I will be on Unravelling the Secrets this Sunday Aug 8, 2010

Anthony Peake has invited me to join him on “Unravelling The Secrets” to talk about lucid dreaming and how I have merged precognitive dreaming with lucid dreaming. The interview will most likely focus on active lucid precognitive dreaming where you can affect a dream that has precognitive potential from a lucid state and observe the changes that occurred in the dream actualize when the precognitive element of the dream comes true.

Anthony Peake is the author of “The Daemon” and “Is There Life After Death”.

Unraveling the Secrets, hosted by Rick Osman and Dennis Crenshaw will be broadcast live on Sunday 8th August at 1700 UK time. This is 13:00 Eastern Time. To catch this live log on to channel one on http://www.paranormaltvnetwork.com The show is also simulcast over http://www.blogtalkradio.com

It will be my first public interview to openly discuss my interests with precognitive dream phenomenology.