Author Graham Nicholls Has Precognitive Out-of-body Experience

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Here are some more little gems of veridical precognitive dream evidence. Here is an Author who had such an experience during an out-of-body experience. Thanks to Anthony Peake for sharing this on his Facebook.

In this video author Graham Nicholls describes one of the most incredible out-of-body experiences on record. An OBE 5 days into the future to see a terrorist attack. What’s more amazing is there were witnesses to the actual OBE, one of whom is also featured in this video (filmed at a separate location). For more information about Graham Nicholls visit:

Here is a person who dreamed about Hurricane Katrina before it happened.

The original website that had this precognitive dream posted on it is no-longer in service. Which is even better as I had to use the web-archive known as the way-back machine to pull this example which was clearly posted well before Hurricane Katrina which happened August 23, 2005 putting this prediction in the 2 month range in the path.


Two Strange Dreams
Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2005 @ 16:43:06
nemisis writes “I had two strange dreams last night. In the first one I was asked to help my brother evacuate from New Orleans ahead of a hurricane. For whatever reason we were unable to make it before the storm hit. I was turned back by a Lousiana state policeman who told me that the shoreline for the Gulf of Mexico was now the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain. He said New Orleans was gone, so, as he put it, my brother was either in a refugee camp somewhere or he was gator bait (not very empathetic if you ask me). “