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This is an article that was on my old Geocities site that is now defunct. I found this on a web archive. Here is a link to the old site until it finally dissolves into internet memory and oblivion. I revisited this article, and it reminded me of just how passionate I was with regards to dreaming. I should really spider this site and make a copy… 12 years can really shift the data archives.


by Ian Wilson 1999


Why take an interest in your dreams? What could dreams possibly
contain that would interest you, or have some value to you? The answer is
simple really. Dreams are a part of your life. They are a self-expressing
part of yourself, in a medium that is rich with experience on many levels
which transcend ordinary existence.
Imagine if you will, going to sleep at night only to wake up in a dream.
You stand there starting at the dreamscape fully awake and aware that you
are dreaming. Suddenly you realize you can fly. So you do, you leap like
superman or superwoman into the sky and soar at lightning speeds. This grows
tiring, so you change the dream to some sci-fi thriller. The environment
changes effortlessly to reflect the world you want to play in. Beautiful
space-age buildings form. The street is full with bustling people. An alien
walks by and greets you by name. You know your dreaming, and you change it
at a whim to what ever you desire.
How does it feel? What if you could smell the oil burning off from the
passing vehicles. The alien sounded clear and loud. You stop by some
store and sample some pastry and it is solid, has texture and tastes rich
with flavor and the cream-filled center spills out from your mouth and drops
on the street. You hear loud thumping music from above the sky and you
fly up to the source to find a funky night club which makes Jaba The Hut’s
place look like a dive, and with more exotic and wonderful creatures to stand
in awe at?
If you dream like this already, then you probably love dreaming. Dreams
are not some black and white two-dimensional setting that we act chaotic
and silly in. Mind you we all have dreams where the content is best left in
the shadows of our forgetful memory. It’s probably because the artist didn’t
bother to inspire the content. You weren’t interested in picking up the brush
and painting the colors, sounds, and textures needed to make the dream
aesthetically pleasing.
For me, I dream in full vivid colors. I experience hot, cold, taste, touch,
smell, sound and pain in ways that make my dream’s often appear more real
than my waking life. When the dream is at it’s peak in tactile aesthetics, I am
usually fully awake and alert that I am in a dream setting. And I instantly
go to work to insure a level of quality that I desire from my dreams. Why?
Because it’s a great medium to express artistically, in a multi-dimensional
form. In your dreams, treat them like a movie where you are the director, the
special effects crew, the actor, and the camera all happening instantly and
simultaneously with little or no effort at all. You don’t have to be an
artist to be a good dreamer. This is a talent we all naturally have. It’s a
function of our very existence.
I set standards for my dreams. I want them to reflect my most
passionate adventures, my wildest of worlds and anything else I can take
credit for creating while I sleep at night. I have developed game worlds to
play in when I sleep where I can load and save and continue on certain
dreams should I desire to entertain myself in them. Other motivators for
quality dream control is the fact I am aware that our dreams can be shared.
And I want to best for my friends and family should I ever happen on them
in a shared dream environment. I have many motivated reasons for
dreaming. It is a talent that is worth developing because the benefits out
weigh anything I can think of in personal life.
Dreams are free, harmless and entertaining. They can be educational,
emotional, or just plain fun. They open doors that go past the
entertainment/fantasy section of your consciousness and embark on great
spiritual journeys in your own psyche. And the only thing that holds you
back is yourself. Since dreaming occurs whether you want it to or not, may
as well take control of them and have some fun.
You should never be frightened of dream content. No matter how sick,
scary, twisted or demented a dream may appear, good lucid dream control
techniques can instantly change unwanted dreams into something which
gives you a good story to talk about in the morning. What I can do to
help you dream, is offer this course at no charge and no obligation to you.
Maybe one day you might help someone else attain the skills you
embrace on a nightly basis. And to me, living in a world of vivid, lucid
dreamers who know how to dream sounds fun and cool.
Perhaps you have never experienced a precognitive dream. Maybe you
have yet to shared a dream. These more profound experiences of dreaming
also occur regularly, but again lack the missing element which is your waking
consciousness. The more lucid and alert you are in a dream, the more
decision making ability you have to choose what is best for you. There is a
secret power to dreaming that I am unloading on you knowingly. And with
this power comes responsibility. When it unlocks for you, you’ll know it. I
want to wake everyone up to this power since is a thoroughgoing process of
our evolutionary development. A necessary fun step that we as a social
mass need to embrace. Creating a network of lucid precognitive dreamers is
one of my primary goals. Until you have a lucid precognitive dream, you’ll
never truly know what it is I am talking about. Yet at some level in your
deep subconscious, a part of you already knows. Because a part of you is
already active in those areas waiting for your waking self to join in. The key
to any conscious door is you. Start unlocking and let some air in, closed
rooms get kind of musty and dark.
Besides, I have a full money back guarantee that if you are not satisfied
with dreaming, all you have to do is stop taking an interest in them, and
funny enough, they tend to go away until you want to dream again. But that
is like telling your left brain to go take a hike and think somewhere else. I
would love to help you create dreams that are fun, active and a beautiful
part of your life if dreams are not already. It’s the least I can attempt to


Since we dream in so many unlimited and infinite patterns, I have just
grouped dreams into a few common categories which nearly everyone has
experienced one of these types of dreams.


Any dream that you wake up and have some memory of tend to fall in
this category. These dreams tend to be strange, illogical, or just
repetitious. We have no idea we are dreaming while in them. They tend to
reflect our personal issues, our fantasies and our beliefs. When we waken,
we tend to loose them quickly to the forgetfulness we often let go
unquestioned into the dark abyss of the sub-conscious.
These dreams are the beginning for any good dreamer. It’s part of this
courses focus to work on good dream recall techniques and move
progressively towards good dream control.


This is a dream where you are alert and conscious, but you don’t realize
you are dreaming until you wake up. Typical examples are of waking up,
going to the washroom or a normal everyday pattern you follow when you
wake up. Only to wake up again to realize that all that was just a dream.
This is where lucid dreaming and semi-conscious dreaming are sharing your
waking-consciousness. If you have these dreams, it’s a small step over to
lucid dreaming.


When we are awake, we associate this with being who we are. It is the
part of us in charge of all the decision making we do in the day. It is who
think we are as an awake human. But in a dreamstate, our waking
consciousness is normally turned off, so all the important faculties such as
analytical abilities, logic and questioning tend to be dormant. But in a lucid
dream, you literally walk a door from physical reality into one of pure mental
existence. Your thoughts effortlessly paint the dreamscape and you have
full mental faculties as you would if you were awake.
Lucid dreaming is probably one of the best forms of dreaming that I can
think of. You extend your conscious existence into a realm where you are
the creator. Your abilities to imagine are increased to quantum levels where
the very thought of a building can create architecture unlike anything
imagined in our physical world. This is a place where you discover just how
real and unlimited your imagination can be. The level or quality of the
dream is yours to command. The rules of conduct are yours to decide.
Anything imaginable can be expressed in fluid graceful motion in this
dreamscape. It also opens up a great avenue for your curiosity. Learning
can be conducted, you can experiment with your thoughts and beliefs.
Create music, art, cities, worlds, universes all in the instant of your own
thoughts? Unimaginable? Only if you cannot conceive the possibility. After
all, you’re the one now holding the pen.


This is where time and space no longer seem to fit any rational logical
meaning. These dreams will put the twist on any logical thinker.
Precognition is an ability to know and experience a future event before it
ever occurs. Not everybody has had a precognitive dream that they remeber,
but many do. And déjà vu is the shadow of such colossal events in human
consciousness. A part of you just skipped the time/space continuum to
check out what it will be doing in some later date.
Seldom controlled, these dreams are spontaneous, faint and ghost like.
You may wake up having full memory of them, but that quickly fades. And
in the thoughts that a dream might be precognitive, such clear memory tends
not to hold any precognitive value. These ones from my opinion are the
hardest, and most stealthy of the dreams for our consciousness to behold.
And for probably a good reason as we probably aren’t ready for that
knowledge until something in us decides that we are.
If you have ever observed your waking state, you’ll notice that your body
with all of it’s senses records your reality and stores this recording into
memory as time progresses. Occasionally for a precognitive dreamer, it is
like a record has just skipped and you are playing the same verse over
again. If you remember the dream, and have a clear memory the accuracy
can scare you. These dreams can hold an eerie 100% accuracy down to the
finest of details. Even to the details we think are totally spontaneous like
our own inner contemplation and emotions.
For example imagine that in a dream you are standing in a park that you
have never been before. An old man wearing a blue jacket with a brown
furry collar and yellow-Grey pants walks up to you and asks you if you have
the time. You check your watch and your thoughts remark on the mans
jacket. You check the watch and tell the man it is 12:15pm. He thanks you
and walks off. You wake up, remember this clearly and let it slip back into
the sub-conscious memory banks.
Months later, you are on vacation at some city. You go for a walk in a
park to absorb the natural beauty that the city presents. The very man in
your dream walks up as if in perfect timing, and he asks you the time, you
respond and tell him it’s 12:15pm, but this time you suddenly have a flash
of déjà vu. Something really familiar about that man, the park, the time.
You struggle with how you could know this and with some luck, your
remember the dream. It was so clear at the time, and both the memory of
the dream and the physical event map over each other like a perfect glove.
Coincidence? I don’t think so.
For many, this kind of small excerpt is common. A very brief one or two
minute reminder that something more is going on than what you really truly
know. Yet, not something that is totally hidden or alien to your
consciousness. It’s something we all naturally do, just some remember
better than others.
Precognitive dreams can come once in a life time, or in an assault of
unrelenting waves. The fact is, people have them whether they want to or
not. You may be one of these people. And they are part of the tip of the
iceberg for a much deeper spiritual you. If you have them, that’s normal and
actually there is nothing to be frightened of. I find that a lot of people tend
to be intimidated by powerful precognitive dreams. I teach you to embrace
them because they embark on a new science which we are slowly
unraveling. And it is important to write down dreams if you yourself want to
have more empirical evidence that you are having precognitive dreams. This
will only help you for what comes next.


What is a lucid precognitive dream? If you study dream research, I think
I am the only person that I know who is talking about this layer of
dreaming. It’s going to shock you, thrill you, mystify you and scare you.
The moment you have one of these dreams, it will change you forever. Not
in any physical way, but in a conscious way. But I only speak from how they
have changed me. They have given me hope that I thought forgotten of
myself. And open a door so large for human growth and potential that I am
very excited about teaching this kind of dreaming.
Take everything you know about life, thought, reality and yourself.
Subtract all the science, belief and knowledge you think you have. Then just
start fresh. You are awake, alert and you KNOW you are dreaming. This to
you is clear. It is a lucid dream. However, this one for all you avid lucid
dreamer’s out there who may not have had one yet takes you to a new
boundary. I call the precognitive layer the forge of creation. And you now
stand at it. Don’t worry, you’ve stood here many times, probably too many
to count. This occurs in very deep levels of our sleeping consciousness.
And when you are here, you are not alone. These dreams are moderated by
an intelligence far superior to normal waking human intelligence. More
advanced than some space faring alien. You are a part of that intelligence.
And the reality is, you are creating it along side of countless other
intelligence’s just like you. Different only they are the man in the park, the
bird in the tree, the car driving on the road, the cells in your hands, the
molecules in the cell, the fabric of intelligence and consciousness in the
universe. And if you get here, and knowingly stand here consciously it’s
because something has allowed it.
I have accessed this field via two methods:- From a lucid dream, and
from a fully conscious out-of-body experience. When I had my first lucid
precognitive dream, I thought it was a shared dream because before I
created the dream, I was greeted by a formless being in what I call a
endless void. I was 17 at the time and now well attuned to dreaming, and
precognitive dreams. What was about to happen I never banked on.
The being asked me what I wanted to experience in plain, perfect
English. Instead of holding back and asking myself why, I felt something
very familiar about this being and this void. I thought for a second and
asked for a very simple, yet love inspired dream. A 2-dimentional window
with a location appeared and I dove through it into a fully 3D tactile lucid
dream. Since I was creating this dream with this intelligence, I treated it
like a shared dream and tried to get the full value of the requested
experience. It all formed effortlessly, I returned from the dream to thank
what ever “beings” where there and I woke up.
I thought about how beautiful the dream was, how nice the people in the
dream were. I thought it was just a game like all the others that I play
when dreaming. A nice story, or nice walk in fantasy park. But this dream
came back to bring full circle which I long denied or though possible. It
came true, in the same natural pattern that my normal precognitive dreams
do, but this time I was dual-conscious. My past and my future just became
one. My dreams and my reality merged and I stood physically awake and
dreaming. It made that song row, row, row your boat take on more than
just a childish lullaby. I could not return to the not-knowing. I had all the
evidence I asked for. How was it possible that I could dream something and
later could that dream come true? Did I have any say in what I dreamt? Did
what I say have an effect on here? Did we all do this? All answered for me
in a very clear, perfect demonstration of the power of consciousness, and
the power of thought.
You might be reading this thinking what the hell I just said. The answer
really was simple, I was experiencing something. Like we all experience
something. We may not all like what we experience, nor understand it. But
the fact is we exist, and while we exist, we dream. If you have had
precognitive dreams you might relate to this better than those who have
not. And if you have had lucid dreams then the dream control might interest
you. And if you have ever experienced a lucid precognitive dream, let me
know as I am starting to find out it’s not just me. Several others have now
told me they have had them. Just a symptom of consciousness evolution?
Or are we finally starting to wake up?


When your dreaming, it’s nice to have company. Old school thought was
when we dreamed, we dreamed alone in some subjective mixture of random
chaotic thought spawned by some wild out-of-control subconscious part of
us. But then old school anything tends to not look much deeper than the
surface of physical reality. Dreams are much more complex and much more
profound. A shared dream is where you, and one of your friends or family,
perhaps even a stranger meet in a dream, share the same dream content
and setting an wake up with enough clear, undistorted memory to verify it
with the other party involved.
When I first shared a dream, I had no clue that I could. Actually, until I
experienced any of these things, I had no idea. It was all just another stone
that somehow I turned over and the benefits were spectacular. For the first
time in my life, I could look face to face with a friend in the crazy realm of
my dreams, and fully know that they were there with me. I have a close
friend to whom we have shared many dreams. And it is no different that
going for coffee here in physical reality with your friend. You both have your
usual objective points, and both have full memory of who you are, where you
are, and what you are doing. Just this time your dreaming.
Shared dreams are not limited to just one person, we can have group
shared dreams. And from my research into lucid precognitive dreams, we can
share our dreams with an entire universe. Is there any limit to dreaming?
It’s like asking infinity if there are any limits. We have only physical rules
which we believe to be true to govern us. They all break once we dream
because our thoughts become the rules. Something to think about when you
ponder the fundamental laws of physics. Are they just adhering to a random
pattern in chaos, or did something with supreme intelligence create them to
govern the conduct of an eternal universe? Whatever it is, it’s a naturally
occurring phenomena, so much that, it will become more common and
mainstream as we evolve. Or as I prefer to state it, “Wake up.”.


Actually, I like them, you may not. Nightmares can scare the living crap
out of any of us. These dreams hold the paralyzing fears we have stored
layer after layer in our jumbled consciousness. To me, they are nothing
more than some crazy horror show gone haywire. It’s the realm of demons,
monsters, goblins, aliens, freak shows, murder, insanity, darkness. It’s the
realm of our deepest human fears struggling with our moral mind as to why
we think what we think.
Nightmares force us to do two things, fight or flee. They are patterned
after our survival instinct, and contain a warped Hollywood style to them
when our hellish imagination getsthe better of us. When I have a nightmare, I
just change them to something more desirable. And if they get the better of
me, I usually laugh right in them because I know that it’s just a silly dream
and I can change it at will. But for my personal investigation into myself,
my nightmares reflected just only what I truly feared. And when I realized
that I could exit in such a state as myself untouched by it all, the nightmare
was harmless. Like a painter who got scared of the picture he painted. We
still have control.
I like nightmares for one basic fundamental. They let us know we dream
in a very loud and clear way. We may not like them, and it may detour the
timid from expanding forward with conscious exploration of the dreamstate.
But if your not easily frightened or intimidated, you can have some real fun
with nightmares. I tend to mimic some of my more earlier role models such
as Bug’s Bunny’s ability to stylishly deal with his vile villains. And like a
villain, a nightmare can be turned into some really funny solution for problem
solving. Nothing can hurt you if you don’t let it. Self-control and discipline
in dreaming is like achieving a black belt in karate. You will now have effective
tools to deal with anything you don’t want to dream about should you
willfully desire to control it.


“Mutual Dreaming”, by Linda Lane Magallon.
This is the first book I have read where that has been a serious look into
shared dreams. Linda Magallon is getting on the right track. I think she’s
touching a good nerve in the fact we can share dreams. The book is one of
the very few books that I have read which I feel give you a good look at
some of the possibilities.

“Seth on Dreams and the Projection of Consciousness”, by Jane Roberts.
By far one of the best dream books I have read. Seth is channeled
information which I tend to stay clear of, but in this case, I made every
exception. What Jane Roberts reveals with Seth undeniably reflects in my
life, and in the lives of others. It is no coincidence that this book was
written, it’s a valuable resource for us all.


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