Extending time in a dream take 3.

This is a non-lucid dream that seems to suggest at least 3 days but the memory collapse on waking plus inability to recall all the details compresses that time to about 7h 35m worth of recovered memory. If you haven’t already, you might want to read my article entitled, “Dreaming a ‘Century of Time’ During one Night of Sleep.

Non-Lucid Dream – July 28, 2010

Time To Bed: 5:00am
Time When Awoken: 7:00am
Time required to fall asleep: ~30 minutes.

The Techniques

This is the WBTB method using MILD to prepare myself to have a lucid dream. My intent is to cultivate extra time; possibly share a dream and be fully awake and aware during the process.

I set aside the following concepts: Ego, Fear, Expectations, Sexual Desires and lesser desires, belief in time, belief in physical body, belief in physical law leaving all of these concepts with physical systems so that while in the dream state only the raw experience can go as unfiltered as possible.

The Dream.
This dream had seemed to last over a couple of days. There is a lot of early detail that I just can’t recall because of this long sense of time in this dream. There definitely was fast-fowarding in parts of the dream. Times when I slept in the dream. Had dreams within the dream. Even with what I remember, the time is quite lengthy and I am estimating at least 6 hours worth of memory; but the sense of time seemed to suggest a lot more but memory collapse and recall make it hard to really gauge. I woke up feeling like I slept a very long time, when in fact it was only a couple of hours.

I was not lucid at any point in this dream; so totally unaware I was dreaming however the sense of realism was quite detailed and rich.

What I am gathering is that I am living in a house for some time waking up and going to sleep. It’s hard to remember how many days or when it started short of the last couple of days the memory seems fragmented and recoverable.

The start of the memory that I can recover, there is a place with lots of people walking about. It’s like a convention of some time; it’s packed full of people and I am talking with a lady.

She introduces me to a person who was from Africa who was attacked with machete, people cruelly called him Stumpy because he has lost his legs from the knees down and his arms from the elbow down.

He tells me he is a fan of my work related to dreaming and tells me that dreaming helps him get his legs and arms back. He loves the dream world and is thankful that I have shared this with him. I look at him and feel sorry that he had to endure such life-changing violence and wish there was more I could do to help.

At some point someone yells out something about shared dreams. I try to move through the crowd to go talk to him but he disappears.

There is a big blank area here where I can’t seem to recall more detail; it’s fuzzy at this point.

When memory picks up, I have been living at a house for some time and have a roomate. The roomate has a girlfriend who has red-brown hair, shoulder length. She has an attractive face, a nice body. We are talking about dreams and I share with her some of my interests. She really enjoys talking about them.

We are making dinner and eating dinner.

There is some faded memory here, not sure what happens but I do know my roommate is getting ready and we then drive him to the airport. (seems to fast-forward here) After he departs, I drive his girlfriend home, she wants me to pick her up the next day to talk more about dreaming. I agree.

I drive home (seems to fast-forward here) get ready for bed and sleep.

I have a dream within a dream; the whole process of falling asleep is similar to how I fall asleep in real life. When I wake up, I don’t attempt to recall the dream; and only have a sense of dreaming. Time here is really hard to gauge; very suggestive of another fast-forward when I wake up as I don’t remember waking up.

The fast forwarding can also be memory lapse; because there are pockets of information that I just can’t remember. I notice in typing some details; a few more pop in that were certainly forgotten. How deep or damaged the memory loss is, is hard to gauge.

I am visiting with my Mom. We are at her house. We are talking about my work, my marriage and the kids. She is asking how everyone is doing, the usual expected conversation. When we are done talking I drive and pick up my roommate’s girlfriend.

The dream fast-forwards on the drive, this seems to be common, we just skip to the next location.

At the house, I introduce the girlfriend to my wife and tell her that we are going to spend the day together talking about dreams and she wants to learn more about techniques. My wife doesn’t seem happy about this at all. She has to go to work and she clearly suspects that I am going to cheat on her.

She leaves to work. The lady and I just visit and talk causally. She is asking me questions about her boyfriend and wondering how long he will be gone for. I tell her he can be gone for months at a time with his work. He is seldom around. It seems that their relationship is very new.

There is some faded-memory here; but I pick up where I am making some lunch. She was walking around checking out the house and we sit down and eat. I enjoy her company, she seems like a really nice person.

I know there are several points where I feel attracted to her but remind myself that I have a wife. In stead I just enjoy her attractive qualities and view her beauty as a living artform; like watching a master-sculpture’s statute come to life. I just appreciate the artistic quality that she naturally represents.

In certain points in the dream I want to hold her hand and stop myself. After we finish visiting she asks me to drive her home. This time the drive takes time, I am talking with her and at one point I unknowingly have put my hand on her shoulder and rub her back while we drive.

When I look at her I realize that I was doing that and pull my hand away and apologize. I tell her that I wasn’t paying attention and I thought she was my wife for a second. She tells me she didn’t mind and liked the way I was touching her, she said it was very comforting.

I told her that I did find her attractive but I am married and love my wife. I explain it’s easy to be attracted to people, and much harder to stay focused on the person you love if you let that those attractions get in the way.

She understands and says she is only really interested in friendship and I tell her that’s what I enjoy as well. It’s just our natural instincts at work here and it was a natural habit of mine to touch my wife on the shoulder or hold her hand when we drive.

The street has changed since we last drove on it. My mind rationalizes that the city has added more intersecting roads. The exit is now completely unrealistic as one has to do a complete u-turn against the flow of traffic to take the on-ramp off the highway.

Which I do but the traffic is heavy; the car seems to have problems and is out of control. Cars dodge and weave. I finally get the car to move forward after a few minutes of slowly creeping forward. We make it on the ramp, and this is the point I wake up.

I am a bit disorientated and feel like I have been asleep for a long time. I immediately start to try to recall what dreams can explain for this long sense of time I was feeling. By the time I type my keywords I have lost a large portion of the dream. I know this is a good example of time stretching in a dream. I’m confident there could be days worth here but with memory collapse and fast-forwarding it might only be about 6 hours worth. Hard to really estimate the sense of time on this one. It certainly felt like a long time definitely longer then 6 hours.

Total estimated time:
Pre-Convention: Unknown, memory loss.
At Convention: 1h
After Convention: Unknown, memory loss.
At home with roomate: 2h
Drive to airport: 1h
Drive GF home: 20m
At home before bed: 30m
Dream within dream: Unknown, memory loss.
Visit with mom: 2h
Picking up roomates GF: 20m
Visit with wife: 30m
Visit with roomate’s gf: 2h
Drive home: 30m
Sense of time: Suggests days of dreaming.
Total Estimated Time: 7h 40m
Time Sleeping: 1h 30m
Time Gained: 6h 35m

Seems my time gained fits with my waking impression of time where I suggest about 6 hours. I can’t include time that I cannot account for loss memory of fast-forward, although I would like to boast at least two days possibly three here… I have to stay within reasonable estimates to better understand how this potentially can cultivate experience and consciousness through dreaming.

I just recalled another segment in the dream; at one point I was at work and picking up a check for $1600.00. I was hanging with my employers and we went for beers. There was quite a lot of conversation and time at the restaurant and beer drinking so could be another hour. Not sure but this seems before the convention on the timeline.

This is not to uncommon where over the day in dreams such as these certain memories just pop back into view.

Adjusting the time +1h

Time Gained: 7h 35m