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Star Wars the Last Jedi Review

I don’t know if you watched the new Star Wars but this is literally the Paul Feig Ghostbusters of the Star Wars franchise. Men were useless, made to look like all their decisions were bad where all the women were the heroes of the film.

The Liberal PC man hate was evident in this movie from the beginning to the end. It was tolerable in the first movie but this one jacked it up so that every heroic act went to women roles where men fumbled like idiots making bad choices, costing lives basically made to look stupid.

It was so agenda ridden that it ruined the entire movie for me. Not that I ever had a problem with Rey as the lead but they amped the fem factor up so high every female role literally did something heroic where nearly every man was made to look sad and unnecessary.

The only time a man did something heroic was Finn but hey, he’s a minority so SJW to the rescue. They made Luke so completely irrelevant and pointless in his final role. Not at all the Luke any true Star Wars fan wanted to see.

There was so much wrong with this film, I don’t understand how anyone could enjoy it from BAD CGI especially with all the critters and Snoke. The only character that felt like a genuine Star Wars character was Poe and he was the bumbling idiot this time around trying to be heroic but made to look stupid. He had that charm of being rebellious, almost rogue like Han Solo but the movie just made him out to be pathetic wanting us to look down at him. I loved the guy. I loved Mark Hamill but hated how they crapped all over his character in this garbage fest of a movie. The humor falls flat. I got the Hardware Wars homage and that was probably the best gag in the film. Porgs were everywhere and if it annoyed you like it annoyed me in the Trailer, brace for more Porg calls. Cringe worthy!

I almost walked out on this movie and it wasn’t just the heavy in-your-face Social Justice Warrior PC Liberal fem Nazi tone of the story. The story itself was SO bad with ignorant, stupid, meta writing and plot holes it was more cringe worthy than any other Star Wars movie. This movie actually made me appreciate Jar Jar and George if you ever read this. PLEASE COME BACK!!!! The Stupid… it BURNS!

[SPOILERS] (Not that the movie didn’t spoil itself).

The movie opens up with the New Order engaging Rebel ships lead by Commander Princess Leah. The New Order has a new class of ship called a Dreadnaught that makes the Star Destroyers around it look small and weak. Rebel ships are getting blasted and Poe a single X-Wing fighter has a plan to engage the Dreadnaught and shoot down every surface gun so these bombers can fly in and bomb the Dreadnaught in its cliché weak spot.

He flies all heroic like untouched by these cannons so that Dreadnaught can’t even defend itself against a single Rebel fighter. Almost forgivable for the start of a movie but a clear indication of just how bad things are going to get. The New Order now has to launch fighters to take out Poe.

Let’s really think about this logically. A single fighter goes undetected in this Star Wars universe. When detected the New Order doesn’t see a single X-Wing fighter as a threat. Really? A Single X-Wing fighter could never I don’t know… BLOW UP A DEATHSTAR! You would think by now they would have advanced their sensors, weapon technology, AI and defenses to handle a single fighter on this new super-class Dreadnaught. At this point in the story everyone on that Dreadnaught and other Star Destroyers should be shitting in their pants in fear at the approach of a lone X-wing fighter. If the Rebel’s are sending in a lone X-Wing the New Order has to know by now that some bad ass shit is about to take them out.

Instead the attitude is all bah, a single x-wing fighter. Let the defenses handle them. (Implying they must be designed to do just that). Oh the defenses are all failing so now we launch fighters. Do these writers have no idea what a Military does? If a lone fighter craft threatened a US aircraft carrier do you think that carrier would just sit there and not launch a response immediately when detected? YES… yes the fuck they would because that is what a true Military does. It knows how to protect its shit. Not the New Order, just a gaggle of incompetent morons.

Poe’s ship gets hit, his weapons systems are down, Tie Fighters are everywhere now shooting at his ass and BB needs to get the weapons systems on line. Tries to plug a short as if it’s a hole in a dam. Another short bursts in this Dam of a circuit board and he plugs that hole, soon “holes” open everywhere to the point BB’s robot finger plugs can’t keep up. So how does he fix the weapons system? He rams it with his head. RAMS the circuit board with his head fixing the damaged weapons array and gets a good classic Star Wars cliché robot gets electrocuted zap.

Bravo… that’s campy and great but would that really fix a damaged weapon system? Does BB possess the same powers as the Fonz from Happy Days? Ok I can handle a little bit of humor when it fits, but this is a serious moment of tension and the resolution to just have a robot bash his head against a circuit board to fix something is beyond fucking stupid which this movie sadly is ripe in. The humor is lost in the serious of the situation and how that is resolved in such a stupid manner that clearly would further damage an already damaged weapon system.

Weapons system back magically back on (because we know head bashing a circuit board won’t fix it) , Poe finishes off the last gun turret tower and zigzags his ass free of a horde of Tie fighters who still can’t handle a lone X-Wing fighter let alone shoot it down. Never mind any Star Destroyer or Dreadnaught class defenses… geesh. But that was forgivable at this point; made me hope it gets better this is just the start.

Bring on the Bombers. So these bombers which are some new Rebel ship have to fly over the top of this Dreadnaught and drop bombs in Spaaaaace! Gravity bombs. Don’t even try to appease my by claiming these are not gravity bombs because the writers wouldn’t dare overlook the obvious that space doesn’t have Gravity. Shut up now, they are that stupid, no these bombs don’t have any propellant or jets. The writers are that stupid and I’ll prove it in other ignorant things the writers do when engaging the vacuum of space.

Ok… a fleet of bombers who needed these defense turrets shot down so they can fly in to destroy the Dreadnaught which is also supported by several Star Destroyers and fleets of X-Wing fighters. But hey… the useless turret guns are gone so ignore that big wall of other fire power and yeah stupidly fly in anyways.

They make this obviously stupid because it’s whose idea? Poe’s idea. Why is Poe being so stupid? He’s a white male and not the strong, intelligent social-justice female heroes in this film. This is agenda robbing a story of any integrity and intelligence. This is why this scene fails on every logical rational level.

Bombers are all blowing up to shit, and cliché one lonely bomber against the massive armada of the New Order manages to survive enough to drop its bombs in Spaaaaaace! Who’s the hero? Some no-name Asian woman who has to climb a ladder to get a switch with a button (because no such thing as voice-command or droids or any other better than a switch with a button on a cord in some hard to reach location to open bomb doors). She falls back down, the switch hanging on the edge and needs to kick the ladder to make the switch fall to open the bomb doors and let those bombs fall in Spaaaace!

She is successful the bombs fall in Spaaace down towards the cliché weak spot on the Dreadnaught and blows it up. This huge ship is going down but no collateral damage to the surrounding Star Destroyers. They are ok, but make note of this. No collateral damage this time… we are not at the end of the movie yet where this flip-flops in the most horrifically stupid of ways.

At this point, I am kind of not impressed. I am finding the intelligence in this movie lacking and am concerned it really might be a bad movie. I actually might regret watching it if it’s this stupid in terms of insulting intelligence or showing a moron wrote it. The moron factor shining through greatly at this point was certainty concerning but give it a chance.

Now Rey and Luke… what about this side-story? Luke who we all want to see, the reason probably 90% of the people went to see this story enters the stage. He meets Ren who gives him the light saber and he’s like WTF bitch and tosses it over his shoulder. No he hates the Jedi now. Wants the Jedi gone, eradicated from history. He is a failed and miserable old Jedi has been. He’s turned off his connection to the force. Just wants to die. The Logan of Star Wars emerges. Maybe he has a force bullet we don’t know about in hopes of one day shooting himself in the head.

Let’s make Luke unlikable because its SJW now. He’s a white male. Let’s diminish his character and role to suck town. He is ignoring Rey just wants her to fuck off. But he’s thirsty and hungry and a man needs to eat and drink. Let’s go milk the tits of some bad CGI creature and drink green ass milk. Spear a fish and carry that shit to the stone hut for some chow time. Hunter Gatherer Survivor Luke is a shell of his former self. Pathetic, sad, depressing.

Snoke’s even more massive and impressive ship arrives after the Dreadnaught defeat and brings a new cool secret tech.

Kylo Ren with two Tie Fighters are about to engage Princess Leah’s ship and this is that point in the trailer where you anticipate maybe she is going to die here. It’s a tense moment as Kylo at the last minute decides not to commit to blowing up Leah, but the Tie Fighters launch some plasma like torpedoes which smash the bridge.

Now, I am not one for ignoring physics in a movie. Explosions kill, they are damaging to flesh, bone and we have all sorts of problems with compression damaging lungs, shrapnel etc. The bridge explodes blowing out the back wall which sucks out Leah into deep space. She goes ragdoll flippity flop into the vacuum of space which survivability is less than seconds before all sorts of I don’t know… death from sudden explosive decompression comes to mind. Not to mention all the explosion damage, heat, shrapnel that would likely have shredded her to bits. Ok forget all that, but rapidly entering space is a death sentence period unless you are a fictional super-powered character like Superman or a half-cosmic half-human like Star Lord (less forgivable). As far as we can tell, Leah is flesh and bone like the rest of us humans on Earth. She entered space from a compressed state to an uncompressed state. If she even had time to hold her breath, that alone would damage her lungs from the air expanding rapidly. If she didn’t hold her breath she’s asphyxiating. Space isn’t liquid nitrogen so insta-freeze doesn’t happen in a vacuum so what’s with all this frosting up nonsense.

Anyways at this point in the movie I got a huge sense of this might be really good they did it, they Killed Leah. I had time to reflect on how I know with her passing this is a meaningful and purposeful moment where her character dies. I have that sense of sadness to see her go, happiness that she died in a very epic way. This movie may actually get better. It was a powerful emotional send off, memorable, honorable, likeable… for a brief second anyways.

Then the insanity finally reaches its crescendo. The level of stupid climbs the highest mountain peak. We have a moment in movie history that will be remembered not because it was good, but because it was so fucking stupid beyond all Human imagination.

She wakes up in deep space with a Star Lord Guardians of the Galaxy frost forming around her, reaches out her unfrozen arm hardly noticing the effects of all her organs expanding rapidly. Uses the force to fly through spaaaace back to the damaged ship where she stands at an air lock so Finn and Ray can help pull her back into the ship.

WOW! HOLY FUCKING THAT JUST HAPPENED THAT WHICH NEVER SHOULD HAPPEN HAS HAPPENED! I almost walked out at this point and regret not. This was the ultimate “They can’t be this stupid can be they?” moment. Did a 5 year old write this garbage? Obviously someone really stupid wrote this million dollar budget movie, and a lot of other assumingly intelligent people saw this shit story, didn’t argue with it. Had to have known it was stupid but let it pass into the final cut unquestioned. Wow… you all fucking suck who let this moment happen. Shame on all of you. How dare you! This alone is enough to destroy this Franchise for good. Oh Star Wars that’s that stupid space story where really dumb things happen in space show isn’t it? That is what this did… make Star Wars look stupid, moronic, idiotic… made Jar Jar look good. Redeemed George Lucas. Shit… wow. Worse movie moment of my entire life just happened. Unforgiveable.

Why I didn’t leave at this point? Mark Hamill as Luke. That is all I had left. Please I prayed let me see him do something epic, let him redeem this shit film. He is why I paid money to see this shit of a movie. I’ll stick it to the end hopefully get something of Luke that I would remember and like. One shred of hope to not standing up and doing the right god damn thing and leave the theater forever walking away from this dead franchise. I’ll never watch another Star War movie after this, its dead Jim.

Here again we have ignoring physics and the vacuum of space as they open the air-lock door that has no secondary door to prevent explosive decompression and they just open it to the vacuum of spaaaaace to let Leah in. Without getting sucked out of course because the hull of that ship is going to have a large door size opening in it.

The movie just crumbles downhill at this point and spirals into a pit of really dumb ideas stacked on already dumb ideas covered in stupid, poorly constructed and ignorantly thought out dumb ideas.

Leah now collapses into a coma, the Rebel fleet is reduced to a few meager ships and they have to flee the huge Armada of Star Destroyers and fighters who are blowing the all the fuck up.

Leah’s chain of command is broken and new leadership is needed. Someone who is heroic, a true leader must emerge to save this scattered, battered and broken gaggle of ships to safety. Another moment for a Liberal Social Justice moment must emerge to not advance a story but propagandize an agenda. Who better than another woman to take command and show the idiotic man flock how to get shit done. Enter Vice Admiral Holdo played by Laura Dern with her purple princess hair and got it all attitude. Even Poe is like WTF. Let’s make this agenda obvious shall we?

She gets the fleet to jump to light speed, the ships apparently now are low on fuel and have just enough for one more jump. Problem though, the new order has the ability now to track jumps to light speed and is only 30 seconds away so this option no longer works. The New Order has a new, top secret military grade technology that can track ships through hyperspace. Cool. Likeable. Top Secret Military technology always fun.

But the stupid follows. General Hux orders the armada to bombard the Rebel fleet finding out that they are somehow too far away for these massive cannons firing powerful energy blasts to suddenly not be able to penetrate shields. It’s ineffective, but let’s just keep wasting ammo to just remind the rebels that they are out there. Not that the Rebels cannot see this massive armada but let’s keep knocking on that door. The big ships are apparently too slow to catch up to the faster smaller Rebel ships. This barrage has to go on for not one but 18 hours.

Again the physics of space ignored. The MASS of the ships really doesn’t matter because there is no gravity; there is no wind resistance, no terminal velocity to worry about. Forget that fleet of Tie Fighters that could easily fly out and take down those shields. No let’s just ignore any proper military engagement and fire ineffective weak ass cannons which somehow dissipate their energy in space to unknown thermal dynamic forces like um space dust I guess. The space dust weakens the energy leaching it on its journey to the god shields protecting these ships. Oh man… oh wow… who wrote this shit. Fuck you.

Let’s just fly in space for 18 hours shooting pointlessly at the Rebels, the most meaningless and pointless idea and keep that shit going.

Back to Rey and Luke who doesn’t want to train her but finds out she’s all force special. His salvation comes in the form of R2D2 where they have a touching re-union and his heart now lifted. R2D2 brings Luke back from the dead by playing of course Princess Leah’s original plea for help from A New Hope. Woman to the rescue saving a poor retched man from himself. By this point I am so aware of the SJW agenda that his moment is absolutely ruined because it likely has more to do with SJW nonsense than story. Had that not been the focus of this film, it could have been great. But fell flat in a long list of SJW moments.

Now Luke wants to train Rey who has only 3 lessons to become the master Jedi we all want her to be. The training is just a shamble of nonsense really. Flippity flip with staff then light saber against a rock. A whole feel the force moment touching the dark side. Not much really. She and Ren have this force link allowing them to communicate unknown to Luke.

Back to the sad 18 hour space flight of the Rebel fleet under heavy New Order senseless bombardment. Finn wants to find Ray because he knows the Fleet’s ass is in check mate. If she returns she’ll die with the rest of him and so he wants to sneak on an Escape Pod.

He bumps into the sister of the Bomber mission who valiantly destroyed the Dreadnaught with bombs in spaaaace! She’s some kind of engineer who has been tazing the ass of anyone trying to go awol on the fleet. But she’s a Finn fan, he’s her hero. She admires him before clueing in that he’s also trying to go Awol on an escape shuttle.

Zaps his ass, then finds out the truth that the fleet is running out of fuel has enough for one more jump that the New Order has this new secret hyperspace tracking technology. If they jump one more time they are doomed. Between her and Finn they banter around and figure out this secret technology like it was just common knowledge implying if they ever wanted too, they probably could have invented it they know so much about it. Forget highly secretive new technology that likely was guarded and developed in the utmost secrecy. They just know it. They also know what ship it’s on. They also know where it is located on that ship. They know everything they need to know about this secretive technology and report their findings to Poe.

Poe contacts his bitch Maz Kanata who of course knows of this new technology, I mean who doesn’t. Everyone seems to now know. She also knows who else knows and can crack the New Orders complex cryptography to access this system so they can shut it down. Maz tells them they must go to this new planet which has some grand Casino where the Code breaker can be found wearing a red lapel.

Poe tells this to Holdo that he has a plan. But he’s a man, she’s a SJW so fuck his plan right. Finn is already flying in hyperspace to the planet with his new found flower Rose Taco or tico or some shit who cares. BB tags along for the ride and off they go on this merry adventure.

At the Casino the security is alerted to their presence because they just land their shit on a beach ignoring request not to park there making sure to attract all the unwanted attention they need right now to further hinder the success of their mission instead of just docking at some space parking lot like a sensible and responsible space pilot. Nope, just park that shit down where it don’t belong angering the locals is so much better story telling.

In the Casino which is just a mess of new characters and gambling. BB is mistaken for a slot machine which he conveniently looks like. Some troll like creature jamming large coins into BB’s slot over and over. I don’t know what this slot is, is there actually a compartment there? Are these coins getting stuck in some sensitive electronics? How many coins can this dude shove into this robot before they jam up something? I don’t know. Clearly it’s a slot that accepts coins.

The Casino security is now hot on the tail of Finn and Taco. They get discovered, zapped and thrown in prison failing to connect with the Code breaker with the red lapel. Instead we have a new Code breaker, some unknown dude who sole purpose seems to be waiting in a prison for the perfect opportunity to dazzle someone with his amazing hacking skills so that they can hire him for some random job to take him on a dangerous space mission to board the ship of the most powerful and feared ruler of the New Order.

Yeah, he’s just sitting in that cell overhears Finn and Taco talking about their plan and the code breaker and just says Tick Tick Tick… He can do it. They don’t believe and care so he decides his job opportunity of a lifetime is not entering the cell, so time to leave. Now he decides he can just escape because escaping at any moment could have happen. But now is the time. He picks the lock, opens the door and voila escapes. Finn and Taco take this opportunity to flee in opposing directions to go get the real code breaker Maz talked about.

BB’s now incapacitated security guards with clever wire like bondage. It was likeable until he starts to shoot all these casino coins at the guards. Oh fuck me… went from likable to stupid in a flash forgot what movie I was watching. Not one, not two but a PILE of fucking coins shoot out like a machine gun at security guards filling the floor with their wealth. The Code breaker stopping to pick them off and he and BB insta-bond, become best brahs and fuck off leaving Finn and Taco to flee on their own.

They hide in a stable where some bad shit CGI creature sees them and senses they need help expressing all sorts of meta emotion related to the story. They hide in the stable revealing they are Rebels with these campy Jack in the Box Rebel Ring. Secret decoder ring to the rescue. Kids take them in and they mount an assault on the Casino freeing all the enslaved animals for a pointless, meaningless run through to Casino to I assume to fetch the Codebeaker. I mean come the fuck on…

If they ever had a chance of recruiting this guy it was gone the moment they landed in the wrong spot. But trashing the casino he’s playing at for whatever pointless reason. Anyways they don’t recruit him because the security is to hot instead flee for their lives in a race into a field where they reach a cliff hanger moment at the edge of a cliff as security ships zero in on their position.

Don’t worry the writers got ya covered brah! The Jail-breaker DJ flies to the rescue in a stolen ship with BB and whips Finn and Taco into a gallant rescue and escape the planet to hyperspace. This gives the story time to establish that both the Rebels and New Order are buying weapons from the ship’s owner implying both are somehow equally evil in their own way or some weird message that both sides of the same team shit message. It was just more stupid let’s move on.

Meanwhile Rey is training with Luke who really doesn’t give a fuck about Jedi’s and of course turns around trains Rey for like a few lessons because of course she can’t get properly trained while the Rebels are getting their ass handed and has to leave to save them. Where have we seen that plot point before um…? Empire. Derived story telling much. Yoda ghost shows up and I guess they thought using the Puppet version of Yoda in this movie was a great idea.

Don’t get me wrong, I love puppet Yoda but in a movie where everything is CGI already this just felt so out of place, awkward and very weird. It didn’t work, just looked stupid and not that there was much immersion at this point what left of it was ruined for obvious fan fare.

He was a sucky Yoda to boot, not likable laughing like a dumbass didn’t even seem wise or comforting to Luke.

Yoda ghost now has the ability to use the force and zaps the tree temple that has sacred Jedi texts, he can just summon lightning like the God of Thunder. Ghost Yoda alone could probably defeat the New Order now, thanks writers for shitting on Jedi Ghosts along with everything else Star Wars that you shit on.

Ren now leaves Luke. She goes to meet Kylo Ren and he’s now the only hope assuming she can flip his sorry ass from the Dark Side.

Finn and his Asian honey return and sneak on Snoke’s ship get turn of the light speed tracker and because it was Poe’s plan, the white man it fails they get captured.

At this point in the movie every ship in the Rebel fleet has run out of gas allowing the Armada to catch up and blow their ass into space. Leah wakes up, Poe has a mutiny and has sealed the bridge so they can light speed jump away when Finn and Taco’s plan succeeds. What does she do? She cuts down the sealed door and shoots Poe’s ass with a stun gun. Shoots him without even asking a question, not even trying to hear his side of the story. She just knows he is a bad man doing stupid shit that needs a SJW to put him in his man place so Holdo can enact her amazingly secret plan unknown to Poe and the audience.

We are now revealed what Holdo’s plan is. Holdo ‘s plan all along was to go to this nearby abandoned rebel base and she KNEW that the Empire wasn’t going to track the rebel’s smaller escaping vessels. That’s a pretty good tactical assumption. I’m a woman commander and my woman logic and intuition tells me the New Disorder isn’t going to track my smaller ships. I just know this shit because I’m a woman and smart and powerful and shit.

Since when does the Empire not track ships leaving a vessel? Remember A New Hope when Princess Leah’s ship was captured by Darth Vader and R2D2 and C3PO board an escape pot and jettison into space towards Tatoonie? What was the first damn thing the command did? The pod showed up on their sensors. They informed Lord Vader and told him no life was detected but they followed and investigated anyways.

But not now, not in this shit movie. These are not small escape pods either 30 medium sized ships sneak out towards this abandoned rebel base. Undetected by the Armada… yeah RIGHT! Fuck off stupid!

Every big shitty ship rebel ship was destroyed but one at this point. You mean all they had to do from the very start was load up their dumb ass escape vehicles and fly to that planet not wasting 18 hours for Poe’s failed solution to not work. To waste all of our time watching Finn and Poe for nothing, absolutely nothing. If this was the plan all along why not sneak away in the very beginning leaving the last few ships as a decoy. Why let each ship get picked off. An act costing all that precious life Leah made clear to Poe that she wants to save. Yet Holdo’s stupid plan got them all killed anyways!!! God damn I hate this stupid movie!

Anyways Finn, Taco, BB and the Code breaker manage to sneak on Snoke’s bad ass ship. They make their way to the door where the Code breaker cracks the code only to be foiled and the whole lot is captured except for BB who has a clever disguise as a box robot. He fucks off to some clever convenient plot point later in the story.

They are dragged to a ship launch platform where they are about to be executed by Captain Phasma and other storm troopers. Double cross! DJ the code breaker saves his own ass selling vital knowledge to the New Order for a huge crate of unknown cash or valuables. What was this super expensive knowledge that not only bought him freedom but a bad ass payload of sweet loots? DJ knows Holdo’s plan to sneak 30 ships off the last surviving Rebel ship. Because the New Disorder needs this kind of Intel from some Meta-Knowing code breaker instead of their advanced ship scanning technology which doesn’t apparently exist or work anymore.

Who the hell told DJ this fucking plan? FINN didn’t even know this plan. POE didn’t know this plan. Taco didn’t know this plan. Nowhere in the story did DJ didn’t sit and discuss this plan. As far as we know he should have thought his whole reason there was to help the fleet jump to light speed and get away. But no… he just pulled this knowledge out of thin air where Holdo was the only one who knew.

Is DJ a fucking mind reading Jedi know? What about Snoke? He reads fucking minds, he didn’t even know. Sure the writer knew this, but no fucking way the code breaker did. This is why DJ knew because DJ is also the writer and what the writer knows, his characters should all know right. That’s how meta-knowledge works. Just because you the stupid writer knows something doesn’t equal all the characters in your story should know also.

What about Finn and Taco’s execution? They are about to have their heads hacked off with some energy axe but wait! Cliché to the rescue as BB has conveniently hijacked an AT-ST walker and blasts everyone so that Finn and Taco can battle Phasma. Finn the only man to actually do something heroic in this movie strikes down Phasma. Why did a man in this movie finally do something heroic? Right, to the SJW writers he’s a minority. Apparently they think minority and women never get heroic roles in movies. It’s all white male dominated films. Forget the Jefferson’s, Forget the Wonder Woman TV series long before the new Wonder Woman film, forget Charlie’s Angels, Forget every movie and TV show that have everything the stupid SJW believes doesn’t exist today. Oh this fucking agenda sucks so bad, blinded by its own insanity. It is insane to believe that Women and “Minorities” never ever had lead roles in a movie until this SJW Movement. WHAT REALITY DO YOU LIVE IN??? In this reality is there is a fuck tone of great movies with powerful women, African and Asian people in lead roles. That didn’t happen because the SJW agenda came along, it goes way back to black and white film.

Let’s ruin an entire franchise with it though, because that’s what the movie audience wants. We want to be forced an agenda at the cost of a good story and great characters. Just piss on every movie where these roles naturally exists in a movie where they were genuinely written in as part of a story with purpose and meaning for telling that story. Not trying to force an agenda on some assuming misogynist public who lord help them, never saw a woman in a lead role before, or wield blasters or super powers.

Anyways Phasma dies, Finn, Taco and BB escape Snoke’s ship without DJ and of course don’t get shot flying away by the Armada (DJ is the one who cloaked the ship and is not there now remember so don’t say they cloaked the ship to escape).

The New Order Armada stars slowly of course, picking off one-by-one each fleeing Rebel transport vehicle and now we have a family ok part of the Movie where Rey and Kylo Ren face off with Snoke and his Red Guard.

In this scene Snoke who we all know shit about and will form this point never know shit about shows of his uber force powers tossing Rey around like a Rag doll, exposes his desire to kill her and Luke. Get’s her in front of Kylo so he can behead her ass light saber style.

Reveals that he Snoke so powerful in the force who can read Kylo’s mind created the force link they used to communicate. This grand master dark sith having Kylo as a puppet on a string knowing is every intention, clearly established to the viewer. The all knowing Snoke who sees all can’t see Rey’s light saber now force controlled by Kylo (to whom he can read his every intent) intends on killing Snoke. He can read everything else but not this. Nope. Fuck the most important life saving piece of intent he decided not to read, the one idea Kylo had and ZAP… the light saber slices into Snoke and Kylo then force pulls that shit cutting Snoke in half. Done. No more Snoke. No epic fight. Just done. A great villain just pissed on and wasted like every other great potential in this story. Can it get any more stupid and shitty? Sure… this is Social Justice Wars!

Holdo stays back on the big ship while the rebels flee because she has a plan to save the day, be the big hero and sacrifice her life by doing the last light speed jump into Snoke’s ship. The New Order realizes her plan but it’s too late. BOOM the ship warps into hyperspace slicing Snoke’s ship in half causing some ultra powerful light warp energy to zap out and cut, damage or destroy ever other Star Destroyer unlike when the Dreadnaught blew up and nothing happened to the surrounding ship. Sure maybe cinematically this was a cool effect. Granted, it looked great. Blowing up shit always looks great.

But think about what this just did to the Star Wars ethos. This is a super weapon! A weapon of mass destruction! The ultimate sneak attack! If one ship can just hyperspace leap into another ship why not get a droid, an empty ship and just hyperspace attack any of the Empire’s ships? Why bother with bombers. Just one ship. One pilot. Why not do that in the first place? Why bother with rich story about finding Death Star plans because if this attack can do this to an entire armada, I am sure a same sized ship hyperspace attacking the Death Star would have also worked. Maybe it only needed 2 or 3 large sized ships. The point… it rendered every meaningful plot and space battle against powerful ships pointless, meaningless and stupid. That’s why it was never done before and should never of happened now. Space combat is dead. One ship, one self-sacrificing SJW heroin and every armada battle simply resolved. Easy peasy. If I was a writer and had this idea I would be thinking about the big picture and go yeah that’s kind of cool but doing that really shits of everything else because it would be the obvious attack in every epic space battle.

The rest of this movie takes place on the abandon rebel base on the planet they could all have snuck on in the beginning. They are desperately trying to contact other rebel’s for help and if were successful would have had 18 hours to get there in instead of this whole Finn fucking off to get Mr. Psychic Code Breaker. Where instead we could have learned about Snoke and had a real story with real character development.

On the planet the New Order discovers the Rebels are in this sealed base with a large door that has no other exist. No… Let’s build a base and not have a back door. Trapped with no escape the New Order deploys yet another super weapon, a Door Battering Cannon that they just conveniently had kicking around for a likely one off event like this Rebel base. Yes, the mightily based on Death Star cannon Door Basher has arrived with enough distance from the door that it needs to move forward into firing position instead of just actually landing in proper range in the first place. More lack of military tactics by the bumbling New Disorder. Forget a bunker buster from space…

Cornered and knowing the only chance of survival is to fight the New Disorder; Fin, Poe, Taco and no-names fly these shit rusted crap ancient ships barely holding together to attack a formidable ground force of heavily armored AT-AT walkers with spiky shit on their legs. Bad ass looking, epic, great… but basically that’s it for them. They just shoot shit. Don’t get attacked. Who wants to see that shit?

Finn again goes to be a hero and tries to fly into the mouth of the cannon. The second heroic male move in the entire movie, a great moment if it actually happened but SJW to the rescue as Taco crashes his ship with hers and they tumble to the ground. He finds her, she kisses him and we have another WTF moment to remember for the rest of our miserable lives. By the way SJW writers, did Finn consent to this kiss? He had no idea it was coming? Isn’t this sexual harassment? Is it ok for a woman to just kiss a man at her work place without his consent?

Shit goes down, Luke shows up not really but he does I guess. Luke fucking Skywalker light saber in hand gallantly walks through the partially blasted door. Kylo sees him standing in the salt sand and panics ordering every soldier and AT-AT to fire. In a barrage of endless laser fire this mountain of smoke billows at the blast point where Luke once stands. After the smoke clears and fire ends Luke emerges unharmed brushing his shoulder like it’s no big thing.

Ok… this moment where Luke just brushed off laser fire like it was nothing, did he use the Force to shield himself? Is he about to show Kylo what a true Jedi can do? Will he send those At-AT’s flying with the force? Will he do really amazing light saber attacks?

No… Kylo and he do a little saber dance, no force use. Luke actually isn’t Luke. He’s a Luke force hologram. Luke never left the damn island. He just went into Luke mediation mode and projected his force self and this consumes so much energy he croaks and turns to air assuming he died. But who cares, he’s a force ghost now like Yoda so he can just use force powers in the real world now right? Who needs a body when you can now be the all powerful ghost Jedi like Yoda?

Another wasted epic opportunity by a gaggle of lame ass writers pushing an agenda forward sacrificing stories for nonsense. The movie ends with Leah and Rey realizing they, the women are all they need for Star Wars and its franchise to continue. What a shit movie.

Now before you accuse me of being a misogynist hell no. I absolutely love movies for their story and characters. I hate any agenda propagandized into film at the cost of character and story development. Role-Reversals to fit this agenda making a long time established character something else is not good story telling.

If a character in the story is female, gay, Asian, African more importantly a human with a pivotal role in the story that’s great. It’s not about male, female, race, sexual preference. It is about a story.

For example, I loved Tom Hanks in Philadelphia where he played a gay man dying from aids. It was a gripping drama exposing the plight of living with this disease and the stigma attached. It was informative, educational and written for that purpose and was a great story and great movie.

Women have always had powerful and lead roles in film, long before this SJW Liberal agenda came about demanding a story change to fit an agenda. Gone with the Wind, Silence of the Lambs, The Sounds of Music, The Wizard of Oz, Out of Africa and the list goes on and on. Comics always had female super heroes that rescued the men when the story and situation needed it.

Star Wars, the original fucking Star Wars had Princess Leah who took a blaster and showed both Luke and Han how it was done! She was great, that’s why we loved her. She didn’t need some SJW to come along and make her that way, she already WAS that way.

But to take a movie, turn it into SJW propaganda is not only insulting to all the movies listed above and every other movie that didn’t need SJW garbage insults every single one of them. Lessens their already existing legacy of empowerment for Women by assuming they never existed at all.

This SJW movement in Hollywood is damaging the movie Industry, it destroys franchises, it’s a toxic mental illness that the audience doesn’t want fucking up their movies.

Star Wars is now “Social Justice Wars” and will forever be a shining example of why agenda in place of story fucks shit up for everyone. I’ve never written a review and never hated a movie more than this piece of SJW garbage. Thanks for ruining the future of this great Franchise. Sorry George, I love you and wish you never walked away. We all want you back now! Please come back! God please anyone save us from SJW!


Immersion into the Human Experience

Reality is not what you think. You have become immersed into the experience of being human within a very deep information driven experiential reality system. This immersion is so rooted and strong that to break free from it is no easy task for any individual. The good news, you are now reading an article that will not only show you that the reality you exist in is not physical rather an information driven experience, but provide some insights on how to break free and start to overcome the profound psychological impact of being locked into immersion so deep that it becomes all that you know.

To break out of immersion, we need to tackle what keeps you locked in and expose the true nature of reality which hides in plain sight. The first item is turning the belief that you exist in a physical reality where time and space are believed to be fundamental properties

Here are 10 reasons why your reality is not physical.

  1. The Measurement Problem.

  2. Time/Space are not fundamental

  3. Error Correction Code in String Theory

  4. The Cosmic Ray Test.

  5. Bell Inequality Violation

  6. Entropy of Entanglement

  7. Retrocausality

    • This is fun one. Future events influence the past. Future measurements on a particle can affect the particle in the past. Known as weak measurements this started with lasers where the experiment showed they measured the laser firing in the past before it was fired in the future. This experiment expands on that discovery.

  8. Doubling down on Schrödinger’s Cat

  9. The Quantum Drum

  10. Information Processing in Living Systems.

    • Nature has evolved through information processing in living systems. Every organism that exists lives in a subjectively observed view of reality. This means it takes in sensory information and processes the information into a sensory approximation of observed reality. The end result is the organism never observes the external world, only the rendered output of sensory information processing. The reality it experiences is virtual derived from the final product of information processing both within large cellular groups or within the individual cells microtubules.

      The human brain even functions like a digital computer.

These are only 10 of many reasons why our reality is not physical. The criteria for physical matter to behave as solid particles is measurement. When matter is not measurement it only exists as a probability distribution known as a wave.

Why is measurement crucial for reality to exist? This all comes down to the laws of Information Conservation. If matter/time/space are not fundamental to reality, then what is? Information is fundamental. Matter/time/space are all properties derived from information and information processing and are the final product of a rendered reality. Reality is information, and what describes the properties of reality is merely a complex set of rules and information.

Breaking out of immersion isn’t as easy as realizing that information drives the experience of reality. That is just one step in the right direction to a broader understanding. Let’s dig even deeper then these scientific discoveries.

Virtualization in Living Systems

What is Virtualization? This is the act of creating a virtual (rather than actual) version of something. Right now, your mind is virtualizing reality through a very evolved process of information processing and sensory perception. It’s very easy to prove that you are virtualizing reality as you read this text. Just close your eyes to continue reading.

What we percieve as reality stems from a collection of information gathering and inputs through five physical senses which requires interpretation by the brain. The brain takes sensory information, processes that information and outputs your perception of reality. This output is a virtualization of external sensory observations. A rendering of the mind. The end result of cellular information processing. A rendering. It is this output that produces an interface in which you navigate in the external world.

What is the interface? Why is it important and why should you care? Without it, you could not function in the observed world. Imagine all your senses completely shut down and then try to drive to work. Not going to happen. Without it, you can’t function in this world so it is a vital part of what you are. And it is not limited to humans as all living systems evolved using information processing based on sensory constraints by which to interface with the observed world.

Although much simpler than a human, a single celled amoeba also has a sensory apparatus that uses chemotaxis. The amoeba also has the ability to process sensory stimuli and has it’s own interface by which it navigates towards food and changes in its climate. The single cell is a highly evolved information processing system. Nature has evolved the ability to process information because it is a requirement of survival. Without it, life simply cannot function. Information processing in living systems is fundamental and has evolved with survival in mind.

We share our reality with a massive dichotomy of other life forms where through their own unique sensory processes have a completely different interpretation of reality than humans. Not every lifeform has the privilege of seeing color. Even human sensory limits do not see every range of color available. A bee sees on the ultraviolet spectrum and flowers have evolved in such a way that patterns only visible in the ultraviolet are available to insects. To a human, we had no idea they existed until we developed technology that allowed us to interpret ultraviolet information.

Mantis Shrimp have up to 16 photoreceptors and can see ultraviolet, visible and polarized light. Humans only have 3 photoreceptors. It’s not hard to imagine that how a mantis shrimp sees the external world is vastly different than how a human perceives it. The sensory constraints found in a wide range of diversity stems from evolutionary adaptation and the success of survival for any species. The effect however paints a completely different interpretation of reality and these differences are not limited from species to species, even in Humans there are differences in perception which means not every human perceives reality the exact same way as other humans. Take color blindness as the most obvious example. A person with colorblindness will percieve subtle differences in their interface.

What is important is that all life use sensory inputs and information processing to survive. It is this mechanic of life that paints the experience of reality and each lifeform virtualizes reality in the form of an interface to survive.

More important and fundamental is the fact that all life requires information to interpret and process. In an information driven experiential reality system the mandate of virtualiation cannot be ignored as it is why we succeed in our ability to surive and exist.

There is more than just the success of information processing and sensory adaptation at work. Memory through experience is also vital. Without memory, you might forget that fire burns and risk future mishaps. Memory also factors into perception which is noted in human perception exercises where the limits of our vision are often compensated by the brain filling in the gaps using past experience. Memory is also vital to overcoming immersion because once we arrive at our destination in understanding this idea, it will be amnesia which you will have to address but we are not there yet, make a note that amnesia is all that stands between you and the immersion you are facing.

A few more points on virtualization and interfaces to cover to better prepare you for the deeper layers that reside in our experiential reality. If we look at the basics of a perception we have sensory inputs, an information processor and the screen for the output. Unlike a computer that has a monitor or tv by which to output the final rendered product of information processing, life has done something far more extraordinary. We don’t have a computer screen inside of our head. Instead, the mind simulates the screen as all the regions of the brain required to process sensory information are distributed within a 3D cellular matrix.

Take space for example. Our perception of space is similar to a computer that virtualizes 3D space using a 3D Cartesian formula using an X/Y/Z axis. What we perceive as space is the end result of visual information processing. It is an approximation of space that is no different than the space you would see if you would wear a Virtual Reality headset. Slap on a VR and look at how it simulates space. The space you see in a VR is no different than the space you see in objective reality. Both are rendered approximations of space simulated by virtualization in the brain. All of that space doesn’t exist inside the brain so why does it overlay and seem to encompass such great distances if it’s all in your head?

This is part of the interface and how the mind has evolved the ability to process information. The mind produces a virtualization of space and projects an overlay to approximate the space as perceived by sensory constraints. We never see true space as we have only ever observed the approximation of space through virtualiation. And this is true for everything that you perceive. It is all an approximation and interpretation of information gathered by limited senses.

We know color is subjective and limited to visual perception and easy to understand when you factor in other organisms like the Mantis shrimp. We know colorblindness means differences in visual perception between humans. What you see as color is also an approximation. Taste, touch, smell and hearing all approximations and different between humans and greater diversity by other lifeforms.

The interface to reality that your mind is producing isn’t limited to just approximating space, it encompass everything in the experience. Full immersion. Even your thoughts, emotions and self-awareness are infused into this interface. It is everything that you experience yourself and reality to be, unified into a run-time experience.

It is entirely virtual. The product of information processing in living systems. Even your sense of self-awareness and consciousness are constrained within this interface. Get a knock on the head, go unconscious and it all shuts down into darkness.

The Subjective Paradox

No two humans experience reality the same way. We have similar experiences but the truth is everyone experiences reality subjectively and has different interpretations of the data describing the world they exist in. From differences in sensory limits to memories derived from personal experience. How we experience reality is entirely subjective and like a snowflake is unique from person to person, lifeform to lifeform. This is the Subjective Paradox. You might like to think everyone experiences reality the same way you do and that the world is objective but the truth is reality is far more subjective than objective when it comes to how we experience it.

It is not just sensory differences and memories based on past experiences that induce these subjective qualities. Even the virtualization of reality is just a vehicle of subjectivity but what we know (or think we know) play into this enigma of immersion.

It would be nice to think it’s all very simple. There is a planet called Earth, there are other lifeforms all competing for survival. You are a human, you need to eat, breath and have shelter to survive and reproduce. You’ll get old, you’ll die and that’s it. End of experience.

It’s never that easy. Reality is far more evolved and complex than what we know through our experience within this locality. We suffer from immersion into an experiential reality system and now that I’ve covered the fact reality is not physical, it is information and you are evolved to interpret information, render that information into a virtualization of reality and through all of this have an experience we can finally get into what really is going on.

Localized Belief-Systems

Your immersion into this experiential reality system wouldn’t be complete without localized belief-systems. This is the real hard problem for most people because it comes with the biggest price and impact on your immersion and what keeps you locked in. Yet it is the part that so many cling on to regardless of evidence that suggests otherwise and is not limited to religion, social, political and scientific ideas. It’s the problem, not the solution but naturally comes from what one would expect if they simply didn’t know and had to fill that knowledge gap with an idea that seems rational, logical or even irrational.

At the start of this article, we looked at how physical reality is actually not physical rather information. Sure you might disagree because everything you have learned and believed up to this point suggests that it is physical. But what is physical? The atoms that make it physical don’t exist until measured or observed. That doesn’t sound very physical to me. A particle can be in two locations in space at the same time? A solid physical particle can’t do that. Something is wrong here. An incorrect belief is at play so let’s address it. Physical is an idea, localized to our current scientific and cultural moors. It is a belief-system. It is actually an archaic concept no less ridiculous than the idea the world is flat.

The idea that the world was flat was the scientific norm of the day back for many ancient cultures and to suggest otherwise would be heresy. Well, heresy is the norm when you want to break free of any belief-system in search of a grander more accurate truth. If you are not a truth seeker, and I mean a genuine truth seeker then beliefs are your koolaid and drink heavy as so many do. But if you are sincere in breaking through the immersion, you have to take anything you read, learned, believed in this locality and question it. If you gained that knowledge in this locality, chances are it is a localized belief-system. Even our modern day cosmology and scientific beliefs should be scrutinized and questioned because knowledge gaps are often always filled with theory and speculation.

Ask yourself. Can an entire civilization of humans be wrong about something? If the answer is yes what makes you think that even today our current cultural standing even with all of our scientific endeavors are absolutely correct. If I would grade our current paradigm, it is far better than previous ones such as flat earth beliefs. There is a genuine push for scientific understanding that has allowed us to advanced quickly to understand how the world works. Can’t ignore 150 years of technological advancement as being in the wrong direction. The problem is our current paradigm believes in materialism yet as you see with the above advances in quantum experiments materialism is dead. The shedding of an old paradigm is often met with resistance as humans love their beliefs and hate being wrong about anything. Our egos have a very hard time accepting one could be so duped to believe in something that seemed so real and accurate to find it was actually just another belief-system.

How many belief-systems do you see at play in our global community? Would you agree that belief-systems run rampant throughout our civilization from our ancient cultures to our modern times? That a belief could hinder or stop the progress of truth? That it could be used to manipulate and control people? Do you think you’ve somehow escaped the enigma of localized belief-systems? The odds are stacked against your favor, you’ve probably drank a few different brands of koolaid in your journey. We are all guilty of it, largely because it can be forced on us culturally.

If I told you that you live in a world where Man seeks to control Man through any means necessary and many of the belief-systems which arose stem from this simple observation? That the power of an idea can enslave entire civilizations. You might think that mind control isn’t real or you are unaffected by it, yet our entire planet is saturated in various forms of mind control some more glaring than others.

The Paradigm is Shifting

Thanks to the evidence emerging in the experiments listed at the start of this article. Physicists, Mathematicians and intellectually inclined people are starting to look at the idea that we live in a Virtual Reality. That life is some type of simulation. Digital Physics, Simulation Theory and Virtualism is starting to emerge as new theories to address this idea that reality is information. And that atoms are rendered by some type of simulator.

This means that information is being generated by something like a computer. This idea will lead many to believe that the computer could be like our man made equivalent. Ideas that we could be in some cosmic video game on some advanced Alien computer and there must be a computer and programmer to seek. Which is very very unlikely that we are living in the simulation on some other physical computer in some more advanced Alien civilization. The answer is much more compelling and personal than that.

What else do we know that has the ability to act like a computer and simulate reality? We already know that living systems possess this ability so let’s start there and look at another glaring phenomena that we all possess. Dreams.

Dream Simulation Theory

Do you possess the ability to simulate a reality as vivid and detailed as the waking world without objective information to observe and process? You would be lying to yourself if you said no. Dreams are another example of virtualism in living systems where information is being processed to output an experience.

A dream is something generated by your subconscious mind. It takes a lot of processing power to generate a second of dreams. Let’s compare 1 frame of dream content to 1 frame of 3D generated graphics that we see in movies like Pixar’s “Toy Story”. A single frame of a popular 3D movie took a full day to render. It took months for the 3D modellers to push vectors and edges to create a complex triangular mesh to describe the 3D objects in the world. It took weeks for people to rig the mesh so it could behave as an animated character. Several artists would spend weeks designing the UVM bitmaps to color the 3D mesh objects so when the rendering farm finally put everything together, the final product would be a vivid 3D image.

Your ability to dream does all this instantly and at run-time. The resolution and fidelity of a single frame of dream content is better, crisper more detailed than any CGI rendered creation. Think about this ability to generate at run-time a dream so real that you may think you are in reality until you wake up.

Nature has evolved the perfect virtual reality simulator. It’s called dreaming. All it takes is consciousness to play. You are the virtual reality simulator, you are the dreamer. If you alone possess the ability to produce such vivid experience as effortless as breathing in the form of a dream, imagine if a larger more unified dreaming mind was at work. Could a unified collective field of dreaming intelligence simulate the waking world?

Would there be any evidence of this if true? What if there is evidence and you already have experience with dreams and their relationship with reality? Let’s stop and examine Déjà Vu (already seen). Have you ever had Déjà Vu where you linked the familiarity to something you dreamed of in the past? Did you ever question, did I dream this? If you can honestly answer yes, you are not alone. Déjà Vu linked to past dreams is known as Déjà Rêve. Many people have this experience and you may be one of those people.

Déjà Rêve, the new Déjà Vu

Here is a link to a recent Reddit post that hit front page and likely had millions of views. The article is on Déjà Rêve and if you read the comments, over a thousand people suddenly realized that they don’t experience Déjà vu, that what they are experiencing is Déjà Rêve. This is a great example of how the wrong word, the wrong language fails to describe the correct experience. This is why Déjà Rêve is the term we need to use when we know the source of the Déjà is a past dream.

TIL of the concept of Deja Reve. Deja Reve is the same as Deja Vu but instead of feeling that you’ve experienced an event once before, you instead feel you’ve dreamt of this event once before. from todayilearned

The article they linked is from CNN and By Sandee LaMotte. LaMotte cites and study where 86% of the college students surveyed report reliving events they remember from past dreams. Look at the comments on the Reddit post and you are seeing the same validation. More importantly look at your own Déjà Rêve experiences.

I’ve written extensive articles on Déjà Rêve over the years. Have talked about this phenomena since 1998. Here is a paper I wrote called, “The Theory of Precognitive DreamsDownload which covers this experience in depth, it’s free so just download the PDF and enjoy.

Here are some of the comments from the Reddit thread

  • I actually get this quite a bit. Sometimes I’ll pause for a second after noticing one thing and notice several others that feel eerily similar. It’s slowed down as I’ve gotten older but I’ll still feel the hairs on my arms stand up as this happens.

  • I actually thought this is exactly what Déjà vu was. Every time I get “Déjà vu” it’s never literally the feeling that I’ve experienced something before, it’s always the (really eerie) feeling that I’ve dreamt the scenario, sometimes years ago.

  • Holy crap, I always thought if I tried to explain this feeling that people would think I’m nuts. I used to experience it more as a kid but it’s still weird as hell whenever it happens these days.

    Edit: I should probably actually describe it. When I was a kid and it happened, if I tried to picture what would be the “memory” of what I’d seen to trigger Déjà Rêve, it would be like I was picturing it in my mind in sepia. It’s hard to explain, and sounds a bit silly now that I’m typing it, but it’s like seeing everything twice – once as I experienced it, and again in my head slightly delayed, like my memory was powered by an old-timey reel projector. I also had it happen mostly when I was at school. I just sort of knew these were from dreams at the time though I couldn’t tell you why – intuition maybe?

    I experience it far less as an adult, and in a slightly different way. For starters the sequence of familiar events are longer, and far more specific. It feels more like Déjà vu, I guess, because it doesn’t “replay” in my head the same way. It’s more like things will happen, and as they happen it clicks that I’ve seen exactly that before, and straight after that last thing, whatever it was! It gets to a point where I almost feel lile I could remember what happens next – and then the whole feeling suddenly stops.

    So, yeah – that’s my little story, I suppose.

  • You are not the only one. When I was younger I used to experience this phenomena all the time. It was really unsettling at times. I tried to explain it once to a friend and he looked at me like I was nuts.

    It still happens to me at times to date (25y old now) but not nearly as much as back in the day.

  • Literally the exact same situation for me. My best friend thought I was crazy when we were 9 or so cause I was getting freaked out that I had psychic abilities that I couldn’t control and showed me visions of menial events.

  • I still get these sometimes, and I like to imagine that I’m making pivotal life-changing choices however meaningless they seem.

  • Same here, sometimes things just “line up” in a way that takes me back to some dream I had years ago – positioning of things, colors, mood, lighting, whatever. Never the same exact thing, but so close I feel like I can reach back into the past and touch it.

  • This is kind of blowing my mind that everyone doesn’t experience this… I always assumed this happened to everyone and no one talks about it.

  • Oh wow, I experience this same thing quite often. It’s nice to finally be able to put a name to it.

  • Same here, it happens to me all the time and I always thought it was Déjà vue

  • Happens to me a few times a year. I’ve come to realize that it signifies my life is progressing as it should. I find it reassuring now instead of creepy like it did at first. If the frequency drops off I usually expect bad news in the next month or so.

This isn’t the only time people have responded about their own personal experience with past dreams as the source of their future experiences. I’ve had a youtube video on this topic that has seen far less views than this Reddit post but the comments are the same

Here is the link to the Youtube Video: Ian Wilson discussing Precognitive Dreams, Déjà Vu and Déjà Rêve

These are some of the comments in response to the video

  • I am going to be 64 this month. I have had precognitive dreams my whole life, but have kept it to myself except for a few people I have told. I have been lucid many times in these dreams and I am so glad to have you explain what you feel is Déjà Vu. It really makes sense to me now that I have certainly dreamed about the experience I am having and am now aware of it. I like the idea that we have choice in how the outcome can turn out. I dreamed about the Loma Pireta Earthquake before it happened. I dreamed a dream about Andy kaufman, the comedian, doing a comedy routine on TV, and two days later sitting in my living room with my husband Andy’s routine came on T.V. I had told my husband about the routine the morning after having the dream and how funny it was and described it in detail, so when it came on T.V. he turned to me and said,” Did you see this in an advertisement?” I said, “Absolutely not.” I have had so many of these types of dreams, I have learned that people think your crazy or wanting attention so I just keep quiet. I am just glad to have you educate me more about what I have been experiencing all my life. Thank You

  • What I’m trying to say is thank you for showing that I’m not crazy

  • I’ve had countless precognitive dreams. More frequent when I was younger. Now my dreams are usually lucid. Weird scenarios and I’m always aware I’m dreaming but I go with the flow. If I wake up, I go back to sleep and pick up where I’ve left off. It tends to be easier to lucid dream the more you wake up and fall asleep again.

  • See, I always thought what I was experiencing was Déjà vu, because the few times it’s happened I’ve always known I’ve dreamt it. I thought that was Déjà vu until I literally just came across the term Déjà Rêve. it’s never been anything important, just my field of view (that book was there, I was sat in this exact position, I went to pick up something etc.) I cannot remember the ones that happened ages ago but a few weeks/a month ago I was putting my makeup on in my boyfriends bathroom mirror and I looked down to the shelf and everything was in the exact same position on the shelf, my hand was there, the light was coming from the same place. and I never remember the dream until the situation has happened and I always get the feeling I’ve had the dream a long time ago. it’s really freaky because I am very skeptical about things like this but I know that it’s happened.

  • Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!! I have had literal precognition at least a dozen times and this has helped so much. Those moments when you realize you are in a moment you have dreamed before and say to yourself, “Should I say what I said in the dream? Should I say something different?”. Most of the time I tell the people around me about what is occurring to me; I will look to my friends or family and tell them, “I have dreamed this before, including the dialogue”. I figure it couldn’t hurt to tell the truth instead of keeping it all in my internal dimension : ) Once again thank you so very much for this. It isn’t easy experiencing something that has been said to be impossible and not even exist!

Still not convinced? Are you in the group of people never had this experience? Why are you not having these experiences? Maybe you have but rationalized it away, refused to accept it. I’ve had deep debates with skeptics only to have private PM’s where they confided in me that they did have the experience but it invoked fear and they don’t like to “go there”. Is it because “science” claims it’s impossible? Maybe you’ve read all the arguments against it?

Coincidence, Law of Large Numbers, Confirmation-Bias and the list goes on. Since when are arguments facts? How can you claim with certainty that these arguments are valid yet the thousands and thousands of people who have it are lying. If you dive into the research, the body of evidence this goes far beyond some wishful thinking rather a genuine part of human experience. My Theory of Precognitive Dreams paper covers the history and provides examples of other evidence.

This experience is not something you believe in. It is something you can genuinely have. It is there to help you see that there is something more going on in your relationship with the world you live in. More importantly, it is Revealing this covert relationship between dreams and reality as being one and the same.

What if I told you, you are living a dream that lasts a lifetime? After everything you have read here, and perhaps already hinted at by your own Déjà Rêve experiences that dreams are the programming language of experiential reality, and consciousness is the computer?

The idea that reality may be a type of dream is not new knowledge. All though out human history individuals have come to this realization. Here is a paper that covers that history by Timothy Conway entitled, “This Is All A Dream [PDF]

Can an entire Universe be simulated by this ability of consciousness to produce very complex dream simulations in a unified field of awareness? If you look at a game called “No Man’s Sky” which is a procedurally generated game where you explore virtual space. The game has over 16 Quintilian planets to explore. It generates the Universe using procedural programming. An entire simulated Universe using nothing more than complex mathematics and programming. The processing power to run the simulation is just one CPU.

You have trillions of CPU’s in the form of neurons and they simulate reality and dream reality. You have more than enough processing power to simulate reality and have had this your whole life. Combine you with a unified field of consciousness and the end result is plenty of processing power to create, simulate and experience a dream that lasts a lifetime. You are a reality rendering farm. Even more important, you are a dreamer.

Do you lucid dream? Have you ever given your dreams any interest or exploration? Did you know that you can be as awake and aware as you are right now in a dream during sleep. If you never had this experience, you’ll never know what you are missing out on. The Déjà Rêve experiences that happen can also be experienced through lucid dreaming. If you train yourself to be conscious during sleep and move into this precognitive content. You will expand the experience bringing you analytical, logical and waking self into this creative process.

My first lucid precognitive dream took place when I was 17, and am now 45. That dream set in stone for me with very clear and undeniable evidence that dreams are the programming language of reality. It took 11 years before I started to change lucid precognitive dream content. Want to know what happened next? Those changes came true. I hacked the dream thus hacked reality. Simply to answer my own questions regarding the relationship between dreams and reality. This relationship to me is not from belief, but from years of exploration, experimentation and experience.

Precognitive dreams also saved my life by helping me avoid a car accident. Had I not had that dream, I would not have been able to act in advance to prevent this potentially fatal fate. I am able to write deeply about this experience not because I believe it, not because I read it in a book rather because it is how I experience reality. And I am not alone.

So what is really going on? What is reality, why is it rendered and why do dreams play a role?

To really understand how reality emerged from dreams we need to move past the idea that it is physical and start to look at information, how information is fundamental and how the observer or you the dreamer is participating in this experience in deep immersion

In cosmology we have the big bang. An idea that reality emerged from a singularity and expanded into the Universe. If you look at the Universe more than just Earth exists and the level of information that describes it is far greater than a game like No Man’s sky. The one missing ingredient of cosmology is awareness. The missing ingredient is awareness.

The singularity is and was self-aware. It used thought as a form of recursive feedback that formed patterns which yielded experience. This singularity of the self (you/me/everything) evolved these patterns and through them evolved itself. The dreams which emerged as these thoughts became the framework to build an experience for itself/us. It evolved with the ability to think in the language which dreams, your dreams are an example of. The resolution, fidelity and continuity of these thoughts became the programming language of experiential existence.

This immersion into these new dreams, new patterns of experience became the drive behind creating a system by which it could immerse itself into many parts to fullfill roles further expanding the potential for new patterns of experience. You are one of those parts of this singularity and highly-organized thoughts in the form of dreams are the language by which you are communicating with this larger, universal awareness system.

This singularity is what many religions call God, but if I could remove the idea of God and replace it more accurately with the term “self”. It is the self that evolved into many parts for the purpose of experience. To make the experience more deep and intense it developed rules centered around immersion. Let a part of itself have deep immersive experience by which to learn, evolve and further the evolution of experience.

It has achieved this through advanced language where a part communicates with this larger whole. It is this language which produces the datastream of information that you are rendering right now. It is what is providing you the experience of the self immersed into the experience of being human as a simulated dream with rules, continuity and persistence.

It is better to look at this relationship as an individualized part of a universal unified field of awareness. From this perspective, the larger system is the computer acting like the server and you are the client which is being sent a highly-organized datastream of thought where you create an interface rendering this thought into your experience. The action you take in your interface affects change based on the rule-set. This provides feedback in the data which this larger system tracks and updates all relevant parts of itself relative to your locality. The other participants have those changes updated into their datastream which provides objectivity and a shared experience that is relative to this locality

A precognitive dream is part of a creative process with this larger system. When you are in this pre-reality processing this larger system is presenting the datastream of probability that represents future events relative and specific to your experience. It is here that have this dream unaware of all these hidden processes and retain some memory of that creative process. Thanks to the immersion you may or may not have any memory. When this thought packet is ready to actualize in the future. You now engage this precognitive dream content as a current event as part of the recursive feedback.

You are not seeing the future rather engaged in the creative run-time process which is organizing data as part of a probability calculation as part of your experience. This larger system handles the vector of time/space which this event represents and slots it into the future event you have participated in.

It is this creative process, this communication your have using thought as the programming language with this larger system which produces deja reve. At this focus state, if you were to be conscious and lucid during this pre-reality processing you will see that the interface present as a dream is 100% entirely composed of the higher-order thought process that creates dreams in the first place. A precognitive dream is exactly that. A dream. When it renders in the future it is still that dream. The relationship between dreams and reality is exposed in this relationship.

This is why you are living a dream that lasts a lifetime in deep immersion for the purpose of experiencing what it is like to be human. Reality is entirely designed for the sole purpose of experience with this larger unified field of awareness that represents what some call the Universal Self.

How you came to be here to participate in this experience is also locked away thanks to the immersion required to have this experience. You existed before becoming human. Many people through out history have memory of past-lives. People have non-physical experiences such as out-of-body experiences or near death experiences. These experiences again are present for the purpose of helping you remember that you are more than human. That human is a state of being you are having, but what you are is far greater, far more evolved than you can possibly imagine

The good news, these pre-life memories are simply set aside for the moment. A very brief moment in time. And when you desire it and want to remember there is a process where you can start to remember. This process is simply an act of coming out of the immersion created by the rules that describe human experience. It is all there waiting for you to simply remember. What stops you from remembering is the fact every localized belief you have acts as a distraction. This system is designed that you need to do the work to move forward into a larger spectrum of your evolving self.

Why it comes through a process of remembering is because you, not anyone else has to crawl out from this intense dream to see, know and understand that you are more than human. That you are a very evolved intelligence capable of simulating reality using highly-organized thought as the programming language. You are simply experiencing limitation for a brief moment. Seeing infinity through a pin-hole of constrained consciousness.

This is also why events like consciousness during sleep, lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences are central to exposing you to a larger reality system. They are experiences that cannot be taught through belief rather experienced to be known. No one can do your homework. I can tell you that you can be conscious during sleep, that in that time you can begin to remember through accessing more memory locked in amnesia. That dreams are the programming language of reality. Absolutely meaningless for me to tell you if you yourself cannot have that experience. Think of it as homework and the test is you answering all the questions for yourself through first-person experience.

The key to everything is consciousness and the place to be conscious the most is when you sleep. Being conscious during sleep is the first step in breaking through immersion because it provides a new focus state where you can be self-realized and self-aware. It is in this focus state that you can now access information that the immersion of being awake blocks and filters out.

Learning to be conscious during sleep is not a big deal. It’s easy. Just attention focusing. What makes it difficult is this system’s clever design to keep this concept hidden away in moors of belief and skepticism. There is absolutely no interest or desire from an academician, religious, political or social perspective to teach you to be conscious during sleep.

Sure, lots of other schools of knowledge like playing a piano. Lots of support for learning about chemistry or physics. When was the last time your school had a conscious during sleep class where it taught you the skills you need to be simply conscious in this focus state? Where has dreams been anything but treated like a joke or taboo yet every lifeform dreams. Or when there is academic papers the majority are calling it noise or just nonsense of the mind. The one thing you need to do and almost no support, knowledge or training for you to do it. You are a dreamer experiencing what it is like to be human. Time to learn about this part of yourself.

This skill should not be ignored. You are missing out on an opportunity to extend yourself into another focus state that permits self-awareness and provides new experiences. I’ve been lucid dreaming for 30 years. I dream from the moment I go to sleep until I wake up. Having from 6-8 hours of dream experience many of which are lucid. I’ve gained almost a decade of dream experience, and of that at least 4 years of extra conscious experience. My free e-book covers time in dreams and how to extend yourself into more experience.

So interested yet in exploring your potential? Want to see it to believe it? If the key is to be conscious during sleep, then let’s start there and look at what you can do to participate in this experience and move into an extraordinary relationship with a larger you and know that you are in a dream that lasts a lifetime.

Here is my quick start guide to lucid dreaming. Progressive Guide to Lucid Dreaming

Here is my free e-book entitled, “You Are Dreaming

And the Theory of Precognitive Dreams

Happy truth seeking.

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