In response to Skeptics. We all have our critics.

This research is being conducted and shared on James Randi’s forum so that skeptics can chime in on their views of the context and practices. Here is a response where I serialize a few potential hits where past dream events correlate with same-day or next day events which if you read my articles on Symbolic Precognitive Dreaming is a pattern that is emerging with some of the precognitive dreams.

Here is the thread so you can read their views and opinions. Remember that since 1927 with J.W. Dunne’s book, “An Experiment with time”, precognition dream research has been ongoing with several peer-reviewed journals that get rejected time and time again due to the parapsychology bias of the people one expects from skeptics abroad. Don’t think there isn’t legitimate research, there is. Just a lot of refusal to accept the studies as being anything other then bunk in the mind of closed minded skepticism.

Here is the thread.

Sourcing out the immediate potential hits:

(My reply)james,
Well, let’s look closer at what is going on here shall we?

Take the first dream posting in regards to the skepticism. All of that is arguably in this post. Tell me after the time stamp how much of that has happened in this post?

There was some skepticism regarding the experiment which I was responding too, it seemed that the MD5 part of the experiment was likable but other conditions were not. I remember commenting on photographs, video and potentially other articles added in the future might be more compelling if patterns seemed to fit was past linked to a textual metaphor in the past.…9&postcount=10

Now I have 9 other forums that also suggest this is the place of argument for that one dream. Here are all the links.…398135fd177ca1…hp?f=11&t=5353…rch/t.64328747…post1059152983…?p=14478#14478…1/#post1519056…p?f=33&t=21288

And this one:

I had only one interest after the posting of that dream for participation. The evidence is in those threads that even the first dream I posted has some precognitive elements suggestive of what is matching the physical pattern.

Take the dream with Art Funkhouser…5&postcount=39

Dream 4: This dream I found interesting as I was at Art Funkhousers house and talking with his wife, she was telling me that Art speaks highly of me and she is very pleasant to speak with. “I feel the same about Art, he is an amazing person and has been a big inspiration for me”, I tell her.

I mention in my follow-up dream that he unexpectedly called me.…1&postcount=53

On a positive note, I did have a suprise Skype call with Art Funkhouser which greatly makes up for the lack of sleep I am experiencing right now. I found it so uncanny how acurate he looked in the dream [August 17th, 2010] being so fresh in my mind I just compared the quality of detail. I am not suggesting that the dream and the skype call are linked, however it is compelling how the mind is capable of drawing a concept of a person one has never met into such perfect resolution to how they look in waking life. Dreams never cease to impress. I’m not saying the meantioned dream has precognitive qualities as Art lives in Switzerland and I live in Canada. The likelyhood of us physically meeting is currently slim.

This is very telling of same to next few day symbolic precognition which you can see I have further anecdotes on my blog with photographs.…revisited.html…cognitive.html

You can read more about symbolic precognition in this article I wrote.…ive-dream.html

Which then brings up the Anthony Peake calls, again unexpected. The second attempt at calling me we could not establish a connection which is very much linked to a missed call in the end of the last dream posting in same-day/next day symbolic dreaming.…5&postcount=56
I end up having a dream within a dream and wake up in my bed. I hear my computer ringing and it’s Anthony again I run down to answer the call but missed him. I’m woken up suddenly for real

I can’t tamper with these postings, they are showing relevancy to waking life… and we are just getting started by any stretch of the imagination.

Like I said, this isn’t going to be easy, regardless of what I know about probability theory, non-linear and non-locality in regards to human cognition, it has yet to be proven and like I said… science is still struggling with the hard problems of consciousness and the subjective argument.

I need to establish pattern and base-line… it’s looking promising so far. The very first dream in fact is very telling to the future outcome as evident on ALL forums thanks.