August 22nd, 2010 – One Lucid Dream.

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[Header]Date: August 22, 2010
Time: 10:37am
Author: Ian Andrew Wilson
Copyright: Public Domain by author 2010. Free for public use.

[Disclaimer]This is an ongoing personal investigation into precognitive dream potential. In no way is the information contained in this article claiming to be psychic or precognitive in nature. Not all textual translations of a dream can clearly depict the vast dream imagery and symbolism and what may be condensed down to a line of text could represent a largely descriptive visual dream environment. Low-order spelling and grammatical errors are expected as the material is written quickly and right after waking up from sleep. This text shall remain unchanged from the time it was posted, and should rehash into the MD5 code outside of the MD5 tags. In the future should any of the dream context match a real-life event the author will attempt to capture images or articles and describe how these events interconnect with the context within the dream.

All persons, characters and events contained in this article are as they appeared from within a dream, any similarities to public officials or people is completely coincidence and is not meant to reflect this person or persons in any way.

[Journal Entry]

I wanted to make mention to my surprise, and as always it will not be believed by anyone however irrelevant of that fact there has been a Shoshoni Indian who is a dream walker and his Wife who have been trying to share a dream with me which I have been open to. In 23 years of dream exploration I have never had a dream where I linked a dream character to a person I have never met with 100% accuracy until I saw youtube video of this person for the first time yesterday. The dream was linked to my August 20th, 2010 dream and regardless of how impossible and seemingly strange this must seem I have no choice but to report the finding on my blog. You can read it here:

This was a completely unexpected surprise for me as my focus right now has been purely precognitive dream exploration. Shared dreaming or mutual dreaming has surfaced in dream research from time-to-time. Dr. Lynda Magelleon wrote a book called, “Mutual Dreaming” which covers this in great length. Robert Waggoner covers this in, “Lucid Dreaming: The Gateway to the Inner Self” which ironically was the book I carried for most part of that days dream. Even in the dream itself I make note of mutual dream indicators which I also have observed throughout the years.

This is a really compelling experience as up until this point in 23 years of dreaming have I not had an experience like this one. This is why having visual images pulled from the brain becomes so key in helping close the gap between subjective experience and objective reality. How my mind managed to create a perfect 100% visual model of a person I’ve never seen in waking reality; to then confirm it the next day via a video is very compelling. How much of our dreaming is actually mutual? One does have to beg the question after a dream as compelling as that.

As always, Skeptics will run the usual round-about arguments failing to see how important this kind of research and study truly is. However, for those of you that can see past ignorance, finds like this are extremely rare and do require more genuine research. There is just no way I could have ever known this person from waking life. It is also precognitive in nature because the confirmation came a day later.

Dream 1:
This is actually a very clever dream that kind of tricked me into thinking that I had already written my August 22, 2010 dream entry. I woke up in the dream, scratched down key words on a pad of paper from the dream before. Got up sat at my computer and wrote down the dream. Submitted it on forums and went back to bed and slept. This trick actually layered the first dream so it was hard as hell to remember. That said here it is.

I am at a friends house and we are staying over-night there. His name is David and my wife is with me. We are there for some time because I am waking up and falling asleep again in the dream. The dream journal entry above was part of the ongoing dream. The dream itself seems to last an entire weekend.

In the first day, we are all siting drinking at the kitchen and patio table. His wife is being really nice and I do notice she is staring at me often which does kind of bother me because I feel she is taking an interest. We are talking about work, software development, mobile device app designs. My wife and his wife are talking about other general mundane life details such as kids, work and such. There are more people present in the house as well. Part of the reason why we are there staying the weekend is because there is a 40th birthday party for David and out back there will be this massive family and friend party.

In the evening we all the guys are playing video games on an Xbox360 and drinking beers. Finally we have to retire for the evening and I go to bed with my wife. Our kids do not seem to be there that I notice in the dream.

The next day, it’s early morning and I get up and write my dreams down. I go back to sleep, and wake up a second time. It’s still early and everyone is sleeping however I notice his wife is up and she’s in a t-shirt and panties. She sees me walking down to the kitchen and follows me. She starts coming on to me, “I’ve noticed you been looking at me.”

I look at her and start to panic, she then comes on to me pushing me back into a corner, “I know you want me, I can see it in your eyes. You can have me, right here, right now…”, she says as she rubs her hands up my chest and pushes herself into me.

“No, I don’t want you. I’m married and I would never cheat on my wife.”, I tell her.

“Don’t lie to yourself, you want me.”, she says then she kisses me. I bend back as far as I can to get away but the corner has a cupboard that doesn’t let me get to far away. I tighten my mouth and she locks on.

At that point her husband has now walked down and seen this scenario and I have a look of shock in my eyes and tell her that her husband is there.
He is obviously not happy. She goes to him and tells him that I wanted to have sex with her or I’d rape her. I really don’t know what to say and I rebuttal the claim, “I was just going to make coffee and she literally attacked me in the kitchen. I love my wife, there is no way I’d cheat on her. Your wife is lying. I’d never do that to you.”

He doesn’t know what to say either. She then tells him that I’m lying, “No he said he’d rape me if I didn’t have sex with him!”

This infuriates me even more, I just wanted a cup of coffee, not this dramatic mess. Besides, his wife was actually kind of fat and ugly, where as my wife simply is top-notch beautiful. “You’ve seen my wife, why would I have to cheat on her with yours… think about it here. She is lying, she’s the one who attacked me and pushed me in that corner.”

He tells his wife to go up stairs. “I don’t know who to believe, but I could tell by your face you were not interested in kissing her. She was definitely the one doing all the kissing.”

“Look, I’m your friend and I am so sorry this happened. I don’t know what to say other then I feel compromised here. You know I love my wife, and now I have to deal with her fear that somehow I might do something like this. This really sucks for both of us.”, I tell him.

He tells me that we will sort it out later and wants me to stick around for the birthday party. Now I have to go and tell my wife, and she is not happy at all. All her fears come up but I lay it out cruelly about the other woman, “Look, if I wanted to have sex with fat ugly cow I’d work on a dairy farm. That bitch came on to me and despite me telling her no forced herself on me. Then he had the audacity to tell her husband that I threatened to rape her.”, I explain.

My wife is furious and we talk about it until she is satisfied that I am telling the truth. “I mean, look at you and look at her. Do you really see me throwing this away for that?”

She smiles but now she wants to beat up the other person’s wife. “Well, we better go home, I don’t want to stay here anymore.”, my wife says.

We both go down and the dream seems to have fast forwarded to the party because outside on the lawn there are large chairs and people everywhere celebrating. I go to tell him that we are leaving and his wife makes an announcement, “There’s the guy who tried to rape me!”

I want to punch her in the face, but I keep my cool and tell her, “No you’re the one telling vicious lies. I wouldn’t touch you with someone else’s dick let alone my own.”

She takes offense and I meet David and tell him that I’m sorry about all of this, that I have to go. He understands and I wake up.

TTB: 10:30pm TA: 2:23am T2S: ~30m TTS: ~2h 23m ETID: ~6h (could be longer the dream spanned at least two days).

Dream 2: This was largely an Internet related dream, me posting on forums clearly on the above topic of shared dreaming. There is a lot of reading here but it’s so hard to pull this textual information back into waking life because the way memory collapses on waking, it becomes blurry, ghost like and hard to extract. Memory really kills quality dream recall. That and I get woken up by the baby which always causes the memory collapse.

Suffice to say, I am talking with Elew and Cochitlehua in an ongoing talk about share dreaming. I know I was on the JREF forum, I can recognize the website graphics and the thread that I post my dreams into. As for meaty context however, just the usual skeptical nay-saying that one would expect, no magic there.

TTB: 4:40pm TA: 5:45am T2S: ~10m TTS: ~55m ETID: ~30m.

Dream 3: I am at my old work talking with my former bosses. They have all this work they want me to do. They don’t have time to talk so they leave me there to start working on it and leave. I start looking through the project tasks and flipping through graphics and video. I want to do the work, but they haven’t paid me for work in the past which is the reason why I had to leave.

Hours go by and I’m stuck there waiting for them to return. I spend my time surfing the Internet and checking out websites. Researching some objective-c blogs for tips on doing certain things for the iPhone.

“I can’t wait to see what we got done”, JK says. “You like all the graphics aren’t they sick or what!”

“They look awesome, Mike did a great job.”, I tell him.

“So what do you think, you want the job or not?”, JSK asks.

“I’m interested, but there is still that matter of $1600.00 that you haven’t made any effort to pay. That’s why I haven’t been coming in.”, I say.

“Oh that. Well, we’ll see what we can do.”, JSK says.

I feel like I am being dragged along and my time is being wasted, “Sorry guys, you can’t drag me along like this, I have a family and bills to pay and need to be compensated for the time I work. You can’t do that, I can’t work for you. I have to split.”

I leave and drive to another building; the dream shifts a bit.

Dream 4: I am at an office there is a lady in an office. I have a folder with all my research into dreams and consciousness. All my md5checksum articles are cataloged and printed out. There are hundreds of pages. I have stacks of photographs linking future events to dreams in the md5checksums. There are even some sketches and other notes. There is a page on probability and chance prediction. I have articles on physics and virtual reality theory. There is a lot of information here and it sits on their desk.

The lady starts to flip through the entries and she’s not sure what to make of it. She calls in another person who is a man and he asks what this is all about.

“He says he has precognitive dreams.”, she tells him.

The man laughs, “What? What do you mean?”

I add in, “It’s when you have a dream that matches a future event. It’s like the next stages of Deja Vu, except you link the memory or source of the deja back to a dream you had. From that point onward it becomes quite compelling that dreams do tell the future.”

He picks up the folder and starts flipping the pages and stops at the cover, “You are dreaming?” he asks, “What is that supposed to mean?”

“It’s quite literal, it means you are dreaming.”, I tell him.

He looks at me confused and asks me who some of the other names are, “Who’s Dr. Art Funkhouser?”

“Art is an established researcher into this phenomena, he’s highly respected and works in Switzerland.”, I tell him.

“And Dr. Vernon Neppe?”, he asks.

“He’s extremely fascinating, a long standing researcher into Deja vu phenomena and neuroscience, also quite brilliant at IT technologies. Works in Seattle.”

He scratches his head and turns the cover page over and back again. “I don’t know these people, never heard of them before.”

“Well, look them up if you want, they are real people.”, I tell him.

“So you dream the future, you have compiled a list of evidence and on top of that you say that we are dreaming?”, he asks.

“Well, that is my handle on the Internet. It does mean what it says in literal context.”, I tell him.

“I’ve had deja vu, I get it often but until you mentioned the link to dreaming, I never thought about that. I do think I have had some deja vu that links to something I dreamed.”, he tells me.

The lady in the office agrees, “I’ve experienced it too, it’s like deja vu but I remember the memory from the dream.”

He looks at me and becomes energized, “This is exciting work. You really have something here!”

They are both now very excited about the material. “Thanks, I just want more research done on it is all. That’s why I am here.”

I get woken up.
TTB: 6:20pm TA: 8:01am T2S: ~10m TTS: ~1h 31m ETID: ~7h (The time in the office just dragged on and on like a whole work day.)

Dream 5: This dream loops at least 3 times before it continues. I am at some Broadway style dance and in the background behind the stage.
There is music and people doing really nice choreographed dance. The choreographer ends the dance when the music stops and I say, “That was fantastic”

He says, “Thank-you very much.”

The next time it repeats but the local is slightly different, same dance routine less Broadway. Same as above.

The third time we are in a bar, I am in front of the bar and have to move out of the way of the routine. The dance costumes have toned down to more undershirts and spandex. Same people, same music and same comments.

This time however the Choreographer turns and shakes my hand and invites me to come with him. It turns out he’s gay and very interested in me in that way. I’m uncomfortable because he’s now holding me hand walking me to a car and we get in. “You have really gorgeous eyes, you know. There is something about them, they really feel like you connect deep into me.”, he says.

That comment alone makes me very uncomfortable, but I know this guy and we are friends so I am kind and polite, “Thanks, I’m not used to men commenting on my eyes.”

“You aren’t, oh are you not gay?”, he asks. The car shifts and we are I suspect at his place. He is still in his dance outfit, if being hit on wasn’t uncomfortable enough.

“No, I’m not. Sorry.”, I tell him.

The car became a black leather couch, he has a bar in the living room and gets up and fixes a martini. He picks up the glass and pulls out the olive on a toothpick and licks it then sucks it off. “That’s too bad, because you are really cute.”

“It’s ok. You are a nice person, I value your friendship.”, I tell him.

He brings me a drink and sits again uncomfortably close to me and is still hitting on me. “Well, maybe I can be a bit more persuasive?”

He get’s up and goes to another room. I stand up and look around. I hear him brushing his teeth in the bathroom and watch as he leaves to his bedroom. I walk into the bathroom and look at the sink. I look up and see my reflection in the mirror. The gaze of my eyes entrances me and I become fully lucid and realized.

I touch the counter-top of the sink, I anchor my awareness into the dream until I am 100% fully conscious. I turn to look and he is back this time dressed up in some tuxedo outfit and standing with his hand on the door frame in a pose. I look at him and draw a circle with my right hand.

I touch the center of the circle (which is translucent like thin fishing line) and the circle ripples out from the center and the dream fluctuates.

He looks at me in fear, “Who the hell are you!”

I point my hand at him and a strong beam of energy hits him and he locks in and can’t move. I walk over and look point blank into his eyes. I look at all the facial details. He has short black hair, a strong chin and would be liked a lot by the Ladies. Kind of Bruce Campbell looking. In his 30’s. I am silent, my thoughts are calm there is no chatter.

I release him and sit down placing my hands together forming a triangle with my fingers. I begin to meditate and relax the focus. The dream shifts and fluctuates, he is still frozen in fear watching me. I close me eyes and the dream goes blank. I am in a void.

I sit there thoughtless, still and calm. It’s soothing, peaceful and tastes eternal and unending. I am in a state of inaction, and perfect zen. There is a rhythmic hum and the void envelops me.

There is a sudden and loud click which causes the void to expand into a new dream. I am now at my home and there is a girl that is from here who had her ears operated on. She has the bandages off and I make a comment, “It must be nice to have the bandages off.”

She looks at me and smiles, “Yes, I’m glad they are gone.”

“What did they do?”, I ask her.

“Fixed my ears”, she says.

“Well, they look really nice. They did a good job.”, I tell her.

She is happy and walks away.

I am back in my house and my wife is there. The dream starts to shift and I wake up.

TTB: 8:20pm TA: 9:33am T2S: ~10m TTS: ~1h ETID: ~2h 30m

TTB: Time-To-Bed: The time the author went to bed.
TA: Time-Awake: The time the author woke up.
T2S: Time-To-Sleep: Estimated time it took to fall asleep.
TTS: Total-Time-Slept: Estimated time of sleep.
ETID: Estimated-Time-In-Dream: Estimated sense of time as it passed in the dream.


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