Why Lucid Dream or Dream at All?

Why Lucid Dream or Dream at All?

Every night that we sleep, if we are not dreaming or lucid dreaming then we forfeit up to 8 hours of our life to state of “Sleep Induced Amnesia” denying ourselves the opportunity to participate in one of the greatest virtual reality simulators nature can provide. By becoming lucid and taking control of our dream content we add new experiences filling in this void with epic adventures and rich sensory content.

In my book, “You Are Dreaming” pages 28-30 discusses time in sleep and factors how much time we lose consciously by entering into a dreamless sleep. Nearly a third or more of your life is spent sleeping. The fact is, dreaming is one way to add conscious content that you lose from sleep.

“Out of a potential 80 years of conscious experience; you in fact have only lived 51 years of that time consciously aware. 29 years of existence has been lost to unconsciousness.”


When you learn to dream and also control your dreams, suddenly you have new experiences and vibrant new realities that spring forth filling in this void during sleep. You add content to your life that is both equal or even greater than what you will experience in waking reality, but also open doors to new experiences that our physical world will never provide. Dreams bring your imagination to life allowing you to be the writer, producer, director and star of your own micro-cosmic dream universe. They can be absolutely wonderful experiences, a true gift when you harness the power of your own ability to dream.

Do you often feel that you are missing out on something truly amazing if you do not remember your dreams when you wake up? You are right. You are missing out on a grand adventure where you are a dreamer creating dream realities during sleep as an extension of yourself. Our society often places dreaming in a taboo where we “throw the baby out with the bathwater” missing out on something really incredible and wonderful in the works.

You were born with the ability to dream, which means you can create a world that has 3rd dimensional space, engages all of your sensory perceptions. Why wait for science to invent a virtual reality simulator or a holodeck when you are equipped at birth with natures finest dream generator?

If you think poorly of your dreams, your are thinking poorly of yourself as the one who dreams them. They are an extension of who you are and when you are in control, what you can create will rival anything you have seen in Movies or played in video games. Dreams bring our imagination to life and why anyone would miss out on such a grand adventure means they just don’t know how great the world of dreams can be.

Only you will know the value of your own dreams, and you hold the key to having exceptional dreams. For more resources on dreaming and learning to control your dreams, visit Free Dream Resources

Learn to Lucid Dream with Open-Source Binural Beats

Learn to Lucid Dream with Open-Source Binural Beats

For some people, lucid dreaming can be a difficult task. There are however some technologies available that may help you acheive consciousness during sleep. One such technology employs sound played at two different frequencies for each ear to produce hemisphere synchronization. The technology was first discovered by Robert A. Monroe founder of the Monroe Institute. What this technology does is produces a third tone, the binaural beat sound which causes the brain to move into the desired brain-wave frequency pattern. This is known as brainwave entrainment and you can read all about it from this wiki link: Brainwave Entrainment

There is a free open-source binaural beat program called Gnaural that allows you to do *anything* you desire in terms of creating alpha, beta, theta and delta brain wave patterns. You can download the program for free from Source Forge at this link:

Gnaural on Sourceforge

There are pre-sets already created by the Gnaural community also downloadable at the above link under the Pre-set Archive, here is a quick link to get your pre-sets.

Gnaural Presets

My recommendation to get a feel for how powerful this is is to try the Tibetan Bowls pre-set and for your convenience here is the download link:

Tibetan Bowls Pre-set

You can view a comprehensive list of binural patterns from the following website: Binaural Frequency List

There is also the Gateway Experience from the Monroe Institute which is based on this and teaches you how to fall asleep using the 10-step relaxation technique. It is a 36 CD set and you can buy it from the Monroe Institute or find it on the internet. How you come across it is your own choice but it’s out there and I say get it, use it and really focus on the Focus-10 training because once you master this state, you will be able to accelerate your growth.

Remaining conscious while the body falls asleep is a learned skill, it takes practice and lots of factors come into play.

Learning to fall asleep and stay awake into focus 10 is your primary goal. Forget the OBE/Lucid Dream bonus, this state is the gateway to your journey into a much larger Universe of yourself. An inner-verse of you, a wonderful virtual reality simulator which you can control and create the most amazing experiences limited by your imagination, beliefs and attitude.

10 Step Relaxation Technique

The 10-step relaxation technique works, I use it and there is also a great tutorial that I will also link that covers all the pitfalls and challenges which I don’t need to type out and repeat here, so here’s the link:

10 Step Relaxation Technique

This is an excellent tutorial for learning to relax your body into a state of sleep which if you master will give you the ability to induce lucid dreaming at will and for prolong periods of time.

Creating a Dreaming Construct

In the movie “The Matrix” Morpheus explains to Neo that he is in a construct, a pre-loading stage for their Matrix simulations. In many ways our initial act of falling asleep produces something like the construct where we can then enter into a lucid dream.

When you first lie down and close your eyes, the blank empty screen you see is the starting point of dreaming. As the body starts to relax and enters into a state of sleep, certain changes occur where visual, audible and even tactile information starts to render on this blank screen. This is the early stages of dreaming and can easily be observed in action if you take the time to naturally progress into sleep by maintaining a focused attention during this process.

As we progress into sleep, there is an observable transformation of the senses that I like to call, “The Inversion of the Senses” (see Page 24 in my book You Are Dreaming where our physical senses invert to perceive the dream world in a similar way to how we see the waking world.

This shift occurs through the hypnogogic states as the “datastream” shifts you see images, fractals etc. Start to hear more audible sounds like music, talking, any sound effect insert here.

This natural process of falling asleep is common, you can see first hand how your thoughts start to take on visual, audible and tactile context as your senses invert to start recording dream content.

If you start to think when going through this state, your thoughts begin to render in a pre-dream construct which is something that you can use to shape the pre-dream construct as a tool to overcome the various challenges with hypnagogia.

Try this technique as you fall asleep. Imagine yourself standing at a door, visualize the door and start throwing rocks at the door. Keep repeating this process feeling your hands touching the rock, the sounds of the rock hitting the door. As you continue and the body relaxes the door, the rock and the sound of it striking will become more vivid as the dream you are creating takes shape. When the sound of the rock is very audible, you are very close to dreaming.

The next step is to start to open the door and walk through. If you can feel the door handle in your hand, and the door opens up to what ever you desire on the other side, just walk through. If you are relaxed enough and successful enough the body will be asleep and using this technique can take you from a waking state directly into a lucid dream.

Hope some of these tips help, feel free to ask any questions in the comment section.