CNN Article on Dream Technlology.

It’s a very exciting time to be a dreamer.  More and more technology is emerging that is assisting people with the art of dreaming.  CNN published an article today where they described several emerging dream technologies.  This digital movement in dreaming is wonderful.

CNN Article on Dream Technologies link

Throughout history, dreams have proved resistant to interrogation. It is not known why we sleep at all beyond a general need to recharge and avoid the negative consequences of not sleeping, while an explanation for the substance of dreams has proved even more elusive, still dominated by the theories of wish fulfillment espoused by Freud and Jung.

But now, digital innovations are picking up the challenge.

Trouble sleeping? Put the iPhone down

The Shadow app seeks to connect users with their dreams, and to make them sociable. Its first function is as an alarm clock that wakes the user gradually over up to 30 minutes, easing them into consciousness so as to preserve more of the dream state, rather than shattering it abruptly. Dream researchers estimate that 95% of dreams vanish upon awakening.

Special thanks to Dr. Art Funkhouser for sharing the link with me.