Dream Journal Entry June 9th, 2014

Dream Journal Entry June 9th, 2014

I have a much shorter time to sleep on this particular day as I have to commute for 2 hours and wake up 2 hours earlier as a result. That said, dreams were still there and fun to recall. They seem to relate to the dreams in Dream 3: Cyborg Girlfriend:
and entry Dream 5:

Dream 1: Designing Cyborg Sex Bots.

This is particularly funny as it ties into Dream 3: Cyborg Girlfriend on June 6th’s entry. This time I am working for a firm as an engineer with a CAD program making custom Cyborg Sex-bots for clients. I have a library of designs for these fantasy women ranging from anything you can imagine. They all have some futuristic qualities and hair styles range from bobs to long colourful hair.

The CAD program allows me to specify what size breasts the client wants as well as various facial characteristics and even tattoo selections, clothing and accessories. I can load a model up, click on the breasts and augment the size by dragging the mouse. It seems like most people I am working with are Japanese.

Dream 2: 3D Artist

In this dream, I am working at another company and I have a sketchbook like in Dream 5 from June 8th. Like Dream 1, I have a computer with 3D animation software. I have a series of videos that I designed in my portfolio and I am showing some student the animations.

Several of them are space based futuristic cities with flying ships, some engaged in combat with lazers and large explosions. Others are game level designs showing ground terrain and mountains sketched out in 3D meshes then the rendered bitmap.

The student is talking about how hard it is to find work in this industry and I tell him that if you have the skills and can do great design work that people will hire you on the portfolio. Hence why he was viewing samples of my movies that I had in mine.

The sketchbook had a series of cartoons which were done in black ink, where people were completely coloured in silhouette. Looking at the sketches I was concerned that someone might misinterpret the designs as some kind of racism because all the characters where completely black ink silhouettes so I tore those pages out of the sketchbook and put them in my pocket. The drawings however were really nicely done and very beautiful illustrations.

The decision was also in part as we had an African elderly gentleman what was going to look at my work and I wanted the pages removed before he looked at the book. The images clearly were not of any racial parody or other but the concern was it might be misinterpreted as being so. I was inter-racially married in real life so my daughter is part African so I know that I am sensitive to racism in real-life.

Not much else surfaced from the dream world as I had little sleep in which to dream the larger volume that I am used too.

Dream 3: Lucid to semi-lucid to fully lucid again

I took a nap after work for the sake of having a lucid dream, I was almost fully successful but I didn’t do what I call a systems check so even though I knew I was dreaming, had full control over the dream I was likely 80-90% conscious as I know that I didn’t have full waking focus and was still somewhat caught up in the dream drama… in the end still a very fun dream as flight was achieved.

The dream takes place at near my old place where I rented a room on Pineview Dr. back in Penticton BC. It’s night time and behind the mountain range, there is a dark city with a storm cloud behind it forming the face of some skull like demon, the mouth opens and rolls down over one of the sky scraper as lighting flashes around the city.

I am standing on the road looking at the storm and can see this epic cloud forming this horrific skull with teeth and lighting now flashing from the mouth to the road. “I am most definitely dreaming.” I think to myself. “This is fucking amazing!” I am so enthralled by the epic Gothic cloud and all the special effects and animation.

The cloud forms eyes, all perfectly in cloud by the way and looks at me. I smile and start to float up into the air, a lighting bolt strikes at me but I bend it around my body. I look at the cloud and cause it to fade into a beautiful blue sky. The colors are absolutely vibrant, like a wonderful summers day, all trees in full bloom and yards all full of green.

I float over the city looking at how detailed and wonderful it all looks. When I land, I see my daughter and she asks me what I am doing. “Dreaming sweetheart.” I tell her. “It’s fun, why don’t you fly with me.”

“I can’t fly!” she says.

I begin to rise up and float, “If I can fly, you can fly too.” I tell her as her eyes open up in amazement and she beams a big smile.

“Ok! I’ll try!” and she hops up into the air and falls back to the ground.

“You almost have it, just let go of any fears. You can’t be hurt here and just feel yourself lift up.” I tell her.

She hops up one more time and then she as it. “Daddy! I’m flying! I’m flying!” she tells me as she now floats upwards.

“That’s wonderful, now just look at a direction you want to go and start flying that way.” I tell her and she starts to fly over a hill. I fly along side of her and she decides to land passing through the roof of some building and along I follow.

Inside the building, it is a meat-shop / deli and she is all excited about pepperoni. “Can I have a pepperoni?” she asks me.

“Go ahead, take what ever you want. It’s just a dream so have fun.” I tell her.

She grabs these large likely 5lb large rolls of pepperoni and is all happy about her find. “Where’s the guy so we can pay?” she asks.

“It’s ok, there’s no reason to pay. It’s just a dream.” I tell her.

We walk around the store, I can see a security camera from the ceiling, the isles are filled with foodstuff. We walk by the empty cashier lane and walk to the door. It’s locked, so I just unlock it and open the door. As we walk out, there is a person running down a flight of stairs from inside the store.

“Stop! Thieves!” he yells. He looks like a short Italian man with a mustache, I would almost think he was Mario from Mario Brothers except he wasn’t wearing red and blue overalls. “You cannot steal my food! Give that back!” he commands.

My daughter laughs and leaps up into the air flying away with the loot. “It’s just a dream.” I tell the man.

“What do you mean it’s just a dream?” he asks me.

I start to float up and he stumbles back afraid. “How are you doing that!” he asks. I float closer to him and he runs back inside his shop and shuts the door. I start to laugh, dreaming is so fun and silly at times.

I fly over a canopy of trees looking for my daughter but she’s back on the ground and two coyotes are stealing her food. “Daddy, these coyotes are eating the pepperoni!” she yells at me as I fly towards them.

I swoop down and grab both coyotes by the neck and fly up with them. They try to bite and kick at me so choke them until they pass out and throw them down on a lawn. My daughter has disappeared from the dream and I try to find her but realize it’s really pointless because she’s just a dream character. I was already too caught up in the dream drama to do something more constructive anyways.

My lucidity was also only partial and was draining. I should have made a point of anchoring in the dream but it was fun getting caught up in it. Now I was just dreaming and walked into some building through a wall.

There was the Sheldon character from big-bang theory and in his room was this large cartoony green-headed alien holding some cheesy prop in it’s hand. Sheldon was talking to the Alien saying that he knew they were real and the alien was laughing and nodding it’s head. It was kind of funny.

Then he turns to me and asks, “What are you doing here?” I don’t say anything and try to regain what lucidity I can.

“It’s just a dream.” I tell him to affirm that I am still dreaming.

He acts like he doesn’t believe me and the alien as funny looking as it was was waving a finger at me as if in disappointment. I look at the alien and force it’s two fingers to touch together and make it focus on the tips.

“It’s just a dream.” I say again and the alien and Sheldon are both staring at the fingers. I start to focus on that area and draw more of my awareness into the dream until I am back almost fully lucid.

There is a light starting to form between the aliens finger tips, almost hypnotic for the dream characters as it draws there attention deeper. “This is just a dream, and I am the dreamer.” I say one more time.

The Sheldon dream character says, “Oh my God, this is a dream.” and I collapse the dream back into a void and sit and begin to meditate on just being conscious, and void of any dream drama.

It feels good in the void, and I relax and just enjoy the thrill of being aware and self-realized in a state that is not like in my body. A warm glow comes over me and a sense of pure satisfaction and joy. It doesn’t last too long as I start to get pulled back into the focus of my physical eyes and body. I try to resist waking up but it’s too late and I snap back fully awake as my physical eyes open.