Dream Journal Entry July 2nd, 2014

Wasn’t able to record my dreams this morning due to circumstances of having to get to work and not having the time. I did have several dreams but they are quite difficult to remember now so let’s see how much dream content I am able to pull back from waking induced amnesia.

Dream 1: Hanging out with Monty Python Members

The dream I remember most was on a movie set. The movie had John Cleese playing a role where I saw him on set rather aged and yet still very funny. It’s hard to piece together now what he was acting other than I saw him wearing white clothes. After he was done, they took a break and I sat at a table with him joined by actor Eric Idle. They were both aged unlike my previous dream with Billy Joel. No doubt, I was very excited to have these two prestigious former Monty Python actors sitting across at me at this table. We were having some food.

Both of them were in very good spirits and I couldn’t help by comment on how much I enjoyed their careers with Monty Python and how funny and brilliant it all was. I told Eric that the last thing I remember seeing him in, he was pinned to a cross singing “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” at which he smiled and stuck out his tongue and made a funny face as I talked about it.

I noticed that John had some very dark veins on his hand, almost blackened which made me a little concerned about his health. But he seemed in very good spirits and was joking and laughing with Eric over lunch.

There wasn’t much more I can recover from that dream this far in the evening.

Dream 2: Lucid Dream or not to Dream

Another dream was actually a waking dream where I was lying in my bed and my roommates cat jumped on my chest waking me up. I was fully awake and still feeling tired and thought I was too tired to pet the cat, and as it wasn’t doing anything other than visiting I decided to go back to sleep. Everything looked perfectly normal relative to my room when I am awake so I had no clue that I was actually lucid dreaming at that precise moment. And I went back to sleep only to wake up realizing that the door was shut and there was no way for the cat to actually enter my room.

Dream 3: Bicycles

Now that I am writing, I just remembered another dream where I was driving in my car. Traffic was very heavy on the road so I wasn’t going very fast. There were two people on bikes riding on the inside lane to pass the slower moving cars. I wasn’t impressed because there wasn’t a lot of room to yield to them, and they were weaving in and out of traffic.

Traffic would resume and I would catch up to them, only to pass them. Then get caught in traffic and they would again pass by. This happened a few times and I thought they really need to get out of traffic and ride on the side of the road.

That is all I could recover of the dreams after such a long day of work et al. Still, it’s interesting how just thinking about the content allows triggers which brings back memories of dreams that I had forgotten. If I had written them down in the morning, I am certain there would be a few more dreams to write about.