August 23rd, 2010 – Normal Dreams.

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[Header]Date: August 23, 2010
Time: 9:30am
Author: Ian Andrew Wilson
Copyright: Public Domain by author 2010. Free for public use.

[Disclaimer]This is an ongoing personal investigation into precognitive dream potential. In no way is the information contained in this article claiming to be psychic or precognitive in nature. Not all textual translations of a dream can clearly depict the vast dream imagery and symbolism and what may be condensed down to a line of text could represent a largely descriptive visual dream environment. Low-order spelling and grammatical errors are expected as the material is written quickly and right after waking up from sleep. This text shall remain unchanged from the time it was posted, and should rehash into the MD5 code outside of the MD5 tags. In the future should any of the dream context match a real-life event the author will attempt to capture images or articles and describe how these events interconnect with the context within the dream.

All persons, characters and events contained in this article are as they appeared from within a dream, any similarities to public officials or people is completely coincidence and is not meant to reflect this person or persons in any way.

[Journal Entry]I am limiting dream detail in favor of a deadline, but will focus on what I feel are intersting dreams to me
Dream 1:
some cartoon dream, kids show
fuzz-ball and clay-mation.

Dream 2:
Christopher Reeve’s Estate.
His Mom wanting to auction off some items.

Dream 3:
At a mall, on a type of ride that takes you through.
This time it had people.

Wake up
Dream 4: Scaling a claybank near Penticton.
Carrying shopping cart with me.
Up on top of cliff.
My daughter is there, stop her from running off.
Other people are there.
Talk about dangers.
There is wine there.

Dream 5:
At an office, working on a business.
Taking elevator.
I own the company.
With a board of directors.
Working on marketting for products.
Talking about marking my fathers products.

Dream 6:
Seems big-brother related. Recognize two people from big brother.
Some challenge. There is whipping cream, or foam.
Something to do with a tanning bed.

Dream seems to exagerate tanning bed now in with the challenge.
The bed part roles over and contestents are now in a secret room.
Two at a time. Have to sit in the room till their challenge is complete.

Dream 7: I am on TV with a panel of guests talking about prophecy, dreams and remote viewing. It seems bias against such things, the guests themselves are new-age southern slow-speaking argumentive in defense of beleif. For example, there was a person who was representng his belief in remote viewing.

The interviewer, “So tell me about remote viewing, why do you think this is real?”

“Well, the US military researched and used it. They were able to see future events like a solar flare that will wipe out all life on Earth in 2005.”, he says.

The interviewer, “Wait, you just said that was 2005, and it’s now 2010(?) doesn’t mean that it’s a failed prediction?”

“No, that don’t mean nothing. There are other variables that could make the date further in the future. It’s gonna happen, just because you don’t believe it don’t mean it won’t happen. I know it will.”

I was shaking my head inside the whole time, then it was my turn. I am introduced and sit with the interviewer.

“We have our next guest, Ian Wilson who claims that he can dream the future.”, he announces and I sit down.

“Thanks for having me on the show.”, I tell him.

“So you tell me you can see the future in dreams? How does this work?”, he asks.

“It works much like the mechanics of Deja Vu in the sense that in waking life, you can have a deja vu feeling of familiarity and link the memory back to a dream.”, I tell him.

“Oh, so it’s like deja vu but you can remember it comes from a dream. Everyone had deja vu, that doesn’t mean it comes from dreaming.”, he says.

“Certainly not, not all deja experiences are linked back to something a person has dreamed. Dream recall and memory play a crucial role how the person is able to link back the memory. Not everyone remembers dreaming”, I tell him.

“What makes you certain that the dream is future-telling.”, he asks me.

“When certain dreams do come true, they are an exact literal pattern match for the future event they represented. The details can be vary accute.”, I tell him.

“Well how do you make your predictions from them? Do you see disasters and wars in the future?”, he asks.

“It’s not like classical fortune telling. I would never take any dream and say with any certainty that it precognitive. The hard sell is predicting terrible disasters and things that make people panic with fear. My dreams are first-person events that effect my daily life.”, I tell him.

“So you don’t see big disasters like the kill shot which remote viewers see.”, he asks.

“No, the future exists as probability only. Dreams are glimpeses into these probabilities and most likley caused by entanglement where by certain non-linear and non-local events randomly pop-up from what we could call Everett’s Many-Worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics where there are many permutations of probable future and our dreams through entanglement enter into these micro-pockets of information where relative to your person.”

He kind of looks at me funny and asks, “Well if it’s probable then how do you know if it’s the future?”

“You can only ever tell if a dream has come true after it actualizes. This is when the probability collapses into actual reality and you have the memory connection linking the dream. There is no way I live my life thinking everything I dream is going to come true. You just can’t, it doesn’t work that way.”, I tell him.

“Have you seen any horrible probable futures?”, he asks.

“Certainly, I have seen North Korea nuke a US military base on the seaboard of Seoul back in 1998. I have seen nuclear war errupt between the US and China. The planet goes through horrible nuclear holocaust in these probabilities. Others have included major economic collapse, food shortages, floods and earthquakes. And not a single one do I give any credit to actually describing the future they might represent. Our future is never pre-determined without many permutations of what could be. That is why it’s probable reality. I won’t sell doom and gloom fear just because I had a bad dream about what could be the future.”, I tell him.

“Well those are all possible things, some of those are very close to happening.”, he tells me.

“Right, just because it’s probable in the context of a dream, doesn’t make it actual in reality. We are all traversing through a unified field within what we call the “now” moment. It is here that all of us en mass and through synchronicity are collapsing the actual reality we share from probability. It’s a group effort and certain choices and last minute decisions can turn the tide of our future forever.”, I tell him.

I don’t get much more from this dream, but it was very coherent so I tried to get the most out of it with my limited time today.

Dream 8: On TC’s forum there is a thread with an artist who has amazing paintings, kind of salvador dali like with dreamesque scenes. Dark back grounds, flying floating wood sculpted shape with people on it, see hands and long head gear on the people. Everything flows nicely in the composite.
I like the art alot.

TTB: Time-To-Bed: The time the author went to bed.
TA: Time-Awake: The time the author woke up.
T2S: Time-To-Sleep: Estimated time it took to fall asleep.
TTS: Total-Time-Slept: Estimated time of sleep.
ETID: Estimated-Time-In-Dream: Estimated sense of time as it passed in the dream.

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