August 15, 2010 – Non-Lucid Dreams. Virtual Reality

One thing is clear. Time for the baby to sleep in her own room. Over 8 interrupted sleeps, it is amazing I remember anything at all. Each interrupted sleep collapsed a dream, and being the weekend I am not aggressively attempting to log these dreams. I also drank 2 beer last night so any alcohol seems to diminish and affect dream recall. However, with a little amount it’s not so bad.

Dream 1:
This dream is like recovering a past life, it collapsed so fast when I was woken up suddenly. I know that I dreamed, I knew I had lots of activity and coherent dialog and purpose.

When the kid kicked my face, it’s like watching a tunnel of memory collapse and fold on itself in a nano-second. A very rapid purge of the dream that induces what I call waking induced amnesia.

I started to try to uncollapse the memory, had flashes of being at a research center, talking with psychologists. We were discussing dream related cognition. However, so much of the dialog is unrecoverable. There was a female in her late 30’s perhaps early 40’s hard to guess at age here.

Suffice to say, we seemed to have a compelling conversation, I can’t remember much other then again it’s dream related.

Dream 2:
This dream involved floor polishers, a convention and some interesting floor cleaning robots. There were a few booths. I was with this person who set down a box with a cool robotic floor cleaner. He opened the box pulled the machine out, pulled it out of Styrofoam and plastic. Started to set it up and was talking about it’s features.

He turns it on, it has a voice and a control panel screen. He sets it up to do a perimeter check first. Where the robot maps out the floor first in a trial-run then proceeds to clean the floor.

There was a dog there that was excited when the robot came near it and we laughed.

Without clear coherent chronology, I end up in another part of the dream where I have left the convention and was driving. I stopped just to observe the city skyline and it was absolutely breathtaking and beautiful.

There was clouds in the sky and the city was light it with skyscrapers and everything was so real in appearance.

I go back to where this convention was, and I have a key to the door and unlock it and go in. It’s late at night now and there is no-one there. There is just the show floor and one booth left.

This older man probably 40-50 with a beard comes and greets me. He tells me he is very honored to meet me and glad that we could connect after the conference. I can’t quite recall the jest of what he was saying to me, but it was along the lines of, “Thanks for publishing your book on dreams. I found the information really interesting. I have been considering the implications of a non-physical reality and think it’s amazing that people can live in this second-life through sleep.”

We start talking about the non-linear and non-localized way that consciousness can become self-realized in states that represent an experience of reality be it in waking reality or other.

I start discussing how it’s largely focus states and phasing that allows the a shift in perception that enables alternative datastreams to engage our perception interface and render a coherent experience within the BIMAX (Tony Peaks expansion on the Cartesian Theatre).

Again, this is really interpreting the jest of what we talked about, I know it was very similar to this in context but there might be some misrepresentation here of what was actually said due to the difficulty of remembering.

“What people may not appreciate is the fact that incoherent data in the form of dream mimic similar incoherent data in waking reality where by we must interpret the data, convert the data into a coherent programing language that is then processed by the brain and the end result of this translation is projected onto the BIMAX for the purpose of having a cognitively rendered phaneron of the data.” I speak.

He brings up Tom Campbells, “My-Big-Toe” and how he found that very fascinating and what the implications are if there really are digital components to the nature of reality and that everything is founded on virtual reality theory.

I tell him that this is very evident with dreaming, that we have a prime example where by an external source, the brain is producing the mechanics required to produce a virtual reality simulator that can be programmed by thought and projected into a final product within the BIMAX.

“This is a virtual reality in all sense of the word when you look at dreaming. I cite Brian Whitworth in the conversation saying that much of his publications of VR theory can be directly applied to dreaming. The recursive feedback interface is essential to how dreams are self-fulfilling virtual reality concepts.”, I say.

We have a very long engaging discussion on these topics and there is more I cannot remember however ironically I don’t realize I am actually in a dream, talking about a dream and applying this to current virtual reality theory suffice to say on waking it really is intriguing to have such a relevant and coherent discussion that draws from this theoretical science and applies it to a real-life example of the mechanics of virtual realty at work.

I’m such a dream geek. There is more that I just can’t remember but that is what happens when you get interrupted by the baby. I still love her but both the wife and I agree she’s getting evicted. Not that she doesn’t have a stellar nursery to go to, it’s all pimped out.