August 3rd, 2010 Lucid Dream

August 3, 2010

Had a very interesting potentially re-occurring dream that I was in an Egyptian tomb. The dream took on two parts; the investigation of the tomb. Then the reflection on what I found in the tomb with a friend.

The tomb was crowded with lots of items and I was basically walking from chamber to chamber looking at everything. It seemed to be well illuminated for a tomb; I had no flash-light and no idea where the light source was coming from.

I would emerge from the tomb then tell a friend about it; re-living the memory of the dream as I told him what I found. Visually it had some nice artifacts and realism to it.

Time-To-Bed: 12:00am
Time-Awake: 3:36am
Time-To-Sleep: ~30m
Total Time Slept: ~4h 28m
Total Estimated time: ~5h 0m
Time Gained: ~ 38m

I am working at an office in an office building with a parkade. I am doing software development as usual. I’m working for a couple of hours and get up and leave. I am walking on a road and realize I am dreaming. I become fully lucid and start to levitate to affirm it’s a dream.

There are two teenagers who start heckling me. I look at them and I make a rude gesture. They laugh and follow me flying as well. I am flying over a town, it might be Penticton BC. But is over-grown with other buildings that simply do not exist there.

One kid has orange hair, the other has brown.

I land and the kids are now middle-aged men. The red-haired man was very familiar to me; and it was very hard to pull a reference but I recognized him as Skip Atwaters from TMI. The other man I did not recognize although he was familiar as well but no idea who this would be in waking life.

Being fully conscious I was very curios as to why I would be having a dream with Skip Atwaters and I turned to him and said, “Hi Skip. Nice to meet you here.”

“You know who I am?”, he asks.

“Yes, we have met before. Never physically mind you, always here”, I tell him.

The other man is really tripping my familiarity radar and I look at him but draw a blank. When I refocus there are now about 12 people there all of them middle-aged or older.

There is a female with red-brown hair and glasses. We are suddenly at a table and I sit down on a chair.
Everyone is sitting down and the one man I cannot recognize starts to speak.

“It’s nice to see so many of you here.”, he says.

I start to re-affirm that I am awake and lucid. I am curious as to who my guests are and why we are engaged in this conversation. However I am getting signals that I am waking up. The usual interruptions however I anchor myself in the dream.

I grab the edge of the table with one hand, and I grab the arm of the chair with the other. I meld my hands into the dream objects, and even small fractal roots seem to emerge into the hypnogogia patterns I often reveal when in this state.

I make a comment like, “Great, hopefully everyone can render a clear perception of each other if we are all mutually here.”

The one man then turns to me, “I knew it was you. I knew I could find you.”

“I am not sure if I know you or not. You are familiar but can’t place your name. Everyone here seems familiar but I don’t know any of your from my waking life. I’m also waking up so I don’t have much time left.”. I explain.

“We all just wanted to meet you and say hi.”, he said.

“Why?”, I ask.

“Well, we are all friends here. Just wanted to check in and see how you are doing.”, he explains.

I smile, “Always room for improvement but I have to be going now”

I stand up and the dream is shifting, as much as I try to stay the call of waking up is tearing away at the dream. I try to fly out a window and land on the ground.

Next thing I know I open my eyes and my baby is pressing a foot into me. I look at the clock and less then an hour passed. It felt like I was asleep for hours and took me a long time to fall asleep.

Time-To-Bed: 4:46am
Time-Awake: 5:34am
Time-To-sleep: ~20m
Total Time Slept: ~28m
Total Estimated time: ~2h 0m
Time Gained: ~ 38m

I’m still tired so instead of getting up and going back to sleep. I make mental notes of the dream and fall right back into the dream.

This time I am at the same place in the office where I am working. There are clothes and food wrappers all over the floor. The place is a total mess. It’s like I have been living there and not caring. I tell myself that we need to take the time to clean up the office.

I kick a pair of sweat pants out of the way to make some room on the floor to walk on. I am disgusted by the mess and realize it’s not just me who contributed to it.

I leave the office and go to an arcade. There is a video game that costs 10 quarters to play and it’s a 3D first person shooter. I get a roll of quarters and put the entire roll in. There are some obvious inconsistencies with real-life arcade coin-slots and this one. For example it was like a conveyor belt that you slid the quarter in and push them up rather then down.

There was a sliver dollar jammed in it that I had to clear out. After putting in all my quarters I still didn’t have any credit and complained to the staff who in turn pointed out that I had to press the start button and the credits then came on the screen.

It seemed like a big rip off but I wanted to play so away I went in the training section. You had friendlies that you couldn’t shoot and terrorists that you could shoot. I basically shot anything that moved and ended up loosing my first game rather quickly.

For $2.50 a pop, I wasn’t very happy about a few moments of game play. I pay more attention this time and start to pick off the actual targets. They are popping out everywhere. The game shifts so that I am holding a real-life sniper rifle and not the game rifle attached to the game.

I shoot out the base of a motor and this causes some funny interactions in the dream. This terrorist wants to know how I was able to shoot that from such a long range. They start setting up long-range targets and having me shoot at them.

I am woken up again, don’t check the clock and roll over to go back to sleep.

The next dream is fairly lucid and I kind of know I am dreaming but seem more semi-lucid then fully lucid. I am with a new neighbor who is a devout fundamental Christian. We are outside on my patio talking and he decides he wants to share his greatest gift with me.

He comes back with this large Bible and asks me if I have found Christ yet.

“Well, there is something that I have to tell you. You may not believe me and it might make you think less of me once I do.”, I tell him.

We have already made some progress as friends so he says there is nothing I can do that would be problematic for us.

He opens up the bible and starts to seek out some passages.

“I have to tell you that what I have experienced seems to contradict what is in the Bible, but I have no choice but to accept what I have experienced as being real at least to me.”, I tell him.

“What is it that you experienced?”, he asks.

“Well, it’s really hard to explain because your beliefs will simply reject what I am about to say, I don’t mean to run around saying it just I know the impact is going to shape your judgement of me.”, I tell him.

“I remember existing before this life. I remember being another human that died and then reincarnated into this life. This is something I have known since I can remember. I remember being as young as two years old an knowing this fact.”, I explained.

“You are right, the bible certainly doesn’t say anything about reincarnation. How do you know this is true or not?”, he asks.

“It’s complicated, I know because the experience was so vivid and part of my earliest memories. It is not a belief I just came into in my life.”, I explain.

“That doesn’t mean I don’t believe in God or think that God is not a part of all of this. It just means that how I view the reality of God is different then how others might view God. That said, at least I know God exists and there is a greater reality of God.”.

He looks at me, “Well, at least you believe in God so that is a good start. What you really need is Christ.”

“I have no doubts in what you are trying to say. I have read the bible three times. I am familiar with what it presents.”, I tell him. “Have you ever had a dream that one day later came true? You know, precognition?”

He looks at me and nods, “Yes I have, a few times as a matter of fact.”

“This is something written in the scriptures, Joel 2:28 where God said that he would pour his spirit upon man and his sons and daughters will have visions and man will dream dreams.”

He found that very interesting that I brought it up and wanted me to find it in his Bible. I started flipping through and noticed it had interesting books that I have never read before, and sections on excorsism and even a section on the paranormal.

My wife came out and for some reason had a frying pan and placed it on top of the open book, cooking grease stained the page and dripped on the top.

I was very apologetic to my new neighbor and tried to clean-up the grease. There was no question we had damaged his book and by the looks of it, it was quite a family heirloom.

He was understanding and forgiving and took his book back to see if he could get it clean.

Time-To-Bed: 5:35am
Time-Awake: 7:50am
Time-To-Sleep: ~5m
Total Time Slept: ~2h 10m
Total Estimated time: ~1h 20m
Time Gained: ~ – 50m