August 17th, 2010 Dreams.

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[Header]Date: August 17th, 2010
Time: 6:07am
Author: Ian Andrew Wilson
Copyright: Public Domain by author 2010. Free for public use.

[Disclaimer]This is an ongoing personal investigation into precognitive dream potential. In no way is the information contained in this article claiming to be psychic or precognitive in nature. Not all textual translations of a dream can clearly depict the vast dream imagery and symbolism and what may be condensed down to a line of text could represent a largely descriptive visual dream environment. Low-order spelling and grammatical errors are expected as the material is written quickly and right after waking up from sleep. This text shall remain unchanged from the time it was posted, and should rehash into the MD5 code outside of the MD5 tags. In the future should any of the dream context match a real-life event the author will attempt to capture images or articles and describe how these events interconnect with the context within the dream.

All persons, characters and events contained in this article are as they appeared from within a dream, any similarities to public officials or people is completely coincidence and is not meant to reflect this person or persons in any way.

[Journal Entry]

Dream 1:
I’m busy with work so went to bed at 2:30am. Falling asleep, I find myself instantly in front of my computers resuming work. I’m awake and very lucid that I am back working and start to think that it’s odd that I am on my computer working again. Uncertain of how I thought that I went to bed and was actually still working created some interesting inner debate. Eventually to prove that I was not indeed working I woke myself up and proved that I was already in bed.

Dream 2:
When I fall asleep again, I have a dream that seems to be just continuing skeptical debate about precognition and non-locality. This time it’s not on the computer but rather talking with someone I know. There is a lot of context here but on waking suddenly again due to the baby I’m suffering from a type of memory collapse. Have to get a better control on the dream enviroment for the experiment. Always circumstances interfering.

TTB: 2:20am TA: 5:56am T2S: ~10m TTS: 3:16m ETID: ~20m (memory collapse truncated sense-of-time)

Dream 3: Talk with anthony peake.
In this dream, I am speaking with Anthony Peake. We are having an interesting discussion on dreaming. It might me another interview as I remember him asking me some questions and making some comments. It was very brief however because I am kicked awake not too shortly after starting to engage this dream.

Dream 4: This dream I found interesting as I was at Art Funkhousers house and talking with his wife, she was telling me that Art speaks highly of me and she is very pleasant to speak with. “I feel the same about Art, he is an amazing person and has been a big inspiration for me”, I tell her.

I see Art sitting at a table and I go and wash my hands. He looks very happy as we sit at the table and talk over some tea and light lunch. He commented on the conversation with is wife and I tell him that she is very kind.

We are talking about some TV interviews and I am telling him how grateful I am for everything we have shared. We both seem genuinely happy and enjoy eating lunch.

At one point I get up and the dream shifts a bit, I walk through a door and it shifts into a garage then I am out side throwing some rice and bean dish in the trash bin.

TTB: 6:30am TA: 8:10am T2S: ~20m TTS: 1h 20m ETID: ~1h (memory collapse truncated sense-of-time)

TTB: Time-To-Bed: The time the author went to bed.
TA: Time-Awake: The time the author woke up.
T2S: Time-To-Sleep: Estimated time it took to fall asleep.
TTS: Total-Time-Slept: Estimated time of sleep.
ETID: Estimated-Time-In-Dream: Estimated sense of time as it passed in the dream.

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