August 24th, 2010 – Non-Lucid

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[Header]Date: August 24, 2010
Time: 8:12 am PST
Author: Ian Andrew Wilson
Copyright: Public Domain by author 2010. Free for public use.

[Disclaimer]This is an ongoing personal investigation into precognitive dream potential. In no way is the information contained in this article claiming to be psychic or precognitive in nature. Not all textual translations of a dream can clearly depict the vast dream imagery and symbolism and what may be condensed down to a line of text could represent a largely descriptive visual dream environment. Low-order spelling and grammatical errors are expected as the material is written quickly and right after waking up from sleep. This text shall remain unchanged from the time it was posted, and should rehash into the MD5 code outside of the MD5 tags. In the future should any of the dream context match a real-life event the author will attempt to capture images or articles and describe how these events interconnect with the context within the dream.

All persons, characters and events contained in this article are as they appeared from within a dream, any similarities to public officials or people is completely coincidence and is not meant to reflect this person or persons in any way.

[Journal Entry]

Dream 1: Talking with a USAF Officer regarding precognitive dream research. We are talking more specifically about affecting causality through dreaming, this is of great interest to this person. I explain that precognitive dreams are pre-calucalted probability packets that are still maluable by focused intent.

“The data in the form of the dream is a form of pre-calculation of probability which can be interacted with and influenced with intent.”, I tell him.

“How does influencing the dream with intent change reality?”, he asks.

“This might be one of the biggest misconceptions, it’s not reality you are changing, it’s simply a dream that is precognitive in nature. You change the dream and it follows the same natural order that dreams follow towards actualization. It is if and when this dream actualizes that the changes become apparent and you see causality being affected from the dreamstate.”, I explain.

He’s very facinated and is taking notes. It becomes grey a bit here but I know we talk a bit more and shake hands and he leaves. I did have a name also, hard to remember but first name could have been Brian, the last name started with an F, I want to say Freeman or Fermen… can be so hard remembering such technicial details from non-lucids.

Dream 2: Elew is in this dream, at least I know that I am using that name with someone. We are on a flat grassland, it’s dark out and we are talking about dreams. This dream is also fuzzy, a casualty of being woken up suddenly by the baby.
TTS:12:00am TA:2:50am

I work for a good few hours but need to sleep again.
Dream 3: I’m with my friend Todd drinking beers, always good times. We have a RV camper and cooler stacked with ice and muchly needed frosty beverages. There are a few budweiser tall cans, a variety of microbrewery treats and grab a tall can to get started. It’s nice hanging out with him, we are just enjoying what we enjoy best beer and relaxation.

The dream fluxuates slightly, I am being interrupted again in my sleep. It doesn’t quite wake me up but the dream shifts so that now I have my daughter in the dream (in waking life she woke up and went down stairs to the couch to sit). She’s now in my dream and having a siezure. I pick her up and unfold a bed in the camper and put her there.

Now the camper has a small doorway, too small to fit to go up to a next level. This is very common dream architecture at work here, an abstract small portal that opens into a wide alternative space. I find it very metaphorical of switching dream focus states and levels. I go through the small portal questioning how I could ever fit through something so tiny.

It’s like being in an atic, and I find myself in a room of a house. At least I still have a beer so not all is bad.

Again the baby now wakes me up. She digs a nice foot into my side and scratches me with her toe nail and screams crying.

I nod back off to sleep
Dream 4: JG is in this dream, he is talking to me about game design and flash animation. I tell him I am now into socially integrated and leading edge technologies. He wants help on a project but my time commitments are all taken up.
Woken up again by the baby so get up, jot down the dreams and get ready for work.

TTS: 5:40am TA: 7:56am

TTB: Time-To-Bed: The time the author went to bed.
TA: Time-Awake: The time the author woke up.
T2S: Time-To-Sleep: Estimated time it took to fall asleep.
TTS: Total-Time-Slept: Estimated time of sleep.
ETID: Estimated-Time-In-Dream: Estimated sense of time as it passed in the dream.

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