Tom Campbell articles on Reality Theory and Precognitive Dream Mechanics

Physicist Tom Campbell and Precognition

Tom Campbell Author of My Big Toe
Tom Campbell is probably one of the foremost authors on reality theory. As a physicist, Tom introduces a theory about reality which he covers in his trilogy entitled, “My Big Toe”. The trilogy can be found freely online via google and other ebook sites. You can also purchase the books and support Tom for his wonderful efforts in bringing front and center a very exciting model of reality which tells a much grander story of who, what and why we are.

Read the full trilogy here: My Big Toe – Complete Trilogy

The terminology and technical level of the trilogy may appear intimidating for some new readers.  However,  “My Big Toe” offers one of the most elegant answers regarding the nature of reality that I have come across.  As my website largely focuses on dreams and precognition, it is exiting to note that Tom offers up answers as to why precognition takes place. In this smaller insert Figures and Equations, Tom presents theory about precognition that fits in nicely with how this phenomena has played out in my own personal experiences.

Read Tom Campbell “Figures and Equations” here: Figures and Equations

In my blog post, “Response to Question about Precognition” I discuss the nature of time and reality as being probabilistic based on how I’ve observed precognitive dreams and their variances. This is also discussed in full in my youtube video on precognition.

In Tom’s model of reality, we exist as Individualized Units of Consciousness [IUOC] which is part of a larger awareness system that he calls the Absolute Unbounded Manifold [AUM]. To understand Tom’s metaphors what he is effectively describing here is each of us as individualized parts of the same whole. The whole has evolved as an information system that has created in effect a type of information processing system that Tom calls “The Big Computer” [TBC].

The Big Computer is a metaphor describing the system that deals with the rules-sets, the databases [probabilistic and actual], and datastreams which each IUOC interfaces with which in turns “renders” out as our experiences in reality.

In 1997 during a Lucid Dream I discuss a similar computer model of reality while in the actual dreamstate:

“Imagine that we all are like computers that log on to a mainframe, or main computer which networks us all together when we sleep. I simply upload myself into the mainframe and program what I want to experience, and the mainframe makes sure that it is all kept in par with time and space. We all follow the same metaphorical process.”

Source: fidonet Alt.Dreams 1997 Ian Wilson

The discussion in my lucid dream was regarding an explanation to a dream character how precognitive dreaming worked. The idea that we exist in a type of information system that is similar to a computer is something that has been part of my reality theory based on the evidence within dreams and can be traced back to 1997 and earlier. This is also to point out to all of you who think that somehow the movie “The Matrix” influenced this idea.  The Matrix came out in 1999.  My dream post in 1997 timestamped alt.dreams is sufficient evidence that the movie “The Matrix” is not the source of my own personal understanding with regards to existing in a virtual reality; that my own understanding predates this movie.

This model also fits in with Tom’s description of reality and how it functions. Tom’s trilogy came out in 2007 which resonated with literally everything I have dreamed about and talked about with regards to the nature of reality. The dream where I discuss existing in a computer mainframe metaphor in 1997 simply compliments what Tom presents in his more in-depth overview of how reality functions as an information system.  Neither Tom’s Trilogy or the Matrix Trilogy created a belief in this idea as my understanding can be traced back before both were presented.  However, Tom’s material greatly expanded my understanding of this idea in much broader terms and metaphors.

Does this validate what Tom is saying that we exist in a virtual reality?  Based on my own experiences, Tom’s model is the correct model. We literally exist in a virtual reality. In my book, “You Are Dreaming” I cover how information requires processing to produce a “final product” which is the view of that information as part of our simulation of sensory data.

Also fitting in with Tom’s model is the nature of precognitive dream content. How Tom describes mechanically and mathematically precognition fits perfectly into how this phenomena has emerged through my own personal experiences. The “Figures and Equations” insert linked above,  is an important paper for anyone who is also experiencing precognition. The answers to the mystery lies deep within it’s pages and is explained elegantly for those seeking this level of understanding.

So if you haven’t read Tom’s trilogy, “My Big Toe” and you don’t know who this former Nasa employee and physicists is, do check his material out. He also has a youtube channel full of excellent lectures and videos that further expand and describe the My Big Toe ideas. It literally took me a few years before I could fully appreciate and understand what Tom talks about. And not surprisingly, when I think I’ve come up with a better metaphor to describe certain ideas relative to time/space, I find quite often Tom has described it first in his material.

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