July 26, 2014 Amazing Vivid Dream with my Deceased Grandmother

This dream is really amazing. Two years ago on July 26th, 2012 my loving grandmother passed away. My mother made me aware of this fact after I told her the following dream. I was unaware of the significance of this date but it makes the dream have even more valid purpose as to why I had it.

The other note, I am currently logging all my dreams for a 2 week dream study although not posting them on the site. I may post them in their entirety once the study has concluded. So sleeping is very important but I am visiting my mothers for the weekend with my daughter and the noise levels for sleeping are unbearable.

As I lay in bed, so much noise from the teens watching TV late into the morning, the outside noise is terrible too and I have to open the window because the air-conditioner doesn’t work in this room… Literally the worse dream conductive place for me to be.

Convinced that I am not going to ever fall asleep with all the noise, I must have drifted off only to carry that frustration with me into a type of waking dream. Frustrated, I get up and put my clothes on. The realism of this dream rivals all other dreams I have logged for this study everything is consistent.

I am in the room at my mom’s where we are visiting. My clothes are relatively the same place where they should be. One discrepancy to note, I often wear a black t-shirt so in the dream that is the shirt I pick up and put on but in reality it would have been my black work shirt. I think I am awake and I am frustrated that I cannot sleep.

I walk into the living room, then the kitchen and sitting on the counter is my deceased grandmother. I am shocked (this is the first super-vivid dream with her since she passed).

“Oh my god! Grandma, is that you?” I ask her.

“Yes love, it’s me. Don’t be frightened but I wanted to see you.” she tells me.

“Frightened? This is absolutely wonderful. I miss you terribly.” and I am moved to emotions.

“I miss you too, but I get to see a lot more of you than you do of me.” she tells me.

I give her a hug, she feels fairly real and I feel really good giving her the hug. Being a super-real dream, I am fairly lucid but being a waking dream, I don’t know that I am dreaming. However the details are amazing, it was like she was physically there with me in our kitchen.

As I am hugging her she tells me, “One of the most wonderful things happened when I passed. I was so afraid but then I woke up here and realized that I do carry on. We all carry on and it’s wonderful.”

“Grandma, this is truly incredible. It was so sad to see you go.” I tell her.

“I know love, but there is good news. Don’t be afraid of death, we are like drops of rain falling in a large ocean. I am here, I am real. This is really me.” she tells me. “I wanted to tell you that I am ok and I can see you and your daughter as she grows up and she’s so beautiful.”

I give her another hug. “That is good news. You look wonderful by the way. I really should write this down. I need to document everything you are telling me while you are saying it.”

For me in the dream this is like the most amazing revelation and experience ever, so I rush to find a pen and paper. “Just wait right there, I’m going to get something to write this all down.”

“Don’t worry about that, it’s not necessary. It’s just good to be here with you.” she tells me.

Frantically I search but I can’t find paper. I find a pen. It’s taking too long to as I rifle through drawers and look on counters. By the time I find paper to write down what she is telling me, she is gone.

I start looking for her everywhere. I walk to the back of the house and start to wonder if the house is even real. “How did she appear and then just disappear. Was I just talking to a ghost.” I wonder to myself.

I look around at the entrance way, it’s a bit dark there is light coming through the window of the door. It’s a perfect replication of the house that I am staying in for the weekend. But I am very doubtful and I touch the wall to feel the wall paper. The texture of the paper is vivid, I brush my hands along it but the wall is a bit wet. That strikes me odd and I look outside and there is signs that it was raining. (It was not raining that I know of in waking life).

I’m not convinced that the house is even real but the realism is so staggeringly perfect that I don’t have enough trust to assert that I am dreaming. I suspect that I am though, no doubts meeting my grandma rushing for paper has me on alert.

I walk back through the entrance way into the kitchen, through the living room back to the bedroom to see if I am lying in bed. I need some evidence that proves I am dreaming. But the memory of getting out of bed and putting clothes on challenges my usual reality check when I just pop-up in a random dream.

And let’s not forget, this is a waking dream… the one’s where you wake up in the dream-world which is a perfect simulation of your waking world. No doubt I am lucid and aware that I exist and skeptical that I am in a reality as presented in the dream. It’s a really tough reality check.

My mom is in her bedroom and she asks me why I am up. I tell her that I couldn’t sleep that there is too much noise in the house. Then I tell her the most amazing thing ever regarding my Grandma who passed away.

“You are never going to believe who I just met in the kitchen.” I tell her.

“Who was there?” she asked.

“It was Grandma Wilson, as real as if she was alive today. I even hugged her and it felt so real.” I tell her.

“But that’s impossible, she passed away.” she tells me.

“I know, I tried to get a pen and paper to write down what she was saying but then she disappeared.” I explain.

Then it happens, noise from the real world wakes me up suddenly. It’s 1:46am so I’ve probably only been asleep for a few minutes and had drifted off in a bit of down time. It’s 2:21am now and the kids are still making too much noise to sleep. But what an awesome dream.

A Great Video by Tom Campbell Discussing Virtual Reality

This is a video by Tom Campbell. For those of you who don’t know who Tom is, he is a physicist who worked at Nasa. More importantly, he has also studied consciousness scientifically to produce one of the most comprehensive models regarding the relationship to reality and each of us as conscious participants. I’ve always been a big fan of Tom’s work as in my opinion he’s one of the genuine people out there who really understands what’s going on with regards to the evolution of consciousness and it’s relationship with reality.

Here is the video and I’ll drop in a few points regarding it.

In the video, Tom is discussing how our reality, the physical world that we exist in is in actuality a genuine virtual reality. Where many physicists are suspecting the idea that we may exist in either a hologram, a computer simulation and also a virtual reality; Tom hold’s absolutely no punches. This is a virtual reality that we exist in. Nick Bolstrom recently came up in another article, “There Is Some Hope That We Aren’t Living Inside a Computer Simulation” where Paul Franceschi from the University of Corsica debates the challenges that Nick presents as arguments as to why we may exist in a simulation.

Digital physics and simulation theory is not new to 21st century science. In fact, many physicists have struggled with the nature of reality based on new emerging challenges that emerge from Quantum Mechanics. The Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics which addresses particle/wave duality and wave-function collapse is at the heart of the enigma as to why we do “not” exist in a physical reality as we perceive it to be.

For example, sub-atomic particles behave like waves under certain circumstances, then behave like particles under other circumstances. This means, when a particle behaves like a wave it is in a state of superposition as a wave-function. When the wavefunction collapses a “particle” is formed. As it goes with the collapse of wave-function it happens when the particle is under observation. This is known as the observer effect. Not only do photons and electrons behave this way; but research at the University of Vienna in Austria have observed wave-like behaviour in a beam of carbon-60 molecules – which are an order of magnitude larger than any other particles for which quantum interference effects have been observed.

See – Wave-particle duality seen in carbon-60 molecules

Think about the implications of this research. Solid atoms in this case Carbon and even 60 carbon atom molecules behave as wave-function and particles. Particle/wave duality is not limited to sub-atomic particles. If solid matter, something so revered as the physical atom can be a wave-function that collapses into a solid particle immediately challenges the entire idea that physical matter is a solid-state only system. The fact is; it’s not. It is information in the form of wave-function. This information when under observation doesn’t “collapse” rather, it is now being “rendered” within the virtual reality system.

Richard Feynman said “Shut up and calculate” when addressing this enigma; it’s no secret in physics yet we are still believing that our world is a physical system; not an information system. Tom presents one of the most solid answers to what wave-function state particles are, he describes them as a probability distribution of information. When that information is being accessed ie the Observer Effect, the computational nature of reality now must “render” the data because that information is now being accessed. So it’s not particle’s collapsing from some mystical wave of energy; it’s a particle being rendered based on information because that data which represents that particle is being measured and observed. The system has to render the particle, it’s that simple. So wave-function collapse really should be called rendered information in the virtual reality model.

When information is not being accessed, it just exists as data. Tom takes this metaphor and wraps it up into self-similar models that we can understand such as comparing our reality to World of Warcraft because currently we have such a technology that shows virtual reality in multi-player online games. Tom will say that your computer doesn’t need to render the entire World of Warcraft all at once. That isn’t an efficient way to manage information; rather the game engine only needs to simulate what your character sees based on the data the server is sending to the client. Yes, all the data that represents the world exists, it’s real and can be explored but not all at once. The same holds true to our reality. We do not experience every detail of Earth nor the micro and macro Universes. We only experience what is relevant in terms of available information based on our sensory constraints.

One of Nick Bolstrom’s arguments stems from the idea that if we can simulate reality then we likely already exist in a virtual reality. In our idea of modern computer science we look at the computer as being the first system that simulates reality but hate to break it to you. Reality rendering farms exist in nature and have evolved since the time of Dinosaurs. If you blow off the idea that our reality is an information system that is rendering data into a view because it’s a virtual reality. Let me point out quickly that you are looking at a virtual reality simulation right now even if you cannot connect to that self-evident example. You’ve looked at it your whole life. You cannot escape it, it will always be a simulated model of reality that you look at.

Don’t believe me? Close your eyes. Well, where did all that visual reality go? Your brain is natures version of a virtual reality simulation system. Nature has LONG evolved virtual reality simulations long before computers were invented by man. The same holds true for most evolved biological technology. Nature has evolved cameras that we call eyes. It has evolved microphones that we call ears. Look at what already exists in nature and you will quickly find that nature has also evolved the brain which takes in sensory information, processes this information and “renders” this information into an simulation of reality. This simulation is your interface to the external world. It’s not made of solid particles. It emerges from anatomical information processing within the human brain.

So even though there might be a physical world (which is mostly wave-function non-solid state information) how your experience that world resides within the realm of virtual reality. Again, don’t believe that you are looking at a simulation of reality. Take the test. Close your eyes. There you have it folks. You’re brain is simulating reality as part of your survival package and has done so since birth. Every detail of reality that you experience stems from how the brain simulates sensory information. Touch, taste, sight, sound and smell are all by-products brought about by neurological information processing. The brain simulates taste, touch, smell et all the senses. Even our thoughts and emotions are part of that simulation. Should that frighten us? I don’t think so, that is simply the way it is when we address the virtual nature of sensory perception and the fact that our perception of reality is fundamentally composed from rendered information.

The next area that we observe reality being simulated stems from our ability to dream. When you fall asleep and start to have dreams, these dream-states are 100% virtual reality simulations. Sure we call them dreams, that’s the cultural label and many of us form our beliefs and opinions with regards to what dreams are. But the fact is, dreams present another working example within your own self that proves your are quite capable of simulating a reality-like experience and these simulations can be very, very real (until you wake up).

Here we have two states by which we experience virtual reality: Our simulated view of reality based on sensory information, and the dreams we have a night. Two completely different types of virtual reality simulations and both products of our consciousness at work involved in the simulations. The fact is, all we will ever know will be based on the principles of virtual reality because that is how we experience everything from reality to dreams. Virtual reality is how we exist as consciousness within the body. That’s our true experience of reality.

Back to Nick’s Simulation Theory argument he says if anything has ever evolved the technology to simulate reality then we are most likely existing in a simulation. Has Nick not considered that nature has already perfected this ability? It’s been right in front of us the whole time. Consciousness can and does simulate reality and this is always most evident in dreams. What if this consciousness has evolved as a system that can simulate entire realities like the physical world using the same mechanics which create and describe a dreamworld? Could we be existing in a type of dream created by a larger more evolved consciousness?

That is what Tom is pointing out in his model of reality. That consciousness has evolved the ability to be both the supercomputer that runs these simulations, and the awareness needed in each individual person participating in the simulation. That may be one of the most fringe type thoughts out there in today’s physical sciences but when science finally realizes we are living in a simulation they will go looking for the computer. Will they be capable and wise enough to realize that the computer is awareness, and consciousness. That it is them as individuals, and them as part of a collective consciousness reality system? Tom’s already beat them to the punch so the rest will be playing catch up if they can even swallow that red pill in the first place.

Hope you enjoy his video, read his book and watch more of his lectures. He’s doing great work and I have my own opinions but freedom of information is what it is. Feel free to discuss these ideas on my Forum

Dream Journal Entry July 9th, 2014

Lot’s of dreams. Where to even begin.

Dream 1: “Deja VR”

The dream that I thought was the most interesting involved a type of high-school reunion where I recognized many of my former classmates. On the way to the reunion, I bump into one of my school friends. They have this newspaper article which the pass to me.

The title says, “Deja VR” which I noted right away that it was spelled incorrectly or was it? More on that later. The article described Deja VR in the usual claim that it’s a delay in memory between the two brain hemispheres. My friend wants my opinion on that article.

I pass it back to him and tell him it’s a nice sciency sounding argument for something that the scientist has really no idea what he’s talking about. He’s wrapped a phenomena into some idea that he assumes explains the deja vu phenomena but in all reality once you have deja reve or precognition it’s very clear that deja vu is related to amnesia being triggered from that content.

He asks me if I have ever had deja reve or precognitive dreams and I told him, “If you could ever get behind my eyes and see what I’ve seen, it would be very clear that some dreams do come true.”

He asks me how it’s even possible and I explain.

“Reality is just information that needs to be rendered into a view. Everyone is only aware of end result of the final rendered product. That’s what they call reality. What they are not aware of is the underlying information that describes the content of that reality. They are too busy being caught up in how that information renders into a reality experience. Where as you see reality, you don’t see the data stream that is programming it to render and behave that way.” I explain.

He kind of scratches his head over that response. “So what you are telling me is reality is just information?”

“Absolutely, so science emerges from what the final rendered product can only reveal in the final rendering. What they don’t observe is the underlying information that controls the rule-set, the physics engine and the vectors that is describing reality.” and I further the point, “Imagine being in a virtual reality simulation where what you see is only what the program lets you see based in how information renders. If you emerge in this virtual reality with no knowledge of how information processing works, how systems render into a final product. Everything you create within your observed sciences will explain only what interactions exist within the final simulation, but not the underlying information that describes it.”

We are now joined by another person who is actually a friend of my brothers from his graduation class. He tells him we are talking about dreams and virtual reality.

“How does that explain deja vu?” he asks me.

“Dreams are part of the process that encodes the information that will later render out as an experience. In a precognitive dream, you are creating dream content which is akin to programming the datastream of reality but within the constraints of what the system’s rule-set will allow.”

He doesn’t quite understand what I am saying but seems interested. “It’s all information, precognitive dreams are just part of the information process. The end result is how the system takes this information and renders it into a reality experience in a future date. A person having precognition is just more aware of this process than those who do not.”

And we go on to talk about the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, particle/wave duality, probability distributions and collapsing the wave-function as being the system rendering the particle because the information is now being access thus needs to be rendered. I even bring up carbon-atoms, bucky-balls (60 carbon atom molecules) and how they show interference patterns.

I talk about how physical matter is only rendered in the present moment of data access; but the past/future those particles exist in a probability wave distribution.

I focused on this dream first, although it was the last dream in the set because I loved the deep philosophical discussion on reality while in an actual dream and short of Deja Vu being spelled Deja VR the text was perfectly structured in the article. In the end, I think the article was eluding to my answer, “Deja Virtual Reality”.

Dream 2: Cookies and Water-balloons

In this dream I am visiting my Mom. My niece and daughter are there. We are sitting in the living room by the TV. My daughter wants to go shopping and buy some water balloons. She wants my niece to play with us and have a water balloon fight.

I walk over to the cupboard and there are some cookies there next to a bag of chips, so I take out the package and have a few. My daughter has a cookie. When we leave to go shopping, the dream shifts. I notice this with doors that sometimes going through a door changes the dream scene to something else.

Now I am dealing with being in a garden helping an elderly man plant vegetables. He’s fairly old, like 80+ and moves very slow. I use a shovel and dig holes and plant already sprouted vegetables. There is an older lady, who I presume is his wife who brings us a couple of glasses of ice and lemon-aid, even has a nice lemon slice on the glass. The glass has flowers painted on them but for the most part is see through. They are tall glasses.

I have to help the man up a bit of an embankment to get to a table where we sit to have lemonade. His had feels very old and soft. I can feel the bones and skin, very real in terms of how well the dream is simulating that realism. When we sit with his wife he is telling her how he wants me to move in with them, that he really likes having me around.

She laughs and tells him no. The dream shifts a little more, or I just have forgotten some information. Now we are walking on a set of concrete stairs with a steel rail. I help him to an area where the stairs come to a bit of a platform before they change direction. A small cat jumps from a ledge trying to land on the same platform. It’s very skinny and small, not at all proportional to a real cat, the head is likely 40% smaller and the body is very thin. It would be more like a Ferret in terms of width, I don’t even think a kitten could look that disproportional.

The cat now lying below the stair platform on another ledge picks itself up and then climbs on the platform. It has orange, white and black colouring. It’s very friendly and just wants to be pet.

It’s here were I have the classic dream illogical sequence where I think I need to lift this old man up to the ledge where the cat jumped from, and I do. I lift him up and put him on the ledge where there is now a door and he goes in.

I jump up to the door and we enter what is now a huge shopping mall. Suffice to say, it was very real in every literal detail from people shopping about and crowded too. I had a hard time walking without bumping into people. As the shopping sequence is not too interesting, I’ll just summarize it up as yes we did some shopping. Hurray.

Well, there are more dreams also but I’m out of time to blog, I just wanted to capture the deja VR dream as I found that the most interesting of the set.

Dream Journal Entry July 7th, 2014

Had to write down my dreams again in the PM as I didn’t have time to log all of them in the morning. It’s actually very time consuming to keep an active dream journal. I’m not really writing it for myself, rather for those interested in just seeing what type of dream experiences present themselves and how I try to work through the drama and experiences. Dreams really are a type of story telling, like midnight movies when you sleep. I had a lot more to write down in the morning so what I can only offer is what I remember before I go to bed tonight.

Dream 1: Party at Peters

In this dream, I am walking late at night on a road. There is a group of people walking past me, a nice mixture of guys and girls. Some are carrying cases of beer. I say Hi as they pass by and towards the end of the group there is a person there named Peter who tells me he is having a party and wanted me to come hang out.

I agree and walk with the group to his house. When in side, I sit in the kitchen at the kitchen table and have a beer. Peter wants to have my phone number so he passes me his cell phone. It’s not a full screen smart phone, rather it’s a QWERTY keyboard phone, slim like and the buttons are very small. I could see all the letters and numbers clearly. The LED screen was very small, but still readable. I told him it was really time for an upgrade because this phone is so out dated. It was hard trying to enter in my phone number to his contact list. Took me a while to get it right with the small key pad but finally I managed and passed it back to him.

I asked him if he’s still going to the Gym and he told me about 1 hour every day. I thought I really need to get back to the gym because I’m certainly not making that time with how busy I’ve been.

Dream 2: Chocolates

In this dream, I am obsessing about chocolate and am going room to room in a house looking for chocolate stashes in each person bedrooms. It’s like I am a child again and in one room, the bed has drawers at the base. I open it and find some but try to just sneak little pieces as to not alert the person of my chocolate thievery. Have to admit, I’ve eaten far better dream chocolate. One that I ate had some fruit-jelly filling in it and I admit although I seemed to like it in the dream, I wouldn’t like it in real life at all.

Some of the chocolates were clearly Christmas chocolate as I ate a small solid chocolate Santa clause at one point.

Dream 3: Movie theater

There is this two level movie-theater that I am at. For some reason, and I think it’s Britney Spears or some other famous blond pop-star. She is trying to see if she can collect movie posters. We go up stairs and start looking for some, after a while of searching I find where a bunch are stored. They are all rolled up with elastic bands holding them together. She unrolls a few and loves what she sees.

There is a young girl who is happy to see this singer, and she has a small Barbie doll and a mermaid doll. Britney and her sit down and start to play. They seem really happy and content. I leave them with a stack of posters and have to go to the washroom. To get to the washroom, I have to walk pass an Usher who wants my ticket for the movie. I don’t have one for whatever reasons but explain to the person I am just using the washroom and he lets me thought the checkpoint.

The washroom has a person standing in the stall, I wait for them to leave and for some reason, I cannot close the stall door because it’s to wide and the stall itself is two narrow which I do find weird but obviously not enough to cause a reality-check.

Dream 4: Calm Ocean Crazy Thoughts

This was a very metaphorical dream, what made it interesting is that the dream presented a type of 2D overlay view of information. The idea behind the dream was communication between two entities through dreams. The dream tried to convey that communication was like ripples in an ocean, and the more chaotic a persons mind and thoughts were, the more interference would ripple out towards the other participant.

It showed that a clear mind calm and focused would be able to communicate far better than a mind afflicted with too much noise. The animation in the dream would show a sphere as the target of the communication and between the target was a very smooth surface that would bubble or show jagged waves carrying inforation between these two points.

What made the dream even more interesting is that in the 2D view, it had a series of flow-charts illustrating different psychological issues due to different neural trypamine responses. The flow chart would list a trypamine, then branch into different effects of various intensities and those would branch of into different behaviours and responses. Depending on a persons tolerance, they would have a much less psychotic response than more sensative people.

I could follow a path and it would connect to various types of warped dream content, a person full of fear and hallucinating very psychotic thought or a person under this influence being very clam and serine. I liked how the dream created these visual metaphors and doubt any of it has any merit in reality but still, was very technical, very detailed and interesting to observe the information.

Dream 5: Stranger in the House

This was one of the more random kind of dreams where a stranger wanders into your house uninvited. What started off as me standing in a driveway, this strange person walks up the driveway into my home (not my real home in real-life just some dream drama home). Seeing that he is just going inside I call out to him asking him who he is and what business he has going into the house.

He didn’t really have a reply other then he looked at me and just walked in the house. I run up the driveway and confront him inside the house. I tell him that he has to leave, that he’s not welcome in my home. But he tells me he wants to search all the rooms and he’s looking for someone. I tell him I’d search the rooms but he has to wait outside.

He tries to push me aside then I start to threaten him, I tell him if he doesn’t leave I will be force to make him leave and I start standing my ground. I warn him that I’ll use any force necessary to protect my home. He grabs my hand, so I lock his arm and hyper-extend it and he cries out. He grabs his arm and is very upset with me, now he’s leaving.

I feel bad having to do that but it could have been worse for him ( or at least I thought ). I was worried for my family and was trying to temper my response based on how he was reacting. When he leaves, he changes to an older man and now has a son. He complains that they can’t find his son’s shoes but doesn’t want to deal with me so they both walk off.

Dream 6: Lucid Dream

This was more of a semi-lucid dream. What I mean is that I knew full well I was dreaming, made a successful reality-check but the dream drama still managed to advert my intention away from what my dream goal was. How the dream did it was two other people started to claim that they were lucid dreaming also which perked my attention (a clever distraction really). Apparently they were both friends and both very excited about knowing they were in a dream.

Then one friend ended up wandering off and the other turned to me for help to find him. I told him don’t try to look around for this person in the dream setting rather calm down and feel where this person is within himself. I follow my advice and find his friend by scanning for his identity. I grab the person by the arm and we kind of do a fast blink or teleport to his friends location.

Reunited I told them it’s better to hold on to an arm or hand just to keep stable and not get lost in the dream. We stood on some yard overlooking a city, there was beautiful trees, houses, nicely kept lawns. The sky was blue. The person we found turned to me, with tears in his eyes. “Thank-you for helping me become lucid, this is the most incredible experience. I cannot believe this is real. That we can even do this. It’s amazing.” he’s very grateful and that makes me feel good.

“Dreams are amazing, you do this everynight. Everyone does and look at what they are missing out on if they don’t participate in their dreams.” and I point at the beautiful scenery. “It might not be our physical reality, but you cannot tell the difference once your are here.”.

They just stand there in awe of the dream. I don’t last too much longer because it’s time to wake up.

Tom Campbell articles on Reality Theory and Precognitive Dream Mechanics

Physicist Tom Campbell and Precognition

Tom Campbell Author of My Big Toe
Tom Campbell is probably one of the foremost authors on reality theory. As a physicist, Tom introduces a theory about reality which he covers in his trilogy entitled, “My Big Toe”. The trilogy can be found freely online via google and other ebook sites. You can also purchase the books and support Tom for his wonderful efforts in bringing front and center a very exciting model of reality which tells a much grander story of who, what and why we are.

Read the full trilogy here: My Big Toe – Complete Trilogy

The terminology and technical level of the trilogy may appear intimidating for some new readers.  However,  “My Big Toe” offers one of the most elegant answers regarding the nature of reality that I have come across.  As my website largely focuses on dreams and precognition, it is exiting to note that Tom offers up answers as to why precognition takes place. In this smaller insert Figures and Equations, Tom presents theory about precognition that fits in nicely with how this phenomena has played out in my own personal experiences.

Read Tom Campbell “Figures and Equations” here: Figures and Equations

In my blog post, “Response to Question about Precognition” I discuss the nature of time and reality as being probabilistic based on how I’ve observed precognitive dreams and their variances. This is also discussed in full in my youtube video on precognition.

In Tom’s model of reality, we exist as Individualized Units of Consciousness [IUOC] which is part of a larger awareness system that he calls the Absolute Unbounded Manifold [AUM]. To understand Tom’s metaphors what he is effectively describing here is each of us as individualized parts of the same whole. The whole has evolved as an information system that has created in effect a type of information processing system that Tom calls “The Big Computer” [TBC].

The Big Computer is a metaphor describing the system that deals with the rules-sets, the databases [probabilistic and actual], and datastreams which each IUOC interfaces with which in turns “renders” out as our experiences in reality.

In 1997 during a Lucid Dream I discuss a similar computer model of reality while in the actual dreamstate:

“Imagine that we all are like computers that log on to a mainframe, or main computer which networks us all together when we sleep. I simply upload myself into the mainframe and program what I want to experience, and the mainframe makes sure that it is all kept in par with time and space. We all follow the same metaphorical process.”

Source: fidonet Alt.Dreams 1997 Ian Wilson

The discussion in my lucid dream was regarding an explanation to a dream character how precognitive dreaming worked. The idea that we exist in a type of information system that is similar to a computer is something that has been part of my reality theory based on the evidence within dreams and can be traced back to 1997 and earlier. This is also to point out to all of you who think that somehow the movie “The Matrix” influenced this idea.  The Matrix came out in 1999.  My dream post in 1997 timestamped alt.dreams is sufficient evidence that the movie “The Matrix” is not the source of my own personal understanding with regards to existing in a virtual reality; that my own understanding predates this movie.

This model also fits in with Tom’s description of reality and how it functions. Tom’s trilogy came out in 2007 which resonated with literally everything I have dreamed about and talked about with regards to the nature of reality. The dream where I discuss existing in a computer mainframe metaphor in 1997 simply compliments what Tom presents in his more in-depth overview of how reality functions as an information system.  Neither Tom’s Trilogy or the Matrix Trilogy created a belief in this idea as my understanding can be traced back before both were presented.  However, Tom’s material greatly expanded my understanding of this idea in much broader terms and metaphors.

Does this validate what Tom is saying that we exist in a virtual reality?  Based on my own experiences, Tom’s model is the correct model. We literally exist in a virtual reality. In my book, “You Are Dreaming” I cover how information requires processing to produce a “final product” which is the view of that information as part of our simulation of sensory data.

Also fitting in with Tom’s model is the nature of precognitive dream content. How Tom describes mechanically and mathematically precognition fits perfectly into how this phenomena has emerged through my own personal experiences. The “Figures and Equations” insert linked above,  is an important paper for anyone who is also experiencing precognition. The answers to the mystery lies deep within it’s pages and is explained elegantly for those seeking this level of understanding.

So if you haven’t read Tom’s trilogy, “My Big Toe” and you don’t know who this former Nasa employee and physicists is, do check his material out. He also has a youtube channel full of excellent lectures and videos that further expand and describe the My Big Toe ideas. It literally took me a few years before I could fully appreciate and understand what Tom talks about. And not surprisingly, when I think I’ve come up with a better metaphor to describe certain ideas relative to time/space, I find quite often Tom has described it first in his material.

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