Dream Journal Entry June 10th, 2014

Dream 1: Nerd RPG Party… Gingers only

I am with my friend Sam and we are going to a party at another friends house. When we arrive, it’s Wednessday and my friend is having a Ginger Party where only friends with orange hair can come. He tells me that he’s sorry but they have a Ginger party every Wednesday and if it was any other day we could come in and hang out. My friend and I are not impressed, we each have a case of beer in hand and think my other friend is being a stupid ass.

I turn to tell my friend Sam that I was sorry, “I forgot he has these stupid theme parties and he’s a real stickler when it comes to the rules.”

“Let’s just go back to my place and get smashed.” he says.

“They are missing out on the number one party animal!” I tell my friend.

“You know it!” he says as he grabs a beer and starts to drink it as we walk. When we arrive at his house, there is a beautiful blonde girl there and she asks me if I can walk her back to the College. “I was just about to drink some beer with my friend.” I tell her. “But I can’t leave a lady in distress now can I?”

I let my friend know I’ll be back and not to drink all the beer. He laughs and off I go on with this girl. We have to walk past the house with the Party it’s on the way to the College. I tell her that I want to quickly stop by the house for a minute. We walk up the front porch this time, and there is a screen door closed while the other door is open.

Inside the house, the gingers are all playing Dungeons and Dragons and I knock on the door. “Hey you nerds! While you were busy playing D&D I went and found myself a hot girlfriend you bunch of losers!”

She looks in the window and waves and I put my arm around her. They come running to the door all shocked the friend that turned me away tells me, “Dude, sorry I told you to leave but fuck the rules, you and your new friend can stay.”

“No, I just wanted to stop by and rub it in. Also want to show her all your flowers and landscaping.” I reply.

His yard is beautifully landscaped with a very nice flower garden along the white picket fence. There are these large purple orchids and other flowers which we look at. The other part of landscaping in the back is this castle with a moat that he had built. What was funny is the large castle, which you can walk up an outside circular staircase was made of wet sand. And there was a transforming shark/alligator that swam in the water of the moat.

I walked up the staircase with the lady to look at the moat, the shark came partly out of the water and started to bite the base of the stair case. I grabbed a clump of sand from the banister of the stairs and threw it at the shark. When the sand hit, the shark transformed into a large alligator. I threw more clumps of dirt at it as it was destroying the stair case and I didn’t want to collapse and fall where it would reach me.

My nerdy friend shoots it with some type of gun that causes the thing to just explode into pieces, but instead of alligator pieces it was shark pieces. Gotta love how dreams flop back and forth.

This causes the dream to shift where I am now in a war and part of some resistance movement. I have a uniform and bump into Art at some gathering. I tell him Europe is at war and we need all good men to fight. He doesn’t want anything to do with the war. Hands me a $10.00 bill towards the cause and I bid him farewell. I don’t remember much else after that for this dream.

Dream 2: Human Resources

This is another long dream where I am at some company but this time, I am working as a human resource agent. I have an employee handbook that needs to be read and filled out. When I look at the book, I notice it’s in Engish on one side with the French on the other side. I realize that I am dreaming partly and think I really need to validate that this is French that I am reading. I sit down with the book and start to write down the french paragraph but realize it’s futile because I am in a dream and the paper I am writing it down on will vanish when I wake up. Why it was so important was I realized that the document was perfectly written in English describing RSVP bonuses, work policies and was completely legit able in both English and French. As I don’t really know French I wanted to see if the french paragraph would translate when I woke up. And I was right about waking up, I don’t really remember any of the French text by this point because it was very buried under a lot of other dreaming.

Dream 3: Precognition within Dreams.

This is kind of a fun dream, where I have a dream journal in the dream and am recording my dreams. Again Sheldon from Big Bang Theory is there as a character. I dream that he is painting the inside of a shed and setting up the electrical with some person with black hair. There is another section about some accident involving children and one of the children wearing a helmet survived where as others that were not had died. I write quite a lot of material down in the journal as there is over 60 pages of text but these parts I remember because it becomes the focus later on in the dream.

I am at some campus and walking with this lady friend. We come to a shed an there is Sheldon with a person painting. I walk up to him and tell him that I had dreamed about this the other day and that he would be painting in this shed with a person with black hair. He says that’s impossible, but I tell him I have it written in my journal and he’s welcome to read the entry for his own verification. He agrees and we walk back to my dorm room and I turn on my computer and pull up the file.

What is interesting now is the text that I wrote is still there but it’s stylized in a gold-foil background with very cool looking celtic like art, and some letters have that gothic caligraphy design to them. We find the part about the dream with him in it and he can’t believe it. He says how is it possible that you can dream the future? I tell him I don’t really know, that sometimes it just happens and other times it doesn’t.

He runs off to get some professor to show them and I walk outside, which causes the dream to shift.

I am a child again, about six years old and I am at stadium. There is some kind of accident, and panic everywhere. I can see smoke rising from the other side and this lady comes running towards me. She asks me if I am all right, and I tell her I am fine. I am sitting on a layered bench and draw on it. I tell her that the kid with the helmet will survive, he will be near dead in the hospital but will pull through.

She looks over at the chaos, “You mean you can see he’s alright?” she asks. I nod, having this vision that my parents are telling me he’s ok and the helmet saved him. She tells me that God grants visions to children and that the future comes from him. I tell her she is wrong and shake my head. “They come from me.” I tell her. “Not God.”

She asks me how I know that these visions come from me, and I look at the bench, the drawing and scribbles then I look at the fractal like pattern in the cracks of the paint, the surface of the dream and I tell her “Because I know my signature on my dreams.” implying I could see how my thoughts were creating the dream content.

“What does that mean?” she asks me.

I look at her and I arrange a bunch of small pieces of plastic until they spell out “Dream” on the bench. “This is my dream, I know my own work.” I tell her. Again I am looking at the texture of things seeing the fractal nature in what lines cross and connect in patterns creating kind of a thumbprint that I am recognizing as my own. Funny thing is, I know I am dreaming as this child and feel completely different to who I am as an adult. Yet I don’t manage to pull a reality check and take over the dream.

She’s quite unhappy about my observations because I am not willing to listen to her about her religious beliefs rather I am sticking to the truth of things as I see in the dream content itself. “This is not your dream, only God can give you a dream.” she tells me.

I’m almost in a trance state and I start to create boxes that are brown with pink text. “If I want brown boxes with pink text, so shall there be boxes with pink text. If I want them black with silver text, then so shall they be black and sliver.” The boxes change into black silk with silver text. “If I desire them to be green with yellow text, then so shall they be.” and the boxes turn green with yellow text.

She sees all this and it frightens her so she gets up and walks away. I go back to the word “Dream” that now has the “m” part knocked over as the plastic has been bumped from the bench.

Second Sleep Dreams

Dream 4: Police Drone

I am with my friend and we are going for dinner at Theos. We are upstairs and a waiter is seating a couple in this table for 4 next to us. My friend decides to sit at a two person table beside them as he sees the waiter is seating them. But the 4 seat table only has 3 chairs and the waiter wanted the chair from the two table seat and so he slaps my friend hard across the face and calls him an idiot.

This makes me angry and I yell at the waiter, “What the hell are you doing hitting my friend?”

“I didn’t tell him he could sit there.” he replies.

“That’s no reason to hit someone you piece of shit.” I yell back.

Well, this pisses the waiter off so he walks up to me and wants to throw me out, and pushes me. Instead of leaving, I beat him up until he’s knocked out and bloodied on the floor. Then I go downstairs and complained to management. I’d like to point out not a single person in the dream that I met actually work at this restaurant. It was like it was now being run by a bunch of thugs, all the waiters were brutish males that looked like x-cons. Management was fine that I beat up the waiter for his behaviour but his fellow waiters were not. They were planning on jumping me when I left the restaurant, and I saw a group of them leave and go outside.

I decide to leave out the back and walk out into an ally way. I walk towards the library and I see this flying object in the sky. It is a police helicopter drone, it’s white and green. Quite honestly, it looks more like a toy and it flys over me photographing me with it’s camera. I recognize the helicopter from another dream I had, which in turn let’s me pull a reality check and I realize I am dreaming, but don’t achieve full lucidity, only partial lucidity. I use dream control and cause the helicopter to fly towards me as if in a tractor beam.

I look directly into the camera and start making goofy faces thinking someone at the other end must be watching. If I was fully lucid, I likely wouldn’t be so involved in the dream drama. Even thought I knew I was dreaming, and did feel fairly aware in it the distraction of the police camera caused me to want to return it to the police and off I go walking to the police station making silly faces in the thing, sticking the camera up my nose for a booger shot… the good stuff. Without anchoring, I lose lucid control and fall into the dream drama.

When I arrive at the police station, the sign on the building in large letters even say, “Police Station” and I walk in. I tell them I found this drone flying in the sky and thought I should return it to them.

“How did you get this drone?” the officer asks me.

“Well, it was flying, then it flew right into my hands so I thought something must be wrong with it.” I reply.

When I let go, the drone’s helicopter blades start to spin and it lifts upward. The police office asks, “Didn’t you think to just let it go.”

“What if it was defective, I thought it was better to return it.” I tell him.

There are a couple of other police officers sitting down and I look at them. I start to look at their clothing, the skin of their neck and I realize again that I am dreaming. This time, I am not too interested in the dream drama and try to do the right thing and make sure I am fully lucid. The police are busy talking to me but I am ignoring them as I try to gain full control over my awareness.

I try to change the dream, but it’s resisting my efforts to change it. The police are a distraction so I don’t want them to cause me to lose my focus and I am at least able to control them enough so that they return to their seats and stop asking me questions. I turn my attention to the wall and start to focus on a point. A beetle appears at my focus point but I ignore it and just meditate on being conscious in the dream. By focusing on that spot, it causes the beetle to lose a leg. The dream renders out some funny text as if I am trying to mind control the bug which clearly is related to my effort to take full control of the dream.

The wall pushes back and reveals water as the room shifts into a make-shift indoor pond. The police dream characters are excited about the change and get up. My interests are not in the dream drama rather I am more interested in how thought is forming the dream content and I am now studying how thoughts project themselves into these 3D objects and structures that make the dream. I push the wall further back, the force crushing the beetle but all of that is just surface renderings.

I am pushing the wall back to see how space is simulated, I look at the water of the indoor pond and see how it’s simulated. I look back at one of the police officers and look at the texture of his skin and again examine how that too is a simulation. The dream is very real in how my perceptions are relaying it. But I am also seeing how my sensory apparatus is obviously not there. I don’t have eyes or ears that are physical yet how I am observing the dream is through a pair of eyes as if I had a body.

I realize the eyes are really just a metaphor and close them, but continue to see through the lids. There is something else behind the eyelids, my awareness which is projecting outward the dream content and looping that content back into a view. It seems like an unnecessary second step to create all the dream content then create senses to perceive the dream content so that I can render back that content into a view of the dream world. I try to see if it’s really that way and it seems so. It seems like the first stage the dream content is being projected outwards largely from unconscious thought and then another part of my conscious that deals with perception is observing that projection and rendering the unconscious thoughts into the dream content.

The entire dream is reacting strangely to my meddling, flashes of light, warps in the surface area, the matrix being revealed. I’m very impressed by how powerful thought is in how it can program the dream interface. How it takes on sensory forms and simulates them real-time.

I relax on my control and let the dream content just resume at it’s own natural pace and I keep focused lucid awareness but let go of all and any control over the content. This causes the dream to shift to a new dream.

Dream 5: Go Goth in under $30

The water and wall reform into a stage, I am observing a teenage girl who has a challenge to create a goth outfit in under $30 dollars. She has black dreds with some white weaved into the dreds. I watch as she buys clothes and although I do not move, the dream is moving following this girl as the focus point. So as she moves, the camera so to speak is following her actions. It’s like I am watching TV. She shops at a thrift store and buys a pair of black leggings and a black dress and top. She picks up black lipstick and other accessories and manages to get an outfit together in under $30. Then she goes to a rave and starts to dance and party.

Myself, just an observer is completely not in this dream, it’s like watching Dream TV and it seems like something else is broadcasting the signal because I have completely cut off my control of the dream. It’s interesting to observe but I try to make sense of what is creating this dream content real-time. It certainly isn’t a conscious creation as I wasn’t specifically wanting to create Goth Girl and her endless shopping spree on $30. What unconscious desires or thoughts would even find that interesting. The content however is very detailed and fascinating none-the-less. Even in being outside of the interaction as an observer, the quality of the dream realism is crisp, vivid and highly animated.

My roomates alarm goes off and this wakes me up.