Books and Abstracts

Here are some Books and Abstracts free for download written by Ian A. Wilson. They are in PDF format.

January 22, 2019 – Took some time to relax and meditate in this lucid dream.

The dream starts, and I’m driving with a friend from work. We’re in this wonderful countryside with a river, mountains and green everywhere.  The sky is blue with a few clouds. The road is very windy as it follows the river.

In the sky, I notice this helicopter that’s transporting something underneath that looks like a piece of landscaping equipment like a loader. It starts to go out of control zig-zagging in the sky.  I’m concerned about the situation and wonder if the helicopter is going to crash.  I point it out to my friend who sees it and decides to pull the car over.  We got out and, looked at the helicopter.

It’s flying all over the place.  Then it starts coming our way. I become concerned and tell my friend “Hey we better get out of here. Because this helicopter is coming our way and can crash on us.”

He says, “Don’t worry about it. I think it’s to go down before it gets to us.”

The helicopter crashes near the river on an open patch of land.  We start heading over towards where the helicopter had crashed.  There are two people inside the helicopter. But they’re fine. We started talking about how lucky they are to be still alive.  More people show up at the crash site and hang out there for a while. I go, and I just find a spot to sit down.

I realize something strange is going on, and I can’t quite place it.  While I ponder what the reason for this was, I started to realize that I must be in some type of dream.   The landscape changes somewhat as I come into this realization, the river becomes a lake, and the crash site becomes the home to a large school with an old fashion outhouse made of aged wood, with wood shingles.  From the building I can hear people talking, they sound like children.

I decide to sit down facing the lake and relax then meditate in the dream.   The scenery is really breathtaking, the lake has a long pier and waves are gently crashing into the beach.  I look at the trees and all of the little details composed in the dream and find it so enjoyable that the mind can conjure up such a fantastic simulation of reality.

I just sit there and let the time to pass. After a while, the sun starts to come up.   The building becomes more active, and I can hear children laughing and playing.   I decide I want to go for a walk along the pier and enjoy the calm serenity of the dream.

Some people start to come to the pier.  This man is running he bumps into me and knocks me over, and I almost fall in the water. I get up and tell the guy to watch where he’s going.  Sometimes dream characters can be total jerks, so this guy runs up to me to fight.  He tries to swing at me, and I end up grabbing his arms preventing him from punching.  I tell him to stop it, I don’t want to fight, but the expression on his face appeared to lack intelligence and awareness like he was in a trance.

I realized the dream character wasn’t functioning with any kind of real intelligence.  He wasn’t responding to anything I was saying just struggling to get away.  I let him go, and he runs away.  I walk back down the pier towards the school.  Kids are playing outside, and I see my daughter in some type of beautiful princess dress run into the school.  I decide to go check it out.  It’s a private school that has different themes for the kids.

I find the class that my daughter is in, and notice that all the girls in her class are all dressed up like Disney princesses.  Boys were dressed in costumes of all different types.  Very fun I’m sure.  My daughter comes up to me and complains that she didn’t feel like she fit in with her classmates.

I tell her that’s normal. Don’t let your insecurities get to you. Still realizing it’s a dream, I can’t help but admire the many beautiful dresses and costumes everyone is wearing.  I find the details very fascinating. The details that you get from these types of dreams are just so amazing and makes me wish we could record them to show people just how better than movies and computer games dream graphics are.

When I leave the school to explore more, I find myself waking up.  There were some other dreams that I had but didn’t record them right away, so the memory slipped as I didn’t become lucid in those dreams.  I find it much easier to remember lucid dreams vs. non-lucid dreams when waking up.

January 21, 2019 – Just semi-lucid dreams this morning dictated by Otter while driving.

On a fun note, I composed this dream while driving using a voice-to-text software as I do a commute in the morning for about one hour, and this often sacrifices the time I have to write down dream journal entries. The end result was that it worked, the bulk of the recorded information was usable, with minor word corrections. The dictation app that I am testing is called is Otter. I even wrote an article on dreams while driving, so this can really boost creativity in the writing department while ideas are fresh.

The dream starts out, I’m in this location where I end up underneath a volcano or a lava tube. I can feel the heat from the volcano in this dream. It’s very hot. I can see hot lava near me. There’s this thin crust over top of my head of dried magma.

I press on it. And it’s very thin, like we’re talking, maybe not even a millimeter, and it breaks. And so I ended up grabbing the stick and critical hole then climbing out of it. But overall, I thought it was interesting because of feeling intense heat in a dream, which I don’t think I’ve experienced heat like that before. It was very sensory driven and realistic.

I’m not sure how it segues but I end up in Penticton in an old version of my father’s computer shop where I encounter an old friend of mine. I go over and say hi. I haven’t seen him since high school. This is going back well over 20 years.

We start to chat and I comment on how much we’ve aged and how we look so different than we did when we were back in high school. He laughed and agrees. We decide to go for coffee. I start walking with him and we’re talking about how things have been.

He pulls out some bag that looks like it has some drugs in it and wants to know if I want to do some. I tell him, “No, I don’t. I’m not interested in drugs.”

He shrugs and puts them back in his pocket. Then he pulls out two toys giving them to me instead.
One toy was a zombie’s head. It felt like hard plastic, had a button on the top of the head that you could press and it would make slime come out of the nose and eyes. The slime was very tactile, spot on to what toy slime feels like. It was messy and sticky. I was getting the slime all over my hands.

The other one was a toy bucket with a lid, which had more slime to either play with or re-fill the zombie toy. The slime was stretching off the face of the zombie on my hand, it was very messy and I didn’t want to play with it while walking. I try to figure out how to get it to stop oozing and didn’t know what I could use to clean up the mess. I do my best to hold them and walk even though the zombie is just oozing slime out of its nose.

We continue to talk about things, and I tell him about all the stuff that I’ve been doing with work and dreaming. He says he always found the stuff I do with dreams to be so fascinating. I tell him that everybody dreams, the only difference with me, is that I am choosing to participate in my dreams where many just ignore their thinking they have zero value.

As we’re walking, I noticed a news broadcast on a TV inside a store window. Something is happening in America, in Washington, DC. The news focusing on Trump claiming there is some sort of big protest in Washington, DC. The protest turned violent and protestors have been starting fires. I can see cars burning, and buildings burning. Riot police are everywhere. There are bodies in the street.

This is in response to something that Trump has done. The dream suggests it may be linked to the government shutdown or something Trump has done sparking a huge violent protest. That’s about all I can remember from that dream.

I pick up on another dream fragment where I park my car somewhere in Penticton and this older man sees me get out of the car and asks me if I am Ian Wilson. I tell I am and he says that he had noticed my website on my car and had been reading it and found it very fascinating because he has interesting experiences with his dreams and really wanted to talk to me about it. I don’t remember too much of the dream after that, so as to what the conversation was isn’t very clear upon waking up and recalling. He looked like he must have been in his late 70s, he was an elderly man that was on the heavy side a little bit overweight and not much hair on top, if any at all.

That was the extent of today’s dream. I only had 4 hours sleep, very busy right now with work and personal projects, so this new app is going to be great for maximizing my time wasted while driving for 2-3 hours a day.