. On the way to the reunion, I bump into one of my school friends. They have this newspaper article which the pass to me.

The title says, “Deja VR” which I noted right away that it was spelled incorrectly or was it? More on that later. The article described Deja VR in the usual claim that it’s a delay in memory between the two brain hemispheres. My friend wants my opinion on that article.

I pass it back to him and tell him it’s a nice sciency sounding argument for something that the scientist has really no idea what he’s talking about. He’s wrapped a phenomena into some idea that he assumes explains the deja vu phenomena but in all reality once you have deja reve or precognition it’s very clear that deja vu is related to amnesia being triggered from that content.

He asks me if I have ever had deja reve or precognitive dreams and I told him, “If you could ever get behind my eyes and see what I’ve seen, it would be very clear that some dreams do come true.”

He asks me how it’s even possible and I explain.

“Reality is just information that needs to be rendered into a view. Everyone is only aware of end result of the final rendered product. That’s what they call reality. What they are not aware of is the underlying information that describes the content of that reality. They are too busy being caught up in how that information renders into a reality experience. Where as you see reality, you don’t see the data stream that is programming it to render and behave that way.” I explain.

He kind of scratches his head over that response. “So what you are telling me is reality is just information?”

“Absolutely, so science emerges from what the final rendered product can only reveal in the final rendering. What they don’t observe is the underlying information that controls the rule-set, the physics engine and the vectors that is describing reality.” and I further the point, “Imagine being in a virtual reality simulation where what you see is only what the program lets you see based in how information renders. If you emerge in this virtual reality with no knowledge of how information processing works, how systems render into a final product. Everything you create within your observed sciences will explain only what interactions exist within the final simulation, but not the underlying information that describes it.”

We are now joined by another person who is actually a friend of my brothers from his graduation class. He tells him we are talking about dreams and virtual reality.

“How does that explain deja vu?” he asks me.

“Dreams are part of the process that encodes the information that will later render out as an experience. In a precognitive dream, you are creating dream content which is akin to programming the datastream of reality but within the constraints of what the system’s rule-set will allow.”

He doesn’t quite understand what I am saying but seems interested. “It’s all information, precognitive dreams are just part of the information process. The end result is how the system takes this information and renders it into a reality experience in a future date. A person having precognition is just more aware of this process than those who do not.”

And we go on to talk about the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, particle/wave duality, probability distributions and collapsing the wave-function as being the system rendering the particle because the information is now being access thus needs to be rendered. I even bring up carbon-atoms, bucky-balls (60 carbon atom molecules) and how they show interference patterns.

I talk about how physical matter is only rendered in the present moment of data access; but the past/future those particles exist in a probability wave distribution.

I focused on this dream first, although it was the last dream in the set because I loved the deep philosophical discussion on reality while in an actual dream and short of Deja Vu being spelled Deja VR the text was perfectly structured in the article. In the end, I think the article was eluding to my answer, “Deja Virtual Reality”.

Dream 2: Cookies and Water-balloons

In this dream I am visiting my Mom. My niece and daughter are there. We are sitting in the living room by the TV. My daughter wants to go shopping and buy some water balloons. She wants my niece to play with us and have a water balloon fight.

I walk over to the cupboard and there are some cookies there next to a bag of chips, so I take out the package and have a few. My daughter has a cookie. When we leave to go shopping, the dream shifts. I notice this with doors that sometimes going through a door changes the dream scene to something else.

Now I am dealing with being in a garden helping an elderly man plant vegetables. He’s fairly old, like 80+ and moves very slow. I use a shovel and dig holes and plant already sprouted vegetables. There is an older lady, who I presume is his wife who brings us a couple of glasses of ice and lemon-aid, even has a nice lemon slice on the glass. The glass has flowers painted on them but for the most part is see through. They are tall glasses.

I have to help the man up a bit of an embankment to get to a table where we sit to have lemonade. His had feels very old and soft. I can feel the bones and skin, very real in terms of how well the dream is simulating that realism. When we sit with his wife he is telling her how he wants me to move in with them, that he really likes having me around.

She laughs and tells him no. The dream shifts a little more, or I just have forgotten some information. Now we are walking on a set of concrete stairs with a steel rail. I help him to an area where the stairs come to a bit of a platform before they change direction. A small cat jumps from a ledge trying to land on the same platform. It’s very skinny and small, not at all proportional to a real cat, the head is likely 40% smaller and the body is very thin. It would be more like a Ferret in terms of width, I don’t even think a kitten could look that disproportional.

The cat now lying below the stair platform on another ledge picks itself up and then climbs on the platform. It has orange, white and black colouring. It’s very friendly and just wants to be pet.

It’s here were I have the classic dream illogical sequence where I think I need to lift this old man up to the ledge where the cat jumped from, and I do. I lift him up and put him on the ledge where there is now a door and he goes in.

I jump up to the door and we enter what is now a huge shopping mall. Suffice to say, it was very real in every literal detail from people shopping about and crowded too. I had a hard time walking without bumping into people. As the shopping sequence is not too interesting, I’ll just summarize it up as yes we did some shopping. Hurray.

Well, there are more dreams also but I’m out of time to blog, I just wanted to capture the deja VR dream as I found that the most interesting of the set.