This is the website of Author and Lucid Dreamer, Ian A. Wilson. Ian started Lucid Dreaming at the age of 15 in 1987 and has clocked over ten years worth of lucid dream experiences spanning three decades. A side effect of participating in dreams consciously was seeing future events emerge in the dream content.
Dreams of future events are known as Precognitive Dreaming, and many people experience when they have a Déjà Vu moment. During the déjà experience, people link the memory to the familiar event to something they dreamed of in the past, this is known as Déjà Rêvé. This website is dedicated to lucid dream exploration and advocating for the reality that dreams do come true. Literally.

For the past eight years, all content on this site was free, and no ads were ever put on the website. Before this, for 12 years my other websites were also entirely non-monetized and provided free knowledge and experience on lucid dreaming and Deja experiences. I've invested over $1,500 in hosting and over $8,000 on advertising with zero return on time or investment in those eight years, and even more spanning 20 years with my first free online book.

If you are wondering why the sudden change to ads, t-shirts, and books, I am trying to raise money to fund a joint venture with another 30-year veteran lucid dreamer. We are going to do weekly podcasts and courses and need to raise capital to fund this new venture. the proceeds are going into this new project.

As I am paying for traffic to this site, having the ads can help reduce the investment costs, it's just the reality of today's economy that a website that doesn't generate revenue is not sustainable and this will help the reach of this site, and it's goal to raise awareness about these amazing experiences that anyone can have.

Lucid Dreaming is the act of remaining self-aware and conscious during sleep. This allows a person to experience dreams as vividly as we do waking life. It is like having natures perfected virtual reality simulator which offers full 100% sensory immersion into the most amazing and wondrous of worlds. Unlike today's VR which is just graphics and sound, Lucid Dreaming engages all the senses providing the purest form of virtual reality and immersion.Best of all, if you learn to be conscious in your dreams, you can control the dream state and fly, have super powers, eat delicious food even have amazing lucid dream sex with your most desired ideal dream person and all of it feels and acts as real as the waking world. Over 8 years worth of dream journal entries on this site to inspire the imagination.

It is a true Alice in Wonderland experience and sends us tumbling down the rabbit hole into experiences and fantasies limited only by your imagination. My advice, learn to lucid dream it's been scientifically proven that people can be lucid (self-aware and conscious) during their dreams. Lucid dreamers use more of their brain during sleep than non-lucid dreamers. Fire up that brain during sleep. Lucid dreaming won't just change your life, it gives you a second one. Start living your second life today.

fMRI Evidence of Lucid Dream Brain Activity

Déjà Vu is French for: "Already Seen" and is that feeling of familiarity that we have when a new event or situation occurs and you suddenly realize that it's strangely familiar. However, many people have a residual past-dream memory that they recall during the onset of déjà vu linking the familiarity to something dreamed of days, weeks, months and even years in the past. This is known as Déjà Rêvé the French phrase for "Already Dreamed".You may already have your own experiences with Déjà Rêvé. This website is dedicated to advocating for this experience so more grounded scientific research can be conducted. I have provided evidence as best I can from time-stamped dream journal entries which can be found on my Evidence page:

I have written articles spanning 20 years on Lucid Dreaming and other discoveries such as precognition. My first book was entitled, "A Course on Consciousness" written back in 1998 and dives deep into my personal experiences with lucid dream exploration and offer techniques to help others. The book was free for download for 20 years.

Other books such as "You Are Dreaming" and "The Theory of Precognitive Dreams" were also free for download spanning eight years. Until recently I have decided to put these books on Amazon for sale to help raise money for an awareness project that I am working on with another 30-year lucid dream explorer. We are putting together a weekly podcast and online courses to help people learn this amazing art of lucid dreaming.

"If you’re looking for a talented explorer of consciousness with lots
of experience, Ian Wilson has it. Three decades of lucid dreaming to draw
upon coupled with insights and ideas makes for entertaining interviews.
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