August 14th, 2007 HyperCube Dream.

August 14, 2010

I worked late in the night and decided to take a nap on the couch. I managed to dream the following, but in a non-lucid state.

In this dream, I am sitting outside in a park playing with a hypercube. There is a lady there and she is telling me how to use it. The cube is like a very intricate clock as it moves on it’s own and seems to have features similar to a rubic cube and a tesseract.

She describes the cube as being fourth-dimensional space/time enfolding on itself in the form of information and data. She tells me that I have to find an entry point into this data to make sense of the information. To do this she says I need a means by which I can interface and render the context into a way that is coherent to my subjective time/space vector within this all encompassing database. She describes everything here exists in every permutation of time and probability. Think of it as a many-world interpretation of a choose your own adventure book.

I focus on a pin-point on the enfolding cube and suddenly I feel myself move into a tunnel vision view of information. Rather then normal waking perception where the view is more 180 flat screen, this tunnel is a near perfect circle with 3D rendered virtual environment.

How I am interpreting the dream is interesting and the lady is now a voice rather then a character attempting to explain this new process.

“You are now rendering based on perception your world-view of this information. How you direct your intent and choices within this limited decision space determines how the outcome of the adventure actualizes and becomes real, the rest of the data exists as probability only.”

I look at the tunnel and it forks into many decision paths and I can see many probabilities as she described but my interest is in making only one choice and traversing down one tunnel. The model of probability collapses and I am back to a coherent linear flow of information.

I get pulled outside the tunnel and she is engaging me again. “You have now serialized the data into an actual experience. You have a subjective interpretation of what that data represented that is now rendered into your memories based on your perception. This in turn creates your actualized reality which is the outcome of choice made within this hypercube.”

I see the tunnel based on my perception and it is now stretched out representing time and the time I was in the cube actualizing choices from probability. I can also see in a translucent state all the probability choices enfolding around the tunnel.

I look at the beginning and the end of the tunnel and it looks like spaggetti, the twists and turns merely representing choices affecting probability.

“Reality is more probable then actual, and it is through your free-will conscious intent that determines how probability collapses into actual experience. What was actually your reality was the result of choices”, she explains.

She suggests that in waking reality we are also interfacing with data and probability where-by our observation and choices creates the difference between probability and actuality. Two totally different states of the same data but only one strand that represents what actually occurred opposed to what could have occurred had choices been different.

“You affect causality with choice. This in turn affects the outcome. It is individual choices that affect how your life can be lived. You can have probable lives where you have died in a car accident, experienced nuclear war or lived happily ever after. None-of-this would be apparent to you because all you knew was what actualized as a result of your choices as you collapsed probability into actuality.” she explains.

I think about everything she is suggesting, and I find myself sitting back in the park holding this hypercube and watch it enfolding on itself like a rubic cube.

“Huh?”, I think. “That means our thoughts and choices are collapsing what is probable into what is actual at that time we interact with the data. We are effectively creating a low-order reality outcome based on these choices.”

For example, the choice to say something nice to a person could affect your entire future friendship with them. You choice not to could cause the friendship to fade. All of this deterministic probability exists at the time of that one choice.

What it doesn’t do is guarantee a wining lottery because you can only act on what sensible choices are available in terms of turning left or right. However in doing so, suddenly turning left on a street instead of right can have a seemingly butterfly-effect on what actualizes for your completed journey with the hypercube. I think about all these strange ideas and it seems to make sense. Choices affect causality… of course they do.

*Now keep in mind during recall of this, I have to translate every nuance of the experience into my native language of English and I hope that I have a verbal metaphor to describe the actual event in the dream. There can be lost-in-translation details and close-to but not quite what she said interpretation. This is memory and language limits only.

new dream
This dream is proving hard to recall, I know I am with some people I recognize and we are working together. It is not as coherent as the hypercube dream, it seems I was more interested in what the hypercube dream was describing to me that the second dream was less interesting.

I know there is a point where I have to go to the bathroom in the dream, the female wants to also have food and we encounter some problems making up our mind as to what we want.

What is funny, is this is actually a very long dream and there is a lot of events that seem to be there. I can get the sense-of-time as being quite long. I have these fragments of memory now like flash-back moments but the coherent flow of the dream is uncertain.

It was very mundane to say the least so I’ll leave it at that.

Just wanted to note, in the hypercube dream she also was showing me how other people’s choices are also affecting my decision space hence why their choice to launch nuclear bombs exist as probability so the outcome of that choice results in a probable death by nuclear fire. Reading the dream I realize I left out other people’s affect on causality and my reality when they also make similar choices affecting cause and effect.

What is suggested is that all probability has been predetermined not saying that is at all what occurs in waking reality but the dream was interesting to say the least.