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I think it illustrates in as many words as I like how I view dreams, precognition and reality as an interconnected system of information and where I derive some of my theories from based on other influences, as well, where my experience with precognition supports some of those theories.

RabidMongoose, on 30 June 2014 – 04:50 AM, said:

Do you believe you’re precoging the future or actually deciding it?

That is a very good question, and it is something that I have explored extensively through lucid precognitive dreaming back in the late 90′s.  The answer based on those experiences seems to suggest that at a very deep unconscious level, dreams are a function of reality pre-processing like blueprints to probable futures which we will experience.

Dreams are a valid working example of how we are capable of simulating an experience of reality.  They demonstrate our innate ability to create dream content using a higher form of thinking whereby our thoughts describe the content of the dream world.

I am not sure if you are familiar with simulation theory, or digital physics.  Basically there are a group of physicists and mathematicians who based on the evidence emerging in quantum mechanics as well as mathematical theories suggest that the nature of our physical world is based on the principles of information that “renders” into what they call a virtual reality.

Nick Bolstrom argues based on a computer model of simulated 3D time/space and how we are evolving digital simulations of reality with computers that it’s quite likely that we are already existing in a type of simulation.  Brian Whitworth a mathematician out of Massey University has published papers describing how reality could have emerged from information and itself be some type of virtual reality.  The math supports this better than any other model and as he says… if the shoe fits.

Both of these very intelligent thinkers do not subscribe to the conscious model of the Universe.  However, there are those who do such as Tom Campbell who says implicitly that awareness evolved as an information system the ability to produce virtual reality simulations and he is very sincere that we are already living in an “awareness simulated virtual reality”.  He even talks about the idea that the Universe is like a big computer which fits in with John Wheeler’sIt from Bit” where he says the Universe is like a giant Turn Machine (computer).  Dr. Fred Allan Wolf who is also known as Dr. Quantum and was in What the Bleep also says we are living in a virtual reality.  He wrote a book entitled, “The Dreaming Universe” and I have spoken with him via e-mail where he confirmed his believe that the Universe itself is a type of dream.

If what Nick Bolstrom claims is true… that if something can simulate reality then we are already living in a simulation.  We know from dreams that dreaming itself demonstrates how our awareness via consciousness can simulate reality in the form of a dream using thought.  So the idea that our physical reality is not a physical system rather an information system that is effectively a “rendered final product” of information processing connects into simulation theory and digital physics.

My experience with lucid precogntiive dream content shows to me at least that these kinds of precognitive dreams are being created at run-time and somehow myself and those involved unconsciously are also acting participants on the creation of dream content.  It’s not hard to see that we do in fact create dreams as we do this all the time and have done so since we are born.  Dreams are for all intents and purposes a “Created” product of our unconscious mind.  We can make the unconscious mind conscious and observe these processes through lucid dreaming like I have done.  Thus it becomes even more apparent that even a precognitive dream is a created dream similar to our non-precognitive dream content.

So are we seeing the future, or deciding the future… based on the experience I had we are creating the future through a well defined rule-set which Tom Campbell describes as being imposed by the Larger Consciousness System as he calls it.  Reality then is ultimately a co-creative system where we are all participating members of the content that we generate at that deep unconscious level.  And it moves us back to very old esoteric beliefs that, “Thought creates reality”.

I subscribe to Tom’s model of physics and the idea that our reality is a simulation.  This is also evident in the double-slit experiment where particles can behave like wave-functions (interference patterns) but when observed/measured they collapse the wave-function and behave like solid particles.  Tom’s answer to this is that the larger consciousness system acting like a Universal super-computer “renders” the information into particles because that information is now being accessed.  When that information is not being accessed, the larger system doesn’t need to render the particles because it’s more efficient to leave the information unrendered but still there as a probability distribution (wave-function).

If we look at how other physicists interpret wave-function collaspe we find David Bohm’sMany World Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics” where he believes due to probability many probable timelines are emerging and splitting off at a given second.  Erwin Schrödinger  proposed a thought experiment called “Schrödinger’s Cat” which challenges the idea that if the wave-function known as the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics produces the possibility of probable realities.  The thought paradox places a cat inside a box.  The box has a vile of hydrocyanic poison and a hammer attached to a radioactive decay trigger.  Due to the measurement problem the decay would create a state where the cat is either dead or alive in the box in two diverging probabilities based on superposition and the many world’s interpretation of quantum mechanics.

Posted Image

“The quantum-mechanical “Schrödinger’s cat” paradox according to the many-worlds interpretation. In this interpretation, every event is a branch point. The cat is both alive and dead—regardless of whether the box is opened—but the “alive” and “dead” cats are in different branches of the universe that are equally real but cannot interact with each other.”

Tom Campbell put forth this diagram showing that the Universe indeed creates fractal probabilities in time as the system tries to accomidate each of our intentions and choices that are defined by the constraints or rule-set that the system imposes on us.

Posted Image

In this example,  Tom describes the Universe in terms of probability that there is only one actualizing reality which we experience in the 3rd dimension, however there are many fractal probabilities of potential outcomes which do not actualize.  Thus time and the future is probabilistic, even though it seems to those of us who have precognition that it may be deterministic.

My experience with precognition supports Tom’s theory that time is probabalistic as I’ve observed what happens when we interact with precognitive information in our dream content and that causes a type of causality effect between that probability node, and the actuality of it should it collapse from the probability distrubution of future events.  Tom also describes that the larger consciousness system acting like a Universal Computer has to recalculate probabilities in run-time if we make certain choices that affect non-existent probabilities already pre-calculated out.  This causes a spike in calculations where the system has to adjust to new potential probabilities.

To give you a working example of how strange probability actually is vs the actual timeline that we are all experiencing linked to my own precognitive dreams, the example that I talk about is the dream that saved my life where I had a precognitive dream about an accident where I lost control on an icy snow-covered hill and passed into oncoming traffic where a white pickup truck slammed into my driver’s side door waking me up from the dream.  Acting on this dream out of concern that it “might be precognitive in nature” I bought 4 studded winter tires which I reasoned may change the circumstances of that event giving me better traction if I do find myself in the same situation as described in the dream.  Sure enough, the dream was a literal precogntiive dream and I was faced with the same situation in waking life.  I still had difficulty stopping my car but the tires worked, I stopped and the white pick-up truck drove past me instead of potentially ending my life as the dream illustrated.

This means, there is a probability based on the original dream content where I likely died and no longer existed.  If we were on that probability as in, it actualzied then I likely would not be here to share this story with you.  It’s like Final Destination or the Butter Fly effect but in my real life.  So this means, we are now talking in the probability that actualized where I changed the circumstances and lived.  Did the larger system present this information as a key insight to help me avoid a probable death?  I believe so.

This also means the future has been altered as if I had not had that dream, the outcome would have been deterministic thus I wouldn’t be here.  In a way, I’ve lived through Schrödinger’s cat thought paradox thanks to precognition.

Hope this answers the question as well as provides more information as to the nature of probability and time.

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