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Jan 11, 2017 – Today’s Lucid Dream was in Las Vegas Nevada

I started with my usual preparation for lucid dreaming. Using WBTB/WILD with MILD and ADA through the day. As I lied down, I had a hard time relaxing because of a problem with eyestrain so focused more on MILD rather then WILD to achieve lucidity. I just let the body fall asleep naturally.

All the techniques I use covered here: Progressive Guide to Lucid Dreaming

The challenge with MILD is you have to become conscious in the dream when you are most likely already unconscious. This requires some type of reality-check to break the immersion of being dream locked. It took a bit of time to get the right trigger before I realized I was dreaming.

The dream starts and I am in Las Vegas and have a hotel room. In the room, I put my passport in the wall safe with some other belongings. The hotel looked like the Venetian, it was huge. I took an elevator down to the lobby which was very beautiful, amazing decor golden colors and artwork everywhere. It was so spacious. There were a lot of people walking about as I went out side to go for a walk.

A person on the street handed me this purple pamphlet with black text that was an invitation to some communist party. I looked at it, crumpled it up and tossed it in the trash. It was great seeing Vegas with all the amazing buildings and the buzz of people walking about. I went to cross the street and this bus pulled behind me as I am on the crosswalk, and all of these illegal immigrants pour out.

Across the street there is this man who is some undercover ICE officer and he stops me instead of all the illegals who are running in all directions. He asks me where I am from, I tell him Canada. He asks if I have my passport and I tell him I do, but it’s back at the hotel. He’s talking with a Russian accent which strikes me odd. And this is a good thing, as it starts to trigger the setup for the dream reality check because I start to think. Thinking rather than just responding to dream drama is key in asking the right question: “Am I dreaming?”.

He asks me who the Prime Minister of Canada was and I said Stephen Harper then realized I was wrong. “Justin Trudeau” I told him. And this was the reality-check I needed because thinking brought in my waking logical mind in which quickly went past answering a question to questing the dream drama itself and I realized that I was dreaming.

Suddenly this ICE officer is no longer authoritarian to me, I mean why bother when you are in Vegas as a Lucid Dream? I wanted to explore and walk around. Take in the sights, have a mini-vacation. I brush him off, deliberately not engaging the dream character as a distraction regardless of his responses. He barked commands ordering me to stop etc and I just ignored him and walked into the crowd of people looking at all the sights.

It was wonderful, I went into this hotel and there was this moving floor with people just standing as the floor moved everyone forward. In front of me there was this man who had a baby on his front. The baby however was a conjoined twin. People where being pushy and I was bumping into this man, concerned for his baby I put my arms out and pushed back then thought, it’s a dream I don’t really have to be protective.

I couldn’t move forward in the crowd however as there was so many people on this mobile floor not moving so I tried to move to the side and use the railing. I asked people to excuse me as I worked my way along the rail but this guy going the wrong way was doing the same thing coming down the floor and I had to move aside thinking typical and felt a little angry about it. But this again is more related to dream drama which I attribute to being there to draw the conscious mind back into immersion causing one to loose lucidity. My response showed me I was becoming semi-lucid being too caught up in the dream drama so needed to refocus and balance.

I was already using the rail to walk forward and stopped, put my hand on it and used what I call anchoring. I just refocused my attention on the fact I was dreaming despite the uncanny super-realism of the dream world appearing as normal and physical as the waking world short of what simple dream symbolism might creep up like the conjoined twins or Russian ICE agent.

It took some time before I was off this moving floor, I loved the sheer volume of dream characters and although it made it hard to move, the thousands and thousands of people was from a simulation occurring in my subconscious mind factoring in all the animation, movement, behaviors and setting is nothing short of a miracle of consciousness, a mind generated virtual reality and I loved it.

When I entered some other hotel area, there was this cupcake booth with people handing out cup cakes. It becomes a bit of a theme as there are more in the dream. I took a cupcake and it was a bit larger than a softball, fairly large. To fulfill yet another guilty pleasure from lucid dreaming I took a bite and it had very soft icing and the cup cake itself was chocolate. Who doesn’t like guilt free delicious food? I even had to wipe icing off my face, that’s how tactile and real it was.

I kept walking looking at people, admiring the beauty of the shops and came into a casino area. It was just like casino, games and sounds with people at slot machines. I stopped in just to have a look and see all the details, just to admire that this is a dream and it’s capable of such richness and fidelity.

I continued walking and exploring, I started to go up stairs and walked through the halls of the hotel looking at the hotel room doors and carpet. I ran my hand against the wall as I walked feeling the textures of the wall. When I came to the next set of stairs, I walked up and continued to just walk the halls of the hotel until I came to a swimming pool area.

The dream was lasting a long time, and by the time I was at the pool, I was actually tired from walking so much. The realism is just so superb. I also felt kind of lost and didn’t want to have to walk all the way down all the stairs because I must have covered at least 4 floors before I found the pool. The pool itself was massive, it had glass windows and glass doors so you could see in. There were lots of people swimming and diving off this high dive.

I took a break to again re-balance and focus on the fact I was dreaming. Maintaining lucid awareness as best as one can. I put my hand on the glass window of the pool to anchor. It’s good to take moments in the dream to re-balance because I find it really helps the longevity of the dream. I can be in a lucid dream like this for hours doing this method. Even resist being woken up.

Dreams do like to deploy dream drama, at least in mine so I assume this is the way for others. Where dream characters act as distractions to draw us back into unconsciousness or test our resolve for being lucid. The ICE officer had found me. While I was refocusing he started yelling at me telling me I was under arrest. The distraction wasn’t working. I looked at him and he had a white shirt with a gold police badge pinned to it. Had a mustache was in his 40’s. Shorter than I was probably 5’8″ and had a police belt with a side arm which he pulled out.

In the waking world, I would comply obviously. Even in the dream, having a dream character pull out a gun is intimidating. I have very realistic dreams where being shot can actually hurt and be unpleasant. So the best tactic here is either to use dream control and resolve the situation before the character takes action, or comply. I chose dream control.

Controlling a dream is very easy when your are lucid, you simply use intent and thought to reprogram. It’s a lot like using the Force or having Jedi powers because of how the dream responds. In this case, I just turned his gun into one of the cup cakes as it was fresh on my mind.

He looks at the cup cake confused as to what happened. “Try it, it’s delicious.” I tell him. This caused the dream character to become very disorientated, he was looking at what he thought was a gun, now an over-sized tasty cupcake and I just watched and observed the reactions. What I am looking at is the artificial intelligence of the dream character, how it’s behaviors and responses are so accurate to how a person may react to any given situation. It’s this role-playing element of dreams that I really tune in on. And I love it.

I do want to go back to exploring Vegas and this ICE officer wasn’t finished with me but he seemed very reluctant to lay a hand on me. Instead he didn’t want to leave my side. I walked down the hall ignoring him until I found an elevator. I didn’t want to have to walk down all those stairs again.

He kept trying to get me to comply to being under arrest and answer questions, even asked me if I was even listening to him in which I replied, “No not really. I’m just dreaming.” And that made him even more confused and disorientated.

The elevator arrives, the doors slide open and we both climb in. I press the lobby button and lean up against the wall. He leans up against the other wall and just stairs at me like he’s trying to figure me out. I raise an eyebrow at his concerned almost fearful look and decide to engage the character.

“This is just a dream you know.” I tell him.

He looks at me obviously weirded out by that response. “This ain’t no dream. This is the real world.” he tells me.

“No it’s a dream. It’s my dream. You really aren’t an ICE officer rather just a dream character, a figment of my warped imagination.” I tell him.

He literally looks at me in shock his hands falling backwards against the wall and he shrinks back sliding down a bit as he processes the information. “I’m real, I’m not your imagination!” he tells me.

“You are only real because I am dreaming you. You won’t be here when I wake up.” I tell him.

The elevator trapping this poor dream character into a deep philosophical discussion. I was being honest though, he really was just a sub-conscious construct fulfilling some role-play in this dream fantasy. It was only real because I was just making it real, more so I could change this dream on a whim if I didn’t enjoy vacationing in Vegas for the moment.

The dream character however, was terrified and had some type of schism where he changed roles completely right before my eyes and became this Mexican woman with dark curly hair. I didn’t invoke the change that I know, it just happened as some type of response to my messing with the dream characters fragile mind.

The role change was great because even the voice and mannerisms changed. This woman was now acting like she was my Mother and I her son. I just leaned back against the elevator wall, raising an eyebrow and not buying into the drama.

She passes me a pamphlet and tells me that Putin wants to meet with me. I look at the pamphlet and it is just like the one from earlier exact same text, graphic design and invitation to some communist party, the only difference this time was color, it was green. I laughed. “I’m not into politics.”

The elevator door opens and we enter a lobby which another cupcake vendor. “We should have another cupcake” I told the character as I walked over to the booth and said my new friend needed some sugar, seemed to be acting strange.

The character was not into having one, she was not as coherent as the original ICE officer. In a way I think I preferred him because the current version was a bit annoying. The cupcake vendor though we were a couple and had the perfect item for us.

It was a two person hat made from cake and icing we both could wear and pick away. I thought that was kind of novel but didn’t want to put it on with this other dream character who also objected. I did however want to look at this odd dream symbol as it was detailed beautifully with ornate icing as trimming and design. The cake part was chocolate and what the heck, give it a taste. I broke a piece of the rim off and ate it. I just love dream food, so good. It was about as good as cup cake hat could taste.

Made funny only in that my new dream mom was scolding me for eating it saying I was already too fat and that it would give me diabetes. I smiled and stuffed more in my face. “No this cake is guilt free” I just really enjoy dream food.

I went and sat down to people watch. It’s not often I get the chance to see so many dream characters walking about with a huge range of race, clothing and diversity. These are the things in dreams that I love. The richness of it all. The details.

My annoying adopted dream mom was still being a bit of a distraction though, so damn chatty wouldn’t shut up. I just wanted to relax and enjoy so had to send this character away in a manner most fitting. I had an ICE officer come from the crowd and arrest her for being there illegally. I laughed at the drama, the irony as she got hand cuffed and arrested, pleading with me to help her.

“It’s just a dream.” I told her, “You’ll be fine.”. I watch as the officer drags her past the cup cake booth until they disappear in the sea of people.

Finally, I can get back to what I was enjoying most. Watching a dream unfold consciously. I just sat there relaxed looking at the faces in the crowd as they walked by, couples holding hands, children laughing and running amok.

Then the absolutely worse thing happened… the dream started to vibrate and dissolve in a rapid flash as I woke up. But who’s complaining, sleep for an hour and go to Las Vegas to enjoy the sights. I think I gained more than absolutely nothing at all with this dream. It was fun.

Jan 10, 2018 – Saved from what could have been a Nightmare through Lucid Dreaming.

Today’s lucid dream spared me from what could have been a really undesirable dream experience. In the non lucid portion of the dream, I had become someones prisoner and they were not exactly the type of person I would want enslaving me. I had a great sense of being trapped, feeling helpless wanting to escape but not having any means which too. This person had terrible, horrible plans for me… it was a nightmare.

Thankfully, using ADA and MILD helped greatly as I sat in a room with my hands bound and decided to take that time to really think about the situation. I looked at the floor and focused myself which brought in that rewarding waking intellect that just pointed out the obvious. I was dreaming.

It was great because when I had the realization my captor came into the room and I just looked up at him, smiled and shifted the entire dream to something much more desirable. The whole room rotated swiftly and the walls and ground shifted until I was standing free and conscious.

I was so relieved and thankful to have the ability to become conscious and take control. Lucid dreaming has saved me so many times from what could be a nightmare I’ve lost count. Having trained myself to have extremely vivid sensory rich dreams, I feel everything including pain. Not only that, I value the quality of the dream content. A lesser dream which may be fear-based emotionally charged and an undesirable event can happen when not in lucid control. This unconscious dreaming makes one vulnerable and we can become a victim in our own dreams. Not this time.

After narrowly escaping something terrible, in the new dream and now lucid I just sat back relieved and happy that I was now in control. I was now able to enjoy being in a dream and the wonderful realism and setting was beautiful, pleasant and natural. There was a river and I thought it would be nice to float down it and just relax, enjoy dreaming.

I formed a raft and sat on it looking at the beautifully clear water, I could see water beetles and water striders skimming across the surface. Then this amazing gold water dragon swam under the raft, it followed in front of me for the entire time I was rafting and I just loved seeing this amazing fantasy creature looking as real as if it had evolved for millions of years. These are the treasures for me in dreaming, seeing things I can never witness with my waking eyes with a realism that equals my waking life.

The water beetles also were unique in that they had very reflective metallic coloring that changed and the water striders were also different and unique. I wanted a closer look so I reached in the water and scooped up a few striders. The strider had much thicker legs, and one latched onto my hand using this fish hook claw. It hurt, like I said I feel pain but as I knew I was dreaming, I was ok with it.

I tried to pull it off my hand which caused all the legs that hooked in to detach from it’s body. I had to remove the hooks which were very small less than a 1/8 of an inch fish hooks. I decided to leave the creatures alone and just admire them from afar.

The golden water dragon just kept swimming about a foot in front of me. It was probably down about 2 feed under the water and it’s scales reflecting light. I just laid down using my arms to rest my head and watched this dragon swim for a few minutes. As always, I was amazed at how incredible a gift dreaming is, how wonderful the worlds and creatures the subconscious can create.

The dream changed so that the river became a road, the dragon swimming under the pavement as the raft skidded to a halt. There was a woman who was ecstatic for finding this massive earthworm, she was saying, “I’ve never seen one this big, it’s incredible.”

I walked over to take a look and the earthworm was in her hands, it was at least 2″ thick in diameter and over three feet long. It moved and acted like a normal earthworm but the details, the texture in the skin was almost like a magnification to scale. It was cool seeing it move and coil around her hands like a snake. Just another visually interesting detail in the dream.

This blond lady came up to me and told me that she cheated on me with her ex boyfriend. I looked at her, she was younger than I was, her hair was cut in a bob. She was fairly attractive but I didn’t recognize her at all from my waking life. With the lack of waking memory I suddenly had a flood of dream memories that had a back story of the character as if recalling it from amnesia.

In the back story we were dating for a couple of years and her ex boyfriend had moved back to town. She started to see him again claiming it was just friendly until one point they reconnected and she slept with him. I could feel the emotion of betrayal and sadness from the memories on how it affected me. The dream of course is now creating drama, which I am keen on ignoring when lucid.

I looked at her and said, “Honey, you can sleep with who ever you want. It doesn’t bother me. I don’t even know you.”. This made her angry as if she wanted me to be hurt or sad by her reveal. She became quite nasty yelling nasty things about what she did with her ex. But I was dreaming and didn’t care.

The dream even drags in her ex as another dream character to create more drama. I also don’t recognize him from my waking life but certainly remember him in the dream memories. In the memories we were also friends and he felt betrayed when she got together with me and his intent to get back together with her was to make me feel the same.

He was telling me that her and my relationship was over. I would never see her again. I looked at him and said, “You can sleep with who ever you want, I don’t care. I don’t even know her.” and he too looked disappointed that I didn’t have a negative reaction.

The dream drama was becoming to boring, having failed as a distraction. I re-affirmed that I was dreaming and decided that I liked river rafting and shifted the dream back to a nice relaxing ride on the river and sure enough along came the golden dragon to guide the way. It was pure joy and bliss. I just maintained that focus until I had to wake up which sadly came much sooner than later.