A Personal Thank-You to Robert Graham.

A Personal Thank-You to Robert Graham.

I would like to personally thank Robert Graham for his excellent write up with regards to lucid precognitive dreaming on his website. Many of you may not be familiar with Robert, he is an author of some best selling books such as “The Seventh Journey series” and a wide variety of self-help books. Here is a link to his website and book library for your viewing pleasure:

Robert Graham’s Top Selling Books

Here is a link to his article on lucid precognitive dreaming:

Robert Graham Alter Reality Using Dreams

What is Lucid Precognitive Dreaming?

This is an area of lucid dreaming that bridges into the area of precognitive dream content. It is not a widely understood or talked about area with regards to dreams and lucid dreaming. As a society, we are still struggling with understanding what dreams actually are. For some people, and you may very well be one of those people, dream content can sometimes relay future information. If you have a lot of deja vu, and some of the memories as to where the source of familiarity comes from stems from past dreams. This is known as Deja Reve, or “Already Dreamed”.

A long time friend and dream researcher who I admire is Dr. Art Funkhouser. He has researched and studied deja vu and dreams since the 1960’s and is in my opinion, one of the worlds leading experts on this topic. You can view his website here:

Dr. Art Funkhouser Deja Experience Research Website.

If you are interested in deja related experiences that you may be having, I highly recommend checking out his website for a wealth of information.

Back to lucid precognitive dreaming. Why this is likely one of the most exciting areas of dream research is that during a lucid precognitive dream, the dreamer has the potential to affect change in that initial dream content. By changing the content the outcome relays back into physical reality when the dream comes true in the future. Thus by directly interacting with your precognitive dream content you are in fact able to affect causality between that dream and the future outcome that it represents.

Sounds a little too good to be true? If you are already having precognitive dreams and are not focusing on them during your lucid opportunities, perhaps a nudge in that direction will give you some ideas as to what to focus your intent on during your lucid dream exploration. If you are not lucid dreaming and want to learn, my website is filled with articles which describe how to approach lucid dreaming with the intent to explore precognition. You will know when you are successful, crossing that bridge will leave a very profound self-evident imprint with regards to how dreams and reality through this precognitive mechanism are interconnected systems.

Should you be skeptical? Absolutely… but doesn’t this at least make you curious as to what potential lies within this dream/reality dyad? Have a look for yourself if your are willing to take action in exploring this phenomena.

For more information on lucid precognitive dreaming and precognition in general, here is a paper entitled, “The Theory of Precognitive Dreams” (link) which not only explains the history but provides instruction on how to lucid dream and explore this potential. The best news… it’s absolutely free so enjoy this little gift.

How did I discover Lucid Precognitive Dreams?

In 1987 when I was 15 years old, the first spontaneous snippets of precognitive dream content started to emerge. It was nearly a year later before I could accept such a seemingly impossible anomaly but how it presented itself was in such vivid literal waves, I had no choice but to accept that somehow and completely unknown to me… certain types of dreams relayed future events, even down to the most random and unique once-in-a-lifetime events.

It would be in 1990 when I would have my first lucid precognitive dream. This one dream alone set in stone just how powerful the relationship between dreams and reality through this mysterious mechanism of precognition actually was. In the lucid dream, I was completely awake knowing fully well that my body was fast asleep and in bed. The fact that I was now in a dream-state was apparent. In that particular dream I was in a pitch-black void. This void is talked about in literature from people who explore consciousness during sleep. Perhaps “Void” is not the best term for it as something else was present, a being that asked me in perfect English, “What would you like to experience?”

I replied, “I would like to experience people setting aside their social, religious and political beliefs to just enjoy each others company.”

The voice replied, “Very Well” and a perfectly square two-dimensional window appeared before me. In the window, I could see my self on a beach from a birds-eye view. Intuitively, I projected myself through the window and into that dream-body which then became the vividly rich lucid dream. The dream plays out and clearly the people and events matched the request. It was a wonderful experience and I was happy when I returned back to that void, and thanked the being for creating such a wonderful dream.

When I woke up, my thoughts about it was that it was an amazing lucid dream. The idea that it was precognitive was not even on the radar. I remembered being in English class thinking about the dream and how wonderful an experience it was. That summer after I graduated from hi-school, my friends invited me to go to the beach and celebrate. When I arrived there, the moment my physical foot stepped in the same vector of time/space where I stood in the lucid dream… the most powerful and intense feeling of indescribable deja vu hit and I knew immediately exactly what this event was. It was the lucid dream which myself and this being created.

During the physical event, all the people and events played out exactly as described in the lucid dream. In a way, I was also having for the first time what it felt like to achieve lucid awareness in our waking reality. When the time caught up to the moment I left the dream, the powerful sense of deja vu and lucidity subsided and I was left both shocked and in awe. It was something that only I had subjectively been privileged to observe. It forever changed my view of reality and what reality is. A new paradigm opened up before my eyes, although admittedly frightening, it was one of the most beautiful and powerful experiences I would have.

As I progressed in my exploration of lucid dreams, more lucid precognitive dream opportunities presented themselves which spurred my natural curiosity and a bigger question begged to be answered. “What if I changed the dream before it came true, would those changes happen here?”

That question fueled a series of experiments where I would fall asleep with the intent to map the layers of dreams with the goal to isolate this elusive precognitive dream layer. As there was no real good tool to chart out this unknown territory, I would change any dream I became lucid in by using dream control and marking the surface of the dream with a geometrical shape like a triangle, square or circle.

The thought was, if I did manage to become aware during a precognitive dream and left such a mark, maybe it would come true when the dream actualized. In one such case, I had a lucid dream where I recognized my work place at that time, and saw an opportunity to change the dream. As an usher at a Movie Theater, I saw a co-worker I recognized so I focused my intent to change the dream on him and made a triangle appear on his forehead over a distance of 6 feet as he stood behind the concession counter. In the dream, the triangle appeared perfectly above his eyes and centered on his forehead. It was easy to do, after all… it was just a dream.

Weeks would pass and like the initial first precognitive dream which came with a very powerful deja vu aura, when this dream came true as I was successful in at least reaching that focus state. I raised my finger as I did in the dream and the very same triangle appeared on his forehead in this physical reality. The triangle appeared instantly as it did in the dream, and in a very phenomenological way. This person was not a knowing participant in that experiment and no doubt it was a profound event for him also.

It was through this mechanism of altering precognitive dream content while lucid that proved to me at least, a genuine mind/matter relationship and that as skeptical as you should be… we can affect reality in ways we probably don’t yet fully understand.

Here is a picture of the mark.

Other Images

Feel free to read my articles and papers on dream as I surrendered them to the public domain with the interests in helping people have this knowledge freely, no strings attached in the hopes that it helps us progress and grow in this wonderful potential of human experience. Resources

Another recommended author who discusses lucid precognitive dreaming is Robert Waggoner in his book, “Lucid Dreaming: The Gateway to the Inner Self” and I encourage you to check out his website at: Robert Waggoner’s Website