August 16th, 2010 – Non-lucid dreams.

This is the start of some more controls on experimenting with precognitive dreaming and the attempts to gather more data and evidence regarding the experience. Hopefully this will provide more compelling arguments for the experience, only time and success will tell.

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[Header]Date: August 16th, 2010
Time: 9:40am
Author: Ian Andrew Wilson
Copyright: Public Domain by author 2010. Free for public use.

[Disclaimer]This is an ongoing personal investigation into precognitive dream potential. In no way is the information contained in this article claiming to be psychic or precognitive in nature. Not all textual translations of a dream can clearly depict the vast dream imagery and symbolism and what may be condensed down to a line of text could represent a largely descriptive visual dream environment. Low-order spelling and grammatical errors are expected as the material is written quickly and right after waking up from sleep. This text shall remain unchanged from the time it was posted, and should rehash into the MD5 code outside of the MD5 tags. In the future should any of the dream context match a real-life event the author will attempt to capture images or articles and describe how these events interconnect with the context within the dream.

All persons, characters and events contained in this article are as they appeared from within a dream, any similarities to public officials or people is completely coincidence and is not meant to reflect this person or persons in any way.

[Journal Entry]

Dream 1:
The first dream I had was regarding this experiment. I was reading forum posts related to this subject. I was receiving some interest in the experimentation. There was some skepticism regarding the experiment which I was responding too, it seemed that the MD5 part of the experiment was likable but other conditions were not. I remember commenting on photographs, video and potentially other articles added in the future might be more compelling if patterns seemed to fit was past linked to a textual metaphor in the past.

In one case, there was a lady who was talking about how this happens to her and her family. She was interested in participating. I was flipping through a few forums looking for more interest in participation.

Dream 2:
This dream involved a conversation with a person, a male. He was tall, skinny and had glasses on. We were in a park possibly or walking down a street. The details are a bit blurry on being woken up by a screaming, kicking baby. A casualty of waking induced amnesia no doubt. I do know that My-Big-Toe was being discussed in some level of context but not really able to pull much out of that mess.

TTB: 1:30am TA: 2:36am T2S: ~20m TTS: ~46m ETID: ~40m

Obviously didn’t get anywhere sleeping so will go back and have another round before I continue.

Dream 3
I am in some subway system at and my friends walk onto a train. My friends already got their tickets and I don’t. It is a short 1 stop trip we need to take to another terminal. The usher turns me away for no ticket. I go to the terminal to get one. The terminal has a steel pad with symbols and is too complicated.

I try to punch in my destination, they want all sorts of irrelevant information. I am holding up the line. Struggling to pay the ticket. A lady frustrated helps me by doing it for me. I get my ticket and run back to the train.

Just as I am arriving the doors close and I watch as the train starts to pull out of the station. My friends are laughing and waving at me. I turn back defeated and walk to sit on a bench and wait for the next train.

Dream 4
I am at a friends Chinese restaurant eating won-ton soup. The broth tastes really good. There is some bok choy, green onions floating on the top. A nice piece of pork sliced. I just sit and enjoy eating the soup. My mom is there with me. She also likes the soup. We are sitting in a booth and a waiter comes up and asks us how everything was. I tell him it’s very good.

Later I am visiting friends and talking about eating at the restaurant. It’s the twins. We are talking about old times and new times.
This is all taking place in Penticton.

With girl I knew from high-school, we are driving to a club in Penticton called Night-Moves. We park in a lot behind Ellis street and reminisce about old times [ false memory here; what was in the dream is a total fabrication of events that never took place in waking life ]. It turns out in the past we were boyfriend / girlfriend and had an intimate relationship. Some of that is partly true however she was claiming we had sex in the parking lot in a van. That is the fabrication and false memory.

We walk to the night-club, stand in line and go in. The dream shifts into a house it seems.

Dream 5
I am at a house. It seems the family is involved in the entertainment industry. I am there for quite some time (couple hours at least) talking with a man and his kids are running around. I’m playing some guitar and he’s writing music. We are going to make dinner on the patio and BBQ.

When I walk out I hear the kids yelling, screaming having a hell of a good time. I wonder what the ruckus is all about. I watch as they are diving off the balcony falling two stories then floating before they hit the bottom. They then float back up and do it again. The Father throws down a towel which falls with seemingly convincing gravity and folds. The dream realism is quite acute. Even touching the banister on the balcony felt cold, steel and solid. I leaned on it to look at the bizarre dream-like quality of the kids flying.

It reminds me of when I was a kid and could fly in my dreams. I was thrilled that they were also dreaming of flying. Interesting how it didn’t queue me to the fact I was dreaming. The realism was just to entrancing to break free.

Dream 6
At a shopping mall. I am sitting on a bench and have three CD’s for a female artist called “Under”. She was at the mall and apparently we were with friends of hers. I wasn’t a friend, I was the new guy who was the friend of the friend of hers. She saw I had three of her CD’s and recognized them. I had never listened to them before and didn’t even know who the artist was. I opened one of the covers and looked at the semi-translucent CD.

The artist seemed young, in her 20’s and she was blond and had very striking eyes. Quite cute to say the least. She was happy that I had her CD’s and offered to autograph them. I obliged and she signed them each. We all left the mall to go to a party. We fast-forward to the party. There are a few celebrities there that I recognize. Ashton Kucher and Jeff Goldbloom to name a few.

The party goes on for a while, I know because I drink 7 beers in the dream and can account for each one. This dream definitely lasted hours and I was sitting hanging out with Under and her friends. I got to start liking her as a person. Her one friend kind of looked like her. They were both really beautiful. These clearly are people I don’t know from my waking life. I never heard of any band called Under.

Aston is there with other people and he’s being funny cracking jokes and not taking things to seriously. At one point I am talking with Jeff Goldbloom drinking beer and that’s how I remembered these two dream characters.

There is a bar, and I keep going back there to get a refill of beer. I am drinking some kind of American beer, like a Samuel Adams. I remember thinking it tasted like Alexander Keith’s. It was good beer, ice cold and refreshing.

The bar tender was a middle aged man. He wore a black button shirt with a color. Had dark black hair and a small spot of hair on his chin. He always looked at me a bit odd. It unsettled me but the beer was worth his quirky demeanor.

I start getting drunk after the 5th beer. I can feel the alcohol and I’m a little more tipsy and loosened up. Now I am starting to joke around with Under and her friends. We mostly stay at one table at the party talking. She’s talking about her music career. I’m talking about my company and what we do there.

At one point I have to go to the bathroom. It was really nice, beautiful tile and large. I keep getting up to go get beer. After my 7th beer I was quite glowing with alcohol. The party is starting to wrap up and I go to get one last beer. There are bottles all over the bar and I end up knocking a few over. After seeing that, the bartender won’t serve me anymore.

I try to plea with him for one more beer before the night is over. He’s being a prick so won’t let me have one. Under and her friend come to find me at the bar. Under is talking about where the next after-party is at and that we should all go there. They pack a few bottles of hard-alcohol and here I am really looking at her facial features. She has freckles, a really nice shaped nose. I find her eyes really interesting because they are a little on the large size. I keep looking at her nose when she talks, I find the nose details really unique. She keeps looking at me briefly while she talks and her other friend is there both chatting it up about the party, how much fun they had and where to go next.

It’s here that the party has changes slightly. My kids and wife are now there and I hear my 19mo old crying. I snap out of my stupor and go looking for her. She is with some strange man that I don’t know. He is East Indian and gives me a really dark vibe. I take my baby from him and she has a mouth full of glitter. It’s all over her face and I accuse the man of doing that to her. It looked like he was pouring something in her mouth when I ran up there.

I rush her to a bathroom where I start to scrape the glitter off her tongue. I take several finger scoops from her mouth to get as much out as I can. I wipe it on a towel, she is very unhappy. It’s in her eyes and I wet a cloth and try to clean it off her face. A lady comes, turns on black-light. Suddenly my baby’s face suddenly reveals a circus du Sollie style [third dream now with this themed] mask.

I am amazed at how detailed and beautiful the artwork is. How it required black-light to reveal all the intricate designs. Regardless of how amazing it looked from an artistic perspective, I was still very angry about the glitter episode. Once I have all the glitter cleaned up and she’s happy. I go back into the party. I find my wife and give my daughter and go find this man responsible for the glitter.

I confront him over it. He doesn’t speak English and is being rude, this makes me more angry so I flip him onto the ground. I start to stomp on his face repeatedly but it does nothing. He passes out however and I notice the wall has all these drawers with make-up and raw powders etc. Not sure why so much face-painting themes in my dreams of late. Have to write it as I see it.

I also notice that my other daughter is sleeping on the floor. I pick her up and go to find my wife, who has now lost track of the baby. In frustration, I go looking for her. She is with another man who is feeding her a doughnut. I go and get her back and am angry that people are just taking these liberties with my child. They are strangers and it makes me angry.

I start to think they might be creepy pedophiles and get my family out of there to a safer place to be. I wake up.

TTB: 3:30am TA: 5:33am T2S: ~10m TTS: 1h 50m ETID: ~8h (could be more hard to guage time here because so many dreams took place, many of them seemed to last for hours)

I tried for another short nap to see if any dreams would come of it. Falling asleep was so miserably with the baby constantly kicking and moving I ended up just in a semi-asleep state thinking until I had to get up for work.

TTB: Time-To-Bed: The time the author went to bed.
TA: Time-Awake: The time the author woke up.
T2S: Time-To-Sleep: Estimated time it took to fall asleep.
TTS: Total-Time-Slept: Estimated time of sleep.
ETID: Estimated-Time-In-Dream: Estimated sense of time as it passed in the dream.

*Just a note, the Under crew were all people I have never met or seen before, I tried googling to see if there is a band called under, but found none as that title. It clearly was under written in text and we were calling her that name in the dream. Kind of a lame name for a band if you ask me. Funny how dreams can create such elaborate and detailed phanerons.

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