Revisiting Kevin’s Triangle.

After my Webcast TV Interview with Anthony Peake, I thought it would be beneficial to examine the evidence simply using my iPhone and the pictures I have to show there is no Photoshop trickery here.

Here is a video of the Photographs and my Hand which I also induced a similar triangle 12 years ago as a type of string-on-the-finger reminder. Now I admit this won’t be compelling until I deconstruct the images and the hand further to help you zoom into the details; however seeing it in the video will become more relevant.

These images are over 12 years old when in a lucid dream, I caused a triangle to appear on the forehead of the person in the photographs. What makes this compelling is the fact that the dream actualized and came true in the same manner that precognitive dreams spontaneously come true.

The nature of Precognition is greatly misunderstood however this blog has been dedicated to helping unravel the mystery with what little evidence to help suggest more research and sincere investigation into the relationship between dreams and waking reality is indeed needed.

I will now simply post raw images I took today, August 9, 2010 to show I can reproduce the evidence from the images and my hand at will to simply eliminate the obvious claims that this is all photoshop. Now skeptics can move to more interesting arguments such as the triangle was already there, or there was no controls etc.

Here are the Raw Photographs from this video without markup or mapping so bear with me as we need to further deconstruct the evidence.

This is a closer shot of the two photographs. A bit blurred the images still show the redness of the triangle unaltered or enhanced with a raw photograph.

I zoomed my iPhone closer to the one image and the red triangle clearly shows albiet a bit blurry from the lack of focus control.

This is the Polaroid photo, the very first photo I took of the Triangle which again shows it’s location, clear enough to make the image out with the blur from the camera zoom and no focus control.
Here is a side-by-side shot of the images.
This is my left hand and there is also a triangle I induced using the same method here. It may be tough to source out but I’ll provide some examples from other sources for this thread.

Here is a closer zoom.
And a closer zoom still.
Stay Tuned, I will deconstruct these images and post more details. Let’s start with the raw batch taken today, August 9th, 2010.