August 8th and August 10th Dreams. Some Lucid.

With work, it’s becoming harder and harder to stay on top of blogging dreams however if I can get up early enough I can get them down by may not have time to get to the blog. Here are two recent dreams. Some interesting insights in the last dream in this sequence.

August 08, 2010

Time-To-Bed: 2:20am
Time-Awake: 3:15am
Estimated Time 7hr

Had another time dilated dream, was rudely woken up as usual but trying to get as much down before it fades. Not sure how many days at least two I can remember and lots of work.

Dreamed that I am working in a new office. The company is very happy to have me there but as usual, having such a broad range of skills means a lot of overwhealming tasks outside my usual reasonable ability to commit to deadlines.

The company has me doing both graphical design, programming and IT work. I just fit so many niche spots well that they don’t know what to have me to do. There are several people working there, a nice mix of male and female employees.

I am really hustling to get projects done. The company is also very nice, buying me food and lunches.
The problem is they buy lots of unhealthy food. They like to go out for coffee as a group and we were standing on a street corner.

I goof around and start to dance, I am wearing a blue sports suite with tie. It’s pretty funny how I am dancing, and they laugh at me. I just do a few funny moves.

Two older female prostitutes walk through an alley way and they nearly start fighting with each other. I yell “Fight, Fight, Fight” and the group of us run around. This startles them and they don’t fight.

I tell them, “Be kind to each other, take care loves.” and they seem to like that better then the fight. There are a couple of african guys who work with us, they are very athletic and seem fond of me. Kind of have a whole nickname thing going on. Not sure what it is woken up so abruptly maybe it will pop back.

There are really some genuine hours of work and lunches here, meetings with the boss going over tasks and projects. Even project meetings, driving on the street back and forth to work.

At the end of our day, everyone leaves but I have to work late… too much work to do in a normal work shift as usual. The african guys want me to come to a gym with them but I can’t. Work is in the way. They drive off in a white pick-up truck.

My wife comes to my office to check on me. She is unhappy that my job is trying to appease me by buying all this fast food. She gives me a lecture on how fattening it is and how I’m back working late hours and doesn’t understand why I can’t get a job that is normal like everyone else. I try to explain that my line of work has too much work for just the usual work hours and requires such specialized skills sometimes that a person like me tends to have to work late to make deadlines.

She doesn’t care. I don’t really know what to say or do because I need the job and need to keep them happy. She makes me throw away Styrofoam containers of Chinese food and a take-out cup of pop. She looks in the garbage at all the junk food and gets mad.

It seems all she does it get angry about everything, I wonder if she’ll ever just relax and go with the flow and not be so bent out of shape over circumstances she cannot control. I shrug it off and we go outside. A lady asks us for directions to get to Naramata and I give her directions.

I literally travel there fast-forward as I explain to make sure I don’t miss a turn. It’s here that I get woken up by a loud in my face kid yelling my name. Late night cup of milk for the win.

Anyways, much of the dream is collapsed due to waking up suddenly however I was able to retrieve a good portion of it and hastily jotted what I could down. There is a lot more, but this is the best I can get due to circumstances and there is no doubt in my mind now that although the dream spanned a couple of days, there is genuine hours of time that seems to be here in the experiences and memories that I have woken up with in such a short nap.

August 10th, 2010

Dream 1

At restaurant with wife and kids inside a mall. The waiter brings us gummy food for dessert. Arianna is there but she is older then in waking life, she has nice hair and she is talking more coherently. We are going to go watch a movie, it is a kids show.

We settle down in our seats and I get up to go get the kids some popcorn and candy from the concession. However walking back the dream extends into a much larger and more confused state because I forget about the movie with the kids and am now walking to a section of the mall where there is a battle of the bands going on.

All of these bands are setup in sections on the floor all rocking out. One band plays some amazing metal music, I’ve never heard the music in waking life but real or not, the music was loud, thundering guitar and drums and completely awesome to listen to. When the band stops the song I scream out, “That was awesome!” and I hear them cheer.

I wake up but drift back into sleep.

Dream 2
Have a waking dream, meaning I am fully awake but think I am actually awake but not realized that I am dreaming. I sit up and go on my computer, I have a bad case of gas and think the wife won’t notice because she’s sleeping. I let it rip, now normally I don’t fart in my dreams so this in itself is slightly embarrassing to talk about but funny because it just goes on and on. I am in disbelief that I can be farting as long as I had been, then I look at the bed and see my body lying there and I laugh. I’m breaking world records for breaking wind and now realize that I am in a waking dream.

I have to wake up because I do have gas in waking reality and so I excuse myself to deal with it… which in turn was a small toot in comparison to the mighty trumpet it caused in my dream..

Dream 3

Fall right into a lucid dream from sleep and it is most excellent. In the dream I find myself in an alley way in downtown Kelowna behind Bernard Street. I realize I am near the Town Center Mall in the back alley and as I am walking just getting my orientation I don’t realize that I am no inside the mall until I look around and see that I am there. It seems that I just segued from the alley to the mall and at first I am creeped out by this transition as it is all unnatural.

Then I realize of course it is, I am dreaming!

I look at the mall and see all of the same waking life details except it’s not open yet and everything is closed. I am thrilled at how detailed the dream is. I lift my hand up and look at it, it looks very real short of all the seeming strands of energy emanating from around it.

That said, it has the correct skin tone, hair follicle, veins and texture of my waking hand. I look upward at the ceiling and wonder why all the realism and physical symbolism then.

“It is to keep everything within the context of your human experience”, a thought emanates.

That makes sense, if it was outside my current reality framework the experience might be rejected. I cause the dream to fluctuate slightly and become less real and more holographic.

I speak out, “Is there any intelligence outside myself that is here?”

I wait for a reply and there is none. I feel like the dream itself entraps me into a focus state and entrances my awareness to limit me. It seems like a lot of work is going on to keep context and I am not sure if that is important.

The dream becomes even more holographic and translucent and the void is now visible. “Look, I know you are here, I can feel you. We can talk if you like.”, I speak out at the void.

I get the impression that the time for chit-chat is really over instead I am left on my own. I get that impression like I have all I need to know to continue on without guidance, but under observation.

I lower my hand and start to feel myself wake up.

Wake up due to outside noise.

Dream 4
This dream involves a BBQ and my Mother. For some reason the BBQ is all burned up and my Mom is upset because she really liked that BBQ and now it’s gone. She’s crying and I show her she has 3 other BBQ’s but she doesn’t care because they can’t replace her destroyed BBQ.

*waking life note: What concerns me in waking life is the symbolism is the BBQ could be symbolic of one of her pets as she has 2 dogs and 2 cats. Hopefully not but that is suggestive in the symbolism and would make more sense in real-life if it was a pet. Dream symbology is a tough beast to crack and make sense of.

I walk in garden get string, start unraveling string turns into wheat stalk there is a spider with the nick name, “Tea cup” and apparently it’s deadly so I panic and throw it on the ground and step over it.

Walk to a separate shed room for house go in and work on my book. Am writing a book on dreams.

A person comes in, has two heads and one is female the other is male. Trips my knowing it’s a dream.

I talk with the person that they are looking for me to chat. He tries to tell me that I told him it was a dream the last time we spoke with the doctor before I took my medicine. I know exactly what he is trying to do with mind game play.
I grab his arm and just anchor myself into the dream and become fully realized. I just stare at him in dead-pan and allow the knowing of myself to flow.

Suddenly his mind-game is replaced with just awe and I start to deconstruct the person into a spiritual energy matrix then back again.

He runs off and I look at what I was writing on the computer with great curiosity. I see it’s about dreams and I scroll through some passages. The context is interesting but not what I would write about if I was conscious, it was to incoherent and lacks the razors edge I want. I am happy to read the text none-the-less knowing it was a dream.

Garbage truck outside waking me up, I see hypnopompic imagery and fight to stay in the dream and not wake up, but I can feel my physical body and interfaced with my physical eyes. I send signals back to my body to just ignore the external noise and sleep, it seems to work and the now two-dimensional hypnopompic imagery expands into a full 3D world.

Dream 5

I am now in a lecture, and I am talking about dreaming. I have a class full of very curious students not all of them open minded. I am fully conscious and realize that instantly that I am in the dream.

“Welcome to my internal course on Dreaming everyone, I am you friend and teacher Ian Wilson. Today we will be discussing dreams as they relate to organized thoughts.”, I explain.

Everyone is middle aged or older, definitely 30+ and sitting in chairs as if in a casual lecture hall. “It’s great to see so many people here in this dream, which begs the question how many of you know this is a dream, please raise your hand.”, I ask.

They look at me, and at each other slightly confused. There is a man with a thin beard and curly hair, he is thin and looks at me excitedly and raises his hand.

I hear someone ask, “How can this be a dream?” and their questioning is gaining support of others coming to that same assumption.

I focus on the one person with the hand held up, “Good, can you tell me why you think this is a dream?”

“I don’t know, but it really makes sense that this is a dream. I don’t remember how I got here and I am pretty sure I was just in my bed.”, he replies.

“Very good answer, and you are in a dream. Which then begs the question, ‘Are we all mutually here or is this simply my dream and you are all fictional characters within it?’”, I ask.

They all look at each other and I hear the chatter of many voices. “How is this your dream?”, a person asks.

“Why do you ask? Are you dreaming it?”, I answer back.

“I’m not sure, I think so.”, he replies (not the same person).

“How many of you think this is your dream, and you are dreaming it?”, I ask the class.

This time all the hands go up and I applaud. “Excellent, so we all agree we each are dreaming this dream which in turn our beliefs demand that this must be subjective and exclusive to each other. Yet if you are dreaming it, and I am dreaming it, where then does such a subjective dream become mutual?”, I ask.

Everyone is getting excited and interested in what I am saying. People start to stand up and really look around with sincere interest at the dreamworld.

“How do you know all of this?”, one of them asks me.

“This is why you are attending my class. You want to know this too.”, I tell them.

“Everyone, I want to assure you that this is a dream. I know it appears very real and many of you are not awake or conscious enough to fully appreciate the implication of being here. This is what makes dreaming so exciting, is the unknowing we have and the fact we must wake up and return to another focus state and different local.”, I explain.

“We may not know if this is mutual or not, there is uncertainty that exists right now because I can clearly see right now that all of you are unknown to me in my waking life, however that doesn’t excuse me from knowing that objectivity exists here and we could all be unknowing participants in a mutual and objective experience.”, I continue.

“What is most important is we are all indeed here and dreaming together, if it is mutual or not becomes less important to the basic fundamental source of the experience being a dream not a physical reality”, I explain.

I walk looking at the students knowing I am dreaming, totally thrilled that I am teaching a course on dreams within a dream with uncertainty that it could be mutual and all of this thrills my curiosity enough not to change the dream knowing in a whim I could summon sexy women, space invaders… however exciting that might be, I know this is what I really want to experience. I continue with the flow and engage the dream fully as if everyone is there with me mutually.

“Dreams are organized thoughts. However we deconstruct this reality into it’s finite states, thought is at the core of the fabric that describes what this reality comes from. What we need to understand is thought also forms a type of language which in turn we are using to communicate to each other; but not in our verbal exchange. This is all very metaphorical now to the bigger truth that this is a non-verbal language and we are communicating in a more evolved and symbolic medium that takes on the form of the dream reality itself.”, I continue.

“How does thought form a dream?”, someone asks.

“The same way it forms an inner sound when you think of a word and the same way that it forms an image when you imagine something visually. As you can see by this dream, we are all sharing a non-verbal construct giving us the context of reality but the fabric of all the ideas forming this dream reality stem from organized thought. What is more interesting to me is how we are all entangled so that mutuality in our thinking occurs.”, I explain.

What I am suggesting here is an answer to how subjective dreamers mutually dream when unknowing to them a type of entanglement comes when we mutually dream allowing for the objectivity to occur so that the context and local of the dream is the product of entanglement on a smaller scale then waking reality.

“I want everyone to just walk outside and observe the dream, take time to try to become awake and conscious that you are dreaming. Try to think and really analyze your perception of this reality in the context of it being a dream.”, I tell them.

In the street there are other people not part of the class, not so open minded as my students. “The next hard question is, how does something organized by thought in the form of a dream later actualize into waking reality?” I ask the class.

Now we have new strangers and new interest as I am clearly talking loud and making my thoughts known to all who may be entangled in mutuality. Imagine in waking reality you are sitting watching this guy come out of a building as you are sitting at a table drinking your coffee and suddenly he is telling you and everyone around you that you are in a dream.

The look on everyone’s faces as they looked at me is probably how you would look at me in waking life… like I am completely insane. That said, this is a lucid dream and I am quite eager to continue the flow as both the intellectual and philosophical concepts presented in real run-time dreaming is stimulating me in some geeky dream way. Hard to explain but then… welcome to my rabbit hole.

At any rate, the students are not sure of the answer. I ask the question to everyone, “How does something we dream, that is clearly organized thought later actualize into something we experience in waking reality? Anyone?”, I ask.

This old professor type looks at me and beacons me to come with him. We walk into a true lecture hall in some University (obviously a quick dream local shift happens and like my earlier one, I am wowed and totally hip with how cool that was).

He lies his head on a wooden rail that sits as a fence to the class room. There is a large chalkboard and it is blank but has obvious signs of use and chalk smears on it.

At first I am thinking he is praying and I want him to answer the question, I am still very lucid and feel what a great chance to dig for this kind of in-dream answers, perhaps maybe I can steal it from the collective unconscious. “Look, this is a dream and I want you to focus on this question, why can something that we dream later actualize into our waking reality?”, I ask again.

He rolls his eyes in my direction and lifts his head up. I get a good look at him. He has white hair, no facial beard, he is shorter then me so probably 5′ 8” or less. Wearing a brown suit and clearly the professor type.

“You are really left-brain centric right now. I can see all that intellect and logic in you. The answer you seek is very complex, maybe you should ask someone who can give you a more basic answer.”, he tells me.

I look at him and laugh, “Don’t be so presumptuous, just because I am using English as my second-language (implying that non-verbal communication is my first) doesn’t mean I am not able to grasp at your big theories and ideas. I have seen the birth and deaths of entire Universes. What have you seen?”.

His eyes open up with awe and he steps back. The look on his face says it all, “Who the hell are you.”

“Look, I am just messin’ with you, the fact you even tried to answer the question and considered it is very remarkable. The answer is self-evident and I already know. It is because waking reality itself is a type of dream, but on a much larger scale factor then what we entertain in this moment right now.”

I pat him on the back and shake his hand. “You can relax now, it’s not a big deal. Don’t read into it too much.”

“You… you are right!”, he says.

“I know, much of what we explore in our subjective dreams entertain a much smaller scale then what has been organized into what we experience in our waking life. Certainly the local is different but what really should impress our minds is the magnitude and scale.”, I tell him.

What theory is emerging is our dreams form a “holographic data model” that is influenced largely by entanglement (to give chronological context and order to time/space), that thoughts replace photons and electrons as the reality draft in the form of probability. The initial local of the dream (the stage) is uploaded to the dreamer through entanglement, just like the mutual dream discussion.

In waking reality, the entanglement caused within the dream creating this holographic model goes through actualization meaning it simply progresses up the holographic chain until time/space synchronize with the content of the dream packet. The rest is wave-function collapse of the organized thought data packet, into the appearance of photons, electrons and atoms. It is a brilliant use of thought-wave form to create and organize the photons, electrons and quantum states that will collapse when observed in waking reality. It becomes so clear, so obvious that the underlying order of all reality is again thought and entanglement.

At least… that is what it suggests to me in the dream. On waking I am not as sure but the ideas are so compelling and interesting I have to write them down.

If this is at all true, one has to consider scale and the process of unfolding a holographic data packet into an actualization; how it is all organized is through entanglement (that everything knows what state to be in when we are engaging that time/space local subjectively in the dream).

Not sure if it’s a wow moment for me but what a great night of lucid dreaming. I had a blast. Here is another interesting catch phrase that I catch myself saying either in extreme cases of waking life intoxication or in some dreams, “I have seen the death and birth of entire Universes”.

Clearly when I wake up or sober up I have not, but some part of me seems to suggest that I or it has. Perhaps Tony’s theory of the Daemon?

At any right, this dream had some interesting insights into mutual dream reality, precognitive dream theory and I felt it would be a crime to not write it down if there is any ounce of truism to any of it. Not the best formula for science but we are talking precognitive dreams and shared dreaming here.