Welcome to the Website

This is not the official launch of the website, suffice to say that it is the beginning of good things to come.  My name is Ian Wilson and I am an author, and private dream researcher and explorer.  My interest in dreams stem from a fateful article in an Omni Magazine written by Stephen LaBerge in 1987. entitled, “POWER TRIPS: CONTROLLING YOUR DREAMS“.

In the article, Stephen describes how you can influence and control your dreams in something called, “Lucid Dreaming”.  Lucid dreaming is when you are fully awake and aware as you are now, but in a dreamstate.  I was 15 years old at the time, and the thought of this ability intrigued me.  It would be just a few days after reading the article that I would have my first lucid dream, and the experience would be one of the most amazing and thrilling rides of my life.

This website will cover many aspects of dreaming and provide an extension to my existing blog.  I hope you enjoy dreaming as much as I do.  Dreams are quite amazing.