Precognitive Dreams Explained aka Déjà Rêvé

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Published Jul 12, 2013 @ 05:32

Precognitive Dreams Explained.

Abstract: Deja Reve [PDF] Free Download
Abstract: Theory of Precognitive Dreams [PDF] Free Download

As of March 1st, 2013 Phil has never been to Victoria BC. He has never met Jane. He has never seen or heard of the Old Vic Fish and Chip Restaurant. Phil is an casual dreamer and keeps a dream journal, when he has time writes them down. We will refer to his entry based on the type of dream.

Jane has never met Phil, she lives in Victoria BC and frequents the street that Old Vic Fish and Chips is on. She’s never been on TV, no facebook account, doesn’t work well with computers. Phil has never had any real-life exposure to her.

We’ll start at the top level and work to the more advanced stages of precognitive dreaming.

The first lower order is commonly known as Deja Vu.

Deja Vu

It is my hypothesis that “some” Deja Vu stems from sleep induced amnesia, when the real life event occurs the patterns triggers an unknown memory from an amnesiac state causing the deja vu aura and feelings of unknown familiarity.

Deja Vu

Phil just feels deja vu but hasn’t the slightest clue why or how and stares at Jane covering her breasts to his greater disappointment.

The second lower order is “Symbolic Precognitive Dreams”.

Symbolic Precognitive Dreams

The future event is distorted by other psychological perception factors causing the strange symbolism that we commonly observe in dreams to overlay the future event. However some symbols survive strong enough, in this case Jane, that when the dream come’s true, Phil remembers visually meeting this person in his strange dream.

Phil’s Journal Entry March 1st, 2013 – “I had this strange dream I was at a circus and there was this cute girl talking to me.”

Symbolic Precognitive Dream

As you can see, his textual summary neglects details like what type of circus, that there was any elephants present. A picture is worth a 1,000 words and dream-to-text translations never reveal what the dreamer is recording in memory during any dream.

The higher-order dreams now follow all will be variance of “Literal Precognitive Dreaming”.

A Literal Precognitive Dream.

Phil’s Journal Entry March 1st, 2013 – “Had a dream where I was on this strange cobble stone street, there was some restaurant I think it said Vic’s. Met this cute girl she told me her name was Jane.”

Literal Precognitive Dream

In the case of a literal precognitive dream, the setting, the objects, the people in the event all match the dreamed content from the past. This is the type of dream that defies all the arguments of confirmation-bias for the dreamer and is part of their own edification regarding the dream reality dyad that covertly exists. This is where the dream world and the physical world bridge. This is where you if you are a dreamer must cross to get to this next set.

Ambient Lucid Precognitive Dream

This is a lucid dream where the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming. However, the focus state is in the precognitive layer of the dreaming spectrum. The dreamer not only will remember the dream but will be fully awake and aware that they are dreaming.

Phil’s Journal Entry March 1st, 2013 – “Had this really intense lucid dream where I was on a cobble stone road near some restaurant named Old Vic Fish and Chips. There was this cute girl there who said her name was Jane.”

Ambient Lucid Precognitive Dream

In ambient lucid precognitive dreams the dreamer takes no direct action and just goes with the flow. But what if you decide to take action?

Active Lucid Precognitive Dreams

Like the Ambient dream except the dreamer takes action because they now have the ability to make logical choices and excercise free will that come with being lucid and actively changes the precognitive dream.

Phil’s Journal Entry March 1st, 2013 – “Had this really intense lucid dream where I was on a cobble stone road near some restaurant named Old Vic Fish and Chips. There was this cute girl there who said her name was Jane. I wanted to prove to myself that I was dreaming so I put a triangle on her forehead.”

Active Lucid Precognitive Dream

In the case of an active lucid precognitive dream, you are now affecting causality through changing the precognitive content. If you haven’t done this yet, now you know.

This is a picture of the person whom like Jane was in the right dream at the right time when I was mapping the dream layers. Like Phil, I controlled the dream and proved it was a dream by putting a triangle on this person’s forehead. In the past, in nothing more than the type of dreams we have when we sleep a night.

Triangle Induced By Altering Precognitive Dream

When the dream came true, I was at work at the Pen Mar Cinima in Penticton which is sadly closed down now, this was back in 1998. To this person’s unknowing suprise my alteration took place when the dream came true.

This is at best, photographic evidence of a precognitive dream. It was pretty wild. I had him write a testimony to try to gather what ever evidence I could that this really did take place as a veridical altered precognitive dream experience.

Hand Written Testimony regarding phenomenology

This is a photo of both photographs that I had, a polaroid and regular film from back in the day.

Both Pictures of Triangle

Free Resources Available For Download

If you would like more information, here is an abstract that I wrote about Déjà Rêvé, it’s public domain and free to download.

Déjà Rêvé Precognitive Dreams Abstract

Here is a copy of my book entitled, “You Are Dreaming”, it too us public domain and free to download:

Download: You Are Dreaming The Book

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