The First Dream of August.

August 1st, 2010

Had another really long dream that seemed to span at least a couple of days. This is before my WBTB method. I’m very thrilled to see this effect of dilated time. Just so readers know; I have been working on this long before the movie Inception. In 1990, I had my first taste of this potential in a 30 minute nap that seemed to last 2 weeks. It was a lucid dream and that planted the seed that this could become a goal in dreaming to cultivate time.

On Sat May 30, 2009 I posted a question on a forum to see who else has had this type of experience. [LINK] and I was already well into the process of extending time in dreams. The phenomena of time in dreams by no means is a new concept. What makes this post date significant is I have been trying to extend time in dreams aggressively during this time period.

When I wrote the article for my Blog, “Dreaming a “Century of Time” During one Night of Sleep.” it was part of a set of articles I had been working on and flushing out since June 25, 2010 when I first wrote my current article on “Lucid Dreaming Techniques”. The movie Inception was a very uncanny synchronicity with my work; and was the Blog that prompted me to finish of all my articles and get them online for the benefit of the dream community.

In 1998, I wrote an e-book entitled “A Course on Consciousness” that covered some of what Inception covers and a lot more in regards to dream phenomenology and the potential we have to grow through dreaming and being conscious. Have a look at the book and you will see it covers Lucid Dreaming and Shared Dreaming extensively. What some people may not know, this is a revised version of an earlier book that inspired a more rigid course found here

In 1994 I wrote an article entitled, “A Look At Lucid Dreaming and Out Of Body Experiences” which I can now only find on the web archives.

There are many more articles that I have written over the years lost in time on the Internet. My interest in lucid dreaming started in 1987 when I had my first lucid dream thanks to an article written by Stephen LaBerge. When you are wondering why in 2010 after Inception that you are encountering my work and it covers similar concepts presented in the movie; I think you will find it’s because lucid dreaming has been part of my reality for over 23 years.

Why does it seem I am having dreams lasting days nearly every night? Hopefully the above history will help clarify that in no way is this a new experience for me. I have been at this for a long time. You might notice a trend that all my material has been free to the public since 1994. My motivation has always been about helping others share in this amazing gift of being conscious as I realize that all of my experiences have had a reward far greater then any money. My desire to share these experiences are merely to connect with others with similar experiences as I realize in not sharing then I take a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to my grave. No one would ever know the difference.

There’s my motivation and why in 2010 I have set-up a blog since my website hosted at Geocities no longer exists and more and more sites hosting my articles have gone the way of the dinosaur. I feel with Inception and the uncanny synchronicity with my new articles; and that people are saying it’s because of Inception, I wanted to clear the smoke and show just how long I have published similar concepts; 1994 and onward.

More importantly I hope that my material benefits you in some way; even if all it does is encourages your growth as a lucid dreamer, or leads you to better and more beneficial information.

Now on to today’s pre-WBTB dream session.

Non-Lucid Dream – Seemed to span 2 days.

This was another work related dream where I was developing two Facebook games that involved some level of RPG and character development. There was a lot of dreaming here but it seemed I can pick up two days worth in memory; although the sense of time seems to be roughly 5 hours worth with fast-forwards and what I can recall. There is a lot more dreams that I can’t recall because this one really stretched the sense-of-time and they are now very layered under unconscious memory.

At one point in developing the games I went with friends to play with fireworks. We had bought a lot of them and were at a lake blasting them over the water. Some person came up to us and said they were going to report us to the police. We said we were doing it on a beach over water so doubt the police would do anything. We were being responsible.

We finished the evening and I went to sleep. Waking back up in the same dream, I simply continued working on the games flushing out items and the virtual world currency. I had a friend who was visiting and wanting to give me all sorts of advice for the game. I told him that these games will be fun to play and could generate some nice income. Lot of the dream recall is really just items, a spread sheet and calculating the items effect in the game system before I woke up.

Time-To-Bed: 10:40pm
Time-Awake: 4:32am
Time-To-Sleep: ~30m
Total Time Slept: ~4h 28m
Total Estimated time: ~5h 0m
Time Gained: ~ 38m

WBTB Method
This was a bit tough to do, the baby was restless so kicking me in the face, waking up and crying. Eventually I had to go to the couch to see if I could try there but by this time the sun was up and it
It was so hard to even fall asleep with sunlight in the face. I was trying to flow into the dream consciously using WILD (Waking Induced Lucid Dreaming). I eventually had to just drop to sleep and rely on MILD (Which is Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreaming). I still managed to dream but it wasn’t lucid; and when I woke up I had memory collapse so all that information was so hard to recover.

The Dream.
Finally I remembered working on this toy construction kit with a friend and his son. We were building an airplane with this construction sticks and thin plywood. My friend was hiding the costs of his hobby from his wife because he liked to buy expensive tools and materials to build his models.

There was another component in this dream that took place where the dream world seemed to exist as a light white and pastel pink hue. Almost like a light-based system and I was talking with a female energy being. As hard as I might try to recover this info it’s really fragmented and ghost like. Having a rough ride into sleep certainly did not pay off.

Time-to-bed: 6:46am
Time-Awake: 9:20am
Time-To-Sleep: ~1h 30m
Total Time Slept: ~1h 4m
Total Estimated time: ~20m
Time Gained: ~ -44m

This is why having a healthy dreaming environment is so critical. At least, if you want results with dreaming and not sleeping. If I ever have the money to fix my circumstances, I want to build a dream incubation chamber that has sound-proofing, no lights, a comfortable bed, and filtered ventilation. One day.

As sensory-reduced as possible. Some place I can go any time of the day when I want to have a nap and dream. It would be the ideal place to incubate interesting dreams.