Deconstructing a Symbolic Precognitive Dream

This is in relation to my August 7th Dream and demonstrates what I call Symbolic Precognitive Dreams where the precognitive symbolism appears and is revealed in a next day format.

Read, “The Anatomy of a Precognitive Dream” for more details. And for context you can read my August 7th Blog Post.

Here is an image collage from today, August 8th, 2010 when I was conducting my interview at my Wife’s place of business with Anthony Peake for “Unraveling the Secrets” which I’ll blog about once I have the link for the show.

I have highlighted all the elements that shared same day and next day precognitive symbolism and where I have some photos, I’ve added to the collage.

I deconstruct a day-before symbolic precognitive dream with all the elements that it predicted but was heavily wrapped in dream symbology. Keep in mind this is not literal precognition so the content of the dream can match key symbols in real life, and not accurately.

However this is a prime case to deconstruct the symbolism. I will break down the image numbers as such for clarity:

1.) Razor Blade.
2.) Drinking straw or Double Chopstick choice.
3.) Straw in tea and tea bag.
4.) Mardis Gras event on August 7th with masks.

5.) To get the other symbolic event you need to watch Anthony’s and my interview where I was Interupted. When I deconstructed the above symbolism I realized that there was a good chance I was going to be interrupted even though no one works at my Wife shop on Sundays.

Here is the Dream and I will insert what events matched my waking life events through symbolism. And highlight the sections with the symbolism.

Here is the link to the blog posted on the 7th so time stamped for such.

August 7th 2010

This was an interesting dream in terms of the type of awareness it invoked. I am staying at a friends apartment and apparently he does cocaine. He wants me to do some and the drug is something I have never done in real life and in the dream I am also not interested.

We end up having a party there and these amazingly beautiful women were there dressed up in skin tight costumes again, looking very much like Circus du Soleil. They had sparkly face paint on that simply was professionally done with rich gradient hues and interesting lines.

* My wife and I went to a party last night where her friend at the shop celebrated her wedding party from Mexico. Earlier that day she made me come to the shop with the kids because outside there was a Marti-Gras event and people were having their face painted. It was in no way professional and the women were not there. Darn. However parents and kids were wearing masks and face paint. I didn’t photograph strangers for obvious reasons of privacy.

This is the second dream in the last couple of weeks where such beautiful costumes are themed in the dream, so I thought I would make note of it. In the dream I took photographs of all the girls. We party all night and it’s a total blast.

* Back to the party with my wife, it lasts for our evening and we return home for bet. At the party were lots of bikers and they were so awesome to party with. this might have create the cocaine impression on the dream because that “thought” did cross my mind at the party.

In the morning I wake up all alone in the apartment. I leave to go see where everyone is. In my pocket there is the bag of cocaine and I am shocked that I have it on my person. Afraid that somehow I might get arrested for it I head back to the place where I found it.

* The cocaine is actually a bag of tea and I’ll demonstrate how this is later on. Image 3 (Sorry for just slapping them together in a collage first).

In the dream, I am not being tempted to do this cocaine by my inner conscience. “You’ve never tried cocaine, here’s your chance and no one is around to see you do it.”, my inner conscience thinks.

“I don’t even know how much to take, what if I overdose?”, I am engaging my conscience.

“You won’t, just make two lines, one for each nostril.”, my conscience thinks.

I am not even sure on how to do it and not sure I even want to. However my inner conscious is really pressuring me to take this drug which is against my normal waking morals. It even instructs me further, “Get a straw from the kitchen and measure out enough on the table, and create two lines with that razer blade.”

* At the barber shop, this was the first tip off that the symbolism wasn’t just the Mardi Gras and party. I noticed that there was some razor blades and they caught me off guard as I didn’t see them in the shop before. Image 1.

I dip my finger in the bag and taste the white powder. It has a chemically taste, bitter and I don’t like it. “How can anyone snort this crap?”, I complain to my conscience.

I use my iPhone in the dream and Google cocaine overdose and some website links appear. I read that nearly a gram can cause an overdose, and my conscience tells me, “You won’t overdose, just do enough to create two small lines. It’s no big deal, people do it all the time and live.”

* I use my iPhone to take the pictures to help show how symbolic dream symbolism breaks down in next-day or near next-day waking life symbols.

I think of my baby daughter and what would happen to her if I die. I think about what my wife would think of me if she found out I did something horrible like this drug. So many consequences race through my mind and my conscience assures me, “You’ll be fine, you need to at least try it once in your life. It may as well be right now.”

“I don’t think that’s a good reason just to do some dangerous chemical, it’s a poison.”, I argue.

This inner struggle goes on until finally I am compelled to listen so I do as my conscience tells me, it is after all my conscience.

I dump a small amount of the drug on a table and cut two lines. I have a drinking straw and I snort one line into one nostril, I can even feel the drug enter and sting in my nose. My eyes start to water and I force myself to do another line which is then interrupted by some person who just sneaks up behind me and I kind of spill what is left.

* In image 2 I have a choice for a stir stick for my tea that I made when I was waiting for Tony’s Interview. I see the drinking straws and the double chopsticks which I have to break to create a stick. I decide on the straw as the better option and stir my tea and it is here that I realize all the symbolism from this dream and take the picture of the tea with straw and tea bag. It is also here that I suspect the interview is entangled in this symbolism so at some point I anticipate we will be interrupted.

We are interrupted 45 minutes in near the end of the interview, the back-door opens and a staff person comes from behind me. Her client will be a man who she could only book for Sunday and shows up at 10:00am.

The rest of the dream could have connection to the conversation but with symbolism in precognition everything is a scrambled egg of coded and hidden precognitive elements. I thought this was excellent since the TMI dream with Skip Atwaters and the Lady fit within the next day precog as well providing some more interesting examples of how symbolic precognition works.

My August 3rd Dream was symbolically precognitive to an article I would read on the 5th that triggered the link to the dream and the TMI news release.

Symbolic precognition is not the desired precognitive dreaming I like to have. However one cannot choose how certain dream types unfold (at least not yet). This does however show how suggestive dream symbolism can appear within next day events which seems fairly common with my symbolic precognition.

It was nice to have a camera to link some of the many symbols and show how intertwined the symbolism actually is, and why it requires a keen awareness of symbolic precognition to decode into the next day waking symbolism.

Hope you enjoyed this suggestive example of Symbolic Precognitive Dreaming.