Drinking and Dreaming Doesn’t Mix.

We have a long weekend and my Wife and I decided to indulge in a few drinks and watch a couple of movies. Usually I limit myself to a couple of drinks if I am more interested in dreaming that night. In this case I drank more then this limit and the effects devastated dream recall.

I still dreamed, and remember very vague fragments however the bulk of the dreaming is really locked in amnesia. The addition to alcohol clearly played a role in disrupting the fine balance between waking and sleeping memory required to yield any valuable results.

That said, my Wife who is my polar-opposite when it comes to dreaming and dream phenomenology told me she had a dream that seemed to last a couple of days. She described that we were in Las Vegas and spending time there sleeping and waking up in the dream. She described lots of activities and when I asked if she felt that the time seemed to span two days she said yes.

She reminded me however that as interesting as that was, it means nothing to her waking life because it was just a dream and left it at that. When I first met her, she seldom dreamed and if she did it was the same re-occurring dream where she was chased and abused by people she knew.

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that she seemed to resolve this and started to have newer dream experiences. This is the first time she has reported a dream spanning days to me. And considering my failure to produce something of this nature today; I thought I would share her spontaneous success.

Another interesting synchronicity is my mother also reported this weekend that just recently she started having dreams spanning days in her short naps. She works during the night and has interrupted sleep during the day. I found what she said fascinating because it seemed to occur within the time that I started blogging and exploring the potential for temporal illusions in dreams.

I simply encouraged her to enjoy these mini-vacations and grow with the experiences.