Robert Waggoner Interview on the Peake Experience

Robert Waggoner Dr. Robert Waggoner and British author Anthony Peake discussed Lucid Dreaming today, February 13, 2011 on “The Peake Experience”. Robert discusses not only basic entry level Lucid Dreaming but dives deeper into the more profound areas that dream researchers are discovering. Robert and Tony kindly brought up some of my experiences with regards to Lucid Precognitive Dreaming and inspired me to continue to raise awareness to this phenomenal relationship between dreams and reality.

The video feed for the Interview will be viewable within 72 hours from today. Follow this link: “The Peake Experience” to watch the video or read up on the show.

For discussions on the interview, please sign-up to Anthony Peake’s forum and talk about the interview on this thread.


Ian Wilson

International Association for the Study of Dreams